Dec. 13, 2022

A week of STACKED episodes, a new host, and a three-way smart boi fight! (TWAR 15)

A week of STACKED episodes, a new host, and a three-way smart boi fight! (TWAR 15)

In this podcast episode, the protagonist is faced with the villain who destroyed his village, and must overcome his personal demons to save the world from destruction .

In this episode, you will learn the following :

1. A 15-year-old infiltrates the stage at the Game Awards and Dedicates the win to Bill Clinton

2. A review of this weeks past episodes

3. A discussion of character backstory in anime

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And welcome back to the Lambency show. I am Lambency, joined here by our this weekend gaming cohost, Mikey RPGamer, as well as a brand new host who needs introduction. So, Mikey, why don't you introduce him for us? So this is an absolute legend of a friend I know, IRL. He goes by Tiagi Davis.


Please welcome him in. And he gets you'll get used to seeing his face and his voice around. Well, not my face, but not your face. Not your face. I will get a webcam, but I don't have one yet.


He has numerous options. He could sail across the sea over here to Lambencyda himself and get himself a new webcam. Or he can just go over to Mikey's house. Yeah, Mike is like a five minute drive for free, I think. Every time I've been around, I've lived within Morgan distance ever since we moved out.


Moved out of our parents'houses when we became adults. We've always lived in the same town or city. Unintentionally aloud. Yeah, that's what they at least try to tell each other.


So have any one of you seen what happened with the Game Awards this last week? I know this is the weekly anime recap, but I promise this is segue into something. Has anyone seen the Game Awards? Yeah. No, I didn't watch them.


I didn't know that this was happening, so I haven't seen any of it. Okay, so the Game Awards eldon Ring won Game of the Year and this kid popped up on the stage, basically infiltrated the stage 15 year old and took the mic and basically said that I'd like to dedicate this win to my reformed rabbi, Bill Clinton. I heard about that. Yeah. With that being said, for those who don't know, we have our own Clinton Ring merchant line now.


You fucking didn't. I definitely did. We have stainless steel water bottles, bath mats, iPhone and Samsung tough cases, iPhone and Samsung regular cases, t shirts, premium pullovers, coffee mugs, crop hoodies, desk mats, posters and a welcome mat. So feel free to head over. I can walk up Bill Clinton's face.


Brilliant. So feel free to head over to the, click the store button and they'll lead you right over to it. You'll actually see right here? This is our core line right here. And then you just see Clinton.


Right? I got the wedge. It's awesome that's gotten a wedge.


Yeah. I actually am supposed to receive the shirt sometime this week and cell phone case next week because I ordered some samples. That's amazing. That's so funny. I love that.


In the meantime, we have started getting some reviews on our fan page. I don't know if anyone has taken a look at them. I've been posting them on YouTube and everything. I saw your Twitter, you posted one and it got really weird in the end. And I was like, whoa.


So John Murphy is the guy who does those weird ones. So this first one is from Mr. Canoli. This is his message. Don't tell me I'm going to have to refresh it.


Yeah, that's exactly what I'm going to do. I got to love the internet sometimes I'm here just for the hot dog noises through the microphone. Just kidding. I just wanted to go ahead and let you guys know that you guys are awesome. It's a great podcast that you guys have.


It's super entertaining. I like the different various elements that you guys talk about. I like how it definitely well research. The topics or topics are done in a great format. It's well researched, well thought out.


I like that there's some discord between both of you guys, but not in any hateful manner or argumentative manner. Or if there is, it's generally peacefully done. You both get your points across and sometimes agree to disagree or not. But done. Very class, with a lot of class.


You guys are awesome. This is my favorite new podcast to listen to or watch on Sunday nights. If I can't get to watch the live streams, I definitely always listen the following day on Mondays during work. But I do want to hear back to make noises into the microphone, basically. So keep up the good work.


I want to keep supporting and shouting out the channel. You guys are awesome. Thank you. That was a very nice message left by Mr. Cannoli and stuff.


So if you guys would like to leave us a voice message that we could play at stream, feel free to head over to the, click the fan page button and it'll bring you right over there. That's amazing. That's pretty hot. Woman. Oh, I know, right?


I love it. Nice. You got to love it. So with that being said, let's get this party started with the daily life of the immortal King. Okay, so back with our favorite Chinese anime and this anime through this whole season, considering it came straight off the back of season two with barely any break, it's been a Meme, we've Meme Pokemon, we've Memed yogio we've named Digimon.


And going through it more and more as we go in deeper and deeper, we've not seen much plot progression. So again, to the penultimate episode and hitting us straight with some kind of world breaking shit. Whilst brilliant and whilst we have some amazing animation, we see Froggy Two become this massive goat again. And he's literally awesome. He wax everyone and everyone's in awe of his power as usual.


It's just kind of come out of the blue. It's mostly being lighthearted humor, taking the piss off itself, taking the piss out of other shows. And all of a sudden we've got plot. It's very disconjointed. And don't be wrong, I still love this anime.


It's a brilliant show. But from what I've seen coming up on, like I said, one from last episode, it's confusing. We need some more. I'm not sure if we need some flashbacks or some prior story or if they can try and fill us in one way or another. Because currently all we've had are the people who can use these powers and the people who use the demons as summons, having like these fun little joking kind of contests to try and show which one's better all along, knowing at the start of the season the one who can summon the demons are the ones who want to take over.


But it's still being very weird. It's just not had much of a plot to it. But all in all, I mean, the animation, I will say, for short, is beautiful. Billy. Billy.


Being a Chinese broadcaster known for using Chinese anime based on manmade, I mean, I can't fault it. It's a very gorgeous looking show. I believe we are getting a season four as well, guys, which will be interesting. Hopefully we might get some more what's the word? A more coherent season than this season, considering season one and two were amazing.


That's a poshwood. Yeah, big width for me, mate.


All right, I got to go fix something, so continue talking. I got to yeah, I'm on your webcam. You go fix, so yeah, but we need some kind of clarity. We need some kind of give us more. Just give us more, please.


I need information because I try to fill in the blanks myself, and I'm here just like I can't. You've not given me enough to go on here. We still to this day, do not know why our MC is so freaking overpowered to a god degree level. No one can touch him. We don't know.


And with three seasons in coming up on the fourth, I'm a bit lost for words here in regards to you need to give us something. Okay. Give us something. I know you're a meme of a show, but give us something.


Hacked it so much and stuff. Apparently when I do the pop out webcam player yeah, it's not very helpful and stuff because as soon as I go away from it, it freezes you. So we're just going to have to deal with the whole overlay that we currently got. But it is what it is. At least your webcam works now.


Yeah, that's fine. That's fine. All right, so moving along, we've got my hero academia, apparently. I completely forgot to link this, but go ahead. I'll pull up a trailer.


Yeah. While you're doing that, I want to say I quite like anime. You get a character that's, like, super overpowered and it's not necessarily explored. I kind of like that sometimes because it's not the point of the show would have been like, the MC. Maybe it kind of is relevant to the show, but if it's not an MC and it's like a slightly offbeat character who's super overpowered and it's never explained, I think sometimes that's kind of cool.


I can certainly see what you mean. There that's for sure. Yeah, I can see that. That's definitely an interesting viewpoint. Yeah, I agree with you, actually.


But I do also think at the same time, three seasons in just something. Because even to this day, the only thing we know about this character is that he was born this way, stupidly, overpowered, and he has to wear a seal on the back of his neck to keep his power in. Also, he's the MC. Yes. And he's the MC.


If it's the MC, backstory is all for it. But like, sometimes I've seen shows or games with like, side characters who sort of pop up every now and again and they're not really explained, but by not explaining them, I think it adds more. Yes, certainly for side characters and all that. I completely agree there. If you were to give every character a backstory, you would be there for days.


You wouldn't have a twelve to 13 episode normal running seasonal anime. Yeah, you'd be there for weeks and weeks and weeks just trying to give people a backstory. Yeah, it's like exposition dumps. Nobody likes an exposition dump. The story is going to flow really nicely, so it makes sense.


Anyway, sorry to be real, my hero. You carry on. I like the conversation. But talking this actually leads us into a perfect point here. Talking about character backstory, you anime fans and non manga readers, I have hinted at it.


I've hinted at it. I have hinted at it. I didn't spoil for you and I hope you all got the shock of your fucking lives. This episode with the reveal for Darby, his fucking endeavors son, Todoroki's, brother and the oldest brother of the family. What a shock that was.


We saw the pond Darby dance actually put into fruition. We saw it in all of his glory, his psychotic kind of deal as he reveals giddily to his father. That to pouring this kind of like attitude to put away the bleach instantly that was in his hair, making his hair black tinted, or the white with the gray tips that used to be red to symbolize his heritage. For those of you who don't know, who don't watch my hero academia endeavor before he became wild and one's hero kind of mellowed out and became a good guy, I suppose it just regular good guy. He was in an arranged marriage with a woman who has an ice power.


And what he wanted all through his life was to produce a child who had half hot, half cold as an ability, who could control both ice and fire. His first child was Derby. I can't remember his real name off the top of my head, but yeah, he only was born with fire. But he was born with fire with too much larger potential. And Endeavor didn't mind that.


He was completely fine with it. His second child was a girl who was pure ice. The third child has no para toll. And by this point, Endeavor was, besides, to become slightly obsessed with it, as he could slowly start to see and see and see after his supposed death of the first child. He could slowly start to see and see and see how his jealousy for Almighty to the number one hero was overtaken him.


And he would do anything to try and take that position. So this revelation was you could see the pure terror and shock and disbelief on Endeavour's face, on Todoroki's face. You could see Todoroki step up because Endeavor just lost the will to fight, realizing that he practically abandoned his child, actually thinking that he was dead. So now he's blaming himself doing all this as well. Darby's sick and twisted mind as one of the other League of Villains members who can broadcast for every single electrical output across the globe.


He's broadcasting Darby's story and Darby's twist in it to make heroes look bad. And people are starting to doubt the heroes and start to realize why the villains are doing what they're doing. And you can still slowly start to see the public's face dwindling in the heroes and start to become more terrified. Regular villains who would like to in bank robbies and petty crimes like that are becoming more brave to do things like that. Toya, that's the right.


Yeah, it was so wow, they really pulled out the bank. We knew they were going to do it, but they did it perfectly. And that is the exact kind of character progression we want, the exact kind of growth, the exact kind of backstory we wanted to see. Yeah, they pulled out all the stops for this episode, and I cannot wait to the next episode for Toy. Rocky versus Toya.


That is going to be something to watch. All right, you got any comments there? I haven't watched my hero yet. I know it's obviously season six. It's a lot to catch up on, but the shows which have the plot twists and stuff like that is always good when I always find it good when it is hinted at throughout the story.


I've had lots of positivity about my hero as well, so it's one that I'm definitely going to be watching at some point. It's highly worth the watch. 100%. All right, in that case, we're going to head on over to a beast tamer. Oh, man, this guy, I think he's unintentionally growing a harm without realizing it, and he gets into all these wrong.


Yeah, the last kind of harm. So this episode was absolutely brilliant. We met the demigod fox spirit, the last spirit ultimate species that he's going to be taming and saved to us. Basically, she was in jail in the captivity with this son of a crooked lord who liked to throw on the money and the wealth and the power, as per usual, absolute scum. And this guy was given the ring from the hero, the hero who currently hates our main character.


And it's time to show a darker side, which makes us start to think, is he really a hero? And this ring he uses on our main character, who is meant to die instantaneously from it, some of the reaper reaper stabs him. He was meant to die. Turns out that one of the second ability that he got from the fairies was complete state of nullification. He cannot have instant death, can't be poisoned to petrified, et cetera.


And she test this by actually using poison breath in his face. And the rest of the part you're like, what the fuck did you just do that for? So that was absolutely hilarious.


We start to see them just converse and have a little bit like hearted humor, et cetera, which is absolutely funny. And then we get into the serious shit. And again, a plot twist. This is a weak filled a plot twist, I will say that for certain. So as this guy has used this ring, realized it didn't work, the ring starts to give off what almost looks just like a black and purple slimy kind of fluid.


And it starts to envelop him, absorb him, then looks like it eats him. And then it cracks open like an egg. Out comes this demon. And you see rain. Our main character is just go full throttle wide open.


Keep with the flashback. We touched on it a few weeks ago, how he told us the story about his village burned down and he lost his parents and everyone else he was close to. This is the villain that did it all. This is the villain that burned down the village. This is the villain that killed his parents.


And now he's face to face with it again, leaving us on a major cliffhanger. I didn't see it coming. I should have, but I didn't. Yeah, it was something else. It's definitely one of the ones that I've been keeping my eye on.


Definitely falls right under my thing. When I saw the animation of this, it reminded me a lot of so I've been killing slime for 300 years and it maxed out my level. Oh, that's a brilliant one. If you don't mind, just give me 2 seconds. Just going to go into my daughter bear with me.


All right. In the meantime, I guess we'll just sit here and do it over a thumb. Well, something I would want to say as well about the beast tamer. Having watched the trailer, now I'm going to go and watch it after this. After the podcast day, I'm going to go and watch it because the animation is gorgeous.


From what I can see, it's really high quality. Really the subtlest things that I can see are moving. It's really, really nice. And I got to say, I'm a sucker for cat girls. I love them.


So it looks good. Based off what Mikey said about the story, it definitely seems like something I would want to watch. Oh, yeah, definitely. The great thing about this and stuff is, especially since you're going to be taking over my spot soon, this is actually my last one. I'm available for at least until the new year's.


It's not going to affect this week in gaming strictly just due to the fact that her time slot is at a late enough time on a day that I get out the earliest, that it ain't going to matter. But it's good to hear that you're interested in watching these animals and stuff because it gives two people's perspectives into the things that they're currently reviewing. And of course, I'll still be working on the back end to make sure we get ourselves on Spotify, make little mini videos, all that other stuff, and still be there to help you guys out when you need it. Yeah, and I suppose it's a good time to know as well that I will be the full time co host going forwards, as I do very much enjoy watching anime and I've watched some really obscure random anime and I've also watched a lot of the mainstream ones. I am really excited to have you back with the way I'm back.


You'll notice there, you guys, it doesn't matter whether you're a streamer or a podcast, it doesn't stop for anyone. You still got parents.


I don't know if I said it last night in our little chat and stuff. The great thing about the Lambency at the show is we have people with different viewpoints and different perspectives. The difference is we don't attack each other. We may not agree with each other on certain things, but we are going to respect each other as we all work together towards a common goal and that's to just bring great content to people and bring unbiased news and coverage of things so people can make their own informed decision. Yeah, and I will state as well.


I think it's definitely worth noting considering both me and Mikey are British. You say about we won't attack each other or anything, we will insult each other a lot, but that's part of how British people I'm fine with it. Just don't tax the tea again. Just what? No, don't tax our tea again.


There'll definitely be some insulting and some banter and stuff, but it's all fun and games and there's no hate, right? I agree. So, moving along, we got management of a novel. Alchemist. Let me just take a drink.


No, you can't take a drink. Never a drink. Anything but a drink. Star says. I mean, deaf, you know.


Mikey IRL, you said you're friends, right? I wouldn't expect anything less than attacking each other. Ella Mayo. Absolutely, yeah. We all give as good as we get, so it's all fun.


Yeah. So this is probably going to be the last time, unless I'm covering and stuff, that I am on the weekly anime recap, which it's not like I'm being demoted. I was the one who wanted this. As a guy who's doing things in the background, mikey can attest to how much work I put into the background. As a matter of fact, he was scolding me today about I need to scale it back or I might start affecting my health.


I'm not wrong. Okay? I'm not wrong. Vex will agree with me. I like how you say that you're not being demoted or anything.


It's like, aren't you like the boss? So honestly, I'd like to more look at it like I'm the brains and the money behind you, if that makes sense. I'm the one fronting the money of the operation. Yeah, pretty much. I'm the one fronting the money.


Yes. To get everything to operate. However, at the same time, my specialty has always been in helping things go along. I'm very, shall I say, emotionless on a lot of things. I can get excited about certain things, but I know how I come across to a lot of people.


I'm very monotone. And it's not by design or anything else. It's just that's how I speak, and it's very offputting for some people at times. So unless I really get into things, people can't really tell how I feel most of the time. I've learned to speak better.


Don't get me wrong, but it is an effort. I am more the type of guy that likes to be in the background, making everything operate smoother and more efficient. Yeah, I was going to say you're like a behind the camera guy instead of in front of the camera guy. Exactly. And besides, I'm still with this week in gaming, and I'm going to be doing the creator spotlight, which, speaking of which, I'm in talks and I'll tell you with who after the stream, Mikey, but I am in talks with a partnered streamer who's interested in being featured.


A partnered do I know them? Oh, you know, I'm Mikey. Okay. Is it ninja? No, I don't condone fake behavior here.


Okay, I need to figure this out without you telling me. Are they male or female? Female. Okay. Do they have their own stream team?


Not that I'm aware of. Does Mikey have a crush on them?


It's a female who streams. So probably if you would send male, it would be a little easier to say in the same female. And I'll have to wait and see. Too short. If you don't know them, I know VIX does, but I'm pretty sure you know them.


But that is fine. We are still in a conversation. They will be filling out things soon. In the meantime, we do also have a creator spotlight coming on the 27th for Copa katana. Oh, yeah, but that's not who I was talking about.


But anyways, let's carry on with what do we just do? Management? Love for you. No, I'm about to do management.


Okay. You're okay, buddy. You're okay. So, yeah, this is one of the ones we've had ups and down swings around the bats with. It's had very good points.


Lot, the anime this season had very strong starts and kind of just dropped off. This episode was about the salamander that was around the volcano. It's been to blame for recent events and they find an opportunity to finally get rid of it. But honestly, the first half was great. Seeing her become the alchemist, seeing her mentor, seeing them get their shop, seeing them make new friends, seeing them help the village was brilliant.


They kind of dropped off after that, though, and I'm hoping I think we've got another three episodes up. They need to bring it back because I got so uninterested in the episode. And that's a really hard thing when you're reviewing these shows. And we've dropped shows for the very same reason. It can be hard if something's not keeping you, it'll be hard to invest back into it.


And it hurts more when you've been really enjoying a show and then it just becomes unenjoyable. I don't want to say anything horrible towards it because I did actually like the show.


I'm praying they bring it back because they need to do something. Even if they just bring the old mental back because that'll just be real. She's fucking awesome. Yeah. No, I agree with you.


I've seen these dramatic drop from last week to this week's amount of shows. Yeah, we count three shows for this week. Honestly, guys, it's not that I'm imposing myself too far. I would happily review three shows a week for you if I needed to. Okay?


But if a show is not keeping me engaged, my review will not keep you engaged. And there's no point at that point for doing that show. Which another thing that would be great since he wants to watch anime as well. What do I call you anyways? I don't want to keep going because he just call me Dev.


Okay. Another thing about Dev joining you and stuff and actually having more time than I do and stuff, he can also do some reviews as well to take some pressure off of you and then you guys can banter off of that. Speaking of that friendship that you guys have, star wants to know what's the story on how you two know each other? Please don't tell me it was this one time at Bandcamp because I'm inclined to believe it. So this one time at Bandcamp, right?


I'll tell you what, the stories that we could tell would probably some of them sound like they happened at Bandcamp, I would imagine. Oh, for real? Yeah. Do you remember that one time with that pie?




We'll both speak on this from my side. I met David through his wife who wasn't his wife at the time. She was one of my best friends at the time. Now godmother to my children. And yeah, I mean, like every friendship.


There's been ups, there's been downs, there's been swings, there's been roundabouts. But I've always had a lot in common with DAFF, interest wise, easy to start a conversation. Saved me mentally when our partners were just speaking day in, day out, and I'm just there just like, I need someone to talk to Dave. But, yeah, like Dave said, there are some fucking stories that I could tell you that will sound like they came from a fucking bandcamp. Yeah, I started dating an incredible woman called Charlotte, who's now my wife, thankfully.


I don't know. She caught you on your web, did she? No, I must have caught her on my web because I have no idea how I see, I have no idea how I managed to get as a woman as incredible as that. But she was good friends with Mike and we started hanging out. We had a lot in common.


We got really well. Like Mike said, there's been up since and downs. There was a few years ago, there was a big falling out. We didn't talk for such a long time, but to be honest, when I started talking to him again, it was so easy to go back to talking like we did before the falling out. It's so easy just to slip back into that friendship because we're so similar.


And just two days ago, we went out for a meal, mike and his fiance, me and my wife, and they were talking about some stuff. I don't even remember what they were talking about, but Mike looked at me and was just like, let's talk about something that I can relate to. We were able to talk about that. I think it was football on and they were talking about how they liked some of the footballers bands. Okay, I just have to say one thing.


These two are British, so when they say football, they mean for American soccer. Okay, yes, soccer. But I suppose it doesn't really matter what the sport was. They were watching a sport and they were talking about how some guys have attractive backsides. What is it with women?


Like in men's behind. I don't know. My wife is obsessed with mine. I don't know. But we were able to just start talking about anime and games and stuff.


So it's nice to be able to have that sort of two conversations at the same time where both people can relate to something and nobody's left out as isolated from a conversation then. But, yeah, he's a good friend and it's nice to be able to do something like this with someone that you have such a good history with and such a good relationship with. So I'm looking forward to being able to continue this. We're happy to have you along and stuff because this could actually elevate in stuff. I'm pretty sure I come across as someone who occasionally at times has invested in it and then other times.


I seem kind of aloof and it's not my intention. It's the fact that I've spoken with you about this before, Mikey. I recently just got back into anime and I already feel incompetent sometimes just because I don't know anime as well as you do. I love anime, but not to the extent you do. And then you combine that with the fact of the little amount of time I actually have to watch anime on top of that.


So it's harder for me to gain the knowledge. I just start tuning out sometimes. And it's not because anything that we're doing is boring. It's the fact that I have no idea what we're talking about. So having someone alongside who can actually match you and work with you without hindering you, I think will be better for the actual show itself.


Yeah, I agree. So you agree that I hindered you. Thanks, Mikey. You're good. And to bring it full circle.


Going back to talking about the show, something that you said before we went off on this tangent about me being able to watch some anime as well, to try and take a bit of the way off. Mikey I wouldn't say I have a high tolerance, but that's a good way to describe it. I have a really high tolerance for watching stuff that's bad. I can watch really bad stuff. I can just watch it and it's fine.


And I can enjoy stuff that is bad because I'm able to switch the thinking part of my brain off and then just enjoy the pretty colors. So if there's a particular anime that Mike is watching and it's sort of losing it on him, I can pick that up and watch that and just watch it and reveal it each week. It probably won't be as enthusiastic as stuff that we are both into, but I'm able to give it a good review based on the fact that I can just watch trash quite happily. The funny thing is, what one person calls trash, another person calls treasure. Each person has their own individual taste.


Matter of fact, I think it's come across numerous times throughout our shows history and stuff, whenever we do the recommendations and the highlights and stuff. My recommendations and highlights tend to be vastly different than Mikey's, but that's strictly because when I first started watching anime, this is like early 90s, mid late 90s, I'd say. And then I stopped for about 1015 years and then came back because of Prince of Tennis.


My taste is a bit different and some people may consider my taste trash. That's fine. I like what I like. So this will be an interesting pairing. Yeah, I look forward to it.


So what we got next, Mike? We've got love flops, if I'm not mistaken. I have no idea what love flops is. It's the story of my life. What I was going to say is I was looking at the document that we have for Mike's review.


And I was just reading the name of the anime, and I saw Love Flops, and I'm like, I'm invested. The name is so good. I'm just invested. I want to know. So tell me, Mike.


Love Flops.


God, this show okay, so Love Flops to fill that with. This is a show that revolves around a guy, and it starts off him doing his daily school run, going to school, et cetera. And oddly enough, he keeps bobbing into these skills in really precarious situations. One drops her panties off of his legs. The other one falls down the stairs on top of him.


Another one gets chased by the robot who also has stolen her panties, and she blames him. And one falls asleep on him on a train. And there's another one iconic. I remember what she did a little while now. Next episode following that, we're by a tree, and he's handing the panties back to the first girl, and they blow up into the tree, and she runs away screaming.


And he walks on his way home. In the second episode, again bumping into all these skills. And this time, they're apologizing to him. He gets home. They're all on their knees saying, welcome home, Master.


And he's like, the fuck did I just think that would have made that sound better? As if they were like, welcome home, Daddy. You think the story of your life. I wish it's the story of my life. I know, right?


And so when that happens, he literally leaves his house, and he's like, I've got to go to the wrong house. Checks the door up. He's like, no, I've got the wrong house. Okay? I'm sleeping outside.


And they're like, dragging back in. The dad explains over this fancy electric phone. It's not actually a phone. It's like an interconnect kind of system.


It's time you got married. These are potential candidates. One of them is his teacher. Those are all classmates in the class. And he's like, yeah, but we're all going to sleep.


And then it cuts back, flashes at us and shows when he left the house, he had a normal looking house. When he went back to the house, there's a whole new wing extended to it within a day. This guy's still a fucking wing for us. And he's like, this guy's got too much money. High school TXT fucking reuscrimery father vibes.


Yeah. I was going to bring up wait, non father brother. Yeah, the brother that's like, all for his sister just getting bone. Yeah, it's absolutely hilarious. Weren't we talking about I mean, I know this is going off track, but weren't we talking about that high school DXT is returning?


Mikey yes, it is. We all get a new season. I believe next year I'm going to say I want to say next year. I can't wait. I'm piped.


Listen, let me put it like this. There are 26 bones in my hand, and every human tea has. There is 26 bones, but there's 27 when I'm lonely.


There might be 27 when I'm lonely, but when Huskill DxD is on, there's 28.


Fuck no. That is one of my all time favorite animes.


The thing is, I wouldn't go for it as much as I do. Don't get me wrong, there's a lot of nudity in that anime, but I still wouldn't be able to follow it the way I do if it wasn't for the fact that I take all the nudity away. And you still have an amazing storyline. And that's the thing that keeps me hooked and stuff. Like, don't get me wrong, the adult content is definitely a bonus, but I would still watch it even if it wasn't there.


It's an amazing anime filled with boobs, but the boobs aren't what makes it amazing. Exactly. It's phenomenal writing, brilliant characters, great animating, and you say one liners. You mean I could suck on them today.


It's so good. But also the fact that something that I appreciate more so than I think Lambency would. The fact that the spirit in his arm is called Drake the Red Dragon, which is a reference to Wales and the Welsh dragon. And then the white I think it's the dragon. His enemy, Albion, is supposed to represent England, which is, even in the English, dubbed they do bring up Red Dragon and Welsh Dragon.


Yeah, it's really nice to get like to see an anime which not only is an awesome anime, but the whole main character's power is the power of the Welsh dragon is so cool for me. Honestly, my favorite characters have got to be Kona, Co and Akano. Yeah, my favorite is Kona Coat because she just hates him. Hating him to absolutely adoring him. Yeah, but that happened in season three, which makes it even better because they got rid of it because season three chronologically isn't exactly what happened anymore.


Anyways, we weren't even talking about this. Let's go back to Love Flops, which looks very much like High School DXT from watching the trailer. It's so insane. Yeah, mine is the nudity. I mean, you're not wrong.


Okay, you're not wrong. I'm very much looking forward to stream no, I'm very much looking forward to the return of High School Digsty as well. My favorite character is Konako and arena, but hey, which one is arena? The angel. Angel.


The other one I add in is I can't remember her name, but Akano add the blue haired girl? Yeah.


This got weird over the last couple of episodes. I believe we were meant to do a double review on this one. Sure. Just to clarify, you're saying that after everything we've just said, you're now adding on this got weird over the last couple of episodes? Well, yes.


So the last review we did of Love Flops was at the end of episode seven. We see the world around him, right? You've all seen Sword Online. When the guy starts sword online, they cut the aliases, peeled away, and there's all these red kind of hexagons all in the sky, literally. That happens to this guy red hexagons start appearing, groan to him, skill, starts running away from him.


I start to run away from him. And you see error everywhere. Error in red hexagons. And the world starts to disintegrate and break down and it becomes very, very strange. At this point we're just like, the fuck is going on?


Because to this point we've just thought it's a very nice slice of life. Q, episode eight. People don't like it if you're early, but they hate it if you're late too. The blip for this was everything's different. When asked that, he wakes up the next morning, regardless of how he feels, it's time to face reality and that's exactly what he does.


It pretty much turns out that in a sense, that this was kind of like a simulation. A lot of it wasn't real. We meet this doctor and we meet who's been looking after him, and it turns out they're all AIS in virtual reality and they can be brought into the real world in a hologram form. And we're filled in then how he actually lives in a very more advanced world. Everything he was seeing up until now was VR.


He still got the memories and they still feel very ruled real. He gets very upset, as you can imagine, and he's like, you just took everything I cared about away from me, even though I've seen, you know, it wasn't real. He was just in assimilation chisel. He's like an orphan as well, brought around with lots of other people. And the kicker is, all the girls that he got attached to are actually real people who died and he goes to all the graves.


So we 360 completely. That's an existential crisis right there. Yeah. Then we go to episode nine, this week's episode. So your mum is inviting you for some baby role play.


The names of these episodes, something else. The description is literally although he must decide what happens next and he's got to start making decisions now for his life. What's going to happen, where's he going to go. He's obviously still with this doctor. He finally accepts that he's never going to see them again, but in a sense he does in their hologram forms.


And they still have their personalities because they still had obviously these imprinted when they were still alive. So these hologram visions of these girls can still act like they were originally, but they're not like cyberbugs or anything. He can't touch them, he can't interact with them. They are purely holograms. Whether we'll see them in human form again, whether we'll see them in robot form, cyborg form, wherever, we'll have to find out.


But it becomes very interesting. He meets his sister as well, which was another 360, to find out that he had a sister and it's just whilst all over the place initially, it was very wow. I love a good plot twist. And then we end episode nine with him going back into the VR world. Wow.


It's what I had to say to the last couple of weeks for this because that shit hurt. That shit actually hurt. I thought this was going to be a funny little slice of life kind of haram anime where he's going to have to decide on which girl end up taking them all on, marrying them all, etc. And just having hilarious nope. They're going to fucking hit us with some real shit.


Yeah, that got dark quick when you started, Reverend. I heard essentially the dream sequence trope and I am not a fan of the dream sequence trope unless it's done well. You don't like being part of the Matrix? No, here's the thing. The Matrix did it first, so it's fine.


But the way you said it's like it was VR, it wasn't so much a dream sequence. The character went into the VR and did all of this and then it shows what the real world is like. That sounds like it's not just a lazy oh, it was all a dream sequence. It sounded like something with thought put into it. It was very much like spoilers.


For anyone who hasn't seen the latest season of Sorta online, it was very much like Alicization, where Kirito goes into the underworld and when he's in the underworld, he has no memories of being in there. And when he comes out of it, both these girls, he have no memories of anything else he did in about the stuff he did with these girls. So I can see parallels with those two as well. And it's very well done, for sure. I completely agree.


I don't like anime. They just say, oh, it was all the dream that we go end of. Yeah, I just want to do this. In anime, like in any media, it's the dream secret. It generally is used in such a lazy way to just retcon stuff that people didn't like.


And I hate that. If it's done with thought and character development and stuff, then it sounds like what this anime did. It's really good. It sounds like quite an interesting one to watch. Oh, 100%.


It's been hitting the ratings as well, guys. It hasn't dropped below four stars. It's currently set at 4.33 at the moment. So yeah, this has definitely been one of the smaller town anime is one of the bigger ones for a season. All right, moving along, we got Eminence in the Shadow, which if he liked the art style of the anime, love flops.


He's going to love this art style of this. Oh, 100%. I like a few of their things. So yeah, this anime is an Isaacy. For those of you who don't know what it is, as I've explained previously, an Easter guy is where one character has died in their world and has been reborn into another one.


So this guy, obviously we've been over previously, he's died in his world and he wanted to be a hero that works in the shadows. And he always called himself the Eminence in the shadow. He saves this girl in the start of the season, gets killed, ends up being reborn in this world with op abilities. However, he starts making up a story to these girls that he meets and they all happen to be girls because mantra will have a harm but professionalism. Sorry about that.


FBI, open up. So when he meets these girls, he tells them that he's fighting an underground cult and he needs help, blah, blah, blah, heat to mold this bullshit. And he trains them, gives them the sly mama that he wears, which could mold this up and make it look like anything. And all these people he comes across, all these skills become overpowered. He tells them about stuff in his past world and they start incorporating into this world like beauty or books or stuff like that.


And they all work for him as well. He has the top, like 20 or 25, which he names through from Alpha, Beta, et cetera. All those right the way through. And then he has the unnumbered ones sorry, the high animal ones, which is like 101 hundred, 203, which are like the grunts. Anyway, this guy thinks this is all an elaborate act still.


He thinks these girls have paid money, paid actors, et cetera, to start a war in the middle of these cities to cause all this drama. And every time he sees on the Happy, he's like, oh my God, this is so cool. Not realizing that he actually hit the nail on the head as soon as he landed in this world. There is an underground cult that is an underground plot and they are trying to take over and everything he's seen is real. None of this is fabricated, except he doesn't believe it because he's delusional things in his head.


Oh, this is all just set up so they can keep me happy, et cetera. Very egotistical, but still very likable. Main character as Sid, his normal day to day alias. He's a mediocre background character, kind of doesn't show off his power. A shadow he's broken.


He's the leader of the Shadow Garden. And it's absolutely amazing. The battle cinematics in this. The graphics, again, everything is perfect down to the tee. You've got that one scene, a couple of EPS to go that I've had Lamecy play on the stream where I can't remember the exact words, but he says oh yeah, he says I am atomic.


And because of obviously the Japanese accent and using the English, used the English to say it, it just sounded so cool. Like whenever I find Japanese people speaking English, it just sounds awesome. So I was blown away by that especially with the animation around it. Anyway, into this week's episode, episode ten, The Sacred Land, we had to go to Lindwin. He was being summoned by Alpha, who's his right hand lady.


And he's not the only one traveling there. There's the woman he fought in the tournament last, who's now obsessed with him and wants to become his wife. And he just does everything he can to get away from her, even if mean sticking to the ceiling like Spiderman. And they're all going there for the god at his trial, not knowing that Alpha has already gone there and murdered everyone who works for the cult, stuck them on the statues of the goddess. Trial is meant to be.


And let me give you set a picture here. One of these statues has three women back to back on it, okay? One's holding a spear. One told him to shield one side on the sword. She literally impaled two of these bad guys on the sword and the shield, blood dripping all over this statue and mashed this guy's head against the shield and hung him over it.


And everyone just starts screaming like it is bloody mess. So you'll find that this animated dark gruesome brilliant, has a great storyline. And all in all, it's hilarious. It's absolutely hilarious. Yeah.


I recommend this to anyone. I really hope that those of you who haven't started watching will start watching it when it's finished if you're a binge watcher because it's 100% with it. So I didn't want to interrupt you while you were talking, but I just wanted to say when we were watching a certain scene, I'm going to pull it up right here. This scene right here. As she pulls up her sword, I said to myself, and I'm going to say it right now, oh my God.


That is the horse girl from Monster Doctor.


You cannot tell me that that does not look like the horse girl from Monster Doctor. Yeah, I agree. I can see it. I can see it. I was like, why does she always look familiar to me?


That's hilarious. She does. We have a little bit of humor in this episode as well. I forgot to add in where this world has finally created g strings and thongs and all the gills. And the Shadow Garden wanted to try them on and it was Toll Cottage.


That was funny. Geez. Add a little bit of nudity. The nudity and this would be a one dad, trust you. You're going to have to go watch Sekiri Plan one of these days.


Zachary plan? Yeah. You've never watched Sekiro plan? I don't recognize the title. Oh, God.


I'm going to have to have you guys watch it. It's a great anime. Unfortunately, it ended a little bit too soon. It has two seasons, but it ended a little too soon, so we never really got the ending. But it's such great anime.


I think you guys would love it. But moving on, we have reincarnated as a sword. So, yeah, this is literally high. I got another Easter guy, but he's reincarnated as a sword. I mean, I've spoken about this before.


When you're reincarnated as an object, your character growth, your character interaction with other characters is going to be very limited. Usually Easter guy will involve being reborn, having this quest, being quite powerful, usually having a harem if the character is male. Instead, this guy's reincarnating the sword with this little girl who used to be a slave, can now wield him, and they give each other power boosts. It's very good action wise, graphically, and in no degree plot wise, but it really falls short in regards to our main character who's meant to be the sword, and his interactions with others. It's really hard to not focus on the fact that at the end, they've given themselves a bit of a shortcoming here in regards to how much interaction they can put into it.


Instead, they focused on the action scenes, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it's going to be subjective to personal taste. For me, personally, I do like to see character interactions. So for me, it's kind of a setback. And that was one of the reasons why I put off that time. I was reincarnated as a slime so much until I realized that slime actually has a human form and was able to have these character interactions a lot better than I had guessed.


So, yeah, that's always a downfall. So we're just going to get out of the way. But this episode and we focused on the spider web dungeon, we aren't sure if the hunters or the prey. And yeah, it seems to be more of a set for the next episode. There wasn't a lot of action in this episode either.


So for me it was kind of we don't like using this word, but it was kind of mid. It was a mid episode. And yeah, I'm hoping we see more at the very least next episode because it hasn't been a bad anime. It's just not been one of the best, I suppose. Coming back to the point that I can just watch trash, there's two types of anime that I like.


There is the anime that's character driven and really interesting stories and plots and stuff, but also just ones which are like just action. They sort of neglect character development and the interactions and stuff. I still quite enjoy that because I like just watching people slap of the people really hard. He's a bit of a matheist. Just say this, whatever.


He enjoys giving the pain, not receiving it at this point. I can't tell he's joining your show, Mikey. So are you really going to say he doesn't enjoy the pain? I mean, this is true. He makes a very good point.


Yeah. But at the same time, I'm here just to try and derail you and wind you up. So at the same time, I'm bringing in the paint. But who's not to say that he's not here to derail you?


Look, that's disagreeable. Just going to rail each other, okay? I mean, derail out of there. Mike, we're moving a bit fast. At least buy us dinner first.


It doesn't have to be expensive dinner, though. I'm easy going. Yeah, I know. I could just take you to a mackie's name.


Yeah. Mid episode, guys. Hopefully we get back next week. All right, next up, we've got the far fetched anime also known as I've somehow gotten stronger when I improve my farm related skills. And to clarify for those who haven't been here for four, we don't mean far fetched as in, oh, this is quite a long shot.


We mean far fetched as in the Pokemon mainly like to attack things with vegetables, including a leaked, which I had made a joke about how who does he think he is? Far fetched. And then Mikey was laughing. I'm like, yeah, it's funny how far fetched comes with his own seasoning. Mikey starts laughing and then he's like, Wait, what?


Yeah, farfetch does come with his own seasoning, though. So convenient. So this is a guy who wants to live a nice, peaceful life and has become over leveled because he's this really hardworking farmer and he battles with two leaks as his swords, and it's very hilarious. The plot wise has been decent, and this episode was called The Farmer and the Reunion at the Demon Castle where Al gets more than he bargains for when he reaches where he rescues a young girl from her assailants she's the daughter of the Demon King and she needs our help to save Demon Kind. Bearing in mind, up until this point, we've been fighting demonkind, which has been very interesting.


Also, considering we only have one episode left after this, it definitely leaves us open for a continuation considering we've been looking after the Human Kingdom. Obviously, he's become barren. He's had his own farmland, he's continued to be able to grow the crops that he loves. He's just a strong boy from being this impeccably buff farmer. I mean, when you think about farmers real life, you see how much hard work they put in.


It's not surprising he's so REPT. Man. Yeah, it's just interesting to see that now he's going to have to help Demons. Maybe we'll learn if there's more than one faction of Demons, more than one type, which will be interesting to see. It definitely left us open for more content.


And again, like I said, considering we've only got one episode left, I am very excited to see. Hopefully we get renewal. Hopefully we get more content. If not, then I will definitely be reading and reviewing the manga for this because it's been very enjoyable up until this point. I like some of the Demon designs we saw in this episode as well.


They look more humanoid and they had some quite cool appearances. Yeah. All in all, a good episode, and it sets us up quite well for the finale. Beliefs us on one hell of a cliffhanger with a pink pigtail girl named Ilvia who kind of looks like a demon by and may be mistaken. And she ends the episode with, It's been a long time, I missed you onichan oh, God.


Onichan the thing that is completely normal for the Japanese culture, but for American cultures, we hear that and we just melt.


Only John. Oh, God. Now, it begs the question, is she a demon? Is she human? Is she really his sister?


Half sister? What? We got one episode left. Like, they're not going to be able to fill all this into one, please give us another season. Please.


Or if they do offer, just be your episode. Yeah. I like how you're saying, Please give us another season, when I was trying to argue before and stuff that it's perfectly fine for someone wanting to live a normal life, and you're like, but yeah, he's the most powerful. Who cares? I'd be annoyed, too if I was so good at something, but I hate doing it.


That's why I hate my job. I hate being in public, but I'm very good at being a manager.


Do you think I want to be a manager? No. I am, because I have to be. That sums up life.


Moving along, though, we've got something that threw me off because you're not a sports fan, but you were absolutely loving it. We got blue lock. We all know I'm not a sports fan. I'm especially not a football fan. They're pretty much the only sport that I find enjoyment in his rugby.


This anime had me hooked from episode one. It still has me hooked now, and it's just going to keep getting better. Blue Lock is an anime about creating Japan's best striker, who inevitably will become the world's best striker. By doing this, they brought all the Japan's best strikers into one room and said, look, you can either come in here or you can never have a chance to play for Japan internationally, ever. Only one person will survive Blue Lock, and I believe there's 500 participants.


If you fail Blue Lock, you will also never be able to play for Japan, ever. And what's really cool about this anime is it highlights different abilities that these players have. And some of them are almost of the supernatural kind. Some people have insane IQ. Some people have insane spatial awareness and can see the whole field complaint maps.


Some people have insane acceleration. Some people have insane top speed dribbling, et cetera. Some people can literally see a demon that will tell them where to kick and where to go. So it very much varies. And it's all about making weaker players, which we're obviously on.


The weakest team surpass the limits by pitting them against stronger players. And the guy. Who's leading us all is someone called Ego. And Ego, as we suggest, is very egotistical and he will do anything to get this. Now, it's not very clear either because it did say that one person was survived, but he also mentioned five people at one point as well.


Whether that means like a team, because what we've learned is that MC is the kind of guy whose ability works best when he's got people. He's like a strategist. He's able to direct everyone where they need to be. He's not about scoring the goals himself, but he can tell the whole team where they need to be. He knows he's got a good sense of smell as well.


To be able to sniff a goal out, it'll be able to tell him who to pass to, even if it seems like the most unlikely person to pass to. Maybe there's not even anyone there at the time. But if he passes into where the center is telling him to, he knows the goal is about to be scored because someone can get there. Good instances with Chiguri. He passed into an open space.


Chiguri sprinted there at the time, Chiguri wasn't there and she agrees scored a goal. So it's been action packed and full and it's been so interesting to see through and through. As someone who's not a fan of football, if football in real life was like this, I would gladly fucking watch that shit easily. Because I'm telling you so much, your anime football is more interesting than real football any day. You're not going to see anyone wimping out here and rolling on the floor saying, oh, he kicked me.


No, you ain't going to see that shit here. Okay? You've got one guy who's literally broken his leg before, has a new leg and broke his limits and finally got over his fear of running on that leg again, cheeky to now be able to run it as fast as it is. Such a good answer. Definitely in my top five for the season.


I really hope it gets another season. But this episode had me hooked, especially because it was really showing how everyone needed to push this past the limits. And you guys will remember me saying last week I'm the week of four, but about a traitor. Now that traitor in their midst was a traitor. Because the way blue lock works is if you lose against an enemy team, your high scorer will still survive, they will still go through.


So he worked out with the previous team that they won against. He'd score three goals and he'd help them. And it became a twelve on ten. They still managed to lose, but he still has the most goals in this team no matter what. So that being said, he didn't need to do anything this match.


So it was still an eleven on ten for Team Z. Now this is Team V and yet something awakens inside of him watching his teammates work so hard to try and beat against the best team in their block, and he gives away a red card, knowing full well if he gives away a red card, that's going to work against him. Deduct a point, put him at second place as a goal scorer on the team, not first, which means he won't go through if they lose now. So he's kind of sacrificed himself. And this was all to stop them scoring the final goal that they needed to on the enemy team, giving his team now our team, who was supporting a chance to have the ball and score it and finish the match with only three minutes left to go leading into our next episode.


Obviously, he's not going to be accepted again very quickly as we go through these next episodes, I imagine. But it was definitely a redemption episode for this character, and it was honestly amazing to see. I cannot wait. I cannot literally express you how much I cannot wait for the next episode of Blue Lock. Nice.


To be honest, I don't have much to say in terms of football anime or soccer anime. For the Americans, it's a sport that I have absolutely zero interest in. I find it a very dull sport, but based off your descriptor, it sounds like it's not a dull sport. It's an anime that happens to be football soccer related. So it's probably still a good thing to watch even if you're not a fan of the sport.


But if you are a fan of the sport, it's even better. It was also very well released and coincided very well because I'll read out the description here. Japan's desire for World Cup glory leads the Japanese Football Team Association to launch a new rigorous training program to find the national team's next striker. Sorry, it's 300 high school players pitted it against each other for the position, but only one will come out on top. Who among them will be the striker to usher in a new era of Japanese soccer?


World cup. They released this anime at the exact same time as the World Cup. Thing is, they did very well in the World Cup too. I think they eliminated Germany on top of that. And Germany has always been one of the top teams in the world.


Yeah. Fuck you, Germany. Also, guys, if you look at the Japanese football team for the World Cup, their outfits are actually figured after the Blue Lock ones as well. That's cool. All right, so moving along, we have more than a married couple, but not lovers.


Oh, my God. Ackerry just needs to get with him already. Okay, let's start with saying that she needs to get with him already. Get over the crush. You know, it's not real love.


You fall over this guy. Now he needs to decide and get over his crush because what this episode? Sorry, I'm getting into it. I need to explain first. For those who haven't seen it before, this is an anime where on the school curriculum you are set randomly with someone of the opposite gender.


I believe sorry that there is an LGBTQ representation in this one. At least not in that sense. There is, but not in that sense. And you have to earn points with this person by doing married couple of things, even though you're not. And these two get pit together.


You got the geeky nerd boy and the popular school girl absolutely hate each other. Start with grew really attached to each other and they both have their own crushes. He's got a crush on his high school friend who's got a crush on him and she's got a crush on the popular guy who doesn't even really notice her in that way. She's already starting to get over her crush for him and is really crushing on our MC. And everyone has shipped them together is brilliant.


It's beautiful. They just need to already because she's much better for him. Imo. And it really highlights how you kind of evolve from the typical crush. What do you call it?


It's not love. It it's lost kind of in a way. And you could see the character growth, which is amazing. She's also known as Agiara, which is someone who's obsessed over like a fashion culture and it's very lovely to see. And anyway, the whole point of it was if you get up to a rank, which is the top ten couplings, and someone else is also in the top ten couplings, you can swap with your partners.


So their mission was always to swap partners, but now one of them doesn't want to queue now going into their company on vacation, so they don't actually have to act as a couple. ACRI is getting upset because they're not and it's really highlighted being a guarantee. She actually shows the swimsuit that she had only kept aside for Giro, which we touched on in a previous review of one of the last episodes. And they get really close. It's really explained.


They start to realize each other's feelings some more and then they have to hide in this little shack because his crush comes along with her friend. Bearing in mind her friend is currently paired with his best friend and she is a lesbian and she has a crush on RMC's crush. It's like some weird kind of love. Hexagon. At this point, obviously the dynamics of it are lost for me.


All you need to focus on is Jira and a car. We need to be together.


And so anyway, yeah, they get really close because they're in this tight compartment and he passes out with from heat exertion, but not before he tells the street. She says oh, you're hurting me with your knee. And he says that's not my knee.


To give you a little bit of backstory of why this happened was the fact that she wore this swimsuit and she literally pulled his face down into her breast. And she said, you usually auggle them when we're at home, so auggle them now. I hate when you treat me differently. I don't like this. I want us to act like a married couple again.


She's trying to show her feelings more. And then when they go under into the shelter, he's like, So is that all a ploy? Was that all her joke and no. She lifts her arms out to reveal her cleavage and opens her legs. And he gets very flustered, very hyperventilated.


Pulls out a third leg and then passes out. Wow. That's what I had to say to that episode. I said I'll shoot them together completely because there's so much band together. But man passed out because he's man needs to get a hold of himself.


Yeah. Yeah. I couldn't help it, though. I couldn't help it.


Take your knee out from there and stuff. That's not my knee. You know how the Japanese are. They you know, there's a set, at least an anime. There's a set way to do these things.


And that's why they get busted. They're not following the traditional way to do things. They're not even technically together. It's the bloody nose anime thing. I am over here.


Like, man, they're boobs. Just enjoy them. Yes, I agree. How can you not enjoy boobs? They're boobies.


You need to be enjoyed and loved. The things I would do if I had boobies. I know, right? I just walk around topless all the time. I know, right?


Worlds. Just appreciate the boobs. This is for everyone else. Not for me, I often say and stuff that Free the nipple movies and we're all for it and stuff. Yeah.


Free the nipple. Free the nipples. So let's move along here to Bleach 1000 Year Blood War.


We go from Jason in one way to Jason in another. This is Mikey RP.


Okay? Bleach is the only other anime on this list at the moment that I recognized besides my hero. I have actually watched some Bleach. I've watched maybe like, five episodes. Never really got into it.


And that's fair. Of the big three that we will put in quotation marks, it's definitely the least loved and appreciated. It has a lot more history and drama and backstory to it. So I can understand you're not liking it because a lot of people don't, or at least a lot of people I'm given the time of day. But this episode was something else.


So to give you guys some kind of a backstory to those of you who don't watch Bleach, bleach has the 13 court guard squads and 13 captains. They are Soul Reapers and they take the souls of the dead to the afterlife. Basically, the Cyril. There are bad spirits called Hollows, which are basically monsters. There are Roncas, which are Hollows who have eaten enough souls to attain a humanoid form.


And there are Quincys who are humans with the powers to defeat and see Hollows. But unlike Soul Reapers, when a Soul Reaper kills a Hollow, they will preserve the balance between life and death. When a Quincy kills a Hollow, it doesn't exercise them like a solo does. It destroys them unbalancing the life and death scenario. Thousand Blood will tell the story of the last Ark, where the Quincy's have decided to come out of hiding after all these years and invade the Soul Society.


They have wiped loads of the grunts of the Soul Society right now because it was an unexpected attack. We lost the Lieutenant of squad one. We've lost the head captain, squad One's captain. We now have Squad Three's captain acting as Squad One's new captain and head captain overall. Sorry, I don't watch Bleach, so don't take this the wrong way, but Squad One sounds weak.


Yeah, we lost our captain. We lost our vice captain. Pretty sure we're going to lose our lieutenant. Okay, let me at least say that for those of you who think the same as Lambency, the vice captain was basically assassinated. He didn't have time to react.


They shot a spear to this guy, and I'm talking not an almost spear, an energy spear that was the size of him from head to toe. He ain't going to survive that ship. Did the assassin say that's? Not my spear?


And the head captain faced off against the lead of the Quincy's. So there are very valid reasons for why they died. But this episode, we won't talk about them. We all talk about the Healer, captain of Squad Ten, and we'll talk about the Kampache, captain of Squad Five or Six. Don't quote me on that.


Now, to give you guys some kind of a backstory. So the way a Kinpatchi is decided is if you want to be a Kompatchie, you have to kill the current Kompatchi, and making you the new squad leader. Anyone can do that. You don't have to be a Soul Reaper. So our current Kim Patriot, killed the last campaign, and thus he's the Soul Reaper.


Brilliant. And then we have the Healer lady who you've never seen in combat before. We know that she was one of the original captains and was there around the same time when the captain of Squad One, who's now recently deceased, was around. She's been tasked with the mission of training him. Okay, kind of weird.


The heel has been tasked with the mission of training him. Kind of sucks. Well, then we started to get into the plot twist and reveals that I touched on earlier that this show is going to be filled with this is another one. It turns out she was the original Kenpachi. The Healer is the original kempatch.


And the reason she became a healer was that she could enjoy the thrill of the battle to her heart's content. Our current compat, she had fought her once before when he was a young boy and a little did we know he was stronger than her even then. And so she blamed herself for putting limits on him because he unconsciously limited himself so he could enjoy battle. Because in his mind, if he was to destroy if he was to defeat her, the only person who ever gave him a challenge, he could never enjoy fighting again, which I can understand. So we get this epic fight between what is basically two compatriots.


We see her bad guy. For those who don't know, it's the second stage release of your sword. It's like a special ability which she sacrifices her own blood and basically can control all the blood around you. Long story short, because some of you will want to go and watch this, is that they end up fighting. Spoiler alert.


You've got 3 seconds. Two, one and Kimpatchi ends up killing Unohana, the heel of Kanpatchi, to unlock his new abilities. It's absolutely devastating. He starts crying and screaming, realizing she's about to die and that she set him up to kill her. She wanted to die to make him stronger.


And we've just lost possibly one of the most strongest sorry for captains in 13 court guard squads to make this captain even more of a powerhouse than he already is. And we talked about Kimpachi last week, didn't we? Lambency with the voice actors and commented on even though you don't watch Bleach, he looks like a fucking animal. He's literally your typical butch warrior that you could think of. So now we've got a powerhouse to put up against these.


So she sacrificed herself to save everyone else, pretty much. And it was an emotional episode. It was so many twists and turns and all in all, absolutely amazing. Like the return of Bleach has been blowing shockwaves through the anime community and has absolutely stole top spot for the season. Now, for those who want to be a Bleach news as well, next week will be our normally scheduled episode, episode eleven.


But the week after, we are having a double episode. So on the 26th it should be we will have episode twelve. And episode 13 ended in the first call before we go on a short break before core two, which means they're giving us a double, which means it should be good. So, yeah, that was Bleached this week and complete loss for it. I've had lots of good stuff about Bleach, but I never really I wouldn't say there's anything bad about it, but after about the five episodes, there was nothing that immediately hooked like there has been with other anime.


It's one of those ones I probably will eventually get around to watch him, but it's not at the top of my list. What I can say about Bleach, it's like the other big anime. So when you're looking at things like narrator, when you're looking at one piece, even fairy tale to an extent. Although Fairy Tale isn't as bad as these three examples. Unlike smaller anime who have to get to the point fairly quickly, they give themselves a lot of set up at the start.


And I'm talking like at least 30 episodes usually for each of them to get set up and start to get the ball rolling and get into the nitty gritty side of things because they're just that huge. And at the time, there were many houses, they were cash grabs completely. That's why they have so many filler episodes, which are non manga episodes. So I can completely see why after five episodes you'd go, I can't be asked for this. And a lot of people are skip ahead of the bounce.


So I guess the best part of the rev, don't you tell anybody that. You don't meme. Don't meme. Because people will listen to you. People will listen to you.


And we all that's that for anyone doesn't know it's a filler. It wasn't even the manga. And known as the worst arc in Bleach. It sounds like something I would try to set someone up to do.


But yeah, we had a very good week for Bleach. Completely good. I've actually got Lambency into watching Bleach. We binge watch all before Blood War came out. And then we watched this week's episode together.


And her face when Unohana released a mankind just like Blood everywhere. She was like, what the fuck? So as a new anime watcher for her, it was amazing to see new reactions and shit. I've seen shit like this before, but yeah, it was brilliant. That's why I love sharing animated people.


So you can watch their reactions. Yes. The other night I told you to check something out and I wanted you to send me updates because I wanted to see and hear your reactions to stuff that I'd already read. So being able to watch someone's reaction to something gives something so much rewatch ability as well. If it's good enough that you can rewatch it whilst watching somebody's reactions, it's a sign of a good show.


Oh, 100%. Like I said, Lambency stuck with my shit quite a lot of the I think we watched like the last two years together. She stuck through 700 episodes of narrative, which is a lot to start with.


And we watch it sort online and Sam Daddy Sims and shit like that. So it's great seeing new people's reactions to shit, for sure. 70s is a great one as well. Seventy s and something else, man. Yeah.


Until you hear the female character's voice. Oh, God, meliott Lord or his memes when she says to Melliotes and it sounds like Smellyodore do it. Is she around? Get into hilarious laws. Law wants you to say Smelliotes.


Honestly, she's got really in my own voice, acted for Elizabeth. We're giving her too much shit. It's not her fault she's got a shit.


Moving along, though. We got chainsaw, man. Oh, my God. Talk about, like an annoying that's able to rival one of the Big Three on its release. We knew studio Map, I was pulling something out of the bag for this.


The most gory anime I've ever seen. And it's been brilliant from head to toe. Now, this episode was kind of quiet in comparison. This was pretty much Makima taking Power and Dengue to meet this guy, to literally get them trained. And it was pure action.


We saw Power use more of her blood devil ability. We saw Dengue just rip apart more things with chainsaws, and that was literally it. But like Dab mentioned earlier, sometimes an episode can be great if it is just mindless action. And it was because we really saw some ability growth in them both. And I mean, plus, even though mangarita's known not to trust Machima, Makuma is still great to look at as well.


So we got some good Makima shots at the start. Nice if you haven't on Season. Whatever happened to that dream girl and stuff that you love and stuff? The one that gave the sloppy kiss. Oh, did we not review last week's episode?


Did we review last week's episode? I'm sure we did. I'm sure we did. But I can go through it again. Last week's episode, guys.


They were assaulted by some unknown organization. Everyone bought. People with powers got killed. Squads one to four was merged into one squad and are led by Makima. And the person who alarmed is talking about died saving Dengi and Aki.


Oh, that's just not fair. After Dengue just got, like, the most beautiful kiss ever. Yes. For those of you who don't know, she drunk kissed him and vomited in his mouth, and it was very graphic.


Makima then gave him her lolly, and he didn't say sorry, so he could suck away the taste. It was definitely Mikey's girl. It was literally she drops a brand, actually. She says, oh, you can't my chopper chips, which is a brand of lolly. And I was kind of surprised that they did that, but that were both kind of hilarious as well.


Has that ever happened to you? Someone's vomited, like, when you kiss them because they were drunk? God, no. Not in my mouth. Not in my mouth.


Is there a story you want to tell us? They deaf. It's never happened to me, actually. One time at band camp, my wife isn't much of a drinker, so I don't have that issue. Yeah, I wondered if you had had that happen to you.


I pray your laws never vomited in my mouth. Right. Lost. Do you?


I've had people rub their vomit on my face. Yeah, they were really drunk. They were sick, and they had, like, sick on their hands. And then I was trying to look after them and they were like, thanks, you're a really good friend. I just put their hand on my side.


Put their hand on my face and I was just like, I know how sick on my face. Great. See, it would have been funnier if you were like, yeah. So they had a little bit of vomit on their thumb and they spread it across my forehead and said, Simba.


And that, my friends, is how he started the circle of life. All right, so moving along, we've got Arc night animation. Rad just said women vomit when I kiss someone this sober.


Oh, my God. Man. I'm sure it's not that bad. I'm sure you're a great guy. We love Rev Reverend.


All right, we got Hart Knights animation prelude to dawn. Oh, yeah. Guys, this epic got very dark as the two factors start to face off and the Doctor gets injured. And this sets Amania off and she starts losing control of their power and everything just starts to become hectic and carnage. And again, it was just another episode of mindless action.


And it was brilliant. Because this is based off of the mobile game, they clearly put money into this and you could clearly see it's beautiful. So well done. You could mistake it for being a mapper level animation. I was blown away.


This was all magical. So his magic was going nuts and it was gorgeous to watch. We still don't know the Doctor's identity. I guess he's meant to be like the player as if he was one playing the mobile game. When we played the mobile game, Mark Knights game, you are referred to as the Doctor.


Maybe that's where they've kept him mostly faceless. He's got, like, kind of a sea to mesh. You can kind of make it up, but not quite. Mindless action. Absolutely brilliant.


I can't wait for more. This one should be running on for a little bit longer than the rest because it came out later, probably coinciding with our January releases. And we've got a lot of stacked animals welcomed in January, which is going to be amazing.


Just one example in my head is solar leveling. That's going to be beautiful. So I'm very excited to carry this on into January. What's in the trailer for it as well? That actually looks really interesting.


Yeah, it looks like a really cool setting.


I like a good setting for an anime, especially like, if it's an action anime, the setting could just make the action cooler. It's based on a two or three year old free to play gacha mobile game called Argnites. And it's kind of like a sort of loosely like a tower defense game. And it's a really fun game. And the community has always been supportive.


I've never seen any toxicity in it. And they put a lot of money into it and fundraise money by bermud from the fans. The fans fundraised to have this anime produced. And you can just see the quality of animation that the fans money went into making this. It's heartwarming to see a community too, though.


Yeah, it's really nice when the fans love something enough that they will fundraise for it to get it into like an anime and stuff. I love stuff like that. It's like a wholesome part of the community. Oh, yeah, easily. All right, moving on.


While I go use a bathroom and stuff, we're going to move on to a special segment of discussing Crisis Score Final Fantasy Seven reunion since it released today. So I'm going to play the trailer in the background and I'll be right back. Yeah, man. You go. You go.


So I got a piss like a racehorse. My all time favorite game ever got remastered came out today with my all time favorite main character, soldier Zach Fay, who in my opinion, should be the main character 5000 as a whole. Fuck cloud. And yeah, I'm absolutely fanboying it's already. So gorgeous.


It's so well done, guys. As JRPGs go, they've really put their time and effort into this. We've still got the lady say activating combat mode and modulating face still being in her, you know, there are some gripes with it. Like Zach's voice active change. It's really annoying when you change your voice from someone so well known and well loved to someone who sounds like a prepubescent teen from someone who's got like a bit of a gnarly, gritty voice.


Yet the Zack is kind of meant to be like what's the word? He's meant to be like kind of like a free spirit. He's meant to be like a little bit careless. He's meant to be a little bit funny, cheeky. But he always still had a suicide.


And this new voice actor kind of kind of lost it. So that's my little rant there. But graphically, you know, the changes they've put into it, considering it's going to be part of the remake verse, hopefully touch wood a moment. It's mostly just a remastered redone ground up graphics, but there's been many hints that it will link into the new 557 remake verse, which, as we know by now, if you're getting the spoiler now, then I'm sorry at this point being out for a little while, if you don't want to spoilers, this is your morning. But the remake verse is vastly different to the original final Party Seven verse.


So this linking in is yeah, it's brilliant. It's completely brilliant, actually. I'm going to try and veer away from spoilers as much as I can, but they are definitely it's impressive how long they planned for anyone who doesn't know they've had the remake verse plan since digital cerberus. And that was out when I was like five or six. 2005, 2006, I think that came out.


I'm not sure.


It's amazing. It's absolutely amazing. They've really put hard work and effort into this. Major kudos to the team because with such a beloved franchise, such a beloved game, to have this kind of treatment is amazing to see, honestly. And I implore all of you, if.


You enjoy it, go get it. I'm looking at the trailer now, I'm just remembering the amount of pixels that used to be cloud. I could probably count on one hand to what it looks like now is just incredible. It doesn't look like it's simply done as a remake. It looks like it's a brand new title.


They put that much effort into it, it looks absolutely gorgeous. That's what they've done on the whole remake, this because the original Five Fantasy Seven game, as we all know, is like eight bit, 16 bit kind of game blocky. And with 557 remake, they put time and effort into remaking that. Then we had five fantasy seven Crisis Call, which was a prequel on the PSP. This is its remaster remake and it's just absolutely brilliant what they've done and I'm so impressed with it.


Likewise, no Lambency is showing the trailer as well. Guys, we got a little bit of news for Firefighty Seven Ever Crisis, which is a mobile game where they have put all of the Firefighty Seven into one game. You're going to have different outfits, you're going to have different kind of some stories you haven't seen before. For instance, most people wouldn't have played before Crisis as it was Japan, only that's before the events of Crisis Call. And we're going to have Advent Children, which was the film in game form, which is going to be interesting to see, as well as obviously 557 Seven remake, Crisis, Core Digger Service, basically all the seven verse in one mobile game.


You can have this Tribunal style in the overworld and in battle. It's going to look like remake graphics, which is really impressive, really well done. The sad news is it's been delayed. We're going to have data testing open up mid next year, so sadly we got about six months delay. And personally, I know there's a lot of stigma and a lot of hate that goes towards the mobile gaming side of things and whatnot.


But as fans go, if you really want to get a good experience of fan, of fancy, without spending too much money, and if you want to get your head around the story and if you're interested in getting into it, it's going to be a very good starting point. Because you don't need to spend money to get through this. Just be real. Money is going to be all for cosmetics and things like that. Probably if this guy not sure, probably pulling characters, stuff like that, you can still get the story idea and I think it just looks brilliant.


They really put a lot of money into the Seven person. Obviously it's a cash cow, okay? We all know it. Even if you don't play Fan Fancy, you know, the Seven is its biggest title and it's a cash coach. So obviously they're going to put as much money into as they can because it's going to generate them a lot of money back I'm just waiting for the bit where Eric dies in the actual remake to see if Square Enix goes the route of like two K and EA and all them.


And it's like, you want to buy that Eric lives? DLC for 29 99. That would be funny. But again, well, head cannon spoiler warning coming in 3 seconds. 2 seconds.


1 second. You've had your warning. I'm saying it now. I don't actually think in the remake verse, she's actually going to die. Personally, I think Eric is going to be teeth for this time.


Well, considering they've kept Zach alive in the remake verse, which was those of us who know dies at the end of the crisis. Call it kind of begs the question, well, are they going to is Eric going to survive her non leasing, lethal stabbing, which is still a meme to this day, with sephora stabbed her through the gut. No fatal arteries would have been hit. It's been cross analyzed. Literally, people have took her down to the bone, even though gamers obviously will say Cephrop killed it.


Technically speaking, if this was real, per se, cloud would have been the one who killed her when he turned to the water and technically drowned. A little fun little fact for you there. Fun little fact all he had to do is throw Phoenix down. Yeah, literally as well. Half of the Phoenix down there.


In all honesty, though, if you think about it and stuff, I don't think a Phoenix down actually revives dead people. No, I think what a phoenix down is is the equivalent of smelling salts. And here's my reasoning. The Phoenix down can't actually revive dead characters in these games, but it can revive knocked out characters. Cloud the secret villain of the actual game.


That'd be hilarious. And obviously the biggest thing with every crisis in the trailer, guys, we've seen young Seth Roth at the end of that part of the trailer where he turns around with a short hair. Again, that was from before Crisis being redone. And I'll try and show you guys before Crisis one day because I did manage to get it before service shut down. So I do have it on my PC.


It looks absolutely awful, but this will be like your first actual able to experience that story which revolves around the Turks. Yeah, man, this is something to be major hyped up, guys. If you try messaging me on Discord or anything, you don't get answered. Me? I'm probably playing Crisis Club.


That's where I'm at for next week. All right, so moving along before we get into it and stuff, we're moving into a character versus character with our first and only three way character versus character. And what are the characters battling it out this time this week? Well, we're going for an intelligence boat this week, aren't we? And let me just get my graphic up so I can I got to love those three ways you are.


Loved those three ways. Here we go. Here is your character versus character for the week. Look at it. Look at it.


This is a strong one. I'm worried. So, yeah. In the red corner for myself, we have ayana Koji from Classroom of the Elite. Alarm, who have you got?


I have Santa Haro inui from Prince of Tennis and Duff. Who's in your corner? I have Luluch from Code Guillas. Lulu. The rebellion.


We got some brains in this some way. This is going to be feisty. And this time I was actually able to immediately when I was given the thing. How long did it really take me to respond to you on who I wanted? It took you a fucking while.


Yeah, not really.


I responded to it within five minutes, give or take. I was like, anyway, sat a harrow five minutes is too long. It should be within a second. The thing is, originally I was considering ayana Koji, but then I was like, nah, I'm going to go with the Santa Haro.


This is going to be hard, man. This is going to be tricky. Okay, Star. That was actually a joke that we decided to do when we were designing this picture. He said he doesn't have one yet, so we did 404 page not found.


And I found that particular one with a little face on it. I thought it would be a nice little touch. Yeah, Star was a fan of that. I thought that would go quite well. It's very funny.


All right, I say the newcomer starts off with his argument first. Cold gas.


Well, I mean, Luch, he might not have essentially the highest individual IQ. Okay, you've already got to fight for fight for your IQ, man. Hang on.


He's a master strategist, and he's a master at, like, predicting how people will act and what they will do. So by doing that, he can predict what the other people will do in this battle of intellect and adjust his strategy accordingly to defeat them and exploit their weaknesses.


I'm sorry. Keep going. That was about it. Okay, Mikey, please tell me you know why I was laughing. I missed it completely.


What's up? Okay, so what did you say was your character's strengths? Predicting movements and countering and being able to come up with a game plan based on what they expect to happen, correct? Yeah. Master strategist.


Yeah, that's Inui in a nutshell at the same time.


So Inui is a brilliant player in the Prince of Tennis who employs a strategy known as data tennis. He is constantly collecting and analyzing data on and off the tennis court in order to determine statistics, weaknesses, and other factors. While he collects tennis data, he also collects personal data, such as favorite things, personal habits, and where they have been, which makes others uncomfortable. Inoue's data tennis allows him to predict the exact probability of a shot occurring, though other factors can disrupt the probability. Despite his reliance on data, he still trains excessively to keep up with his teammates.


He'd taken on a training load of 2.25 times that of Kato Carol, who already is training three times more than the rest of the team. So he plays doubles with Kaido to help him train, and the incredible stamina of those who have allows them to play alone while Anyway rests and collects data you add into it. He finds it difficult to collect data from anyone who doesn't put in Max effort. So if you're not going to put in max effort, his data becomes not as useful for him because he does this thing where he just knows where you're going to hit your next shot. He'll actually, as he fires his shot, be like, all right, probability of you shooting a lob is 95%.


So he backs up and gets ready for the lob. He just knows exactly where you're going to go. But combine that with his ability to come up with some great moves. For example, he develops two lightning fast serves that are among the fastest in the Japanese tournaments. The Sonic Serve, which is the train, which is trained with wrist weights, which is developed first, followed by the Waterfall serve, which has an arc in the descent of a waterfall, engulfed in the opponent.


His ability to train to his data cannot be understated because he initially loses. All right, so the school he goes to is a school called Segaku, and they have this tournament inside their school every single month. It's a placement tournament, so they have four different brackets, and the top two in each bracket make the team. He loses when the Prince of Tennis shows up in that bracket and becomes their manager. But the main reason he loses is because while his data tennis was always flawless and it always got better, his physical abilities lacked.


So what did he do? He spent all that time training to get his body up to par with his data, and he becomes basically untouchable. Man, you always talk about this on the man. I do need to watch it. All right.


And you for Iana Koji. So, yeah, ayana Koji is pretty much how do I put this? A prodigy. In a sense. He was kind of like Fostered this way.


So he's shown to be extremely intelligent. He intentionally scores 50 of 100 points for each subject on his entrance exams. Intentionally? He's more intelligent than Susan, a Horikita who holds the highest score in his class and who would later force him to a turn to reach an A class. He is a very skilled negotiator and was able to secure all test answers from an upper class man by using both Kikiyo's Kushidas charms and his deceptive nature.


He further displayed this by overturning the expulsion of Ken by offering his teacher points while knowing it was within the school's rules, and with Susan, a's assistant his plan succeeded, earning praise from his teacher. His main strengths are he is perceptive and matitious. He has shown to be very accurate almost all the time since he was able to study the exact personalities and others as shown when he deduced IRI Sakura's fear of strangers. He picks up on situations very fast and he is deduced by Shahiro was Honor Mia's Admiral when IRI was in danger of an attack by stalker. He saw through Susan Ace facade of being healthy as she was ill in the survival test.


He also knew Kakaru was still on the island during the survival test just from seeing a communicator they picked up on Mio being a spy from C class. And all in all, he's always like five steps ahead of everyone else. But the greatest display of his intellect was when he figured out the plan of Class One A and Class One C doing the same test. He was a skill master in the art of manipulation, knowing which people were scheming and who he could use to get the game to run in his favor, eventually winning the test for his class. So yeah, he's always at least like five, six steps ahead.


He uses other people like pawns because he's got no emotions himself. They were kind of moulded out of him when he was young. And he even plans to a point of getting this guilt to trust him as he knows she's about to get beaten up by bullies. And he literally leaves saving her right until the last minute, knowing full well that if he saves her at the last minute, she will be indebted to him for the rest of his life. And she will always praise him and always be thankful to him and always be loyal to him.


He prefers not to draw attention to himself and is always in the background. He's always the one pulling the strings without anybody realizing it due to how well he hides his intellect. But it is shown at the moment there is no one in this verse that can rival his intellect and he definitely has the skills to back it up. He's also obviously physically trained and et cetera like that.


He's intelligent but also very manipulative as well as we see through Kate when he's basically manipulated her from the start into being his kind of girlfriend in a way and using her as a source of information for everyone else to get his own way. See, there's one other person I was considering for this role and stuff, but I was already seeing how this was developing, so I wanted it to be all boys because the person I was going to choose was just you wouldn't know who it is. I can't remember her name off the top of the bat, but you've never watched Sekiri plan but one of the top five fighters and stuff. She was a technology genius, so I was considering her yeah, but one thing I could say about Inui is the other thing I failed to mention. There's two things I fail to mention.


You'll see the drink that he has in his hands? He has these things he calls anyways energy drinks. Or he calls them different things, basically. All right, so he puts all these, like, healthful things in it, and you think, hey, that sounds great. What's the problem?


Well, the problem is anyone who drinks it either runs through the bathroom or passes the hell out. It's like torture for his teammates. He uses it as motivation to get them to train harder. But the other thing is, his data is so profound and so efficient, once he collects it, that along with knowing where the next shot is going to go, he can actually freeze you. And what I mean by that is when he returns a certain shot, when he gets to the right position, he'll fire a shot and he won't even bother moving from there.


He'll walk away because he knows that your body cannot physically respond to it, because your body has been positioned in a way that it would be impossible to get to that unless you're the main character. It's insane. This three way battle for brains is no joke. It's good to see at least I've got Star on my side.


I can see what they mean there. I would definitely like to see this pull up on Twitter and see it see people's opinions. The problem is, I already know I'm at a disadvantage if it was to go on Twitter, because Prince of Tennis, while it is still a big anime, it's also one of those that it's niche, and then on top of that, it's old. So a lot of the anime fans now, they wouldn't even look Sahara's way. So it would immediately go to Iana Koji on the loose.


I don't disagree. I also think he's just a disadvantage. Any weight. I don't think he could stock up personally to either, but that's my opinion. Especially when we know, for instance, you and I personally know how well I encourage you it's done.


And how his perception, his mentality and deceptiveness. I mean, you almost picked him yourself. And Luci, I can't agree with Chat to a degree. LaLucia is almost like light yoga, mel level. I wouldn't say quite the same.


They are definitely next breed. That's why I buttoned them from this one. But he's close. Definitely. Yeah, he essentially manipulated an entire revolution.


Exactly. That's what I mean. The whole war. And in fact, the fact is that obviously, he's like a school kid, and then literally, the first thing you see is him just owning this guy at chess, which is a great introduction as well, when you read the comments as well. In Classroom and the Elite, ayana Koji is literally called a knock off of the loose.


So I can concede that. Well, definitely. I think we should definitely put it on Twitter, though. Yeah, I'd like to tell people's opinions. I think whoever wins by next week, that's who takes the victory.


I'm not going to win for the reasons I've already previously stated, but I'm still interested to see the results nonetheless. Yes. Personally, I get why you guys would not think that Center Harrow is in the same league as those two, but being someone who has seen someone who has seen all three anime and mind you, like, I don't remember much from Cold Gas, but I do remember seeing all three. I will tell you right now, me personally, when I take everything into the equation and stuff, I would either go with Leuch or Santa Haro, but that's just personal opinion. That's no knock against Iana Koji.


That is definitely not a knock against them. As you said, I almost picked them myself, but just the overall. I mean, you got to keep in mind Iana Koji only has, what, like 24, 25 episodes, give or take, right now? Well, yeah, anyways, data that I'm pulling from, it's funny, we're talking about his data tennis and now I'm pulling up data, I have like 270 something episodes to go through. That's why I have the advantage of being a manga reader after, when we watch, I didn't shred the manga.




I've only seen out of those three cookies, so I was glad that I'd seen at least one anime with a smart boy in it. Yeah, you find it quite difficult. I struggled with superior intellect. I know anime is with smart people in it, but they're smart, relevant to the world. Not like profit smart.


Kind of like Armin for a second titan. I can see what you mean. Yeah, Armand smart. Just smart for his world, I would say. Yeah, some people are like they're considered really smart in their world, but when you actually look at it, it's just like their world is like medieval or something, so they're not that smart.


Whereas stupid. I was lucky that I remembered that Kurd Guillos is a thing, so I was able to pull the loose out at the last moment. I will say, though, the winner of the logo of the Week has to go to four or four page not found. Oh, easily. Yeah, you can happily take that winning logo.


We'll try and think of that logo soon. I get one eventually. Did I have any other options? I have two, but they were both from big anime that would probably wipe the floor with both of them. I could have gone Chicamara from Narrator, I could have gone Societies and from Bleach, but I didn't feel it quite fair if I span in light of L to use either of those characters.


When you said light and L was banned, that's why I didn't fucking use the girl from Sekiro plan I was talking about. Yeah, I know. It would just be a fucking cheat. I was like, yeah. I was like, so who could I use that's not like op to the point where it's like, what the hell?


And I was like, anyway. Actually, it's funny, too. When you get to the Arcs, there are certain schools that employ other data tennis players. And for me, it's fascinating watching the data tennis player, like, dual Arcs. You wouldn't think watching a bunch of smart people play a sport and stuff would be interesting, but compared to the way the other games are played, it's a whole different game, almost.


And as you said, Mikey, I talk up to Santa Mae all the time. You really do got to watch it, man. If you're liking Cold Blue, I'm telling you, princess tennis has everything you're looking for. I love when you forget the name of an anime. That sounds like a good anime.


Cold Blue. Oh, god. What was the actual name? How about blue lock? Code gears and Blue lock together?


Is that the animator we're working on there's? That IMAX project here after we code Blue is the animator.


All right, up next, we have the anime highlights before. We could just quickly do that while we're here. Now, can I make a suggestion for next week's battle? Yeah, sure, go for it. A battle of driving races.


Well, vehicle races. So they can be like motorbikes cars, stuff like that, but not like on between YouTube and stuff. Because after this, this is my last episode on here. I don't care what you guys choose. Yeah, so I think that would be my suggestion.


Yeah, sure. That's going to be hard. Okay. Especially considering you don't like anything that has to do with vehicles. I'll figure out something.


I'll get something. Don't you worry. All right, so next up we have the anime highlights. These are animes from the last year to two year, year and a half, give or take, that we are highlighting. So first up we have my Dress up darling.


And here's the trailer for that. All right, so that was the trailer for my Dress Up Darling. Mikey, why don't you tell us why this is recommended? So back when I was a pure action watcher for anime, this was one of the first that got me into, like, slice of life, guarantee, all those other kind of genres. I think what first blew me away about my Dress up Darling was the pure animation.


Obviously, she's a guarantee, which means she's very obsessed with fashion. Obviously, it's an anime based around cosplay and fashion. So it's a very appealing looking anime. The characters are very relatable, and they're very easy to like, easy to get along with. The story is easy to follow, and you often find yourselves subconsciously rooting for them.


And it's not an obvious love story either underneath, but they are hints subtly through it of a relation growth. People are very confused by this kind of shut in nerdy doll workers working with, always friends with someone so popular and so good, lucky and as Emcee was a very quick and popular anime, it definitely gained traction very easily. I believe it's renewed for another season now as well. And if you want something that you can just sit back and chill to and relax to and enjoy, you don't need to put too much effort into you can have, if you want like a light hearted laugh, some good animation quality, then yeah, this is 100%. One of the anime is for you.


Because I fell in love with this anime and was very unexpected to fall in love with a show like this. At the time when I thought, man, shows like this wasn't for me. And now I fall into the rabbit hole. It's funny how that happens. Like I said before, it's funny how a certain genre of anime you're not interested in until you watch one particular one and then you just kind of fall down that rabbit hole.


All right, so moving along, we also have for the next highlight, kaguosama Love is War. And here's a trailer for that. Talking about the Robbie Hole. All right, so that was a trailer for Kagi Osama Love is War. Before you get into it, I will say I was so happy to see that they announced a season two or a movie or something like that along the way.


I can't remember which it was. But either way, I'm so happy to see that because this anime is just absolutely amazing. And Fujiwara is best girl and she really won that with that dance. You know the dance I'm talking about, Mikey. So I believe for season three or two or four, they've announced actually, yeah, Chica Fujiwara is the pink haired girl.


Even if you don't watch anime, I believe most people know her dance. She's at least been on TikTok rather social media doing her pink that she was like my phone wallpaper for a little bit as well. She's a great character. This anime is brilliant because it highlights psychological warfare of the whole love stuff and how neither of them want to admit to each other. They're falling for the other person.


Each of them want to admit the other person. They're trying to make the other person admit to them first. Basically, they're both playing hard to get, too pussy to tell each other they're falling for each other. Chica is oblivious to this. The gloomy guy is oblivious to this.


And they have their own little story as well, which is brilliant. It's got so much character growth, so much plot development. It's so freaking funny. It's absolutely hilarious. Even if you're not into, like, romance or anything, that it's just purely funny to watch.


And the way that episodes sound are quite interesting as well. They usually have like three titles. It's like one title slash another title slash another title. It's like three short stories in each episode. Covering three different days in the anime or something like that.


Guys, if you haven't watched this, if you haven't even heard of this and you've been living under a rock, it's amazing. I genuinely was happily surprised how good this show was. I just like stars comment that says basically, Mikey found out what a good anime is talking about you falling down this rabbit hole. Wow. Okay, I see how it is.


So none of my other recommendations be good up to this point. I get you.


I can see that.


All right, so next, move up to the Lambencyda Sea Show recommends. These are recommended anime from all time. And this time we have three recommended one from each of us, starting off with Mikey's recommendation. Grim's. Note the animation.


So here is the trailer for that. Well, that cut off really abruptly. I don't think that was a full trailer. It was hard to find a trailer for this one. That's fine.


I just want to mention before you get into it and why you recommended this, what was that thing they were holding? Because it looked like it was some sort of Pokey deck. And so they were like collecting Pokemon with swords instead of throwing Pokey balls. So they were holding a bookmark. That's a bookmark.


That's a bookmark with a fucking TV screen on it. Yeah, it's a bookmark. So give you guys a premise of what this is. This was based on a mobile game by Square enix at the time. Careful where you pause your words there.


Yeah, I was going to say I got that, too. Did I? Yeah. This is based off a mobile gay and then restarted the same thing. Exactly.


I heard it, too.


I was like, okay, well, that is not great. It's not a gay that moves from town to town to mobile gay.


Sorry. This is based on a mobile game by Square. Next day is now discontinued. And it's based on those of you who didn't catch on with the title on the Brothers Grimm's story, which are twisted tales of classic fairy tales like Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, et cetera, in anime format, change slightly. Obviously, in some cases, gender bend as well, which we don't mind here.


And it tells a dark story of how you travel from not will to will to go through this myth. You come into a zone. A zone is usually based on one particular fairy tale. And the first fairy tale was based on Red Riding Hood. And it tells the story of how Red Riding Hood grows up.


You've got the mum, you've got the village elder who was the Red Riding Hood before her. And the old village elder before that was the Red Riding Hood before her. And Red Riding Hood would go into the forest that a certain age, get eaten by the wolf, and then the hero would come and save her and she'd become the elder. Eventually, rinse or. Repeat and this would happen to many different Redwinded, Hudson and Cycle.


And in this world you have a book and the book will tell you exactly your whole story, your fate from start to finish. For every single person. However, there are a handful of people who have blank books and these people are able to harbor hero source inside them. People like Cinderella, Sinbad, Captain Hook, et cetera. Be them good or evil, this story twists it and they're able to fight off the chaos that is twist in the world.


To give you guys an example, Red Riding Hood in her story, in her couple of episodes, was the bad guy. This was because she was afraid of being eaten and thought that the hero was only using her, saying he was going to save her because he wanted to marry her mother. In actual fact, he did love her as his own child and he did fall in love with her mother, but she didn't think that he cared about her at all. As a result, she let forth the chaos and the heroes had to come and save her from the chaos, had to defeat the enemies and set the world back right? And they travel from storybook to storybook, region to region, to try and help other people.


And it's a very interesting story. What got me was people were hating on it in the comments because it starts off abruptly. I'm not sure what people's opinions are on this, but it didn't give you any context to start with. We went straight into an action scene in the first episode and we went straight into the story of Red Riding Code and whole new cast. You've never started before.


And people were like, I hate this storytelling. It's just as if it's just plunged us into a minute of a season. And then at the end of the episode, it starts to explain people have blank books. People have these BOOKMARKS they can turn into heroes with, et cetera. I was like, It's kind of unfounded.


You've clearly only watched five minutes of an episode without actually paying attention to the whole thing. And this is actually when I watched this week. So I will go against the trend for this out of me and say, I actually highly recommend this show. I think it's very good. You just got to give it a chance.


Basically, everything starts with this is the story, this is the world, let me explain all to you. And then sometimes things start with like a massive action sequence without explaining anything. And I think that could I can see why people do that because if that happens to me, I get hooked way more and I'm just like, oh, they're in this fight. Okay, why are they in this fight? What's going to be explained by the end of the episode?


Or potentially what's going to be explained in the next episode? So I think doing it different isn't a bad thing. But obviously there is the risk of people going, oh, they're not explaining. They haven't explained it quick enough, so they'll leave. So I think you should definitely give something a chance, at least a couple of episodes.


Yeah, exactly. I also like that it's called Grimm's Note. As in the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales. That's a nice little touch. It's honestly done so well.


The animation is beautiful as well. It's a great watch. Yeah, I'm looking at the trailer there. It looks very nice. Right.


Moving along to my recommendation, and, you know, this really shows my age and stuff and my vast difference. I recommended an anime called Princess Nine, which I believe came out in 98. All right, so obviously, you can clearly see how old this anime is just off of the trailer alone. So the Princess Nine is a series that follows the trials of nine girls from the Kissaragi School for girls who form a baseball team in order to compete against the boys teams and Japan's most prestigious high school tournament, the National High School Baseball Championship. Their goal is to qualify for and ultimately win the tournament's final rounds, which are held each year at koshen Stadium.


Ryu Hayakawa, the ace pitcher, is a daughter of the former Japanese pitching star who is banned from the Nipon Professional Baseball League and is the one who is really pushing the entire school to find a whole bunch of girls around. As a matter of fact, the school reaches out when they're trying to form a baseball team when they find her, and then decide that they want to make a baseball team because of her skills alone. And it's not just a story about, hey, there's nine girls that are here right now. They're immediately going for it. No, it's the story about how they came across those nine girls, the nine girls background.


I mean, one of them is a rich girl who wanted nothing to do with Ryu at all. Another one is well known in fishing ports as she's one of the top fishermen out there. She's very good with the seas. She knows a lot of things, fish wise. Honestly, every single player on the roster has a very, very interesting story.


And so it's a story of trials and tribulation, not just with trying to break the status quo of what is and is not baseball and whether girls can play, but it's also a story about how the girls came to be in the first place. And initially, when I first ran across this anime, I was not interested because I'm like a baseball anime with only girls, whatever. It sounds stupid. Then when I go watch it, it's just like we had spoken before about how there are certain animes that break the status quo and make you interested in it, because there's so much more to it than initially meets the eye, which is why I recommended Princess Nine it seems really interesting. I really like that shot as well, where it looks like she's trying to keep it on there a SEC, trying to swing her baseball bat at the ocean.


I went to a get an Xbox thing for me, there's that one shot where she's like, pulling back to swing and all you see is a wave. Oh, yeah, we just had it right here. Yeah, it's like, oh, yeah, you're going to, like, King canute it and just fight the ocean right there too as well.


That's an interesting concept. I like the idea. I could see why originally you would have been maybe offputted from it. Honestly, I watched tennis before I watched this one and stuff. But I'll say your style is quite high.


If you watch something, it's giving you a really good impression and all other sports related anime. You're going to have quite a high bar. Exactly. I can get that. Now, while I will say this is nowhere near Prince of Tennis level, hell, it's not even nowhere near some of the baseball animes of today for its time frame, though, this was a very good anime that was underrated back then and is still underrated now.


This is what I'm saying back in my day.


That's why I was here. It's because of the retro. Okay. And following that, we have from our newest host, Kobayashi, a dragon maid. So here's the trailer for that.


So here is the trailer for Princess Nine. Listen, I know this was for the second season, but I couldn't contain myself from playing this particular trailer. And I think you guys can see why. It is an adorable anime. It is just a beautiful slice of life anime following the main character, Kobayashi, which is the woman you see in the shirt and tie, who's just a normal, everyday person.


And she ends up getting this dragon who is able to polymorph into a human and just becomes her maid and just looks after the house. And the dragon just doesn't understand society and has a very dragon reaction to a lot of things. So it's a dragon trying to fit into society, but it's also adorable because she's trying to live her normal life and go to work every day, but she's got to deal with this, like, all the shit that's going on in her home. But it's so adorable, so sweet, and it's just a lovely little thing to watch. All right, well, an interesting thing from our newest.


It's adorable. It's one of the cutest things you'll ever see. I love it. Mikey, you got to admit that anime trailer was hilarious. Oh, yeah.


That's very much in the vein of the anime itself. It's very much in that sort of dumb comedy but cute way. All right, so moving along, we've got the discord news, the news for anime. So just give me one oh, my God. I got messages up the ass over here.


So let's see here. What a lovely view of your discord we have. Yeah, I got a lot of things, that's for sure. Co host area anamonga news. Here we go.


All right, go ahead. I'm a little bit behind. Are we on the same one? Don't tie with me, Miss Nagatora. Lovely.


So, yes, don't tie with me, Miss Nagatora's. Second Attack, which is season two. Episodes one and two will stream back to back on January the 7th. I don't know how many times I need to say it to you guys, but January is freaking absolutely stacked. After that, we have campfire cooking in another world with my absurd skill.


Notice these titles just get longer. We have a visual for it and the anime is scheduled for January the 10th, and it's going to be done by studio Mapper, which means we should get some really good animation quality from that. After that, we have The Misfit of Demon King Academy season two, which is also January, of course. I've seen season one. Okay.


Yeah, that's a great anime. I was happy to see that's coming back. Also, sorry for cropping my screenshots this week, guys. I was bit rushed. We have which on the Holy Night is now available digitally for PS Four on Nintendo Switch.


It's a nice little JRPG game from what I've seen, and it's done by quite a small studio. So please go give them a look, check them out, see if you like them. Got a little bit of fan fancy 16 news. Now, this is what the premium edition is looking like. The collector's edition.


Nice little statue of E, free of Phoenix. There's some pins, map in game content, steel book, and it's going to set you back a pretty penny. But if you're interested in that kind of thing, grab one while they're hot. Isn't it like $300 or something? Yeah, it's disgusting.


The month. Speaking of fantasy 16, we've now got a couple of screenshots, characters and names for each of the main cast characters, starting with Sid, who's fully Mr. Dophas Helman. We knew there was going to be a Sid. There's always a Sid.


Then the question is, when are we going to run across the bigs of which this is true? We need one. We have toggle. Which is going to be one. In recent years, we haven't had an Animal Party member for quite a while.


So it'll be interesting to have, unless you count what was his name? Umbra, or something like that, from 15, but he didn't travel. We've got MC Clive Rossfield, both his young and middle aged forms. We've got his old form here, which is quite interesting. He got different voice actors.


We've got Dion Massage from the Holy Empire of San Brook, who I really like his character design. I like the whites, I like the halbert. He looks pretty interesting. Childhood friend, I believe, of main character. I haven't got a name for her here, but she's from the Grand Dutchy of Rosario, and I believe below that is her younger form as well, with 16 shaping up to be definitely one of the darker entries into the series.


The question is, can it compete with Final Fantasy type Zero for Darkness? I think it will smash Type Zero out of the park. We're talking about for the blood factor. Oh, easily. Easily.


Have you seen the trailer easily? Yeah, but it also could just be for cinematic effect. If it stays that way, then yes, it could, because Final Fantasy Type Zero to this day is still the bloodiest in the series. This is true. It would be nice to see thrown it.


Yeah. Don't get me wrong, type Zero is a great game. Severely underrated. After that, we've got the time. I got green incarnate.


There's a slime movie, Scarlet Bond, which is currently screening in theaters in Japan. Parney has done really well. We've got the COVID reveal for the light novel narrative Story Uzamaki. Narrator and The Spiral Destiny, which is releasing on March 28, 2023, to coincide with the latest light novel that came out just before. It to do with Saska.


We have Ochinoko anime trailer, which begins in April 2023. If you want to go watch that, you can find that on Twitter and YouTube. We watched this earlier. There's the Seven Ever Crisis winter trailer. You can find that on YouTube as well if you want to watch it yourself after the stream.


As mentioned just a minute ago, this is actually going to be Studio Mapper's first Esak anime campfire cook. In another world of my absurd skill. Mapper has never done an Esaki anime before, so this will be an interesting journey for them. I'm looking forward to mapa. Very well known for good animation, so I'm hyped to see it.


And last for the news, courtesy of Crunchy Roll, we have Unnamed memory. The TV anime has been announced for 2023, and again, I like the hours from there. All right, well, definitely a fair amount of news right there and stuff. Fresh reminder and stuff that you could find us over on The, where you can find all our latest news, articles, Vlogs, and podcast sites as we're available on all major podcasts. You can also leave us a review if you feel like it.


Check out our sponsors comment with us on our fan page. Or if you want to be a guest, you can fill out a guest form and potentially become a guest on the Creator Spotlight. So feel free to check us out at The Reminder of the Clinton ring. Merch.


Got to plug that in one more time because it's just fucking hilarious. I keep thinking you're saying Clinton. I keep thinking you saying Clinton, not Clinton. And I'm like, all I can see is I don't want to hear it from nobody who has a store called Poundtown, okay?


I don't want to hear nothing about pronunciation when you guys have a dollar store called Pound Town. This is true. This is true. But one of the bigger poundstos is yes, but yes. Before we end the show, like I said, this is my last time on this particular podcast.


I'm handing over the reins to Mikey and DAV to take over from here. I thought that it's in good hands and you guys should continue receiving good coverage. This frees me up to do some other things back end work as well as focus on trying to find more people for the creator spotlight. Our next one right now is Copa Catania on the 27th. And as I have already said, I'm in talks with someone who is actually a partnered streamer to see if they are going to come on.


But we'll take it from there. And I'm going to continue working on things on the back end for those who are interested. We have some new kind of graphics and everything we've been putting in on the back end wise. Actually, you know what, Mike, I'm going to put your webcam back up right. I just want to show them which one was the one you wanted me to use for something.


Oh yeah, we watched this just before streams out and it looks so this is like one of the things I've been working on and stuff. So this we haven't decided whether or not we're going to use it yet, but so you guys can get a basic gist things along. This is what I've been working on as well. So there's going to be a lot of things, a lot of improvements for those who haven't already seen some of the improvements in this stream alone, like our transitions and everything. So we can look forward to that and we hope everyone is enjoying the content.


But yeah, from here on out, you guys are running the show on this and stuff. You guys just let me know if you guys hold anything else. Speaking of running the show, I actually wanted to bring something to the show if that's all right with you land to do it today. And that would be the mandatory donations and bikini episode, correct? Absolutely.


I'll wear a bikini for you any day. No. So I wanted to something that I'm very fond of in this sort of vein of anime is reading web tunes and I wanted to recommend a web tune every week like you guys recommend an anime. So this week I had to think about it and I'll be honest, during the show I changed my mind mainly because this show seemed to be very haram based. So I thought I would put in my accidental harem anime.


That being the advanced player of the tutorial tower following the so the main character has been stuck in the tutorial tower, essentially the tutorial level for about twelve years. He finally becomes free and when he's free, he goes on. Obviously the typical. Essentially like the Easter K. He's super overpowered for the world he's in, but he accidentally ends up having all these girls fall for him.


But everyone who falls for him also becomes super overpowered. So it's very much in the vein of some of the animes that we reviewed today. So I wanted to suggest that because that's definitely worth a read, it's still being released at the moment, so even I don't know how it finishes, but it's highly recommended. Well, like I said, this is going to be up to you and Mikey. So you guys work out details on how you guys want to improve the show.


I'll help out as best as I can and stuff, but I'm taking this show off of my hands, so if you guys think it's a good idea, just go ahead and do it. You guys talk with each other. You guys don't need to talk to me about that and stuff. The only time I need you guys talking to me is if you guys want to make separate videos for our YouTube channel. Other than that, giving you guys free ring.


He's basically washing his hands. He's sick of my shit. That's what I love, pretty much.


If he's giving us free wing, we could do bikini stream every week. Nipple tassels. Yeah, I got some nipple tassels. Hey, rep. You know a lot about those, buddy.


If you want to give me a link and chat.


I can't believe I've done this.


Thanks for bringing me on. And thanks for letting me just talk shit with my friends. I really appreciate it. Thanks. No worries.


All right, so that being said, though, that is going to be the end of this podcast. We hope you guys enjoyed this podcast, and until next time, you guys enjoy yourself.