Nov. 17, 2022

Final Fantasy X Review: Still Worth Playing in 2022?

Final Fantasy X Review: Still Worth Playing in 2022?

Final Fantasy X (Playstation 2)

Release date: July 19, 2001 (HD Remaster December 26, 2013)

Publisher: Square Enix

Developer: Virtuos

Platforms: Playstation 2, Playstation Vita

Rating: 8/10

Final Fantasy X Review: Still Worth Playing in 2022?

There are a few series that come to mind when you think of the JRPG genre. Names like Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and even Zelda are likely to come to mind. Despite this, one game from the Final Fantasy series has remained a standout: Final Fantasy X. It's no surprise that people still enjoy this game today, with its memorable characters and a beautiful world that stands out from many other entries in the series. In fact, some would argue that it is the best entry in the entire franchise - at least so far. Is this accurate? Continue reading to see if Final Fantasy X is still worth playing in 2022!

A Wonderful World to Explore

Graphics are one of the most important aspects of any video game. After all, you'll be looking at it for the majority of the time, so it had better be good. Final Fantasy X, thankfully, has aged extremely well due to its distinct art style. The world you're exploring is alive with life, and it feels as if an entire ecosystem is hidden behind everything. There are hidden caves in the sand, a massive underwater city that is completely different from the surface, and many other attractions, each of which is unique and special in its own way. When exploring this world, you'll want to take advantage of the game's various minigames. These include everything from dodging lightning to racing chocobos, and they're all surprisingly entertaining. The only real complaint here is that some of these aren't given enough time to shine, but this is a general issue with the game's pacing.

An Amazing Soundtrack

Another factor that has contributed to Final Fantasy X's longevity is its soundtrack. This game contains some of the best music in the series, if not the genre as a whole. It employs a diverse range of instruments, and many of the tracks feature jaw-dropping vocal work! There's no way to go wrong with the music in this game. It's also worth noting that the game has an excellent voice cast. This is especially true for Tidus, the main character, whose voice is provided by the talented James Arnold Taylor. This game clearly put a lot of effort into the audio department, and it shows.

Fantastic Characters

Characters are one of the main reasons Final Fantasy X has remained popular for so long. While many people remember Final Fantasy X for its beautiful world, fantastic soundtrack, and difficult battles, the characters are what truly distinguish this game. This game features an odd and fascinating cast of characters, including an eccentric team of guardians, an annoying and charismatic fiend, and a pair of star-crossed lovers. While these characters may appear to be generic on paper, they are brought to life by fantastic voice acting and a diverse range of interesting and humorous dialogue. Most importantly, these characters grow in a variety of ways throughout the story. You'll notice that they all change in some way, and even the most minor characters grow. This is something that many modern games struggle with, which is unfortunate. This is a game that understands what makes characters so important in a story: they are the vehicle through which we connect to the plot and theme.


Breathtaking CGI Cinematic

Another factor that has contributed to Final Fantasy X's longevity is its cinematic scenes. This is the scene in which Sin, the game's main antagonist, rises from the sea. It's a stunning display that shows off the PlayStation 2's true power and is a sight to behold even by today's standards. Even if the rest of the game isn't for you, you owe it to yourself to at least watch this one cinematic. It's truly unique in the world of video games. Aside from this one incredible scene, Final Fantasy X's cinematics are also quite good. While they don't quite reach the heights of the Sin scene, they're still very good and do a good job of connecting you with the story and characters. They're also surprisingly rare, which is a refreshing change from the norm in modern games: you're rarely given the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the story without being bombarded with cutscenes.


There are a few flaws in Final Fantasy X, most of which are minor nitpicks that will annoy only the most ardent fans. Most people will complain that the game is too easy. While leveling up makes this game easier, there are many unique things you can only fully appreciate when you max out your sphere grids, as this game has some fantastic optional bosses. Another common complaint is the tempo, which is understandable given that you are experiencing Spira through the eyes of the main character Tidus. You see things through his eyes because he, like you, is new to Spira.

Final Words: Is Final Fantasy X Still Worth Playing in 2022?

Overall, Final Fantasy X is a beautiful game with a diverse set of activities. You can do side quests, play Blitzball, ride chocobos, and more. The game truly has something for everyone, which is uncommon in today's games. It also has a variety of difficulty settings, allowing you to play the game however you want, whether as intended or with an added challenge. Final Fantasy X is a classic RPG that will appeal to any fan of the genre. It has a lot to do, an interesting story and characters, and a vibrant world to explore. It's a game that truly has something for everyone, and it's well worth a look for any gamer, RPG fan or not.