Dec. 7, 2022

Spotlight Series: CannoliSasquatch and the Importance of Free Speech (SS 1)

Spotlight Series: CannoliSasquatch and the Importance of Free Speech (SS 1)

The Cannoli Sasquatch (a legendary creature) joins Lambency on The Lambency Show to discuss a wide range of topics, but technical difficulties prevent viewers from seeing what the Cannoli Sasquatch looks like.

You will learn:

1. Why are violets blue?

2. What inspired Lambency to return to content creation after a nine-month break?

3. What is Canoli Sasquatch's opinion on the current state of the media landscape?

Cannoli Sasquatch is a content creator who got their start in the business by watching and being inspired by the Geeks and Gamers crew. They have since started their own podcast and have been slowly but steadily growing their subscriber base.

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Alright. And welcome back to The Lambency Show. I am Lambency, joined here by Cannoli Sasquatch, whose webcam is not working even after all this troubleshooting, we finally get a legendary creature, but we can't even show what he looks like. And I swear he's not as hairy as we anticipated him to be. But how you doing in Canolli?

I'm doing well. Besides the technical difficulties. Doing well, thank you. These things tend to happen when you steal other people's co hosts. That's what I hear.

Unfortunately. And then I guess it's my karma, so I get what I deserve, apparently. All right, so why don't we try to get these? I mean, if you figure out the webcam, great. If not, we're just going to have to go with what we got.

But welcome in. Go ahead, Creator Spotlight, that I am now officially relaunching and you were the first person on the Creator Spotlight. How does that make you feel? I feel honored. Scared for you.

If I'm the first choice.

I'm scared. I appreciate you bringing me on. I don't blame you. It's always fun running a show by yourself. As I said, I've been up since 05:00 a.m.

Just non stop working on podcast, videos, all that other stuff. It's always fun. But hey, whatever I can do to provide the highest quality content we possibly can. For those of you who are new here, I am Lambda from The, where we have multiple cohosts and we cover multiple topics, including this Week in Gaming and the weekly Anime recap. And now the Creator spotlight.

We write news articles as well as create podcasts that go up on all of the major podcast streaming platforms. If you're interested in filling out an application to possibly be interviewed, or if you want to take a look at our articles and past episodes, feel free to check us out over at www the But without further ado, let's get this party started. So, Canola, the world wants to know if roses are bread. If roses are red, why are violets blue?

Because the violets couldn't get into a relationship with anyone. Just sad. What if the violets are just sad? How about that? What if violets are technically balls and they're just blue balls?

That's a good theory. I never thought of it that way. So they're just kind of waiting for a release? Apparently. Is that where we're going?

Yes. Other than that, I really don't know. It's just one of nature's mysteries, I guess. Right? One of our nice homes.

So the weekly anime recap says, canola, if you need help, please feel free to ask me. I'll be your safe word from Lamb. Appreciate that very much. All right, what got you started in the content creation game? Oh, wow.

So I kind of always wanted to do it. Just never really had the courage or wherewithal to know where to begin to do it. I probably should have started like everybody else, or a lot of people started during COVID but I didn't. So I actually was inspired by a group of people on YouTube called Geeks and Gamers. I watched their streams, I watched them grow over the years.

And then it was actually at a meet up that they did about a year and a half ago in Orlando. They got a content creator house. I just saw them having a blast making content while they were there, just hanging out, having the freedom to do what they love. Got me finally enough to say, all right, I'm going to try this on my own. And not that hopefully.

I can only hope to aspire to get to the level they're getting and the growth they're getting. But it opened me up to a massive community of people. I just started doing it started with podcasts and then I have another one now. And subscriber growth has been pretty good in the last month, but it's a slow role, a lot of work, but I'm having a blast doing it. It's always interesting when you're getting into a new thing.

I don't talk about it much. I have several times before my original channel, I started back 112. And let's just say I was at the point where I was averaging 50 to anywhere between 50 to 75 viewers on YouTube at a time. Made a couple of videos. This is around the time, all right, around the time do you remember the whole Logan Paul incident with the Japanese suicide force?

Okay, so right around then, sue came out with these new policies and instead of punishing creators that deserve to be punished, it basically was almost like they're trying to beat down the little guy. So I put a few videos there explaining about it. Now, here's the way YouTube works. They have a copyright system, as you're aware, but for those who are unaware, they have a copyright system and they could strike your videos. If you get three strikes in a 90 day period, they can remove your channel.

Now, the thing about these strikes is whenever you get one, it says, who filed a strike against I made three videos against YouTube and basically put them on blast for the way they handled the situation. And instead of actually punishing Logan Paul, who got away scott free, they decided to take it out on the little guy. And all three of those videos were the ones that got copyright strikes. Now mind you, there is nothing copyrightable on them at all. Take a wild guess what the company name was that strikes my channel and removed Logan Paul.

Even worse, YouTube Corporation. Oh God. Oh good. That builds confidence in the content creation. After that, for a few years, I quit.

I came back. I didn't have the same steam I used to post. I used to make videos daily, stream like twice a week, all that other stuff. I'd come home immediately go make a video, all that. I didn't have that steam anymore and I just didn't have that passion.

I was losing my passion. I left for about nine months, I want to say this year, and then came back around like September with a completely new genre of content creation. I had never done podcasting before or anything and well, here I am, sure. So it's been interesting. Yeah, it's definitely there's a lot of red flags.

A lot of people who are like, you know, just be careful what you're putting out there. And especially for the type of content that I want in a podcast style. I'd like to talk about various subjects, but some of the newer, newer stuff with the pop culture stuff and a lot of that stuff. YouTube has been kind of tracking, I say tracking certain people, but the bigger people have been getting some copyright claims and strikes. Not even for showing content that's not there, it's just for talking about subjects that YouTube doesn't deem.

They don't feel like it's necessary to talk about it. They just want to quiet certain people. I think we kind of know what that means. I've been lucky so far, but I'm small, so there's a lot of people who think they go after small content creators to stop them from growing. Right now I'm trying to just kind of maneuver through things and learn as I go.

But we've been lucky so far. So far so good. I don't have blinders on. I have eyes in the back of my head. When I put up clips or a stream, I'm kind of aware that possibly we might get a claim or strike.

This is very true. It's an unfortunate thing. So who are some of your inspiration in the content creation game? Oh God. So I said before, I like a lot of the geeks and gamers crew.

I like RK out post Ryan Kennel, he was the first one I noticed before I got into the large group because I like him, because he's unapologetic, he tells the truth, he's not afraid to give his opinion. He actually makes good content. He's a guy you want to listen to. I couldn't do the frequency that he does. I mean the guy basically quit a job in the Navy, is like a nuclear engineer basically or something, just to do YouTube because he wanted to try it and within a year he came in like a hundred thousand subscribers like him.

I mean that general community critical drinker nerd Roti, you know, Gary Neurotic, that group of people really, even if I didn't always understand or like the content they were putting out, just love how they're honest, very true to themselves. They will not even and just become part of a corporation just to speed along their careers. They don't sell out. So that's like the main group and that's like I said, they're the ones who inspired me to get started on this, but in general, you get like the Joe Rogans and stuff. Not that I actually love all of his content, but guys like that who are just not afraid to put their information out there and see where it.

Goes, I can completely understand that. Originally, way back in the day, like I said, my original channel, I mean, this guy is a gigantic content creator now, but my biggest inspiration originally was Laser Beam. I don't know if you've run across him yet. I used to follow him when he was only at like 10,000 subscribers, and he was making challenge videos on Madam, and I was so happy to see that he was able to parlay that into what he is now. Now, no matter what he touches and stuff, he just trends.

He's hilarious. Definitely. Yeah, I definitely have seen his son. He makes good stuff. He makes good stuff.

I strive to be that entertaining and stuff. What inspired our comeback after being gone for, like, nine months, coming back with the podcast, in all honesty, had to do with the fact that I got tired of unrealistic journalism. And what I mean by that is bought journalists who are giving fake reports because they bought. And on top of that, it's not just bought by, for example, in the video game genre, sony tends to buy their reviews, if that makes sense. And it's not just stuff like that.

Also, it seems like a lot of these outlets are given a script of what they can and cannot say, and they go a little too far. Let's just say that if it continues going the way it's going, they're all going to become like Kotaku. Don't even get me started with Kotaku. We want to bring back I'm with you there, though. Yeah, it's important these days.

It's very important. I agree with you. And then a part of the reason and people can say, well, you're in a saturated market on YouTube or wherever you're putting your content, because there's a million other guys like you. It's like, yeah, but why not have a million and one? What's the difference?

One more voice, maybe they'll get their information from us a different way than they get the other. Maybe they'll have different takes. But I think it's important to tell the truth. And as we can see what's going on in the Twitter world, a billionaire took over the company. And while there are still some limitations on actual free speech there, it's gotten 100.

It's a lot better. A lot better than it was talking. About how, oh, no billionaire should have that much power. Really? Because you didn't say shit about Mark Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg bezos like they did. They pick and choose. When the guys on their side, it's okay. But of course, when you have somebody against them, it's the same old song and dance. It's just they don't like that.

They bring up the whole right wing Nazi it's like, you know, it's a tiring probe now that all these people. Start talking about, you know, the right wings are racist, but then they turn around and they're the ones calling people Nazis. Yeah, it's a double standard. It's ironic, isn't it? They're the ones actually doing the causing the racism, and then they're calling out everybody else saying we're not inclusive enough.

It's like, well, you're the party of inclusivity, supposedly, but yet you're eliminating a certain group of people you don't agree with. Out of that group you're keeping, you're the ones putting literal doing, but they. Get labeled as hate salt or anything else like that. Misogynist sexist, something with an Easter e. Yes.

And I'm not saying that even the people on the other side are always right. I know people who think Fox News is religion. I think they're just as bad as others. They're all bad. Yes.

So to find that alternative media source where you can kind of trust, it's hard. It's a lot of searching and information, and a lot of people just don't have the time or the capacity to sit and just go through new sources. It's just they hear what they hear. They're working. They got their families are busy, and it's like, okay, so a lot of them take it as religion or just brush it off.

Getting into this content business, though, it's really opened my eyes to a lot of other avenues, like, okay, now I really got to be even more careful about where I get my information. If I'm wrong, I'll admit it. Afraid to be honest, but not talk about that. I'm a firm believer, definitely eye opening. I'm also a firm believer in have an alternate viewpoint.

So this is why I say anyone who's a host, I tell them flat out, like, listen, there's me time. I'm going to say things you don't agree with, or one of the other hosts is going to say things you don't agree with. But the difference is we're going to allow a differing amount of opinion. We may disagree with each other, but we're going to respect each other. So I know for a fact that I'm kind of like in the neutral ground, if that makes sense.

I get some of the things on the left and some of the things on the right. I like to weigh my options, but I have a host that tends to lean left, and I have a host that tends to lean right as well. So we have a varying set of viewpoints, and I like that about us. It allows us more things, more kinds of more viewpoints, simply put. Yeah, it keeps things fresh.

It definitely keeps things fresh. I have no problem disagreeing, having disagreements in general, not even arguments. Him and I have disagreed. He ain't wrong. He's wrong.

Just debates. It's a debate. I listen to your shows with even Vex on Sundays. There's some discord there, but generally it's always respectful. And that's the way I like.

Even on my shows, I don't want you to agree with everything because I don't want to have a robotic sense of things where what I say is law and I have to have a bunch of sheep follow me. That's how we got into this mess in the country. A bunch of sheep following type of. Person who I don't like to speak about things unless I actually know what I'm talking about, which is why, you'll see, in a lot of the podcast, when I'm with Mikey, or if I'm with Vex, there are things where I'm just sad. I'll let them speak because I have no idea what's going on.

But when it comes to my specialties things, I actually know what I'm talking about and stuff. That's what I'm going to speak up. I was always taught that don't speak unless you know what you're talking about because it's better for someone to think you're an idiot than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Dude, 100%. I've learned that kind of the hard way doing the podcast.

When I first started with my first show, I was on talking about subjects, and I was trying to be, like you said, trying to sound smarter than I really was. Even if I research something, I wasn't 100% passionate about it, but somebody on the panel was. I've learned to be like, okay, maybe ask more questions about the subject of the person who's an expert than just me trying to be, because you're right, you do sound like an idiot. I have a co host on Fridays. He's begin to firearms, right?

I know a lot, but not as much as him. So I kind of we had a show about it, and I kind of stepped back and I said, okay, now you guys talk and you teach me and teach the audience. And actually ended up being great because I learned a lot of stuff that even I didn't wasn't aware of or known about that industry, whether or not you're into it or not, even the safety stuff, it was eye opening to me. I was like, wow, actually just sit and listen and let the people on your panel talk or whoever you have talk on a subject matter that you're not 100% comfortable with. You can actually do a lot more learning than just instead of just playing it off, like, I knew that let's move on kind of thing.

It's not just learning and stuff. Sometimes you can learn things about them that they don't see in themselves. For example, Vex and I, we started off when we did these podcasts. At first I interviewed her, which is how she ended up getting the role. It's funny, we've done the creator spotlight before, just none that have gone on to, like, Spotify yet.

So I interviewed Vex originally because she had a very interesting story about how I might do I think I'd titled a stream, something along the lines of vex found love in an unexpected place due to the fact that she found her husband. And Mikey, I interviewed him before he became a host, too. As long as we had a good vibe, that's how people become hosts on my channel. Like, if they have a good topic and we vibe on an interview, then I'll offer. But originally Becks and I were talking politics and then we just decided it's too toxic right now.

We don't mind coming back to it at a later date. Definitely not. But I noticed that she was very good at what she did. And I said to her one day, I'm like, Maybe I know you love video games. Why don't you do a weekly video game report?

And that's how we got started with the weekly video game report, just because I witnessed how she was speaking and when we would speak outside of the streams, I would notice her passion for it. So it's like, that's how I learned that she might be good for it. And I think I had it spot on. If anyone has watched this week in Gaming Zex, she puts in work. She's good.

Yeah, she's really good. She does a lot of research. You could tell, cause when she's giving the information on a subject, it's not like she's some people that have asked the research on a podcast or a show, you can just tell she comes off extremely professional, but extremely knowledgeable. And like you said, a lot of research, a lot of work, and it comes off very natural for her on the show. Some people don't.

So I think, yeah, she's a perfect person to have on. Okay. I love that show. As I got to know her, it's like my Sunday night thing. Even if I can't watch it all at one time, I definitely go back or even the next day when I start work really early, it's the first thing I put on and listen to it.

I love it. Yeah, she's perfect. A lot of the times I listen to that and the weekly anime recap on Spotify or Amazon music and stuff when I'm on my way to work. And the reason why is because I'm trying to find things we can improve or things that we can add to make the content better. So I also believe you should always listen to your own content.

You don't have to listen to everything, but just enough so you can get a gist of how you sound, how whoever you have on sounds, and just try to improve things as best can. But I completely understand. She does come out very professional. She is very knowledgeable. Now, does that mean she always has 100% accurate information?

No, I'd say like 99% of the time there are things I disagree with because she has a different viewpoint than me, sure, but that's where my expertise comes to so that's where you have that friendly little debate. That's good, though. You need that balance, though. It happens to me on my shows. If you don't agree or yeah.

It's not even about the fact that the beautiful thing is that there's a camaraderie there that you're so comfortable with each other and then, no, you can cut them off. Or while they're talking, when they're done with their point, to come back at them and go like, I've heard you guys do it on the show. And like I said, it's very cordial. But it's good because as a listener, it's interesting that you're thinking, oh, there's a little conflict here, but it's not toxic. It's not a bad way toxic.

That actually got was when she couldn't hear me. So I was like, vex and every time I get that, she'd be like, I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you. They'd be like, oh, you son of a right. Little things like that. Yeah, but I mean, that happens, but technical stuff.

But in general, you got to have that. I don't want people who are just going to be a yes or no, yes or no, sir. Because it's my show. I don't want people to be uncomfortable. I want you to be yourself.

The first thing I said when I started, I want complete honesty and just be yourself. And I think we've kind of gotten we're getting to that point. It's getting better. I try to tell them that all the time and stuff. I mean, I may not say it every week, but they know.

I mean, I've said it to them numerous times. This may be my show, but this is your second. I know where my expertise is. I'm more of a back end guy anyways, like the guy who gets everything up and running. This is why we have a website.

This is why we have ourselves on Spotify and everything else like that. Speaking of which, did you get that website up yet? I have not got my website up. I have a domain name. I have everything set, basically, but I have not started it yet.

But I have been looking into it more recently just to get it started. So it'll help promote podcasts. It's another thing. I know you gave me a lot of information on that. I have a folder here and I have some time coming up soon for the holidays, and I'm going to spend most of that time just getting all that stuff.

If you have any questions about that, clearly I've done it. No, you're the first person on the list to call when I have questions or get stuck because I'm pretty sure it's going to happen. So moving along with the content creation, how did you run across your co host? Well, so on the Friday show, the Whiskey, you can always podcast with a whiskey. Banger.

He. I worked together at a job for a few years I'm sorry, man. I know. I just won't leave me alone now. We work together.

He was actually the one who gave me my name. I remember I walked into the place, and I was very shy. It's weird. I don't come across that way on the show in person. I was I've gotten better at that now.

But it's like a new place. I don't know who the hell these people are. And he brought me in. He was very good. He's a good leader.

He's an ex army infantry soldier. So the guy is just like a natural. He knows how to what's the word I'm looking for? He's an alpha male, kind of, but he's not in the bad alpha male sense. Like, he's a good judge of character, and he's good.

He's a good teacher. He's very patient. So he was showing me, training me in the job, and he's like, you know, you're a big dude. You're Italian, right? He goes, yeah.

You like cannolis, right? You also look like a Sasquatch, so I'm going to call you Cannoli Sasquatch from now on. I was like, oh, okay. Because I'm six five, a big dude. So that's where the name came from.

I worked with him.

Tore up my knee and everything else like that. But I'm only six three, man. Oh, God. It's still a good size.

Wow. Yeah, you shut up, man. Yeah, I like the height thing, and then I lost a bunch of weight recently, so I look like I'm like 7ft tall now. I thinned out. I lost 90ft.

I did. I lost 100. Yeah, that's good. I lost that counts. So much pressure off my back.

I can imagine that's what happens. Yeah. So we work together for a while then. Yeah, I just said eventually we stopped working together. We both quit the job, but then still hung out and talk all the time.

Families are closed. And we just said, let's just do it. And he was the first person I reach out to. I said, hey, let's do a podcast. What do you think?

He's very shy in front of people too. And I'm like, let's just do it. And he wasn't reluctant at all, actually. He's like, I'm fine. I'll do it because it's you.

Here we are. He loves doing it. Now. He hasn't been on recently, but he's coming back this Friday because he got to take some time off for family stuff. So that's basically and then the other guy, the Filipino meatball, I worked with him too, for a while, and he's a character.

He's just your comedy. I was like, I need this guy as a comic relief when he was able to come on. And he just gelled together because we've known each other for so long. There you go. At least you found some people.

Now, how did you run across Vex? Oh, God. Vex actually was on Twitter when I started getting back into the Twitter thing. Promote and build up a following there. Yeah, I just found it.

We were talking, talking. I was about a video, of course, naturally. Video game stuff, right? And he's like, oh, yeah, you know, I do video game stuff. And I looked at her profile, like, oh, cool.

This will be a perfect. And then as time went on and a lot of other things in common, most of the things, like, with certain politics and just our senses of humor, very similar. We like to give restart to joke around with each other, give each other brat and rib each other once in a while, and then basically a dude. Yeah. So she reminds me a lot of my wife in that way, where their personalities are very similar, so it's just very natural to get along with her.

And then as time went on, then I found the show that you two do on Sunday This Week in Gaming. And then, yeah, I was like, you know what? I got to be friends with this person because she's really cool. And there we go. So, yeah, basically, social media, believe it or not, I actually did something good for one.

It's shocking when that happens. Out of curiosity, what was your first reaction, your initial reaction of the first time you watched this Week in Gaming compared to now? I think my first reaction was, like, initially, and even now, I have the same feeling about it. I love the show because I used to be much bigger in gaming, and I can't do more because I have family work full time than I got the YouTube thing. So it gives me a lot of insight into things I didn't know.

But I think overall, my reaction was, wow, this is a good show. I wanted to grow, see where it goes technically, from a technical standpoint. Let's see where it goes from a production standpoint. Not that it was bad before, but it's definitely improved, and I think it's even more entertaining now that I kept up with it. I know on the back end of things, you're doing a lot to improve things.

And then Vex, obviously, she's just awesome anyway. And I know she even told me she tries to improve with the information, research and anything. Naturally, as it progresses and you actually put hard work into it, it gets better. It's amazing what happens when you have multiple people who are working towards a common goal and put in the effort 100%, right. But we appreciate it and stuff.

I ran across yours, and I was pleasantly surprised as well. And we can always share notes on ways to improve each other and stuff if we run across the Tidbits. So feel free to hit me up. Don't be a stranger. All right, so you've been given an elephant.

You can't give it away, and you can't sell it. What do you do with it? Give it. An elephant can't sell. I.

Can't get rid of it, I guess. Just put it in my backyard, use it to hang clothes. Remember, you got to feed it. That is true. There's a lot of neighborhood cats around here, so, I mean, I think that's take care of me.

It takes care of itself 100%, I'm sure. Elephant gets hungry enough, it'll eat a cat. Not that I want that to happen, mind you, but just saying it saves me money. I would prepare for war. Old school tanks, man.

Exactly like that, actually. It's good. Get it ready for battle. Battle elephant. Sounds good to me.

We'll call it the battle house. I don't know if you've ever seen that. I have, actually laughing. It's pretty funny. I'm glad you got the reference.

Got it. So what keeps you motivated to continue creating content? Oh, God. I think it's what you said before is just all two things. When I do go back and rewatch and then this is not like a self absorbed egotistical thing.

It's like, oh, I'm actually better than I thought I was at it, but there's always room for improvement. But it gets me excited. I do go back and listen and just talk, just listening to the subjects we're talking about to be more motivated and then just seeing what's going on in the world still. I'm just a small YouTuber now, but just to have an extra voice to get information to people that kind of broaden their horizons, kind of open their minds and eyes up a little bit to what's really going on. And then always when I do start to feel a little stressed out or taxed on this, something will happen where I'll get a boost in subscribers or even just a comment from one person saying, hey, I really loved your podcast.

I loved your subject. You're doing a great job. Because there's always negative that comes with the positive, but not always a bad thing, depending on how you take that. But when I get tired by the end of Fridays when I'm doing all these streams and shows, it's like when I get back to editing on Saturday, as exhausting as it can be, it motivates me. It's like, oh, man, I really like where this is going.

And seeing other people succeed that you want to see succeed, and you don't care about how many more viewers they have than you. People you like in the industry, smaller people, it's motivating, because when they get success, it motivates me even more.

Some people will help each other out, but one will blow up, and then all of a sudden, they act like they don't do it. I still remember my old cheese when I was doing really well. I would help quite a few smaller content creators. But the thing is, they ended up growing faster than me. And then all of a sudden, they're bigger than me and they forgot who I am.

It's just funny how that happens. This is why I'm never going to change. I'm still going to help people out if I think their content is good. I think it's just all ego. I mean, that's the biggest thing that hurts human beings is ego.

And I agree with you. I'm not by any means a big social media mogul. There are times where I have more of a following on Twitter, and I always try to help people out, because I see people like, oh, man, I really wish I can get to, like, even 50 or 100 followers. On Twitter or 50 or 100 subscribers on YouTube. And it's like, okay.

So the first thing I do is, all right, let's help this person. So I'll retweet it and say, hey, this guy is a great guy. Let's get him some followers. Let's get him some subscribers. He deserves it.

I'll say it works. But I do like that if I am a little bit above someone, I would love to help them, because I know what that's I started off with, like, four Twitter followers and five YouTube subscribers, and now it's gotten better, but it hasn't changed my personality at all. It's like, oh, you only have 20 people. You're a piece of crap. No, that's not the point.

I want to help people. I don't care if somebody surpasses me and gets 1000 followers and I only say 200. It's like, eventually, to me, it's not about that. It's doing what I love. And I love to see people succeed, good people.

Especially the one thing I always post on social media. I love helping good people. If you're genuine, then I have no problem doing good sales, really about the. Content of their character and what kind. Of content they provide.

I mean, I'll give you a perfect example. Going back to laser beam. Laser beam just randomly ran across Mr. Fresh Asian and took him under his wing. And now Mr.

Fresh Asian is also a huge content creator. Now, I'm not saying that you have to do things like that, but Mr. Fresh Asian provided something and they got along. I mean, hell, interview him all the time, jokingly says that he's his father. So it's all about creating good content.

I don't care how big or small someone is, if you create good content, give me a good banter, I'm all for it. You know, if we blow up, I still don't care. I'd love to be the person where I watch, you know, we get huge and I watch a smaller content creator who has great content but just doesn't have the reach and just reach out as this gigantic creator and be like, hey, listen, I've been watching your content. I love your content. I want to put you on the creator spotlight.

You know what I mean? I was to be able to do that and just be able to help people kickstart their careers. I agree with you. If I'm lucky enough to get big enough on my own where I can do this full time and yeah, I can help somebody, of course I would do that, because that's what this whole thing is about. I understand that initially you're doing it yourself, but if you can't help other people and if it's not genuine and you're just a miserable person, it's like, I don't need an ego stroke.

I don't need a pat in the back. It's like, I don't need all that. Is it nice to get? Is it a confidence boost if you had a lot of subscribe? Yeah, okay, sure.

Because what you're doing is actually resonating with people. But I have no problem guys asking me for advice, and I know he's good, and I think he has a talent. In the future, of course I'm going to help that person. Why not keep all for myself at the point? But they're missing an element.

But you know what that element is, and you know how you can help? This is why, for example, with you, after I was on your podcast as a surprise guest, when you were interviewing, when you had Becks on after the podcast, I was like, hey, listen, I love your content, but you should really consider getting yourself on Spotify and all that and getting yourself a website. And I immediately was, Here, let me help. Exactly. Because if we keep it a secret and stuff here, we're just hurting each other because I don't care how big you are, you can always learn.

Oh, God. Yeah, I agree with you. I agree. I have no problem. And it's appreciated some people.

It's weird, I've noticed I've known people who would take offense and they were on YouTube, or somebody would say, hey, maybe you should do this, and they would get annoyed. I'm like, Why are you getting annoyed? It's like trying to help. These people are trying to help you. And they weren't coming off as like, hey, your show sucks.

You need to do this. It was like, kind of what you said, like, hey, I noticed you got doing great at this. Maybe add this to help you out. It's very casual, very nonchalant way of just helping someone. And they were getting annoyed.

I don't need your help. It's like, well, then you're not going to succeed, because if you're not willing to take it's not a criticism, it's just advice. And even criticism is not a bad thing if it's given in a positive way. I don't mind getting criticism about myself. It's something I can go back and relisten to and I go, oh yeah, he's right.

I should do this differently while I'm interviewing somebody. It's not negative, but people are just strange like that sometimes they let their ego get in the way and they just take it personal, especially when you're. Trying to improve your content. Do I think we have great quality for the size we are yes, I do. But I also have a lot of experience from previous channels.

Do I think I can improve my content? Yes, I do. Do I think I know every way I can improve my content? No, I don't. No matter how much I try, I don't know everything.

I may be the guy who works on everything in the back end and makes everything tick. That doesn't mean I know everything. Are you kidding? A lot of the time, a lot of the things you're seeing, a lot of the improvements you're seeing are either suggestions from viewers, fellow content creators, or a bunch of research. That's what it really boils down to.

I don't believe in settling for, however, your content currently even constantly striving to improve. And that's the first lesson I learned with editing. It can be overwhelming in the beginning, but as time goes on and you just kind of settle into, like you said, a lot of research, a lot of trial and error, trying out different things. It's also important, I think if it doesn't work, you can't knock yourself for you, like, I tried that, it didn't work. This isn't working for me.

Am I comfortable with this? Let's do this. And even now, when I edit my clips out of my videos, I've come a long way. As far as when I first started, it was a mess. I had no intro.

It was kind of just sloppy. The quality was bad. And again, there's much room for improvement. If I look back now to six months ago when I started, it's a massive improvement. And that's the thing.

Previous content and look at your current content and see an improvement, there was a problem. I agree 100%. So before we continue this podcast, we are going to go on a short break. And we will be and we are back. We were able to fix this webcam.

I don't want to say what I suggested that fixed it, unless you want to. I think it's hilarious. Oh, this is what we were just talking about, how you need help. I needed help. It was the simplest suggestion.

You unplug your webcam and plug it back in and it starts working.

But this is my point. A bad thing, though. See, some people would take offense to that. I cried a little bit. It's one of the first things I always do.

The other thing is, if that didn't work, my next suggestion was going to be put it in a different USB port. I've heard that before, but not with cameras. It really depends on the computer. All right, so now that we've got your camera up and running, you guys could see that clearly. This sasquatch is not quite as hairy as you would expect at all.

I have gray hair, but I'm not hairy. All right, so moving along, what are your goals, both short and long term? My short term goal goal in general is just to keep growing the channel and improving. So I set out a goal when I first started to have 100 subscribers on YouTube by the end of the year. So superseded that now because I have 211, and then also to have a certain amount of watch hours.

Hitting that monetization goal eventually would be nice, but just in general, just to have one of two shows. Initially I wanted one podcast on one night and then another one early in the week, trying to separate everything. And that actually happened a lot sooner. Like I said, I didn't know what to expect out of any of this. But now that I have a Monday and a Friday show, it's pretty much where I want to be right now.

So I met those two goals. My goal for the New Year is to really improve on those shows and to just keep making better content and try to make more videos in between. Not just clipping out stuff for the week for people to have content to watch, but actually me making recorded videos. And that's another improvement I need to make. I can't stand the way I talk and sound on a recorded video, but I could do great on live, so I got to get more comfortable with that.

That's my goal for the new Year. At least one of the suggestions I always say is record yourself with your phone, for example. I would say record yourself for about five minutes. Video on webcam, right? And the first time that you watch it, I want you to watch it with the screen down.

Just listen to yourself. Listen to the way you speak. Listen to the way you have your manners and the way you present yourself. And you can figure out the right way, just voice wise, what you need to do to improve. Then the next time you watch it, you're going to watch it a second time, you're going to mute it, you're going to watch your posture, you're going to watch your facial expression, you're going to watch how you use your hands, how you position yourself, because that is also a way that you present yourself.

And when you figure out those two things, you can improve that. Yeah, I actually like that. I never really thought of it that way. So this is what I mean. Like, suggestions like that, I never would have came up with myself.

I just did a video about the Super Mario Bros. Trailer just came out. I was like, Let me talk about this. I went back and watched it after I loaded it up. I did it before work.

I was kind of moving quickly, and I didn't have a bunch of time to re edit. It wasn't a long video. I went back and watched it now. It just seemed very you know how some people it's just like this robotic tone, kind of where I sound like I'm reading from a literal script in front of me that it wasn't in real life. And I go back and yeah, and it's like when I go back and listen to my live streams, it's just such a different I'm so confident.

Not that, like I said, I'm not pat myself on the back, but it's just like it's so different and it's one of the things I have to. Work on, I would say that sounds. To grow the channel I got to. Come off as you continue to practice. Yeah, that's definitely a little bit easier.

I've been doing it for quite a while, and I'll be honest, I'm more comfortable doing that than I am talking to people in real life. Yeah, it's crazy because it's the opposite for me. Now, I'm not saying that couldn't at least even out eventually the more I do record videos, but I love talking to people live. It's really weird. Like I said, I used to be shy in front of people, and then I just kind of grown into this like, no, I'm just going to be me.

Why not? And when I'm interviewing people, whether it's talking to people in real life in front of me or just on a stream, it seems very natural to me. Doing the recorded stuff is frightening. I'm just like a deer in the headlights staring at the camera going, oh, God, what do I say now? And so I just have to structure it better, that's all.

Like you said, with time it will improve. And if you need help and ideas on how to structure it that might work for you, feel free to reach out. I clearly got the experience. I wouldn't say I'm an expert, but I would say that I'm certainly not a rookie at it. I have some experience.

I'll take any advice. All right, so what's the most interesting thing about you that we wouldn't learn normally from your content alone? Most interesting thing I have to think about this one because there's so many I'm just kidding. Probably that I got to think about this for a second. Most interesting thing would probably be that I'm very well, actually, I want to say it's an interesting fact.

It's just something I just don't like being in public. I think I have an underlying anxiety and phobia of being out with a lot of people. Maybe you wouldn't know that, but by the way I come off in my streams, I think it's like an undiagnosed thing where I just I'm a homebody. And I always thought it was because I just prefer staying at home. I'm more comfortable at home, that's part of it.

But I actually don't I tend to have a lot of anxiety being out. I stress out. Like when I'm getting ready to go out somewhere, I actually literally work myself up to the point where I'm just like to literally sick to my stomach every time. My wife would be like, every time we do something. So I think it's just an undiagnosed anxiety that I never really felt with it's really weird.

I don't want to say it's interesting. I just think it's something I've realized more as I've gotten older. I would even say that the way this world is currently set up, I would actually say that fear might actually be justified as you don't actually have to do anything in public for something bad to happen to you. And COVID changed a lot of that too, right? Where you were kind of stuck inside and you just got really comfortable in your place.

I work from home now, so it's like being out in the public. It's a little yeah, I have to kind of catch my breath once in a while when I go out. I'm going out this weekend with the family for a big Christmas thing we're doing. And I'm like, oh God, I'm already trying to find ways out of it. I think it's just more of a mental thing where I can just be like, I want to stay home where I'm comfortable, but also not a healthy thing.

Yeah, it really depends on the person. Some people are just happier home buyers. I wouldn't even say that this is an undiagnosed thing. For all we know, it could be. However, I'll tell you from personal experience, not everybody requires outside stimulation.

Me personally, if I didn't have to work, I would never leave my room, let them know in my house. I understand that. I got everything I need in my house, right. So it's like, why do I need to be out? And I even have food delivered to my house now.

So it's like, eh, no, I'm comfortable now. You have instant cart. They could just do their grocery shopping for you. Yeah, I used it a lot recently. My wife was sick a couple of weeks ago.

We use it a lot. So it's amazing how the world has changed that way. So who do you think is an overrated content creator? Oh, God.

It's a guy that I used to really like back in the day. It's pretty obvious now if you know who he is currently. And I don't think he's as popular as he used to be. He still gets a lot of name recognition and this could be controversial for some. I think Howard Stern is the most overrated content creator out there now, but I'm just going by who I used to listen to and actually like.

And then now the guy has just become first of all, he's never on the air, never doing half of the shows. Most of the time he's always taking time off. And I just think listening back to love the man. I'm not going to say he didn't change things for radio, of course, back in the day, and he was a revolutionary in some ways, but now it's become extremely overrated and I think it's because of his attitude changed, his politics changed. Like he just became a corporate shill, basically.

But now, listening back, I don't think he was ever as good as I thought he was. There's other people, and I know people that I know think Joe Rogan is that in that category. I'm just going by big content creators that are really well known. I'm kind of 50 50 with him sometimes. But as far as YouTube stuff, kind of hard to tell because I stick within a certain group for my YouTube content.

Of course there's bigger names out there. You can go with the Logan Paul's and all those people. I don't understand it. And then there's the other Ethan Klein and those kinds of I don't know. I don't get it.

I don't get how these people are popular. They're annoying, but in particular cannot stand. There's a guy who participated, not only participated, but encouraged cancer, cold. Then when it comes around and swings attacks the other way because he got exposed for being who he is, he wants to cry. Yeah, he just comes off as a person who's not genuine.

He's not happy. He's just playing along his fan base because it grew to a point where he seems miserable. Like when I watch other content creators, they're actually happy, what they're doing or whatever clips I see of people talking about him, the guys never just seems miserable. He's never happy. He's always complaining.

It goes along with other things as far as lifestyle, politics sometimes. But the way just his overall, how he lives his life. But just recently there was something about him and I was just like, how do people get and then his brother what's his brother's name? I forgot he even had a brother.

These people have like 40,000 people watching them live and all they're doing is bitching and bitching. Talk about socialism is great and he's living in like a mansion, flaunting all his wealth. I forgot what his brother's name is. I'm going to get shit for this. Probably because they're very well known, YouTuber.

He's very popular. People like that drive me crazy. It's like they can do their thing. There's room for them on the platform. I guess I just don't understand why they're so popular.

It's me. They're annoying, but that's just me. As far as the whole thing, I get that a lot of people say he's overrated. I think he's underrated and I'm going to tell you why. I think he gets a lot of hate simply for the guests he has on.

But if you've ever sat down and listened to one of his podcasts, all he's doing is allowing an open conversation and allowing someone to express their viewpoint. I agree there and then questioning them. I don't see the harm in that. Open discussion and free speech should be allowed. If we can't talk about the difficult topics, what can we talk about?

Because if we don't talk about them. Now, especially during the last two years. Have you seen what's going on in China? I agree. I have seen everything that's going on in China, and it's scary.

There's a lot of scary stuff happening just around the world in general, but China especially, of course, it's been swept. Under the people who are going home to home and now taking people into quarantine even though they don't have cobid and forcefully evicting them, of course. Yeah, I have been seeing that. And I was talking recently with a buddy of mine, and I was like, you know, funny, because you damn well know that our own government would love to be doing this. But there's one thing stopping them.

I think you guys even talked about this. It's the Second Amendment, and they know that it's going to be a fight to get that away from people, but they're not going to stop. They're going to keep going. I guess the only saving grace coming soon, and I'm not even saying that the Republicans are be the saviors, but with them, taking the House going to be much harder for Biden to pass any legislation. Not that the Republicans are the right or the right wing or even any better, because I think they're all just paid off pawns fight for the Constitution a little bit.

Even if it's fake, they're going to 100%, so they have a base to cater to, too, and they're going to do what they can to keep the Second Amendment after January, it's going to be easier. So, yeah, that's the only thing stopping, honestly, is that especially in states like where I am and then people I have family in Texas. And that's changing here, though, too, because of our new governor, and that worries me a little bit, but we'll see how that all plays out. All right, so who do you think is an underrated content creator? Oh, them.

And say, you know, you're the underrated content creator. God, no.

I can always bring out the big guys. Like, who do I think? I think I told you. I think I'll post. Not that he's underrated.

I think he should be bigger than he really is, though. But I think it's because of the content he talks about kind of restricts him in some ways. I love him, though. I think he's great. There's a lot of little guys, I think, honestly, the one guy besides you and vexing other people, the one guy I really, really like, he's really starting to get a stride is his name is Abomination AJ.

He's a content creator on YouTube. He's got like 560 subscribers. But the guy super knowledgeable about a lot of things. And this is a great point we were talking about before. He's into anime and all this shit that I don't even know anything about yet.

When I hear him talk about it, he actually gets me involved in conversations. He's really up and coming. I think he's going to blow up. It's going to be the next Eric July ripa with the comment he's trying to create his own content. And then guys like him, though, we're going to look back and go, yeah, I remember when I was friends with that guy and he had 500 subscribers.

Now he's got like 500,000 mute my microphone. So like, guys like him, ricky Alpos I love. I think he should be much bigger than he is, those guys. But I like a lot of the site, I support a lot of the smaller guys now because I'm in that group number one. And number two, I think they don't get a lot of recognition because they're starting out and they should.

So I try to promote those guys as much as I can. I'm getting twice to sometimes three times as many average viewers when I stream over on Rumble. Just because Twitch is just completely Rumble's great saturated. Twitch has got some problems. I know that you and Vex, we talk, we've talked about that.

To me and her. It's weird because Twitch changed a lot in the last few years and then a lot of people weren't happy when they changed how the money was split. I think it's 50 50 now where it was 70 30 before with the revenue. That pissed a lot of people off. They kicked a lot of big content creators are leaving.

I don't know if I want to say Twitch is on its last legs, but there's other alternatives now to Twitch and they're growing. There's one called Locals, which is a massive it's becoming massive. I think gamers just moved a lot of their stuff there and Rumble, of course, is another competitor. I think Rumble needs a lot of work on their interface and some of their text on the back end, but probably the best alternative right now. And of course, everybody is waiting on Twitter if Elon Musk is going to do something in the future, that's where a lot of people are going to look to for content as Twitter, maybe.

I think Twitch is kind of I think Vex has even said it's pretty much it's on its last legs and it's just a matter of time before it's just like, all right, becomes obsolete. As you said. I still have some podcasts that are on Twitch, but I have content all different platforms. I try to have different content on different platforms, which I'm sure you've noticed because I've noticed you follow me on all my socials. Yeah.

No, I do. There's a difference and I like that there's options and that's definitely something with the podcast part of it I want to expand on. But even the video, I expanded to Odyssey. I have my stuff mirrored to Odyssey, mirror to rumble. And eventually when you build up following on those platforms, you can do live stuff or you can pay on Rumble to do some live content.

But promoting. Those more is an alternative because it's faced as much as the YouTube. It's great, but have their own issues and like you said, they silence people and they can you got to diversify. With on certain platforms. But one of the things I did.

Oh, I agree, a long time ago. You remember that original channel where I quit for a couple of years after what happened? You know what my biggest mistake back then was? I had no second platform. I had no other social media.

I didn't even have a disk. I lucked out that a couple of the people who followed me who are avid fans before refund me a couple of years later when I restarted. For example, Kojiro Takamashi is currently on month 56 in a row as a resub on Twitch, and he was there on my original chip. So he refunded me and he actually played games with them when I can sometimes. Yeah, I started a twitch.

Channel. I was like I said, I don't play games as much as I used to, but when I was like, this would be the place to actually do it if I want to get on and play some games. Wasn't working the few times I was on. Then I just start I'm just going to go on YouTube and get a little more of a pull there from what I do play occasionally. But you have to diversify your platforms.

So if I forbid got kicked off YouTube, the Rumble would be the next option. But I liked the option. For now at least, I can mirror the content there because I could say, hey, if you don't like YouTube, there's these other two other platforms now that my content goes on immediately, right after I'm done here and the next day it's up there. Then eventually, as I grow and get more followers here on YouTube, I can grow on those platforms. And then just like you were telling me with the Spotify, the podcast stuff grow there.

Like I said, one of the goals. In the new year, too, is to. Kind of spread out. And then the apps, like you said, Discord, I just started doing that. And then obviously, Twitter is where I get really probably 95% of my traction by following theirs.

It's really gotten a lot higher in the last six months. Three to six months. I retweet Skyrocket the last month. It helps a lot too. Like, crazy.

I personally have it, but I'm also less interactive because I'm the guy behind the scenes doing all the other things, and I work full time on top of that. So I just don't have oh, I agree with you, but that's fine with. Me because that's why 100% it's true. It's just a matter engagement does help. But I'm like you, too.

Like today, I wasn't on Twitter very at all because like I told you before the show, I had a really busy work day. My full time job, so I didn't have time to answer or go on. There are days where it slows down a little bit for work and then I have occasionally, like a minute or two here to go see what's going on or retweet something. I do notice, though, that three, four months ago when I used to get up, I have like one notification. Now I'm waking up to like 30 notifications.

There's just a lot of retweets and whatever, and it's like, okay, but it is time consuming. That's the thing. If you have a full time gig plus running shows and editing, you know, this it's a little bit taxing sometimes mentally to keep track of all this stuff. I could definitely get one of my. Tweets or something because all of a sudden I come from like maybe I have one or two notifications till I got like 15.

I'm like, I can only struck again.

I'm glad I can help. That's what I'm here for. Of course.

Got your following up. It's like with Vex, I just recently. You can only do it from iOS. And I'm looking at it, they do. Realize I did it.

I love when people are like, well, if Apple takes it down, twitter is going to shut down. Oh, no, not really. Because people fail to realize that Apple is only 26% of the cell phone market. There's so many variations of Android phones out there. So they'll be okay.

I read recently the web version is coming out soon. That's going to really help. I did it as a joke when I got the Bluetooth market on my iPhone and it was playing. It does no, I think yeah, because it puts you first and foremost, when you're tweeting, you'd see the engagement higher. I think that's another reason why the growth has been substantial expedited recently.

But like I said, I did it with Vex recently. She was at like 290 something followers on there. So let's get her up to 300. And she did. Not because of just me.

But I have no problem helping people and shutting them out because people do it for me. All right, so what are some of your favorite things to do when you're not creating content and blowing your wife? Do you actually have free time? Well, that's working. It's only for a few.

But no, actually it's funny. As I've gotten older, I like to read more even though I haven't done it a lot recently. It's weird. Like, I was never a big reader, but it's weird when I find myself actually getting into a even now I have this Ripperverse comic that I still have to read some. And then I have my other cohost, Copa.

He's got a book I want to read. But I like playing video games. I do. It calms me down. It's weird to say that because I know most people who play games.

There is that gamer rage that does come on. But it does take me, relaxes me. And then there's that. And I think it's cliche, but I do like spending time with my family. I like to get away.

And like this past weekend we watched some Christmas stuff. Like this weekend we're doing stuff as a family for Christmas. I don't necessarily like going out, like I've said before, but it's all said and done. It's little things I've noticed as I've gotten older, the little tiny things, the little freedoms that you do get in a day means a lot. Walking the dog, like stupid little things.

But I like gaming, of course. I love watching movies. I like watching a lot of old movies because most movies today suck. I like to escape into things. So I think that's important.

Escapism is very important, I think, especially now. I do like the fact that you brought up Copa because I don't think a lot of people actually realize that because of his last name. You do realize his name is a punt on Barry Mandela's. Copacabana Cabana for him is Copa Catania. It's the first thing I mentioned to him.

Yeah, it is a perfect that's actually a great idea for a song I can create for him now. He just gave me a great idea. Thank you. See, this is why I did when I first met him. But then I just got sidetracked.

But now that you brought it up again, it reminded me and now I have to do something about that. Now. I'm not going to let it down. I'm going to give him crap about that for the rest of his life now. Funny, the first time I saw it, I'm like, he's a Paramount or either that or he's just like, yeah, he's.

Definitely a bare mantle fan. That's obvious, right? So what are three items you might purchase at a grocery store to get strange looks from the cashier? Oh, God. Strange looks from the cashier.

So I'd probably get oh, man. I wasn't going to say like a box of condoms, but I don't know if that'd be strange or just obvious reasons. You get looks there. I probably these days you would consider this strange, but not well, in the old days, you would have considered this strange, but not if you just grabbed like a box of tampons just walked up. Now, most people would think it was for your wife or girlfriend, but you kind of, like, hinted it was more for you.

But I would say, like, in 2022. Is that really a stretch anymore? What the hell? I think more people are buying those for weird reasons, I think. What else?

What would I buy at a grocery store? Make strange looks? Three things there's that I haven't been in a grocery store in so long. Maybe like mine, some groceries, some people. What's weird is a grocery store.

That is true. I was going to say, like, what could you bought while everything at Walmart. Kids Story book a binky and adult diapers. Yes, you could do that. Adult diapers would be fun.

Actually, I'm going to go with that because that would be interesting at my age. Yeah, you wouldn't consider that. So I go to Tampons, the adult diaper, probably.

Yeah, some kind of like baby clothing. Just some weird because that's the thing, though. It's like, well, it's Walmart number one. So everything is strange at Walmart. But they're used to that.

People who work there are probably used to seeing weird stuff like any other location. I think the adult diaper one takes the cake, though, because why buy that? And that is why, even though I love myself, I try not to have them in when I'm in the podcast because just I know that there's a bunch of things. So, for example, you can do condoms, lube and add to a special grandma card. Oh, see, this is where my imagination doesn't go.

So that's a good one. Fluffy handy. That's a good one. Dog collar and dog food. I like that.


Sounds painful but fun at the same time. Sleeping pills, frying pan and a DVD of Jeffrey Dahmer. Yeah. Yes. Okay, now you're going deep.

This is the stuff I couldn't think of initially. This is much better than I was. Coming up, I saw a huge bottle. Of vodka, huge bottle of whiskey and the cheapest child's birthday cake available. Okay, that's a good one, too.

Like, these are good options. Vaseline, Batman mask. Oh, I like that. The Dark Knight return camera. Photo frame, kitchen knife.

Serial killer talk. I like that. Strong laxatives stopwatch. And a Guinness World Records book. Yeah, you're going way beyond what I was thinking.

Yes, this is good. Thought process behind gas and rope. Sounds depressing. Rubber, glass retractable. Telescopic stick and hemorrhoid scream.

Okay. Where do you get a telescopic stick, though? Like a supermarket? Flowers. Flowers.

Sorry for your lost card. Rat poison. Oh, murder. I like it. Yeah, there's a punch vote.

That's good. This is I wasn't even thinking about like you're actually using your imagination. Originally when I first question for you. And stuff, I was just going to give a suggestion of you can go for a shovel, rope and gloves. But then I was like, no, let's go deeper.

That would make sense, though, with the Italian background like that. Right. So what are some of your favorite anime or shows or movies to watch besides the Jeffrey Domertain? That was obvious, right? I'm not a massive, well, anime.

I'm just kind of like coming into the forefront of anime. So I'm not like a massive fan of nothing specific. I think the most recent anime I've watched was the Cyberpunk Edge Runner show and then Castlevania on Netflix anime. My daughter kind of is in more into the anime. I want to just generalize movies.

Pretty much anything in the mob. Marvel Studios. Oh, yeah. My favorite. I'm ready for Wakanda forever.

And all the new stuff, specially that's. My favorite, wants to know why we're discussing diapers. And that's a conversation just for me and Lamenessy. We had a moment together. Leave us our adult diapers abigies and children's book alone.

Children's book? Yeah. Johnny the Walrus by Matt Walsh. You know what? That's true.

Didn't Amazon trying to be smart man. As far as movie stuff, it's like anything I've been doing a lot of old watching a lot of older stuff because I can't really do much of the new stuff. So anything in the mob genre? It's great. Lately I've been watching a lot of the stuff we're reviewing on Mondays.

I've been watching a lot of lethal weapons. And old school, of course. Die Hard. That's the time of year. But it's one of my favorite action movies, dramas, that kind of stuff.

And I've been watching it's funny. I'm not a big sitcom guy. There's only like three sitcoms that I love to rewatch. Married with children. Everybody loves Raymond and Seinfeld.

So I've been watching a lot of those recently. Everybody Loves Raymond, Seinfeld were obviously great. You know what else was also great was Everybody Hates Chris. I remember watching the first season of that show and I actually liked it. I don't know why I never went back to it.

I usually first saw Terry Crews. I was going to say, yeah, he got really big after that stature. He's a big dude. But yeah, he was a fun show. Actually.

I remember when it came out, it got really popular really fast. I don't know how many seasons there was, do I? I just remember I know it was popular, how funny it was to watch. Especially because Terry Crews played his father so perfectly. Did you throw this in?

It was perfect.

That just had me laugh. I was like, yeah, that was a good shot. On a more serious note, if someone held you at gunpoint right now and told you that you had to get rid of one co host, who would you throw under the bus? Oh, God. This is spotify.

They're all going to know. They're all going to know. I'm going to go with, god, I hate to say I love all my co hosts. Probably go with I really love him on the show. But it'd probably be Filipino meatball only because he's already short.

Life's just kind of been cruel to him. Why not just be extra cruel, right? So what you're saying is you don't like Filipino meatball? I love Filipino meatball. He's great on the show.

But Risky Banger was the initial. So if I had to get rid of somebody would be him. But I don't want him. I know you couldn't, but I don't. Know if he just gotten rid of yourself.

So really what you're saying is you think Filipino meatball is worth less valuable than you. That's obvious. And even he would know that you see this facts. You see what we have to deal with here. All right, so recently we were banned from your local library.

What was the reason? Nobody told me that Nudity was there in the library. They told me it was the adult section. They didn't say I had to wear clothes. Oh, yeah.

I mean, plus I had to go to the bathroom. There was no I couldn't get to one. What are you supposed to do? I'm good for you. Who's your all time celebrity crush now?

This could be someone who used to be hot, but as they age, they're no longer hot or they're currently hot. Who's your all time celebrity crush? If you could get a clash in. The person gave you the opportunity, who would you go? That's a tough one, man.

I used to have a massive crush on this is stupid. Remember the show Saved by the Bell with Tiffany Amber decent with Kelly Kapowski? Had a massive crush on her when I was a teenager. And she's still not bad looking, actually. And that could be because she does remind me a lot of life now because they have similar features.

But it's tough, though, because I can name anybody I don't know. And then Christie Swanson would be a close second. At least you didn't see Screech. Oh, I mean, not that kind of show. But Screech was a handsome man.

True. Was. All right, out of curiosity, who are three people you would refer to us in order to interview them for the podcast? Oh, man. Okay.

So that definitely would be Copa. I think he's extremely interesting as a lot of knowledge, and he's part of the industry, the Hollywood machine. He would be fun. I can't say fax because you already have her. And then I'd say whiskey.

Banger. Whiskey Banger comes off his shot once he gets rolling. He has a lot of knowledge on a lot of things. He's a well rounded person, especially with his military background. There's a lot of interesting stories there.

Then probably say, my wife, Mrs. Can always ask questions. She's had an interesting life. Not all very good, but he could tell you some stories. And she's entertaining.

She doesn't shut up ever. But that's in a good way. So I think those three would be really good interviews. All right, I will definitely keep that in mind. Does the audience have any other questions while we load up a few other just silly questions to shoot by?

So while we're waiting to see if the audience has any questions, and I'm looking for some questions that I could ask you, do you have any questions for me? I will say no. Anything but stuff. Well, then I really don't have any questions then, because we were just starting to get so close. We had a beautiful romance going.

It's true. We did hit list. That means two things that's definitely becky wants to know why your mascot why is your mascot not a sasquatch made of cannolis? No, I thought about that and she is a really good point. But it's a lot of work.

Not something you just find it's something that has to kind of be made. The Mrs. Sasquatch probably didn't have time for that. I actually wanted to get the you remember the movie all the Harry and the Hendersons? That sasquatch is like a full size, they're cut out or no?

I don't know. I wonder why your sasquatch doesn't have like a plate of cannolis as you eat a cannoli for the load. I thought about that, actually. I initially wanted something like that. I just thought it would have looked a little weird with a brown thing in his mouth with cream coming out saying, but you're not wrong.

Just figured him holding the cannolis would make more sense. But that can always change. We can always redo things as time goes on. If you could put one condiment inside of your belly boat, what would it be and why? One condiment?

Like mustard, probably. That right. Every time I wanted to dip something. Is the ocean of soup? No, this was brought up to me at some point.

We said no initially. Then there was some context brought up to me and I kind of started to believe it is only based on what you put into soup. We talked about vegetables and meat and salt. It's kind of in the ocean, right? Because you got the fish, technically it's considered a meat and then you got salt and saltwater.

I'm going to actually say yes. I know people are going to go like a message. No way. Because it's not actually the rose. Just one big bowl.

You drink soup technically, right. You're not eating it because it's not a why not? The same with the ocean. So who actually tests the specific dog food when they say that it has new and improved flavor? They just hire people, right?

They would just hire like somebody who looks like they would enjoy dog food, maybe taste testers. I don't know how they actually determine who would I want to guess? They have people employed. As soon as you saw them, you go, oh yeah, that person definitely eats dog food for a living. Have you ever created a rumor about yourself just to be the talk of town?

Actually haven't. One thing I've not done yet, but now you gave me an idea for Twitter tomorrow, so thank you for that. And last but not least, if life is a video game, what cheat code would you want to use the most? The old konami code. I was going to say the up, down, down, whatever the hell it was.

Yeah, that's the one. That's the most obvious answer. So of course I'd be a fool not to say that vex says she. Enjoys a new template. I did say we are busting out a new template of the overlays.

What does everyone think of these overlays and stuff? I put this in in the small amount of time I had in between podcasts, where I also got our last podcast already on Spotify and everything else. Good. All right, thanks. Right, this is going to look nice.

We're going to have it all set. So the suggestions you had was abomination AJ copacabana whiskey, whiskey banger. Whiskey Banger. You're right. You got it.

Those are your suggestions. I'll reach out to them, see if they want to be interviewed. I'm always going to ask for three referrals, so that way I can just always have someone. You got any closing statements before we find someone to spread some love to? With the rate, I mean, just basically that I appreciate you bringing me on.

This has been fun, actually, and much better host than I thought of confidence. No, basically my only statement would be anybody listening who's a content creator who wants to get into it. Just don't. Literally, don't be like me and wait to a point where you're just wishing you can get that time back. If you were listening to this and you want to get into content creation, you think, well, it's a saturated market.

I'll never make a difference. I never make a dent in the market. Don't be afraid. That saying you can't live in fear is very true. You don't want to have the time pass and then look back and go, and I really wish I would have tried something.

So I started late and I'm slowly growing, getting some success. Don't live in fear. Try it. You can actually surprise yourself by how what you can do. I will reach out to them.

It was a pleasure having you on board. You could expect Episode to be on our spotify within the next day or so. I might be able to have it on tonight. We don't know. It depends on how much energy I have left.

I've been up for about 15, 16 hours right now. I understand, buddy. Don't worry about that. It's funny how I have two days off in a row, but then they're not really days off. I know the feeling, trust me.

But yes, I guess that's going to be the end of this podcast. We hope you guys enjoyed the lovely, the one, the only Cannoli Sasquatch. But that being said, that's me, the end. And until next time, enjoy yourself.

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