Dec. 21, 2022

Anime News & Updates with Winter 2023 schedule (TWAR 16)

Anime News & Updates with Winter 2023 schedule  (TWAR 16)

Jump Festa news, Naruto and Pokemon specials & More!

"Unlock the mystery of the past with Narrator Top 99 and follow the journey of your favorite characters!"

This episode focused on Anime News & Events and discussed the return of Ash and the introduction of two new protagonists in the Scarlet and Violet regions. It highlighted the narrative top 99 poll, where the top 20 characters will receive new art designs by Kishimo Do himself and the winner will receive a short manga. It showed that with so many characters, this poll is a great opportunity to get answers to unanswered questions and to give lesser known characters a chance to shine. The narrator cautioned people to vote for who they want but to also be considerate of the fact that if the main character, such as Narito, is voted for, maybe the top character who hasn't had their own story should be chosen instead.

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There we go, guys. Wow. It's all working so far. It's all working so far. Well, to honor our lovely Lambency, who has hand the anime reins over to me, welcome back to The Lambency Show with me and TRG Davis today.

Have we got some news for you. Today day, guys. Oh, my gosh. Yes, sir. Tell us, what is that news?

In one week alone, we've had all of 2023 bar like three or four shows announced for Winter 2023 with us. I think in the Japanese calendar, winter is actually January, February, March for them. According to Google, it's the same as ours. But I guess the anime yes, maybe the anime follows a different schedule.

We have Jump Fest, which hit me by surprise. I didn't realize it was on. If everyone doesn't know Jump Fester, it's the biggest anime event of the year. You get all your reveals, all of your announcements or your latest news. So we got some big freaking shit there.

Obviously. We had that major Pokemon update news with what's going to happen with the future of the series. A little bit of nasty. Swollen is retired. Yeah, I know.

Shocking. That's a catch up joke for anyone who didn't get it.

But we will get into all of that a little bit later on after our regular anime reviews. If you guys haven't had a chance to yet, please make sure you go over to the and check out our website to keep up to date with all of our latest episodes news articles. If you'd like to be a guest, you can fill in the guests form or you can leave a message on the website. If you'd like to leave us a little bit of a little bit of a voice note there. Do you still have the Bill Clinton merge?

We do indeed still have the Bill Clinton merge as well. It is under store for anyone who's interested. And there we go. Clinton ring the T shirts. Lovely.

Right there in prime position. I know. Vex Electronica, our co host for this weekend gaming, has bought herself one. I am very tempted. It's absolutely hilarious.

Make sure you're keeping up to date with the website as well as our socials. You can follow us over on TikTok especially. We've been pushing the TikTok very much late as well as on all of our regular podcast insights. Spotify apple Podcast amazon Music google Podcast stitcher Panda audible Panda panda Addict that Looks like Panda Addict castro And Tuning But on that note, guys, we're going to move on and head straight into our episode reviews because we've got a lot of content to go through today. Hitting us up first today we have the daily life of the Immortal King season finale.

And wow, this anime this season has been so up and down, it's become a meme. It's been the meme of the anime world at the moment because it takes the piss out of itself and it takes the piss out of other shows. We've had it shoot on Pokemon Yugio back again. I say on a lot of shows, mostly like those kind of anime that you remember growing up as a kid, like just mentioned. So it's been very hilarious, but not very plot driven until these last two episodes where the people who are controlling the spirit as opposed to us, who are cultivists, who just use magical powers, they wanted to take over.

This part of Japan and amongst all this funny business that's been going on and them joking around and not really think that there's more of a malicious point plot behind the funny things that they've been doing, we end up going into will devastation in the previous episode, and then we've got to save their asses in the season finale. And boy, when I tell you that again, daily Life of the Mortal King did not go halves. They did not go halves. For those of you who haven't watched it, season one, we had the universe break. He stopped time, broke the universe, repaired the timeline, split it into two, and everything was sunshine and daisies.

In the second one, we destroyed the underworld. So what do you think happened in this season finale? Well, it's not much. They decimate about 99% of the world and Froggy Two is to use all his power and he's just crying there and everyone's like, Sorrowful, all the people, all the characters, the main characters of the cast. And RMC just goes, oh, yes, no big deal.

I'll just make a new world. Clicks his fingers and then he literally made a new world. And we're like, wow, he is really living up to his name of the daily life, the Immortal King. Like godlike powers. It was just absolutely hilarious.

And he just nonchalantly just clicked his fingers and it was there. They repaired the world. Not repaired the world, they made a new world and just walked through it. But one thing I want to highlight about the series guys, that we picked up on the season finale is the end credits. So we had a little bit of a pause at the end as the credits were about to roll and I thought my screen was frozen for a minute.

And then they started playing the normal end credits, but this time they had dialogue over them a little. Did we know through the whole of season three, the end credits have actually been showing us this new world is they basically been spoiling through the whole of the season what was going to happen just without telling us. This is a different world to the one that you guys have been watching this whole season. This is the new recreation. And it was that click moment, like the two puzzle pieces joined together.

You were just like, oh shit. They really thought about this. So, season finale, Dave left in Mortal King season three not the strongest season of the series. Season four has been confirmed enjoyable. Nonetheless.

I still recommend it to anyone because it's just that funny, even if the plot line wasn't as good as some others. But yeah, I'm interested to see where they go with it now. Because what we got left that we could do after we've destroyed Hell, we've destroyed the timeline, repaired the timeline, destroyed the world and made a new world. What can we do now? I'm at a loss.

You got any ideas now? Where do we go from there? Well, so far I've just heard like a classic Saturday afternoon for an anime protagonist. Nothing major going on for them, just a normal Saturday. I don't know.

We've got multiple timelines, underworld, new world. So if they've done the underworld, they could do the heavens.

The season four could just be they could just throw a massive curveball and just have a really normal season when nothing crazy happens. I doubt it. But they could, I don't know, potentially alternate dimensions, parallel universes. There's options, but we shall see where they go when the season four comes out. It'll certainly be interesting to do 100%.

To those of you who have not watched it, it does have a dub. It's got a dub in many different languages. But those of you who are substands who haven't watched it just because it's in Mandarin, please don't be that guy as well. Just want to put that out there. Because you see a lot of the Mandarin animes, which they're few and far between that they get quite a lot of hate because it's not your traditional Japanese I don't know how to say this without sounding not great, but obviously the dialects sound completely different.

I find them a lot more the Mandarin tones a lot more smoother. With the Japanese tones a lot sharper. There's nothing wrong with that. That's just how accidents are different and dialects are different. So just don't be put off by it, guys.

And please, if you are, just don't hate on it in the comments. It's not a good look. That's my only bug bit that I saw with the season finale. Yeah, I don't think anyone should hate, like, on something that's marketed as an anime because it's not necessarily Japanese. You know, there's like some Western anime which come out from America.

People hate on those because, you know, it's from America, so therefore it's not an anime. So I'm here like, well, I mean, fair enough, if you want to be that person who just goes, well, technically it's not an anime, but whatever. But don't hate on it because it calls itself an anime. It doesn't matter if it's good, it's good. Yeah, exactly.

I just feel like some people are too stuck up in their own ways and it's frustrating. But those people definitely exist. Without doubt. A lot of people as well just don't care. Exactly.

People like myself, I don't watch sub dynamic, but that's mainly because I have Dyslexia, so it's very difficult for me to keep up. That kind of sucks. I do wish dubs were, again, more and more common, but I wish they were as common because there's still quite a few anime that you miss out on. Only being able to watch dubs, it can be frustrating, especially with smaller ones that are good, but they're like a niche, so maybe they are like a six stars or a seven star. So they never saw the point of putting a dub in.

Yeah. The one that annoys me is it's essentially part of this show is obviously because you're here, you know, reviewing them the week they come out, but like, two weeks later they get the dub version. So I'm like, two weeks behind on most anime. So in that regard, it sucks. But I don't have a problem if an anime is where it comes from, what language it was originally in.

I just have to do it in English because of my Dyslexia. But if I didn't have dyslexia, I do any language. I don't care. Yeah. Anyway, guys, onto our next one, which is my hero academia, season six.

I think this is the one from last. I want to say I'm not sure how long this season is going to be. My hair is very infrequent with how many episodes it has in a season. But anyway, the latest episode was absolutely brilliant. Obviously, we went off from a cliffhanger only to be left onto another cliffhanger.

So, as the League of Villains was kicking our ass, best Genius is revealed to be still alive, comes down and does some good shit, basically, and saves a lot of the day. Todoroki is fighting his revealed brother, Darby, which has been that was just spectacular. Absolutely spectacular. And we see some fan favorite characters come back, which is always great to see. And then we have the Nomus, who kind of just started to acting weirdly and more reformed together, which is something we haven't seen in the series before.

We also learn that Makima does have a standalone limit, surprisingly, considering his gigantic size. So it looks like the villains who are on the upper hand are now on the back foot back pedaling a bit, but it does unfortunately seem like one of them has a plan. We'll be finding out next week what that is, of course. I've got a funny feeling it's not going to end well. My prediction is their plan is world domination.

Yeah, that's my prediction. But yeah. So it was a good episode. It was filled with action. Why we'll say about that episode, guys, it was very all over the place in the sense of there was a lot going on.

1 minute here, the next minute you there, the next minute there, the 1 minute here. And this is just like, wow. Okay, slow down a little bit. Keep that pace my hair is usually good for pacing, so they just needed to tone that down a little bit. Maybe they could have extended the toe, doroki Darby fight just a little bit more, looked into that, brush that up a little bit before chucking all these other characters, revealing this person's back.

This person's back. But all in all, it's still great. No episodes going to be perfect. Hitting the mark all the time. I'm just interested to see where it goes now, especially with the arc that we're leading up to.

By no, season six is going to leave us on a massive cliffhanger, as they love to do. But that's my hero for you. And they've done it time after time after time after time. And I often keep having to catch myself with you guys as well, because I keep edging into manga. Spoilers.

I need a buzz button. Mikey. No.

I feel like most things these days end the season with a cliffhanger because it's how you get people back for the next season. But from my experience, there's two types of cliffhangers.

There's the story cliffhanger of where things are going to go now, what's going to happen with the characters, and then there's the fight cliffhanger, which is normally a fight, but it ends with like, oh, my God, is the main character going to survive past episode one of the next season? It's like that sort of cliffhanger. I get you. Based off my hero, I predict it's going to be more the fighting one, where somebody is going to be in a position and that's going to be the cliffhanger, rather than just what's next with the characters. But, yeah, I think my hero is definitely going to be more of a fighting one.

Yeah, I can see that as well. I agree. Moving on, guys. We have Beast Tamer, the penultimate episode, which I was glad to hear that wasn't going to be the final one below. Are you glad it's not the final one, or are you glad it's coming to an end?

I was just there and I was like, oh, God, you can't leave it here. I need more. I need more. So, as you guys know, as we've been reviewing, our main character has been recruiting these, what is essentially fairies, if you would ask me. No joking aside, they are supreme beings, I believe, which are basically, in a beast tamer sense, most beast tamers can only contract maybe one at best, two animals at a time.

Obviously, we know our beast tamer is a lot different, having been able to control like 50 to 100 animals at a time, over 1000 insects at a time, considering he's also got insect tamer's powers. And he can also tame superior beings. And we've got our cat girl, we've got our dragon girl, we've got our two fairies, and then we had our fox girl. And she's not a supreme being, hasn't tamed her yet. And I'm hoping he won in the last episode because that will make him fucking strong.

She's a demigod. She is not just any old fox being. She's a Ninetales for for Japanese folklore. They they are quite, very highly praised, very precious beings. And she's in the body of this eight year old girl.

And I think she had like three or four of her tails so far. Kind of like remind me of kind of like a vulpix. And the penultimate episode, she's very torn because throughout her whole life, even though she's been strong enough to get away, she's just lost the will. And she could either go through the gate that the fairies are doing to get everyone to leave to evacuate from the demon that's come up and using all of his minions, or she could go back to Rain and try and be of some use. And it turns out she has instant teleportation, which means he's able to get in close and defeat her.

And when I say that this girl has instant teleportation, I mean she was teleported that quickly that he was flying. Like he wasn't teleported and dropping. She was repeatedly teleported with 1 second intervals. So she was wearing herself out to the point where you just beaten her. She collapsed and they felt the sky and it was brilliant.

I imagine the next episode is going to be mostly slice of life with a cliffhanger at the end, hopefully leading into a season two. I'll definitely be reading the manga for this if we don't get a season two, put it that way, because it's actually brilliant for those of you who are around. For our last season's reviews for Summer, we had Black Summoner. People are calling this anime White Summoner because of how similar yet how different they are. And honestly, the mark couldn't be any closer to the truth.

It is probably one of my favorite of the series. If we cut out like My Hair, academia trained Summer and Bleach because the juggernauts of the series, I think this one would take top spot for this season. If we cut out all of these good anime, this is the best anime. Well, if you just cut like one of the most popular anime. Okay.

It tops the small anime charts. There we go. Yeah, it's probably not the right word, but it's like top indie. Yeah, that's pretty good analogy. That's perfect.

It's probably not an indie, but it's top of one that isn't like AAA. That's pretty good. To be honest. It's one of those ones that once it comes out, I'm going to watch it myself. Oh, 100%.

I would recommend it's. Brilliant. It's very wholesome in saying that. We also do need to find out what happened to the hero. Because if you guys remember the end of the most recent episode, the hero gave that guy the ring which consumed him to him into the demon, blah, blah, blah.

But the point is the hero had a ring that contained a demon. That's a lot. Again, the hero who is meant to defeat the Demon Lord had a ring containing a demon. Now, we've known he's been corrupt this whole series, but what? Are you going to throw some plot twist that doesn't just say, reign is the real hero?

Because I'm feeling like that's the direction we're going in. I'm here. Welcome in. So, yeah, I can't wait to hear you when you watch this and then get to it when it comes out in English, it's honestly so good. Yeah, I'm definitely going to watch it.

I wanted to pick up on something that you mentioned today because I thought it was an interesting thing where you mentioned that somebody could teleport fast enough that essentially that person would be essentially has, like, the flying ability because they could just stay in the air. I really appreciate when media takes just a very normal ability, which you get in all media and find a new cool way to implement it. So the skill is teleport, but they can essentially fly using teleport because they can teleport that fast, where they somehow change or use their ability in such a cool way to gain a different ability. I love stuff like that. I think that's really impressive.

It gives something like a unique feel and it makes things interesting. What other normal abilities, which we see all the time, are they going to change in such a way that it becomes like a whole new ability? I want to keep watching for that exact reason as well as any other reason. I like stuff that does that. So I've got high hopes for the future of this show.

What the anime did really well is that the fairies are able to do full teleport, which means it takes them a while to summon. There's like a sign on the floor and they summoned through it. What I like about the teleport that you say is a very common ability, they locked it behind an even powerful species. And these rare species she's already been recruiting being the Demigods. And we've only encountered this one Demigod, which means that's the only person we've encountered who can use teleport.

Even better yet, when she was using that teleport to fly, you could very slightly see the way that they were flick. When you had him and her on screen right in front of you, you could see ever so slightly the flicker between the images to show that she's dropping ever so slightly and coming back up again, like a little vibration. And that was just like icing on the cake. It was like very intricate detailing. And we love it.

Yeah. So also something that I wanted to pick up from the chat. I'm going to go love it. They may want to be called something else. Say how they love that anime can communicate emotion through facial expressions or can communicate at all through facial expressions, which for, I think, a medium which is so simple in terms of design, like faces are generally just flat.

It is pretty cool how something so simple can convey so much with just how they can communicate with essentially such a bland image, or what would normally be considered a bland image. But in the context of an anime, it can tell not only emotion, but it can convey story without saying anything. I imagine that obviously that was based because of certain things that were on the screen at the moment. You can really watch this without sound. You can tell a lot of what's going you can gain extra contacts just by the facial expressions, which is for something if you get a live action thing.

Obviously, it's super easy because there's so many minute details on a human face. But these are like such they're like basically single colored faces. Yeah, it's really cool. Anime is like, I would say, a very unique medium, which I adore. I completely agree 100% with everything to have said.

Then obviously our hair goes our favorite facial expression. Okay, for everyone who doesn't know what that is, look it up.

Are you serious? Mikey? I want to play my FSD and D and maybe I may feel a bit excited. I'm not really stricter wheels. I've been trying to put together a campaign.

I've been a little bit lucky. Daisy but honestly, I've always had the idea to try and run an anime style campaign. I just never got around to it, I'll be honest. That first message they sent, I thought they meant an anime that is based off DND, which I think would be really cool. But also, yeah, playing a DND game with anime is pretty cool.

Anime has so many I'd say it's very malleable. It can be applied to so many other mediums as well, and it can work. My last CND campaign, I told you I played a sucky way, and that would only come off the back of me. Having watched an anime to do with sucky by can influence anything weirdly. Bringing it to beast taber.

There was a third party class which I played in my last campaign, which was a beastmaster, and I was able to have pets. It's similar to, like, one of the other subclasses of Ranger, which is like, the beast tamer, I think it's called. Maybe not, but it gives your animals way more abilities and much more unique attributes and stuff. It feels very similar to this animated beast tamer. And that was fun.

Having your own army of helpers is pretty cool. Obviously, it would be better if it was like it wasn't just an army. It was also a harem. But it was animals, so there wasn't much I could do about that. I wasn't a human tamer.

A human team is cool. Oh, no, wait. No, it's not. I take that back. I take that back.

Those things are lethal about anime. Cats are lethal. Yeah, that they are. But yeah, like I said, I'm looking into it, love. If you want to contact me on anything, you can find me.

Pretty much anything with my tag, and I'll let you know when I thought something up. Oh, Lord. Is these two oh, no, it's trading. Everyone run. Anyway, on to our next one, management of a novice alchemist.

This anime has had such ups and downs. We started off strong for the first five or six episodes. Then we went downhill, and the last couple of episodes were okay. We fought a big ice dragon. And then this episode, we found out that even though her mum and dad are dead, we found out that this store has been ongoing.

It's still being being run. They were too embarrassed to tell her because they didn't want her to be disappointed with what it had become. They didn't think it was deserving of her. So they let her go to the orphanage. They let her be trained in alchemy and go her own way.

And then they invited her back to run this store. And she ultimately decides, I've got my own store now. I'm not going to run my parents store. But I can see that you've actually been doing really well. They've put in good hands, so they decides to collaborate with both shops instead to try and preserve her parents legacy.

And it was wholesome to see. Honestly, I'm not interested in seeing a second season. It ended kind of nicely. There wasn't really much of a cliffhanger, and unfortunately, the latter half of the season, where it just became kind of dreary to watch, it wasn't for me. I mean, I'm sure there's plenty of people who would love to see another season personally, but for me, I just found it.

It could have been so much more. It really could have. And there are good alchemy anime out there as well. So it's not like I'm not Disney because they didn't have much action. I'm not Disney because of any character to plot or anything like that.

We literally had an alchemy anime last season. We're just reborn into a world as some kind of alchemist, and that was epic. That was within our top three last season, so I'm a little bit disappointed. But it did redeem itself somewhat. I think the problem, from what I'm hearing you talk about with this anime is that it started with one genre and ended with another genre.

Yes. It couldn't tell itself. Yeah. Whereas if it started as like a slice of life alchemist, it probably would have been good. The last episodes probably would have been really enjoyable.

But coming from a completely different genre, it can feel like a bit of a slowdown and a bit of like you use the word dredge.

That's one issue that I do find a lot of medium has animated. I find generally less so but they can't decide what genre they want to be. So they go for two genres, and halfway through the season, they switch from one genre to another. Yeah, which is unfortunate because it can cause a lot of drop off, especially if it goes from action to wholesome, because I think that's the worst one. If you go from wholesome to action, you bring in all the action fans.

But going from action to wholesome, you don't necessarily bring in the wholesome fans. There's nothing wrong with doing more than one genre, but you've got to balance it on that stuff. It was too much of a hard wall. I watch both styles, both action and wholesome anime, but when you put such all the action at the start of the anime and then second half the anime, you're just doing a slice of Lifetime, it kind of becomes like, well, this is such a change of pace. I'm bored.

Yeah. A perfect example of what I think can be done when you balance two genres. I know it's not an anime, but it's the show scrubs where you can have one episode where you end like you cry and laughing because it's the funniest thing you've ever seen. And the next episode, it ends and you're crying because it's a really hard hitting, emotional episode. And if you sort of interlace the episodes with each other throughout the season, it's fine because you get a mix of both.

But if you just hard switch, like halfway through a season from one to another, I think that's one of the biggest mistakes. That a lot of writers and I can't think of the right word, but people who produce shows can fall into rather than mixing it between every episode, there's, like a hard cut, which is unfortunate, because I imagine that this anime, if they've mixed the two together, it probably would have been good for the whole season. But it's come out that the second half is very much like a slowdown, and compared to the first half, it's more boring. So hopefully, if they do a second season, they'll be able to get the balance right. It might be one of those animals where it's, like, put up for the first season.

The second season gets the formula right, but we'll have to wait and see if there's a second season. I'm going to watch it in the hopes that it does get the formula better, but we'll let you know when the time comes. Well, here's hoping. Speaking of an anime that doesn't know its genre, we're on to love flops. Oh, my God.

Okay, we spoke about this last time, how we won 80th completely between being in this slice of life lovely world with his harem cast, and we're thinking, right, he's just going to have lovely harem days, and we're going to find out who he's actually going to marry. He's probably going to fall in love with all them typical harem. Anime. Much like a couple of cuckoos or rent to go in front of someone like that. Brilliant.

No, he's in a freaking VR assimilation kind of world which he's come out, I know, in the latest episode gone back into and my head is so confused. And then we lost one of the main characters as well. So we just became dark, like dead. They deaded. Her is worse than the previous one.

I liked this anime. I liked the character designs, I like the character directions. But when you do such like, even the trailer, the trailer just looks like a slice of life anime. You would not see any kind of action in this. Like Shady said.

It's comedy. You saw Sussex, he had a freaking bone when she fell on top of him. Like, you 180 and you're like, oh, yeah, we've gone into this dark vibe where this person is now dead. None of us ever existed anyway. Sorry, dead again, I should say, because they died already.

These are just VR people now. But she died in VR, so she's dead or dead and I've lost the story. I couldn't even tell you what the story is now. Genuinely. I could not even tell you what the story is.

I put in our comments on as a comment. I'm a little baffled by the complete mix up, honestly. No, I'm fucking very baffled. I'm so confused. I would have recommended the first half the anime to just drop off there, honestly.

Because if they kept again, like DAV said, if you kept this from the start, it would have been so much better. I could have followed it. It'd been understanding, but you've done such a major plot twist. And don't get me wrong, big plus twists are great, but not when you've set the anime up the way you have. There was no hints dropped, no nothing about that one time that now I think about it, remember, he added a whole fucking attachment onto the house within a day.

That is the only thing that twigs. Here's the thing for me, because I'm not going to argue against my own point. This sort of 180, in my opinion, is the 180 that can work. Because it's not just a 180 total shift, it is story driven. Why there's a 180, there's an inuniverse reason, there's a logic to it.

And going from something that's a simple, nice slice of life anime to something darker is something that can really work rather than just it just randomly changes and there's no context for why it's changed. It started to focus on the wrong part of the world. So I feel like this sort of 180 is the 180 that can work. Whether or not it's worked in this anime, I haven't actually watched it, so I can't say either way. But this is like the exception that proves the rule because there is a way to do it.

You've described it as it's gone off the rails and it's super complicated now, they may bring it back. And that might be one of those shows that when you rewatch it after knowing a lot more about it, you can actually see a lot of subtleties in the first watch through that are actually predicting the future. Because if you're like me, I don't notice every little detail in every little scene on the first watch through, because I'm not thinking, oh, this could change. I know people who are watching it and like, oh, just watching for the plot twist. But I don't do that.

I don't want to rewatch something I'm like, look, I can see all of those tiny little hints that now you know, or you expect a plot twist will make a lot more sense. But, yeah, you've obviously kind of lost some interest in it because it could be a bit jarring, especially considering it started as very much a horror. Madame, you had my interest. Yeah. And then it took such a harsh turn.

But it's the sort of one that can work. So I think we should see how it plays out. It's definitely right. If you guys want a good example of one that works for this kind of thing, going much school days that went from being quite slightly lighty and wholesome to extremely dark in about 0.5 seconds flat. But it worked.

Yeah, we'll have to see where it goes. We'll have to wait and see. We don't know if this is going to pull it back yet, because it might have just gone off the rails and it's gone off the rails, or there might be a plan to pull it back on the rails and then weirdly when it goes off the rails, actually goods when you know it goes back on the rails. So we'll see. Also, I want to point out that when you started describing that, you called it Your Everyday Harem.

And I feel like if this podcast is going to make an anime, that's what we're going to call it. Your everyday harem. Your everyday harm. That's the anime we're going to make. When this gets big enough, we're going to make Your Everyday Harem anime.

That actually sounds brilliant, doesn't it? Just saying. Chuck guys, if you want to join the harem votes for the harm. Now, I said Beast Tamer was number one for Indie. This is tied first with it.

This has been strong all the way through, which is the eminence in Shadow. And when I say this episode showed how much of our MC is how much of a giga chad he is, I've got to use giga chad. Man walks into a hot spring, does his hair and everything, eyes closed, gets into the water, cuts to the gill sitting next to him, just looking him shocked. Not even fazed. We think he doesn't even realize she's there.

No, he knew. He knew she was there. And after she stops getting all flustered after she realizes he's kept his eyes closed this whole time, they start talking about the event that's going to go on and the arena battle and stuff. And he just sat there being an absolute chad. He's not done anything.

He took it on this stride and she's like, honestly, I'm surprised you haven't ogled me. And he he was like, well, no, when I'm in a hot spring, I have expect, but I can sense you actually oggling my excalibur right now. And and she goes excalibur. It's more like a worm. And I kid you not, this guy stood up full naked, full frontal in her face and said, don't join your book by its cover.

And you saw her eyes go into shock, which, you know, guys, what that kind of insinuates, what happened there? And she was taking it back. She was taking it back. Okay. Caliber decided to unchief itself.

The man was absolutely fucking sad. And it was so brilliant. And I was like, in the first five minutes getting into the anime where we get into the arena and he's now being Sid. He's not being shadow, obviously. We've got all the corruption and the church and everything, and we got this event going on and whatnot.

And then this woman appears summoned by the church, which is all, like, their master plan. And he just turns into the Frickin, his Shadow persona, and runs into the arena, doesn't get hit by a single one of her, like, Blood Needle thingies. And apparently they were like conversing through battle is the way he put it. They conversed through battle. And it was brilliant.

It was very well choreographed fight. It was a gorgeous, gorgeous bout. And obviously he defeats her. And then we got there was, weirdly enough, the barrier that was around the arena that extended to the city, and we saw more of Shadow Garden, which is his group up here on top of the coliseum that they were in. But like I said, something I've always got to say with this anime, it's gorgeous.

It is so beautiful. Fight scenes are so well choreographed and well done, Kadakawa. They didn't hold back with this one. I want to rewatch this one in English dub as well, because I reckon it will be dubbed really well. But, yeah, it was a brilliant episode.

Absolutely brilliant. Okay, the stream at a moment, but it's back now. I don't know if I had a moment for everyone if it was just for me. Yeah, something that Lovett said as well, is about it being something that American TV is missing, is just being ballsy, which is a fantastic other pun as well.

I love it when shows push the boundaries of what's acceptable and what they can get away with. For example, calling it Excalibur and then calling it a worm. That stuff that you can't get away with in a lot of modern, especially terrestrial TV with bots streamed to like a sky or preview box. Whereas on the Internet, you can get away with that sort of stuff because there's no rules for what you get with normal TV broadcasting. And I think it's something that anime definitely has.

What's the word I'm looking for? It's one thing that makes anime so much better than a lot of other mediums is the fact that they can get away with stuff like that, which technically, if you look at it, nothing bad actually happens. It's only implied. But that is what makes it funny. I think that's what's the word?

Yeah, that's one of the things that makes the anime especially a lot of modern anime is really good. They push the boundaries of what they can get away with, and it can add to it a lot. Oh, 100%. I completely agree.

To sort out your bandwidth, buddy. I mean, Japan has had these in a vending machine. How much balls he can make. It exactly when you consider it. I'm not going to touch too much on this, but obviously Japan have a lot of different norms as well, such as, like legal ages and things like that.

So I feel like they've got a little bit more room to push the boundaries, which is obviously things that we just find shocking because our countries, just Western countries, won't do it.

There's probably a lot of examples, potentially better examples than what I'm about to use. But this is the one that I know of most, is you look at Yugio and you look at the Japanese artwork and then the Western artwork, you can see how heavily censored stuff has become. And I look at it sometimes and I'm just like, I mean, why go to the effort of censoring? It like it's something so small. But like, why in the Western world are we so obsessed with the tiniest of things that it's like, well, somebody thinks the children it's something so small, and kids don't know what it means.

But adults adults do, but adults don't care. At the same time, speaking on censorship, there was a funny little thing that I saw on Twitter the other day, and I can't remember what the anime was or anything. I just remember seeing the picture, which was there was this guy which looked semi unconscious on the floor and anime ghosts above him, and it was showing censorship. And in Japan, she's pouring blood into his mouth as Western people decided to color it white and just make it look sauce. I don't call that censorship.

I call that censorship. They knew what they were doing.

The whole censorship war between ourselves in Japan is so bizarre. I get to some extent because there's some things in Japan which obviously, like the Western world is very much against and like you said about legal ages and stuff, which is much more of a serious issue than an artwork where in the Japanese artwork, you can see their belly button, but in the Western artwork, they've removed the belly button because you can't have the belly button. Why are we so patty over here? Why? And it's really weird as well because we're quite vulgar.

It's not even as if we're not, because we really are vulgarly. We're very vulgar. But visually, we're not. I feel like Japan is the opposite of that. It's very strange.

That is for sure. Yeah, because it's like what Lover said. They're orientated, but they're ambiguous enough to kids to not understand the references. Which actually, if you ever go back and watch kids use shows to watch as a kid, as an adult, the amount of adult jokes is, like, absurd. Like, every couple of seconds is another adult joke that as a kid, you just don't think twice about it.

He's like, oh, someone just said yeah. No, I completely agree. Yeah, I agree with what you guys are saying. We're going to move on now into reincarnated zone. So this was going to be a quick review because honestly, we said it last week.

I'm saying it again. The action is brilliant. The action is always really good. It is always really strong and beautiful. And as all most animals are, they always look good.

It's just so lacking in the character interaction front because your main character doesn't even have a humanoid form. You look at slime. Slime managed to do it where they gave the slime reincarnation a human form. It sounds so stupid, but it really does add so much to it because you cannot interact in the same way to a sword as you can to a human. And I know in this, obviously, we mainly just got our MC and his Wielder and their interactions.

And yeah, it's wholesome. That's all it is. There is nothing else, really. Obviously. I'm not saying you don't get interactions with other characters.

There are other characters in the anime, but you get so little interaction with them, not enough screen time, that it kind of just falls off in those places and makes it a little bit harder to enjoy. That's kind of where it falls short. And content wise, I'm watching it and I'm like, yeah, the action is good. The action is brilliant. But explain your story a bit better, please.

Again, it was another anime that started off really good and interesting, and I liked it. And then once they started to introduce in other characters but didn't start building on it, it just became an issue. I can't happily recommend this to people based off of my personal enjoyment for it, but I know there will be people who do enjoy it. Meet me. How's you yo.

That is good to see you.

Like I said last week, I like anime that doesn't have necessarily a story. It's just good fighting. But it's not for everyone. You know, when you even have good fighting, in my mind, at least sometimes, there is a loose plot. There's something that's keeping them together.

There's a reason for the fighting. Like even like if you take a fighting game, like Street Fighter or something, they've always got a loose plot around it that no one pays attention to. But there's still one. So I can agree there. But this is just the plot is messy.

But I know what you mean because this is for fate. Berserk is a good one. They have some killer fight scenes, and it's just action, action, action, action, action. So I can completely agree with that. I guess by your logic, I guess by your logic, you can apply it to something like even Fast and Furious has a loose plot.

But I don't need it. I don't need something that has plot. If the action is good, even if there's no reason for the action, I still enjoy the action. I enjoy well thought out fights, which are like, well choreographed. There's clever use of the environment in it and stuff like that.

And I'm like to me, that's enough story. They can be told through a fight without needing, like character interactions and dialogue. But I get that's not for everybody. And I get that some people are much more story driven, which I would say is why slice of life exists. Yeah, I know I said that wrong because people like the story and they don't always like the actions.

That's why they exist. But I definitely think it's got a place in the anime world where it's just mindless action. Because mindless action is great to just switch off and just watch goblins and orgs just get their feedback. And I know there's definitely a niche who just enjoyed the mindless action aspect. It's personal taste.

But for me personally, when I'm watching something, I can watch mindless action. But even if it's just a little bit of context, just knowing, okay, why are these two fighting? Are they just from opposing clans? Is there warring states? Even if it's just going to be five minutes at the start of the season, I'm good.

You've explained now we can just watch a whole season's worth of a war. And I'm happy because I know what's going on. You've given me all the plot that I need to all the plot in the first couple of minutes that I need to know desk will watch some minus action. Because you'll never find an anime that's just complete action from start to finish. From second one of the first episode, the second 1 second fucking whatever hundred of the last episode, there will be at least a couple of minutes, which just explains these are the reason why they're fighting and watch them fight for twelve episodes, episodes straight.

And I can take that 100%. I love that. I just feel like there always needs to be a little bit of context of ways you're not going to understand. Why are they fighting? What's the purpose of it.

That's the problem. If you give me a purpose, fine, I will happily watch you for however, I mean, I watched narrator, for God's sake. And that has a war. And they explained the war came now came, which is going to watch fight after fight after fight. Another good example is Dragon Ball Z Mindless action.

Obviously with a little bit of explanation beforehand as to why they're about to fight. They sent a message upside down. What? I don't even know how you do that. I can't read the right way up there's.

Happy New Year. When it comes best something I don't know. Anyway, I get that. What you're saying is it's like personal opinion. I should watch Mike try and turn this head upside down.

Yes, I get what you're saying. Some people need context. They need a plot, even if it's like a minute. But not everybody does. So I think anime that don't have any plot are fine because those people are out there.

But I get that for you. You need like a minute of plot. If you start from second one of episode one to the last second of the final episode of the final season, and it's just nothing but action. If the action is good, I'm going to stick with it and watch it. I don't care yourself.

Like, why are they fighting in the first place? These two would just be fired for twelve episodes with no explanation why. Well, no, like I said, it's mindless action. So I can switch my brain off and not it's like I forget the fancy word for it, but it's like when you reset your brain to like the childish thing. It's like you don't care about the context, but the colors are pretty, so it holds your attention.

I can get there. I don't need it. But I get the people do. I get that. So it's fine either way for me.

But I don't think it's something which is needed, just in general is needed, but I guess it's needed for some people. Fair. I can take that. So moving on, guys. I've somehow gotten stronger when I improved my farm related skills.

This was, I believe, yes, it was the season finale and we had some big revelations from Al Amin character, me and his sister, who is revealed to be alive, not dead like he originally thought. We found out there was the evil god that saved her, and she reveals that the evil god's power also stays dominant within Al. If we remember at the start of the series, he obtained a skill to do with his farming mechanics. They boosted all of his strength and that's apparently the demon's power inside of him. And she's obviously gone bad since the demon saved her and whatnot.

And sister tries to kill his loved ones and his adoptive sister to get him to accept the evil god's power. And then suddenly from a pendant, an angel springs forth, pauses time and speaks to him. And Josie got much to say. She just replaces the evils god power inside him with her own angelic power. Rewinds time, slightly, fights, beats his sister, saves everyone, she escapes and we go into a bit of a slice of life for the second half of the episode.

Then where is just seeing everyone, catch up with everyone before you have a season finale. And it was good. The revelations were always great to see at the end of the series. And then we got the little bit of a cliffhanger right at the end, which is simply seeing the sister still alive and dashing straight forward towards the camera. And it's a simple, overdone, but well executed ending, and I think it was done perfectly.

I think they think of us too much away, they left us hanging to keep us going for the next season and they give us enough information to pique our interest. Wondering now what's going to happen with the evil god now there's powers gone, will it change his abilities and his skills? Where are we going to go next? So we'll see if we got season two for it. Yeah, if I'm being honest, I haven't got much to say on that one.

Yeah, if there's season two, plot will continue. I have no more to add to that particular review. My apologies. No, you could need to apologize. So we're moving on, guys, to blue lock.

And again, I don't like football stalker for your Americans. In fact, I go as far to say as I hate it in some instances.

I'm very fickle when it comes to it. Very fickle. I love the World Cup and I have a team that I would say that I support in very big quotation marks because my family always didn't. I was just raised that way. But this anime has reignited a little bit of love for it because honest to God so we've just finished the first selection, we got through and we had some major revelations.

Absolutely unprofessional. We don't have five sections of blue locks like we thought it's one big section and they all think they're gone and they go into this room again, they're like, wait, YouTube teams are meant to be knocked out and there's 300 of us in this one room and we're like, wait, what's going on here? And he was like, oh, yes. I just wanted to explain why he knocks his team out and he knocks the team out and he's like, okay. So they're actually going we're going into selection number two.

So selection number one was obviously team Z-V-Y et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. And you would have to pay off against each other to try and survive a selection. Selection.

You imagine a five sided zip pentagram, five sides. I think it's a pentagram, isn't it? Yes. Pentagon is five. Yes.

And so you start at the top and go to each of the points. 12345, you beat each 1.1, you've got to beat the goal. .2 is a two v. Two, match three v three, match 4.34 v. Four for zero four.

And then if you get to zero five, it's your team that you've had from the last match versus some pro player. And what's interesting is, obviously they've all got their abilities. Now what can happen is when the two teams face off against each other, the winning team, I believe, can take a losing team's member, if I'm remembering that rightly. And that losing team then goes back a stage until they've got enough teams to go through to the next round. So you can have some really interesting team compositions that you never thought you would have.

Now, for those of you who don't know, this is actually a double core anime, which means that this will also be a winter anime. We have 23, 24 episodes for this anime, which means we're probably going to COVID all the second selection, if not even the third selection of humangaritas. And yes, it's just brilliant. They never give us a dull moment.

It really shows the psychoticness of the guy who is putting through all this. It highlights their powers as well. And they put realistic powers in such a supernatural position, it's unreal. So this one guy's got insane spatial awareness and it makes it look as if he can see the field from a top down view. One's got insane dribbling skills and it says that he can see a demon.

The main character can sniff a goal and it'll highlight a position on the field, things like that. And it's really well done. In terms of sports anime goes, wow. And even if you don't watch anime, if you love football, I can guarantee you'll like this. And if you don't like football but you watch anime, I still think you'll like this.

But it works both ways. Honestly, if it wasn't for the fact that it was up against three juggernauts this season, I think this would be the juggernaut of this season because it's not quite as niche as the others, but it's not quite as big as the biggest ones either. Yeah, I'm a fan of sports anime. There's some really good ones out there. I don't like football at all and I've had it a very boring spot to watch.

Just a personal opinion, but yeah, this anime seems more than just football though, with the guy going crazy and you said you get to take the other team's member, I thought that sounds painful. So, yeah, it seems like an interesting concept of how to do a sports anime with the guy in charge just losing his mind. It's very interesting because like I said, it's not just football. When you watch a football, you just watch it on a TV screen, 1111 versus eleven going across the field and it's kind of just like, okay, I'm getting a bit bored now. But this is obviously you're seeing from players perspectives, you're seeing their abilities and you're going through different stages.

Also, we're on selection two. We got selection three and four to go through yet, which is all different kind of training methods. So selection two is the one I just went through there with the different teams. Selection three, I believe. Spoiler for non manga readers if you are watching this.

But selection three is going to be the teams that get through, get assigned a world class player to train with, and then they've got some weird shit they've got to go through then. And like I said, it's really well done. It's less football, more highlighting. Two things. One, the growth of your ego, because I'm asking.

Behold, this is all called ego. He's trying to foster your ego so that you're selfish and trying to get shot and trying to be an aggressive scorer like most top tier strikers are, as they say, through the anime. And the second point that it really excels in is how do I put it, is pure hype. You're literally on the edge of your seat through the whole thing. I'm much like that.

Like I said, I really am not a massive fan of football. But being on the edge of a seat, having goosebumps, it's insane. Like, even the opening theme, there's an anime that is a basketball anime. I forget where it's called, but I was never a massive fan of it. And I saw an AMV where they put blue locks opening on top of it and I was like, holy shit, now I want to watch this.

What the fuck? How does this work? And yeah, it's really well done. Honestly, guys, it's definitely one of my top recommended the season. Yeah, all I got to say is, yeah, for someone who really dislikes football, it looks like something that I would definitely want to watch.

Kadakaa coming in strong. We have another catacoma anime up next, which is more than a married couple, but not lovers. Honestly, I'm biased as fuck. I didn't like this episode simply because it was mostly churi, which is obviously Jira's crush. And this animal is all about highlighting, being put into these married positions and kind of learning to move past, not so much move past the crush, but realize what more what love is.

And instead of romanticizing fantasizing, etc, actuating childhood, etc. US. Yeah. And so the one good thing about this episode was Akarik. Akari, which is the pink haired girl, our Dutch second main character confronts her crush, which obviously the two crushes of these two main characters were also forced into appearing.

And her crush rejects her gently. You know, he's like the popular boy and everything. And he is like he appreciates the feeling spirit, as though he's already in love with someone. And he's like, I'm in love with, which is basically a forbidden love that. I can never have and I don't want.

I'm just happier alone for the rest of my life if it's going to be that way. And we see what is basically a sex scene and this woman with a ring on, but we can't actually really tell if it was the man he was looking at or if it was the woman. So we don't know that bit, but either way, it's someone who's taken. So she gets upset, but then she realizes that she was in love with Giro more than him anyway. This was the push that she needed to get over her childhood crush.

And her crush is actually egging her on, and she's like, Well, I may as well give up on Jira because Akari is there and he's obsessed with a carrier and whatnot. And the crush goes, well, no. Look at you and me. You've already set your sights on. You've had your set site on him for a while.

He is the one who you really love, not me. Go and fight. If he asks, Is he taken? And she says, well, no. And he says, well, then you still well within a chance to go and do your thing.

So one nice thing. My respect for him increased there, but Jiro shut the fuck up, girl. Shiori's dick. She had not had enough screen time. She's such a bland character.

I hate a character design. Yeah, she's cutesy, but anyone who's team Giro shiori, you can just leave that. Trust me. Go on, crunchyroll. Look at the comments, okay?

There is not one person who is Team Jira Shuri, okay? Everyone wants Jira and Akari together. And you know what? I'm there with them. I am there with them.

Plus, her character design is amazing. Being the typical, I butcher this pronunciation. But being a yaru, which is someone who's obsessed with beauty or fashion and things like that, they pulled off a really interesting pairing because he's like the geeky nerd who loves video games, and she's like the fashion Easter popular girl. Yeah. I love this anime so much.

I want a season two so bad. I really hope we get one. Animators like this make me happy because it makes me realize that, like, even as geeky, guys can end up being friends with the popular girl, which isn't real at all, because that never happened in school. But I wish it isn't. That the truth.

Not really. The popular girl at my school was an assault, but yeah, but that was a brilliant episode, guys. I definitely recommend giving that one to watch. Now on to our two juggernauts of the season. Bleeds shouting your blood, dwarf.

Now, I'm going to be straight up and be real with you guys for a minute. This is the only episode that's been kind of mid for the season, and that's only because it's mostly been backstory. We learned that unlike other shinigami, he can't repair his bank as much because he didn't have the same method of getting his sword in the first place. So it's going to be harder for him because he doesn't know enough about himself. So he goes to his dad, and his dad said, right, remember when you told me that when I'm ready to tell you, I could?

He said, well, that was the time. So we go into a flashback, a whole flashback episode of when his dad was younger, how he met his mum, find out that his mum was a Quincy, that he has more than one bloodline. He's not a normal human, he's a Sheenigami human. Quincy also a Hollow, because his mum had to absorb the Hollow, otherwise it was going to destroy everything, all of Karakura's town. So his mother technically had Hollow and Quincy and human genes, and his father had geni gamete genes, pulled that all into one.

Our boys pretty much got every single kind of bloodline in the series. So that's why it's so hard for him to understand and why it was harder for him to get his swords back, because he needs to learn to separate the two before the representation has been one sword and all the power into it. We now know, most of you will know now from the promotional art. He's going to get two swords, one long one, which represents his shiny gammy powers, and his black, and one shorter one, which is white and represents his Quincy powers. He can finally separate them and we get a cliffhanger as well, which is Urio talking to one of the stern river, which most of us, after ten years of waiting for this, already know that this is him setting.

Up to go in, not telling anyone because he doesn't want to worry anyone going in as an undercover kind of agent trying to feed them from the inside out because he knows the coincidence. And he doesn't want any of his friends getting hurt, even if it means that he has to hurt his friends himself in the process to make sure that they basically don't actually get killed. He doesn't want his friends to get hurt, even if he has to hurt his friend himself. He knows that if he hurts him friends himself, they won't die. Basically, just as I said, it was still good.

It's one of those episodes you need them for an anime to progress, but next week we'll be interesting. We've got a double episode on next week. Episode eleven on episode twelve for the season. Sorry, not all season finale for the core finale before it returns in March for its second batch of episodes for the season. Yeah, it sounds like it's going to be something that's definitely worth picking up and keeping an eye on.

100 million%. We got four calls of this guy, so we got to hold about 2024, so keep an eye on it, catch up on it. Dubbing is already out, so Dubbing will probably end in time for Call Two to start, I imagine. Yeah, probably. Moving on.

We got Shane saw man penultimate episode. What do I have to say about this? It was a great episode, as usual. We see Acker get a new Devil after his last devil won't answer to him anymore after he got really badly damaged. His new Devil is the eternity.

No. It's the future devil. And he put in his right eye and then Lao allows him to see up to I think it's like 10 seconds in the future. We got a few new characters introduced, like the Angel Demon, who is on their side. If you touch him, your lifespan gets reduced.

Can touch this. Yeah. It was mostly about raiding the people who had just killed basically most of the squads, one to four. And now only the non humans survive. So we're going to raid them and we get a lot of action scenes.

And then we get to nearing the end. And Aki faces off against the person who killed his friendmaster, person who looked after him when he joined the Social Security. Everything. Yeah, slash everything. The woman who spewed in Dengue's mouth.

Okay, for those of you who don't remember, that's what I'm talking about. And her contracted spirit was called Ghost. And it was this massive creepy humorid thing with loads of hands that it was creepy, but it was powerful. And when Aki gets fuming, I'm telling you, he got fuming when this enemy that he's both face off against decides to really rub salt on the wound. And the demon that she pulls out is that she's stolen Ghost off of his ex colleague and is using it to fight him.

And we get Cliffhanger ready for the season finale with that, where he's going to have to battle against basically his friend's Demon. Which kind of sucks, man kind of sucks. Yeah. You never want to have to battle your friends. No.

Especially if you're stronger than your friends, because then you know you'll win, which is even more depressing. This is true. This is very true. Call a little bit trail up here, guys. We're not going to bother playing it because for architects this week, we don't have a review because they screwed up their episode schedule.

So keep an eye on that. It will be a double back episode next week, I hope, so long as they haven't pushed it back. I know some animes weren't going to release ones this week due to the Christmas period, which is fairly common. So we'll see what they do next week. We'll stick tuned for that one.

Yeah, going without a week, without an anime can be a bit of a bummer. But at the same time, I like when you get a double because then you could like, do a MiniBin. Yeah, I can dig that. I can dig that. So here for the Christmas period, because it's like that's the time you want to be able to binge TV?

Oh, yeah, 100%. So we're going into one of our two special segments tonight, guys, which is remembering Ash Ketchum, the eternal ten year old for the last two decades. Wow, what a journey has been.

It's actually older than me. I'm not sure I can't remember when Pokemon first aid. Ash may be older than me. I can't remember. Ash is like 30 something, I think.

I need to find out when Pokemon released first. Yeah. He's he's it's it's weird that he's like, hanging around with kids, considering how old he is. Ash is older than me. 1 April 1997 he's very good to me that he's younger than me.

Yeah. So for something that's been there my whole life, since I started watching every season to have him finally win a championship and we're not talking like Alolan, not the Olon what was it? No. Was it the Olon one league he won before, but it wasn't like a championship championship, was it? To actually have him win the championship, become the very best, become world champion?

Yeah, it was heartwarming to see having Gary ask him in what you'll see in a minute in the trailer that we'll go through, gary asks him, So what now that you are the very best? And I was like, Gary just admitted that Ashley is the best.

I proper fangirl. But it's really upset and disheartening as well, because I honestly couldn't imagine a time when we get rid of Ash. I know everything's going to come to an end at some point, but honestly, it's not something you associate with Ash and Pikachu, considering that they are the mascots of Pokemon, especially Pikachu. Again, guys, we'll see in a minute, but we're going into a new protagonist. We're not going to have Ashes the protagon anymore.

No Pikachu. We're starting in the new Scarlet and Violet area with two or three new protagonists and all the startup Pokemon. So whilst I expect it'll be good, I'm also thinking it's not going to be as successful. It's Pokemon. Yes.

I imagine episode one and two will still do great, but at the end of the day, these are two major mascots that make them money. They're cash cows. I worry that as the financial decision goes, it's going to hit them badly. I said I think it was to Lambency a couple of weeks ago that I predict that they'll bring Ash and Pikachu back if not one season, because that's the next one. So if not in two seasons, maybe three seasons time, because I just don't think it's going to do as well.

I could be completely wrong, and I hope it does prove me wrong, but considering how massive Pikachu and Ash are, and we're not even having Pikachu as a main character, for instance, I don't see the anime doing as well. But, you know, in saying that we've seen adult Ash, we know that he's going to be featured, but it's going to be like a cameo. It's literally going to be like, maybe like an episode thing. I believe he was a gym leader I saw, but that's too big of him. But we've seen adult ash.

I don't know what's your thought stuff. I think he's going to essentially be read from the games. He's going to show up, he's going to have a strong team, he's going to do what he's got to do, and he's probably going to give some advice to the younger character. I potentially I could see something similar to how YugiMoto was referenced in Yugio GX, the very first episode, but in that he didn't see his face, obviously. It was just implied that it was him.

He gave him the wink caribou. I imagine something similar will happen in Pokemon, where he'll sort of hand over the Torch to the next protagonist. But I know what you're saying about bringing Ash back. I'm not a huge watcher of the Pokemon anime. I have watched it, but not like I have with other shows.

I don't know if they will bring Ashback because I feel like a new character could potentially be okay, but I feel like changing Pikachu is, I think, more significant because Pikachu is also a mascot of the games as well, whereas Ash is mainly just the show. So they may bring back Pikachu over Ash in a more permanent role. I know. Obviously we don't know, this is all speculation, but I'm I'm looking forward to something, something new. You know, the fact that Ash has been ten years old for like 20 years, almost.

Well, no, over 20 years now. It's time for a change, I think. Absolutely. Especially with the amount of jokes on the internet saying it's like he's like 30 something now and he's like, not able he's still not winning anything. He still hasn't achieved his goals.

So finally he's actually achieved his goals. He's done what he set out to do 30 years ago.

It's good that he's finally done it. And I think he definitely should show up in the new season, sort of hand over the torch, be like a bit of like we could get a bit of closure of, like, old Ash. We get the closure of where some shows at the end, say, ten years in the future, so you know that they sort of how they ended up living in the future. We get that in the new season rather than at the end of the old season. So it's a win win, being partly handing over the Torch, partly finding out how old Ash is doing.

I think they'll be okay without new Ash sorry, without Ash going forwards, but we'll have to wait. Yes. Only time with her. I personally feel like for me, the better decision might have been to do a time skip, give him a new goal or something, but we'll see, like, say it's going to be interesting no matter what happens. I'm just not sure that what's going to be.

But we do have a trailer. Guys, this trailer highlights the anime returning on January 11. I think it's January 11. We will have Ash and Co back for eleven episodes, finishing off Pokemon Master Journeys, and then we will have the new series start on an anchor film date. So we're going to pop that up for you guys to watch now.

And you can make your own conclusions. I was muted. So yeah, guys, that was that was the trailer for, you know, Ashes Return for eleven episodes and then a new Pokemon series. Yeah. Make your own conclusions, guys.

I'm I'm not sure. Obviously, only time will tell. Obviously, Pokemon being a big franchise, I don't expect it to flop. Doesn't be wrong, but I have my doubts. But hey, as a staple for 20 years, it's going to be sad to see.

We'll see what happens. I don't think it'll be a flop, but it may not be as successful as when it was Ash. Yeah, but even if it loses that success, there's still a lot of success left. Like, Pokemon is so big. That's something that I was reminded of when I watched that trailer.

Pokemon is such a unique phenomenon where there's a TV show that parallels the games. You go to a new region in the games, the TV show does the same thing or vice versa. And so in a way, I think it's good that it updates as well, like, with a character. Because obviously now Ash has been to like ashes has, like, almost been to every continent. He's been everywhere, you know, that's one well traveled ten year old, you know, so I think it's good that it's getting updated.

There seems to be two protagonists, male and female. Yes. Like they did for this series. They did two. They did Ashman go.

So maybe I'll become a staple. I'm not sure. Maybe. I think it's good. I feel like, in my opinion, Pokemon having a female protagonist, I think I personally feel like they've done it at the right time because sort of over the past few years, I'd say maybe five years, it got very much like women were taking lead roles and everything because of the amount of talk there was about it.

There was so much push for all of that. And I felt like so many companies decided to make their lead character a woman at that specific time more because it's more because of what the Internet was shouting about rather than it being the right time for the character. Pokemon has, like, delayed it until after all of that has died down. So I feel like they're doing it now, not because, you know, the the people are there's. There's this whole controversy about it, and there's the vocal minority who would just go in off on people online.

They're doing it because it's the right time to do it for the show characters. I'll be honest, I kind of respect the Pokemon company for delaying putting the female protagonist in rather than just doing it when everybody wanted it because they've done it at the right time for the show. For the characters, it would be interesting if there's two protagonists, male and female, going forwards and like, potentially what their relationship is. Obviously it was more difficult with Ashok having been established character, but maybe they're siblings. Maybe it follows them as the Pokemon trainer and their rival following the games.

You've got the rival who fights you constantly but just sucks compared to you. So it would be interesting to see what the character dynamic is as well, because I think that's a whole new aspect to take into consideration going forward. Having two main protagonists.

I wouldn't say I've got high hopes, but I have high hopes. I don't have high expectations, but I have like an air of excitement about it. I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with it. So I'll definitely be keeping an eye on that when it comes out. I agree.

It'd be interesting to see. Absolutely it will. Onto our second special second guys, this was announced in June Festival. We're going to COVID it beforehand as is important. Narrator News so narrator 99 sorry, narrative top 99.

This is a popularity poll. Now, a lot of big animes tend to do this, but this is a popularity poll with very big stakes. Every character, including this popularity poll, is not just the top ones. The top 20 for first will get new art. So already top 20 get new art designs drawn by Kishimo Do himself, which is major.

However, more importantly, whoever wins this popularity poll will get a short manga. Now, to those of you who don't watch, narrator may be like, okay, cool. Why is that important? We're highlighting this because and it's been going a lot around on socialism or not. And I do agree you vote for who you vote.

Kim I'm not trying to dictate who you vote for. That's just something I want to say first. If you've got a favor and you want to vote for them, that's fine, I get it. But there are a lot of going around. And I do agree that instead of voting for not so much your favorite, but if you're voting for any, like the main ones, like Narrator, Sasuke, Sokrahi, Narrator, Naji Shakamara, et cetera, they've all had lots of screen time.

There are so many characters who we could have a oneshot manga or a small manga of to fill in details about their past. Couple of examples, fukaku Uchiha and his childhood and his uprising. We could have she and find out more about the Kamoto asukami we could have more on the first, how he actually died, et cetera. So many unanswered questions. So like I said, even if you're voting for your main character.

Vote for who you want to vote for, but just make sure you're coming onto your vote in every day because you don't just get one vote and that's done. It is a vote a day up until the voting closes. I'm not sure when that is. I know results are drawn in April and you do get little other polls underneath as well. I think today's poll was what is the best judsu.

But like I said, there's just some massive stakes on the line here. And I imagine if it gets put into manga, it's going to be animated at some point as well. Obviously, we had three bits in the afternoons as well this week that we made sure we are having the sask manga animated. So it's making its comeback or it's trying to it's trying to clean up after Borders messes. So if you're a narrator, stan, make sure you're coming on here and popping in your votes, because they're probably one of the biggest things that wasn't as a jump fest.

And they've got a cool little website not translated for you right now because I'm on firefox and not Chrome, but very well done. So please make sure you guys check that out. That's narrowtop 99. Narrator Official I hear what you're saying about voting for the less side characters to get more screen time, for the characters who are getting lots of screen time already. Or page time, I guess, if you're talking about the page time.

Yeah, but I think this is such a cool idea for an anime to do. It's such a huge anime with so many characters and it's essentially putting power in the fan's hands. Yeah, I think that's such a cool thing to do. The new artwork drawn by, like you said, I can't remember the name. What have you got there, Mike?

I can see food being delivered to you. Chocolate cake. Chocolate cake or chocolate cake? Boys, here's the thing. You could look at this like chocolate cake for the fans.

They get to pick what chocolate cake or what cake they want. Some of them vote for chocolate. Some of them will vote for whatever flavor Narrato is. But I think that's such a cool thing to do, especially for an anime as massive as Narrato, I think is really cool because how many episodes has that show got? And the fact that the original creators and artists and stuff are they like, we'll make brand new art for the top 20 characters and even give the top one character a whole new manga.

I think they should definitely be considerate of the fact that if the top character ends up being someone like Narito, that they shouldn't necessarily do another manga for Narato, but maybe, like, the top character who hasn't had their own solo story potentially would be a better choice because then it doesn't matter who the number one is. Exactly. What's the point of going out at the top. Like you've got all the narrative content in the original manga anime. You've got nothing more to tell you're.

Right? But I also think that on the flip side of that, the internet understands that. So they also will try and vote for somebody else to be top. It would be useful if you saw who was number one at the moment. So you knew whether or not to vote, who to vote for, essentially.

So you could try and push up lesser known characters over the main characters. That would be so nice. And I'm kind of worried for those of you who actually bought the character. There's a lot of fucking soccer here in a row. By a 12345, we're going to have a six.

No, there was five in a row there. She's the tritagonist, so she was the third main character and also the most useless. Everyone next to me. So I don't know why everyone's panicking me a little bit. I don't want a soccer manga, please.

But you guys do you? Yeah, we'll see what the internet collected. We decide which one do you least want to be the winner? Narcosky soccer. I don't want to win.

None of them. They've been overdone. Okay. So every day I will vote for narrative. Anyone else I'd be happy with?

There's plenty of people. We've seen a lot of gara, but I'd still happily see gara. Like Ora just said, Kokashi would be good. Oh, Kakashi's dad, the White Fang would be nice. We never found out his back, his mission and why he died and how he died.

I voted for Shisui, which was Hitachi's best friend who died and gave him his eyes to put in the crow. I love to know more about his upbringing and how he awakened his mongo, Sharon Gun. That would be cool. There's so many good options there. And I'm seeing soccer be a vote.

We'll have to wait and see. But like I said, I love this as an idea for an anime or manga to do a poll like this. I would love this for so many other anime and manga. Well, yeah, people will take inspiration off this now, which is the one thing I expect more will do this. Especially the bigger ones.

Natural also needed to do because borders kind of became stale the last year episodes wise has all been filler. Yeah, I heard about that. So they needed someone to bring it back. And obviously with the sauce game manga being adapted into the Borrower anime next year, they revive in it slowly. So I get why they've done it now.

But yes, a brilliant idea. I expect like one piece to do it next. If you could pick an anime out of all your anime that you've watched, that would be the next anime to do this. Which one would you pick? Not like which character it would be, but like which anime would do it.

My favorite bleach anytime. I don't care if it's being animated right now. Give me Bleach. I will happily pick loads of characters that do not get enough screen time that I could do it for. It's one of the big three.

Yeah, but still it's Bleach, no brainer. I would say fairy tale is quite high on my list. Fairy tale is high on mine. Yeah, I can agree. I don't think fairy tale would be my number one.

I'd have to consider more what it would be. But there's definitely there's so many anime I'd love this to be in. It would be so cool. Agreed. Now guys, we get into the juicy bits now.

This one won't have we might see some trailers please after this is going through the list first. Thanks to Anime Corner biocapter, everyone updated. Probably the only website they did do continuous updates for all the announcements that happened. Jump Fest now, Jump Fest like I said earlier, for anyone who doesn't know, it's a two day event happens every year and really, you have panels, you have stages and they announce a lot of big stuff. I watched a lot of this live.

Some of it not because it ran till the early hours in the morning and we've got a lot of cool stuff announced. So we'll go top to bottom. Where's that one? Right to that one there is. And we'll go through what was announced.

So what was announced? Like, tell us, tell us what was announced. First one we got is I'm going to open up a new tab. Ron Kamanashi Deranged detective anime was announced with a teaser visual and trailer. I love that already.

He looks creepy as shit. I'm not here to this manga. Ron Kavanaugh she duration detective is getting an anime adaptation as announced earlier doing Jump Festivals 23 panel at ease of video is available Diomedia is animating the adaptation and the manga that is a cool piece of art there. I love the puzzle pieces where you kind of representation there that's really cool. Adds to the sort of detective or something.

Shoti Bata is directly anime on Watara watari on series composition Masakazu Ishikawa is doing the character designs yo Suji is composing the music and okay, it's been done by Katakawa okay, cool. It's a manga written illustrated by Kira Amino, best known for Katakio Hitman Reborn and ELD live series. Okay, I'm here to this one and it's currently in Shonen Jump. The description is this unusual duo brings the hidden truth into light. Ron Kamanashi, a private investigator, mild and with serious issues and Toto Maru ishiki a pure hearted but dim police detective team up to solve the most baffling mysteries thrown detective story for a new generation from Akira Amano, creator of Rebound and Edlive interesting with you right on the money.

They love with that one. I also like that they call him a dim detective bumbling buffoon probably not as bad as Inspector Cliche. Probably. Still pretty bumbling, I'd imagine. Next, we've got more spy.

X family news or spy family? You don't mean to pronounce the X by do it. It's got a sequel set for 2023. It's also, again, an original movie, which is good for your fans. I gotta be honest, I dropped off after the first half of season one because I've kind of found season two.

Lackluster Takuya, Iguchi, Saori Haiimi, Atsumi Tanazaki and Kenshiro Matsuda all attended the panel. They did a live reading on the scene. I just want to say fucking well done there, mate.

They did a live reading of the scene in which Bond joins the Forger family. That's interesting.

As in James Bond, the scene was picked up by fans who got to vote on the official Twitter account of the anime. Matsuda said that this was really opportunity to see him voice Bond live, but he and Adsumi Tanazaki said that it was easy for them to record together. Okay, so that's interesting. Those of you who like Spy Family again, it wasn't for me, but I hope I know a lot of people love that. Yeah, that sounds interesting.

One both main DAFF pointed out when we were looking through the Winter 2023 anime the other night was aykashi triangle. This had some news as well, and it had new trailer and key visual. And we do have a trailer for it. Brilliant. So ayakashi triangle revealed a new trailer and key visual for the TV anime.

Studio Connect is animating the series and it will be premiering on January 9, 2023. So it is one of our 2023 winter anime. So I'll watch the trailers when we get to the trailer segment. And yeah, it's about an idol group and it looks kind of kind of cool. I mean, we've also got kind of like actiony kind of vibes, like the different character designs.

We got like a ninja are here, another one there, and then we've got what looks like kind of like an engineer made school league there's all different outfits and character designs, which is really cool. Yeah, it really did look interesting when we were looking at it. Yeah, and it's been serious in Shuwatia for a little while. Here he goes. The description of this map sui Kazamaki's job as an exorcist ninja means that his livelihood depends on driving away the Ayakashi spirits who endanger humans.

He's mean protecting his childhood friend Suzu Kennedy from the Shardas for years as she effortly attracts Ayakashi. What will happen when Suzu encounters a creature who looks like a similar cat, but who is really a Shirogane, the king of ayakashi the supernatural romcom with a gender bender. Twists from blockbuster artist Kentaura Yabuki is currently being serialized digitally in English through visits shown in Jump program Shuisha's manga plus service. Seven Seas will release Aikashi triangle imprint on digital platforms in uncut single volume editions as part of the Seven Seas ghost ship imprint. That actually sounds really interesting.

It's really throwing in a bunch of extra cool shit in there. I love the sound a lot. Yeah, that seems really sounds really interesting. Something I definitely want to watch when it comes out. I'm with you there.

Next, we have Two Cute Crisis anime, gets his first trailer, new Visual, and an April 2023 premiere. We will watch the trailer for this one because it won't be on the other one. But the main cast includes Yummiri Hamuri as Liza Luna, Natsumi Fujiwara as Yo Zora, jean Ogasawara as Seiji Mukai oh, and Sayawa Saya Isawa as Kasumi Yanagi. You know, it looks very cute. It has a cat.

So I'm sold the story of Two Cute Crisis anime Falls researcher Lisa Luna, who was sent to Earth from a space empire as the tourists to destroy it. In the beginning, she intends to destroy it quickly and be done with it. However, she stopped at a cafe where she met a cat. The cat's cuteness shocked her, and so her crisis with cute beings from another dimension begins. Yeah, this sounds like my cat slides alive.

Yeah, that sounds like your kind of thing. Let's have a glance at the trailer. So it's a cool two Cute crisis. That's adorable. This girl comes down from space to destroy Earth and doesn't destroy Earth because she gets basically obsessed with a cat cafe.

I'm in love. I saw this. I thought it was only the black weapon. No, we got all the cats. There's many cats.

So much pussy. Well, you took it there. I have to meow next. Yes, I did.

Demon slayer kametuno yyber Natsuki hana as Tanjiru kana hanna zawas Mitsuri Kango Kawan nishi as a moon hero and Hiroshimono Is anetsu attended the stage, which did not reveal much. Well, a special brochure that features the upper moon demons will be handed out to 2 million visitors of the upcoming Demon Slay Commander No Yiba to the Swordsmith Village World Tour screening. The movie will compile episodes ten and eleven of the entertainment district arc and the extended version of the first episode of the new season, which is later for April 2023. Tickets going on sale December 24 in Japan. This pisses me off.

They just did this with the last arc. They released the Mugen Train film, and then we went to the new arc of the first afternoon arc. Basically everything we saw in Mugen Train, they're doing it again. Releasing a film, covering content we've already seen, and then covering some of the content that we're going to see, which is then just going to be covered again when the anime starts back. This is so frustrating.

I get why it's a cash cow again. It's money. Money makes the world around. If they get some money, they're going to do it. But it's so frustrating because we've got to just rewatch everything we've seen then.

I thought my headset died then. Mike, you're still talking or is it just silence. I was talking. Okay. Weird.

It was completely silent on my end, so I don't know if you might cut out for a moment. Yeah, I know what you mean about just rehashing the same content, like, three times. I could mention several things to do that, which is annoying. But at the same time, if it's just being redone into the different formats, if that's why it's being redone, because it's just changing the format each time, then it's changing it so that more people will watch it and that's, like you said, it's a cash cow. People will just milk it, but it's a dead horse.

Yeah. This is sad. But hail. It is what it is, isn't it? For you elderly, because we like to call you, you got a happy little moment.

Roni Kenton 2023 is going to reboot with new trailer cast conditions. This is an animal. I've always seen hype, and I've never had any intention or urge to watch. I know we're some very well loved it was like Sailor Moon kind of era anime, but yeah, never one that's been for me. I'm sure most of you know what Roni Kenthan is based on.

The samurai and all the whole Lat. Jazz with the great swordsmanship. For those who don't know the little description, which is 140 years ago in Kyoto, with the coming of the American Black Ships, there arose a warrior who fell in men. With his bloodstained, blades gained the name Heat of Kiri Manslayer. His killer blades helped close the turbulent Bakumatsu era and slash opened the progressive age known as Meji.

Then he vanished with the flow of years, became a legend. There is a trailer for the reboot that I'll pop on now. I don't know, maybe I'll watch the reboot. I don't know, because it's the graphics that mainly put me off for a longest time. They just looked old, and I'm such a snob, and I just wouldn't be able to enjoy it.

What do you think of yeah, I understand what you mean about it. About it being that the older graphics putting people off. But to be honest, I've watched some anime which are clearly as old as all balls. But if the story is good enough, you can tolerate the older graphics. That's not one I've particularly watched, so I can't say whether or not it's worth watching.

But that's definitely got, like, the new story, the new graphics. I know you'll be watching it, so I actually look forward to see what you have to say about it. It'll be a first time watching me as well, so I'm interested. I'm curious. Good news is, guys, for anyone who hasn't watched this anime that we're to go over now, I recommend you all go watch it immediately.

Dr. Stone seasons one and two was fantastic. I've been to them a couple of days recently, and now we've got Doctor Stone season Three gets first trailer, April 2023. Premiere date. For those of who you don't know, this is all set in a world where everyone was petrified and gradual petrification broke away and some people were released.

And obviously people have different ideals of how they want the new world to be. And our protagonist is an extremely smart scientist who can basically create anything from nothing. Just give him the materials that he needs and he'll get it done. Yeah, it's honestly a brilliant show. So it says beyond one faithful day, all of humanity was petrified by a blinding flash of light.

Several millennia high school at Taiju Awakens finds himself lost in all the statues. He's not alone. His science love friend Senku has been up and running for a few months, and he's got a grand plan in mind to kickstart civilization with the power of science. Power of science. The power of science.

And we have a season three trailer. I like that. I'm looking forward to that. Yeah, that looks very good. I thought we got health paradise.

GIGO Karaku. I haven't heard this one at all. Doesn't want to give me there we go. House paradise GIGO Karaku Anime Gets New Trailer Visual Mincast and another April 2023 premiere. April is getting stacked, boys.

Oh, that's a cool piece of art there. I like, that person looks cool. That person looks cool. Daniel the Edo period is nearing its end. Gabby Marrow, a shinobi formerly known as the strongest in Iowa, gacare, who is now a death or a convict, is told that he will be acquitted and set free if he can bring back the elixir of life from an island that is rumored to be the Buddhist poor land Sukavati.

In hopes of reuniting with his beloved wife, Gabi, marrow heads the island along with an executioner, yamada Isayman Sagiri. Upon arriving there, they encounter other death row convicts in search of the elixir of life, as well as a host of unknown creatures, eerie manmade statues, and the hermits who rule over the island. Can Gabby Morrow find the elixir of life on this mysterious island and make it back home alive? See what the trailer has to say for us. Prime video on Netflix.

Interesting. That is interested. I'm sold there. I want to know what they were all in Death Throw, first of all. Yeah, that would be interesting.

Very interesting. Yeah, that looks very good, actually. There's a lot of potential good story and good action there. So hopefully they do the balance between story and action just right. Yes, just like we need it.

Just like we did. Now, one that's been taking the anime world by storm as Blue Exorcist. Now, we thought this was going to be a season three. After many years, this is not a season three. They are rebooting the entire anime.

Following the original manga, we're getting a Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood treatment here. For anyone who doesn't know, Full Metal Alchemist was an anime that released years ago and wasn't faithful to the mangus. They rebooted it and called it Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood with a faithful story and retelling. Basically, that's what's happening to Blue Exorcist. Very interesting.

Take love this kind of art sang by here with the penmanship. That is very well done. Very nice. A throw in the notice is raised by Father Fujimoto, a famous Exorcist. Rin Okamura never knew his real father.

One day, faithful argument father. Father Fujimoto forces Rin to face terrible truth. The blood of a demon Lord Satan runs in Rin's veins. Ryn Sways to defeat Satan. Doing that means entering the mysterious True Cross Academy and becoming an Exorcist himself.

Can Rin fight demons and keep his infernal bloodline a secret? It won't be easy, especially when he's drawing his father's sword releases the demonic power within him. Those of you who haven't watched Original Blue Exercise, I definitely recommend going watching this before this project comes out and as well as the films because they're still very good shows. But I am extremely excited for that to be redone. Me too.

I was a fan of Blue Axicist when like the old ones, I watched them so many years ago now. I really enjoyed them. I liked the whole draw the sword, he gets set on fire thing. That was really cool. So I'm really excited for like a brand new reboot and I'll definitely be watching that.

Hell yeah. Next. We got some chainsaw, man. News So the Chainsaw Man stage should not reveal much in terms of the anime, sadly, but it did give us a sneak peek on the upcoming chapter. Tatsuki Fujimoto sent a message thanking everyone for coming to the Chainsaw Man stage.

I'm not quite sure when you will be reading this message, but I'm sure that the anime will have gotten pretty exciting by then. The second half of the series will revolve around him. Fujima wrote. He says Hemino got close to Aki and to his heart, and that he hopes she manages to leave traces of herself in fans hearts and minds. Even now, I hardly ever go back and read my mango once I'm done with it.

Watching the Chainsaw Man anime has been a powerful experience. I hope you're enjoying it. I know I am. It's a little bit of a heartfelt messaging and a little bit of a mangrove day, but we didn't have too much considering that the anime is still ongoing being the finale next week. After that, we had Marshall magic and muscles.

This anime got a new trailer visual and another April 2023 release date. I already like the look of these characters by here. What? I'm cool. I wonder what's like on their eyes.

Like the the eyes by here. They've all got something. So there's one. He's got that two. Yeah, they've all got something on their eyes.

That's cool. Nice little addition. What's this one about? Another cool piece of art there. This is a world of magic where magic is used for everything.

But deep in the forest exists a young man who spends his time training and bulking up. He can't use magic, but he enjoys a peaceful life with his father. One day, his life is put in danger. Will his muscle body protect him from the magic users who are out to get him? Powerfully trained muscles crush magic as this abnormal magical fantasy begins.

Wow, this is a different take. Let's check out the trailer for this. It looks good. It certainly does. Definitely feel like an interesting, good mix of comedy and everything there, so yeah, I would be interested to see that one as well.

We had some One Piece news, something about a recap and the movie for the one arc coming to the end next year will also be big for One Piece, the new game first series, the live action. Oh no. Oh yeah. More shitty live action. Let's go.

Moving on. Don't worry. If needs be, I'll be the one to review that. Honestly, you don't have to if you don't want to. I'm not a one piece fan.

I don't think you've ever touched on it here either. It's such a big anime, like, I can't imagine anyone go into it now in this day, as well as a new viewer with over 1000 episodes to get through. Yeah, I tried to watch it a while ago and it just didn't hug me. That was basically the issue. It just didn't hook me.

Yeah, I feel about it. So yeah, we'll see. Anyway, next one is Mission Yozakura Family. The anime has been announced for 2024. Silver Link is to animate it.

We've got a little bit of a visual here. She looks cool. She's got a nice little revolver, which is cool. Do we have a description? Yes, we do.

Tayo Asano is a super shy high school student, and the only person he can talk to is his childhood friend of Matsumi Yozukura. However, Mitsumi comes from a line of master spies with amazing powers. Her oldest brother, Kyo Chiro, is obsessed with Matsumi, allowed to kill anyone who gets remotely near her. And his next target is Tayo. The only way for Tao to save himself from Kyoto's Madrid clutches is to marry Matsumi.

Yeah, I'm sold.

You know what you like? Or do you like what you love? Yes, we had a little bit of just some musical news for something called morality. The Patriot don't have any more news than that. Black Clover Sword of the Wizard King the Black Clover movie gets a new trailer and reveals more cast.

So those are interested in black clover? We've got a little bit of a visual, but here. Yeah, it looks good. I mean, I'm a bit upset with how they're doing. Black clover if I want you and then we don't even know if they're going to stay and carry on to the mangrove afterwards because we've just gone to the news yet.

It's kind of sad, but it looked decent. Undead unlucky. I'm pretty sure we saw this. It's a new teaser trailer for it. What is it about?

What happens when an unlucky girl meets an undead guy? Chaos. Pure chaos. Tired of end virtually killing people with her special ability, unluck Fukuo Zuma sets out to end it all. But when she meets Andy, a man who logs for death but can't die, she finds a reason to live and he finds someone capable of giving him death that he's been long before.

All Foucault wants is a worldwide romance, like the one in her favorite shojo mangas. Unfortunately, her unlucky makes that impossible. But just as Fukuo hits rock bottom and he sweeps her off her feet literally now she's become Andy's unwilling test subject as he wait to find a trigger of stroke of unluck big enough to kill him for good. However, when it discovers a secret organization is hunting them, it puts Andy's burial plans on hold. Well, that sounds depressing.

My gosh. Yeah, I'm with you there. Oh God, I'm going to need something after I bought these episodes.

Obviously, I know that it's going to be funny. It looks very comical. Yeah, it looks like a comedy with like a darker undertone, which again, is something that can be done as long as it's done right. So I hope it is done right, because if it's not, it can very easily come across as making fun of such a dark topic, which is never a good idea. So hopefully they get the balance right there.

Yeah. Juicer Kaizen got a season two announcement with some new character arcs here, which is kind of cool. Gojo is looking swanky as ever without the bandage of Resides. This time he's got sunglasses on. Cool.

Shade shamed Soldier revealed its first trailer. OOH, OOH, she looks cool. Decades ago, gates went on otherworldly and dangerous dimension known as Matto the Demon City appeared across Japan. Those apart took in the peaches. Growing there gained unique abilities, but only if they're girls.

When Darling Dumps high school boy Yuki Wakura finds himself caught up in a gate, he's saved by Kyokua Yuzan, the beautiful commander of the Sam squad of the Demon Defense Force who orders him to become his slave. Yes, please.

That looks good. That definitely looks good. I think there's one thing that I'm very interested in with that anime, which is the moment when his ex realizes that he's now cool and has like the most badass girlfriend ever and feels like a shit because fuck people like that. Yes, I agree completely. There's one for Lambency there.

Yeah. Prince of Tennis. We've got new sports anime event announced. We haven't got a lot on it, but cool little virtual there mentioned it earlier. Now it's celebrating its 20th anniversary with various activities.

Main highlight of this panel was the new borough anime that will adapt Sasky story. They were cheer on the Heavenly Stardust, aka the Saskatchewan's novel. The key visual was revealed and yeah, it looks like it's going to be going to be pretty good. I haven't got my hands on that novel yet either, but looking forward to they've done a lot of cool shape recently. I'm excited.

Dark Gathering horror anime reveals eerie new clip. It's already looking pretty dark.

Just really quickly go on to that. I want to thank Scalara so much for describing with pride. Everything helps. I thank you so much for that. We appreciate it, bro.

So, an unwilling magnet for the supernatural and a ghost hunting girl joy forces to capture Japan's most terrifying spirits. The dangerous encounter with a malevolent spirit, katara Gentoga wants nothing to do with the supernatural. Unfortunately, reluctant ghost Magna, he stuck helping YOWI Hawzuki, a strange young girl whose intent of capturing Japan's most terrifying ghosts and Ghouls Yish my hair. Academia didn't bring us any news, but we got to see voice actors pick their favorite scenes for various awards. Bleach revealed a key visual for thousands of blood ball arcs finale of Cole One.

It was revealed that the anime will be back sometime in 2023, probably around April. And the double finale would be called the Blade and me highlighting the longer blade, like I mentioned, here with his father's picture in the background and his shorter blade here with his mother's picture in the background. Some really good artwork. Oh, 100%. We got carokas basketball, talked about the anime recording sessions and more.

We got hiker. The recording sessions for the two part hiking movie haven't started yet, but the panel was there to talk about their experience as voice actors in the franchises over the past ten years. So a lot of great stuff happened in Jump Fester, which is amazing news and exactly what we love to see. Yeah, there's a lot coming, a lot that I'm excited for. I know a lot that Mike is excited for.

And we'll just have to wait and see what's good, what's bad, if there's anything that surprises us or if there's anything that is just like we expected high things and it was abysmal. So we've got all of that to come in the next season. Indeed we do. So moving on, guys. We've got our Winter 2023 anime panel and everything that is coming.

There will be a lot of trailers here, a lot of discussions of what we're looking forward to and what we're not looking so much forward to. So buckle in because this is going to be setting you up for January. So starting off our list, and we're using my Animal list today, guys, it's the best website that congeals everything into one across crunchy Roll, Netflix, Disney, High Dive, et cetera. So to start with, we got Vinland Saga season two. Now, season one was great.

It was strong. Vinland Saga definitely hit hard. So an emulation begins in the southern part of Jutland Peninsula in Denmark. Thorfin was brought by the landowner Kettle as a slave and engaged in land reclamation work. On his farm.

Thorpen meets a young man named Aina who is also a slave. Like him, the encounter of Ainar and led Thorphin to face his sins. He's committed and begin to find meaning in life. Canoe to become the king of England attempted to extend his territory for the establishment of the promised land. So this is what we are looking at here.

Just like I said, map, it is brilliant, gorgeous animation and I have no issues with that animation there. That looks beautiful. And it's also really nice as well. When you hear Japanese musicians singing in English, it always has a little bit of a different accent to it. Yeah, absolutely.

The animation did look beautiful as well. I just love the animation startup Mapper. They definitely pull out all the stops with Jane Saman this year, so hopefully they keep it up. That's for sure. Next, we got misfit team in the King academy season two.

Tell me you've seen the season one of this stuff. No, I have not. Oh, man. You need to watch this. I shall.

This is hilarious, guys. This anime is honestly just so funny. We got a trailer for season two, thankfully. Yeah. So I got stale again, as expected.

Guys, that Misfit team again kind of great. I wasn't sure about that tree animation. That one was kind of diebox, I'll say that. Thank you for following during the Queens gallera. Thank you so much.

Yeah, that tree animation definitely did look weird without that.

Like I said, there's a lot that I'm looking forward to. We're going to look at dog Tommy and Miss Nagratoro sat and took your Avengers. Go through the first six by here. Bunch of stray dogs isn't one that I piqued my interest much. I know there's quite a few people who does do like bunch of stray dogs.

I've never personally watched it because again, it hasn't picked my interest. So perhaps I should probably consider anywhere on fourth season.

I don't want to get hurt, so I max out my something or other two. So I'm assuming season two. I know I need to watch Buffer season one. I feel good things about it. Was it you a Lambency who said they seem bungio stray dogs?

That would have been Lambency. It's not what I've seen. So those of you who haven't seen a Don't Toyota, miss Nagatoro. This is just a carpentry. But yeah, she's got a crush on this guy.

He's got a crush on her and she's just messing with him because she's too shy to admit her feelings. Obviously her friends are teasing her and it's just great to see come back like these expressions, the slice of life comedy.

It's definitely what we would dub as a mic anime.

This nature is looking great. We've got toky Avengers, which is the Christmas showdown now, let's see again who obviously took your Avengers. Very good anime. I'm only going to quickly whizz through this one because again, second season go Watch. It the only show that you've read the web comic for Skull.

Well, hey, Ben, that's brilliant. Just more an excuse to watch the actual show. Oh, 100%. We've got Inspector season two. I haven't seen season one, but this is one, but here that both myself and Dave are looking forward to.

It's near automata version 1.1 a set was there 100 or 1000 years after the game? I think it's 1000 years after the game. Do we have anything else?

Yes, we do.

I'm excited. I don't know whether or not it will be good. Obviously so many reasons. A, two, is she called B, because based off the size, she's got two butts.

Funny bastard. But yeah. Guys, I think I speak for us both when I say we're mega hype for this one. Yeah, absolutely. I'm very excited for that one.

Were we interested in this one, tomatch, as a girl? No, I don't think we looked at that one. No. There was more. I thought it was not what I'm going to show you guys because there's many seasons ahead.

I don't want to spawn any of you who haven't seen it, but is it wrong to pick up gills in the dungeon for season four part two? If you haven't seen it, you can go into high dive and catch up with it. It's amazing. So good. One I'm interested in is the angel next door.

Sparse me rotten. It looks brilliant for anyone who's seen by the grace of gods, they've got a season two coming as well. January 8. This is one that I believe both men dubbed like the look of Here, which was Spy Classroom.

So the snappy is after a gruesome war wreaked havoc on the general populace, the governments, they will turn to the most elusive tactic to further their agenda, a warfought in the shadows. I'm very interested. I'm looking forward to this one. I think it's going to be very good. I'm not sure what's on yet.

I want to say crunchy, but don't hold me to that. Couple ones on here. Is there any that I see one, maybe two that we are interested in this part, but yes, we got a couple. And let me be Invisible Dragon Stampede and the Ice guy and his cool female colleague. They're all coming.

John Ten, John 7th and John fourth, respectively. One that both me and dad pointed out, though, is my life as I doku Sands Dog. Yeah, this looks weird. We don't have to watch this one on YouTube because it's age restricted content. Are we on the right website here?

Ended up on the wrong sort of website. Right?

That looks absolutely insane. We reviewed that one. Is that when subbed as well, or just subbed? I'm not sure yet. We will certainly find out the.

Edgy Tag. Hello. If we said anything but this was the fruit of evolution before I knew it had it made. Season two. No, I haven't seen season one of this.

I do mean to for those of you interested, there is a season two of that coming up now for our next six reborn. But you guys will learn something here that Dave learnt last time. Mikey is an Isa guy. Hall. For those of you who don't know what is a guy is, it means being reborn in another world.

I'm not going to play all these trailers. There's too many to go through. But we've got on this page there's reborn to master the blade from Hero King to extraordinaire farming life in another world. Endo and Kabiashi live the latest of the sunadre villains onima and now your sister, the reincarnation the strongest Exorcist in another world and Handyman Saito in another world. So this one was reborn to master the blade from Hero King to extraordinary squire.

And I said we're not going to watch all the trailer blow wheatley we born to master the blade from heroking to extraordinary squire. Wow. This one was farm life in another world. I'm not going to play the trailer for this one. It is one I will be obviously reviewing.

I like to do with all these sickai. The description for this one is having died of a sickness at age 39, matrio Hiraku is given the opportunity to go to another world. When asked what his wish is by God intend to give him strength echest have a healthy body offered a second wish he chooses to live peacefully. A third wish to be able to know the local language and for a final wish to be able to be a farmer and looks like he gets reborn as a lady. Definitely.

If I was reborn as a lady she will tell you what, if I was reborn as a lady the world wouldn't know what to do. I would call chaos. Yeah, this is true. We are going to watch trailer first one I mean David did together. This is one to watch you're reincarnation of the strongest Exorcist in another world.

Yeah, I completely agree. I think I think it's definitely going to be I have hit the next season as well. I thought we had Handyman Sato in another world. We haven't got much of a description. It's just Sato's knowledge during Handyman that gets transported to another world where his skills are very useful, he starts to really understand what it means to be needed.

It's kind of deep. We got Dinkin fuchin adventures who don't believe in humankind. One trail that we do and watch is the Iceberg Sorcerer shall rule the other world. Chile in my 30s after get fired from the Demon King's army serenade the linking shot kind of the Great Snow Sea and one that we saw earlier that we didn't watch the trailer for was Ikashi triangle. So first, the two of these six is the isolated saucer that shall rule the world.

Another one, I think, will be a heavy hitter next season. Oh, my God. That one looks very good. I am very excited for that. And I like how we're going back.

An elemental theme for this one. It's kind of nice to see. Yeah, I absolutely agree with you. This is one that we mentioned earlier, guys. Ikashi triangle one that we were both kind of interested in.

Still interested. After watching that trailer, I'll be honest, I had an ad pop up, so I didn't actually get to see that trailer. Oh, no, it's fine. It's fine. I can watch it later.

It's fine. What's on our next six? The magical revolution of the reincarnate princess. That one looks like his animation is going to be quality body daddies. I'm going to go into that one, but my friend sent me that one because we're both dads and he's like, we need to watch this.

The vampire dies in no time. Season two. I don't like the animation. I am not interested in that one at all. Not sure about you, but that one doesn't pique me at all.

Revenge. To let you know, I just had a quick Google. There is, in fact, a manga called a story about a cat reincarnated in a different world where there are no cats. It's a cat. Isaac I.

That's amazing. That's like your perfect anime right there. Yes. So I'll get back there in a minute. There's somebody who's saving 80,000 gold in another world for my retirement.

One day, Mitsu falls off a cliff and is transported to a medieval Europe type world. After a near death and character with a pack of wolves, jan realizes she's able to transport between two worlds, this one and her own. Taking advantage of this building, Mitsua decides to live in both worlds and calculates that she needs 800 gold coins to be able to retire. That's interesting. That's like an Easter guy without being an Easter guy.

Being able to transport between both worlds. Yeah, that's pretty cool. I like that. I think I've seen that. Done.

This one, guys. Again, not the trailer I'm going to play for. The only reason I'm highlighting campfire cooking in other worlds is because this is the first ever Esaki done by Studio Mapper. You will want to give this one a watch. As we all know, Map is one of, if not the best studio out there, so it'll be interesting to see what they pull off with this.

But the one of these things that we're looking forward to is the magical revolution of the reincarnate princess and the genius young lady. That one for me. Was there any here that you were interested in mono? No. Guitari.

Sugar apple fairy tale he carried. No. O R? No. Kyung Shu or The Tale of Outcasts?

I don't know why I read the Japanese titles then I know that I'll go straight. No, not for me, no. So the only one I was interested in, guys, those six, is the Legend of Heroes, Trails of Cold Steel. Because it's my favorite game series, I have high expectations it's ended towards a war that happened in the past in the north and this is what this adaptation is telling us about. I'm really sorry for being professionally unprofessional, but I am just going to have to go for a moment.

I'll be back shortly. That's fine. For those interested, we have Boko Toe Roboco, which I'm not interested in at all. Yeah, it doesn't look great. Default DJ or Mix nicione Animation Mo epon and Sorcerer stabber orphan Chaos and Uber Rama I'm not interested in any of those.

Technological overmind, maybe.

Again, it's not one that looks amazing, it can be good, but it's not quite there. So we'll see what that one ends up being like and end up we've got Unit Up, Flagalia and CardFlight. Vanguard will dress season two, so there's a lot of good ones here, a lot of Isaacai, and there's quite a few that Dad's interested in. There's quite a few that I'm interested in. So we should have a lot of content to COVID over Winter for you guys.

Sadly. Sorry, not sadly. There is still more to COVID there is still more to be announced, so we'll also look forward to those, but for the time being, we will just have to take it and see what happens. That's all we can do. So I hope you guys enjoy that winter segment there of Winter 2022.

2023. And we're going to I'm sorry, that is dragged on a little bit, guys. I know we've had a lot of content to go through. I know that we've had a lot of different aspects to COVID today. It's been a lot.

I know we're getting through it as much as we can. I did say this episode is going to be quite significantly longer than usual. It just happens sometimes. Now, I'm going to move us to a BRB screen whilst Dave's got to be right back as we are going to do our character visits character momentarily. So please stay tuned and we'll be back shortly.

Okay, guys, so whilst we wait for Dave to return, I'm just going to COVID some of our sorry, I'm just going to recover our recommended animus this week. Not going to play any trailers with them this week because we are going to try and get through them a little bit quicker than usual as there has been a lot of content, it is a lot to COVID today, so I imagine both me and Dava feeling the strain of this one this week. So for the anime highlight this week, guys, I chose Demon Slayer Commence to Know yiba. The reason we chose Demonslayer Commence to Know Yeba is because obviously with the new Demon Slayer art coming up and everything you guys need to watch this again, demonstrate is an amazing show. It has such great potential.

It had some of the best graphics seen to date in anime and all in all it also has some of the best action scenes. It's quickly became one of the most popular anime of this generation. Stand alongside giants much like Black Clover, My Hero, Academia, Juju Kaisen and is all in all an absolute great watch with a great cast of characters, a great story and some honestly great dynamics throughout the whole show. So please, if you haven't seen Demonslay, I do highly recommend you watch it. If not for anything else but Nezuku chan, feel free to watch it just for Nezuku chan and for the Lambencyancy show recommends this week we are recommending card Fight Vanguard.

For those of you who have not seen card Fight Vanguard think Yugio but better in my opinion. Card Fight Vanguard had everything that yugio had in mounds and the story was riveting. They had such a deep enriching world, a very deep and enriching story that is still going to this day. We've had cardfight Vanguard. CardFlight Vanguard.

V dress. There's been like five, six, seven different series of CardFlight Vanguard and it's not exactly an old series either, maybe seven, eight years old. An absolutely amazing show that is 100% worth watch and I highly recommend that you all give your watch as soon as you can because it's amazing. It's completely amazing. Other than that, all we've got left to go through tonight guys, we're just waiting for DAB's return is the character visits character for tonight, the web tune recommendation which is Dabb's new segment and the news.

We usually wrap up with the news but I'm not sure where Dave is so give it a couple of minutes. I'll cover the news as well. Again, thank you everyone who stuck around today and stuck with us and watched the podcast and there is a massive amount of content to go through today. It's just been there in Mountain mountain man. Okay, so I'll cover the news for a minute whilst whilst we wait for DAV, I will cover the news for a moment.

You guys don't mind just giving me a second. We'll capture the discord scene. So we've got Health Paradise is beginning broadcast in April 2023. We've got Hunter hunter succession arc is to be animated by Mapper. Netflix is producing a MyHero academia live action with Alison boardland director, which is a great show, but Sasuke Retardant is again an anime adaptation.

Wires. Ten Nordics is finally being announced coming for PS five, PS four and switch. No Xbox release with some great looking screenshots here we've got Wires memoir The Oath in Fell Hana announced for Nintendo Switch with again some amazing screenshots here we've got some voice actors for the upcoming English dub of the latest Trails game. Kurt Vander For Jose Asia juna Crawford erica Harlancia ash Carbide Austin Lee Matthews Marzia Egret Is alexis Topton Altina orion xanthe Hun aurelia Le Gwynn valerie Elm professor Schmidt christopher corey Smith We've got some anime news here. You can find all this out on Crunchyroll.

Same with Hidive. They have all their own little sections pronounced anime. We've got Kaiju. Number eight has been revealed with a new visual and trailer spy cast will come out on January 5. Is it wrong to pick up those in the dungeon?

Season four, part two, azure Laying queen's orders. Ovae, we've got an anime main visual Pokemon here. A little side by side view. This is what the announcement of Pokemon when it first came out looked like. And this is what the announcement of Pokemon when I was finishing looks like.

Very close similarities here. This is a little announcement of a little webtoon that got me into say a major demon queen is coming to an end, and it's quite sad. It's a very good web tune we've got in the border. Anime code arc. It's confirmed and broadcast will begin in February, so let's go.

Retirement key visual here that will begin in January 8. Got an outer live musical event that will be held. Marshall magic GIGO Kuraku Ruroni Kenton dr. Stone safarik's Family michael Sahino slave anime coming in 2023. We just watched a trailer for that.

And this is covering blue exorcist. Blue Exorcist is going to be a reboot not to season three. And I'm so sorry about that. I had a personal issue I had to deal with. You're all good, buddy.

You're all good. We went ahead and covered everything else. We've only got your little segment and characteristic character left to do. Okay? I thought instead of showing trailers today for anime, hyde Lambency C show recommends we've had a lot of trailers today.

If Lambencyda wants more trailer content, you can take some of that. I have busted my ass with loads of trailers today, so we're going into our character as a character next, guys. Oh, no. Look at dams. DM's.

No, don't look at the DM. Actually, don't look at the DMs. There's some weird shit in there. Okay, we got it. There you go.

Okay, so this was suggested by David, so I'm going to dave, take the reins. Go for it, mate. Start your first characteristic character. All right. Yeah.

So I thought a fun characteristic character would be a racing competition. Who would be the battle racer? Any vehicle was allowed. Didn't have to be a specific type of vehicle. We didn't say that anybody was off limits.

I don't know if there's anybody more op than what we've done, but I work with Takami Fujiwara of the Tofu Shop. He is seemingly a prodigy racer, to be honest. It's a very funny start to an anime where his whole job is from about 05:00 in the morning. He's got to deliver Tofu quickly as possible, and his friends are street racers, and he accidentally ends up in their world, going up against one of the best rival like racer groups people, and he just dominates them completely and utterly. The thing that makes it so impressive is the fact that they're driving these super fast sports series cars with the spoilers and there are obviously two seaters to save on weight, all of that.

And he's there in an A 86, which is an old ass fucking car that does not hold a candle to the faster cars. So his driving ability to be able to drive that competitively against cars that just outperform him in every aspect and win is super impressive. He's a master at drifting, which is why the AAA Six is his car, because it's a real car, which accidentally was the perfect drifting car. But also there are multiple new things that are thrown at him, like different rules, stipulations, adjustments to his car and stuff, and he basically just learns them on the fly during the race and then still proceeds to win the race. So his ability to adapt to any situation is also top tier.

I think you're going to have a hard time beating him in a race. Yes. So that picked a very difficult topic for me. I can actually say hand on my heart, I have never seen a race in anime. Please don't shoot me.

Have you not seen initial day? I've seen some. I haven't seen enough. I know who's good, so I pick someone interesting, someone who I know is skilled on the vehicle of choice. I'm going to be upfront and say right now that unless she cheated and damaged his vehicle somehow during the race, she is not going to win.

Not because she doesn't stand a chance to, simply because we don't have enough information to. But the reason I picked it is because of how interesting she is and I wanted to show that off. So Kelsey Sterlisson, for anyone who doesn't know, is from the Anime Durarara Duo and she's also known as the Black Rider or the Headless Rider. She's an Irish fairy called a dolahan who came to Japan looking for a stolen head. Her motorcycle is a familiar called Kai Steve Bodha in disguise, which she has named Shooter and whose favorite alternate guys is a headless horse.

Kelty has no head and perceived via unknown sentences located in the shadow she emits from her neck and other parts on her body. The physical strength she possesses as above human, though not quite par with Shuzo Hawaiijima and Simon Bresnev. Due to these sessions, her spatial perception is unique and unparalleled and as a result she never crashes and is always aware of her surroundings. She's also capable of producing a shadow like durable shadowy substance to form objects ranging from gloves to chariots. At her own will.

She leaves with Shinra Kishitani and works as an underground transporter. Thus the motorcycle. She transports things from A to B as fast as possible, working for the underground. She wears a helmet when she goes out and communicates via a PDA, and she is very much addicted to speed, online chatting and DVDs. So when it comes down to a race, look, like I said already up front, she ain't going to win.

She doesn't have the skill. Her skills aren't in racing. Her skills are in let's break every law possible and get something A to B really quickly. And if I've got a damage, shit, I will damage it on my path. The only thing that she has got going for her witch, which, as I say, is the only thing that would ever possibly come.

Clutch and this was only if Takumi was ever to crash, is the fact that it is impossible for her to crash unless someone is literally throwing an RPG at her vehicle, which even then, unless it's got a big blast radius, I'm doubtful would cause her to crash due to her spatial awareness. But I am going to put my hands in the air here and say as unlikely all that is, I'm going to take the L here. But she's unique and that's why I like her. I'll be honest. In the anime, there's only one time that I remember Tacomi actually losing a race, and it's literally because he blessed him.

He pushed his little A 86 to its limit and the engine exploded. That is the only reason he's lost a race, because mid race, his engine exploded.

I would be happy to throw in the fact that she could try and mess with his vehicle because his ability to adapt to issues that he encounters mid race, I think he'd be able to apply that to him messing with his car. So I'd be happy to throw in that she's allowed to do that for the vote. Well, we'll pop the vote up on Twitter, guys, and we'll see what you all think. Did we get a victor from last week? I'm not sure.

I will have to talk to lami didn't give me the info. Lambencyda yeah, I mean, if she's able to use her shadows to her will, then that puts it on a more of an even playing field, along with, I feel like, his ability to adapt. Because of that, I'd allow her to use her shadow stuff. And also because then it makes it more interesting because it puts them on a more interesting playing field rather than you just I'll take the L. So I think she could absolutely use everything to her.

She could use everything at her disposal to try and win. And we'll find out next week who wins, provided that Lambency gives us the results. We are professionally unprofessional. Yes. That's going to be our new model here.

We're professionally unprofessional. Yeah. Absolutely.

Yeah. So also, because again, I apologize for leaving. Did we go over my recommendation? No. That's your recommendation.

I have left that to you. You take it away I'm just going to open up on my itunes so people can see what it is. Yeah. This week I was going to recommend something very different to what I recommended last week. This was initially what I was going to recommend last week, but with all of the harem talk, I thought, well, I might as well offer in my accidental harem.

But this is a fairly short series. It's finished finished a while ago. Like, what was that, like five years ago? Almost? Yeah, four and a half years ago.

So there's 87 episodes and it's just a really wholesome web tune. It's called always human. It's got the backing of some other big web tunes that I like. The creators are friends. You can tell the sort of quality that has gone into it.

The art style is a little different. It's not the typical, like, high quality anime art style. It's a little more, I'll say, like, rough around the edges, but in the way that it's designed to be rough around the edges. It's got that sort of look to it. It's really nice, it's really sweet, super wholesome and absolutely worth a read.

It's also got some parts in there which are really I'm not going to use the word relatable, but you can read it and take some stuff away from this.

It deals with some issues that people can face in the modern day and it's just really nice to do. Yes, you can sort of see the art style there of what it's like. Yeah, they deals with some sort of modernish issues about modern life and it's really nice to be able to see that in such a wholesome. Did you happen to read the new series that they put at the top here, aerial Magic? I have not read that yet.

That is on my list, but I will be checking that out and I will let you know if it's worth reading. But I imagine it would be, considering it's by the same author, so it's probably also very good. Hell. Yeah, I reckon. Honestly, guys, I hold DAB's recommendations for webtoons and hire a guard.

I've watched a couple of recommendations right now all the way through so far. Yeah, in about two days. About two days flat. They're not short ones either. No, they're not.

So, yeah, I highly recommend you'll jump on that if you like. A really nice, simple, wholesome story. If you've ever seen Kobayashi Dragon made in those moments where it's like super wholesome, not the comedy parts, it's very similar to that. It's really, really worth reading if that's your cup of tea. Lovely.

Well, thank you, everyone, for tuning in today. We really do appreciate it. Again, apologies for the almost two hour extension on top of the normal stream.

It's been a long and yeah, I apologies again for leaving a moment while ago. I had some personal issues that I needed to deal with, but like I said, professionally unprofessional at our new bottle. And thank you for everyone watching. Thank you for everyone who followed and subscribed. It means the world to us.

So, yeah, thanks. Well, again, mirror and we'll dive. So guys, thank you everyone, as always. Make sure to check out the website, guys, tik, Tok and everything else. Go into the store guest forums, check out our articles and our videos.

These will be uploaded to all major podcast services later on in the week, so please feel free to check those out and have a look at those. And we really do appreciate all of the support that you guys to show us. I'm sure next week we will have a somewhat more quiet and more chill episode to go through. This week has just been jampacked full of news. It was a lot of announcements and God, my brain is still hurting.

But in the meantime, guys, you all take care and enjoy the rest of your evenings. Great, enjoy the rest of your week. Oh, Merry Christmas, you bunch of yeah, isn't there? We've got one more before Christmas, haven't we? Do you know what Christmas is?

Oh, no, we don't know. Is this the last one for the season, then? When is no, we should have 27th and the third still count as the winter season. We still got another I'm the derailer, so I'm I'm allowed to not know these yeah, he's allowed to not know these things. All right.

Yeah, well, yeah. Merry Christmas, everyone. We'll see you after Christmas. But not quite into next year yet. We've got one more this year and then one more to start next year.

I don't know if there's going to be a break between our seasons, but we shall wait and see. We certainly shall. In the meantime, guys, you all take care and we will catch you all next time.