Dec. 27, 2022

Saying Farewell to some top tier anime, Deku strikes back and looking on to a new season! (TWAR 17)

Saying Farewell to some top tier anime, Deku strikes back and looking on to a new season! (TWAR 17)

Experience a wild ride as you join MikeyRPGGamer and TRG Dav on The Lambency Show to unravel the magical world of My Hero Academia and the season of issekai!"

As the Autumn 2022 season draws to a close we tearfully say farewell to some amazing hits, but on the flip side we happily welcome in the new season of winter 2022/23 of anime with open arms, chocked full of all your romance and isekai anime you could ever want, and some heavy hitters. With special news featuring dark deku and the end of cour 1 of bleach, plus our usual scheduled recommendations and “pink haired” character Vs character - the Lambency show’s TWAR has it all!

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Hello people. We are back. We have overcome the technical difficult. Barely. Absolutely barely.


Yeah. Sorry guys, mike is out of the professional. Yes. I'm just an amateur, guys. Don't you know this made it just about just about as always guys.


Welcome back to the Lambency and Sea show. Join today by myself, Mikey RPG gamer and TRG David for the weekly Rica covering today we will be looking at a lot of season finales tearfully but gleefully looking forward to a lot of new upcoming series. We've got quite a few trial scenarios today that we're going to show to you, see what you guys think. As always, we've got a great character versus character to be kicking off with. But first off, how have you been?


Tough. How's your week been? How was your Christmas? Christmas was pretty good. We didn't go out this year, didn't see family, so it was just me and the wife.


It was quiet, it was nice. I probably ate too much food on multiple occasions and yeah, it was a good Christmas. How about you? Christmas was chaos as period, but other than that we've been pretty good. It was a joyful time, it was a happy time.


I very much enjoyed the week. Was it holly and jolly? It was very holy and jolly. That's good. Yeah, next year.


We're planning on doing some big stuff next year, but this year it was a nice quiet, quiet one for just the two of us. Yeah, sometimes it's just nice to have that. Sometimes it's nice to have that. I apologize in advance if any of you hear stuff. Background.


My child's currently having the bath. One of us is married and one of us is a dad, but neither of us are both. So neither of us are full grown ups yet. No.


So, yeah, guys, we've got a lot of good stuff to touch on this week. If you haven't seen already, guys, please make sure to pop over to the website. First off, we've currently got the latest article with the holiday special for this weekend gaming episode 18, as well as you can catch up any previous episodes or the weekly anime recap. If you're watching this on Spotify or any other video broadcasted service, please you mean listening? Yeah.


I should say that tonight, if it's non video broadcasted, who's going to be watching? You can listen to us over on various different podcasting websites as we have on our own website. And as always, you can see any articles and any of our guest forms or if you'd like to be on the show, you can fill in and let us know. And as always, if you haven't already, please feel free to join the discord where you can get on loads of our discussions and come and annoy alarm with all because that's the best thing to do on your daily basis. It's also a good place to get all of the updates on what's coming to know when stuff is coming out.


And also, I think it would be kind of cool when we do live with the character and character stuff that we start putting it in the discord and we get people who are in the discord to do the voting, not just the people on Twitter, and we'll see what comes down. Also, as Lam has just mentioned, don't forget that the Kingdom Ring merch will be gone on January 1. You've only got four more days to get it just before the new year's. So make sure 2022 you get your Clinton ring merch before it's gone. Hell yeah.


Hell yeah. You do get it. Go bright and center. But just don't keep letting your mind confuse you though, like it does, because I keep reading his Clinton ring, not Clinton ring.


Yeah, it sounds like very much a u problem. You should speak to your partner about that. Anyway. Anime, rev welcome anybody. First off, secondly, you're on a very tight path.


This already is, mate. You found this new show SEO. Trash, mate. Absolutely trash, mate. It's not new.


For a start, do you know what, brav? If you'd keep up with the weekly installments of the anime recap, you'd know that Sao is actually quite old and you'd be able to watch the new shows which are much better. We've got it. I got this, guys. I got this.


Like we said to you last week, is this going to become a weekly thing now? It's just like me saying to Lambency Lambency and resigning every week when he pisses me off. He is my notice buddy. I agree that there are shows much better. I mean, I actually had the discussion about SEO the other day where everyone agrees it's a very good star anime.


And I don't disagree there are better shows, but it's not trash. So shut the fuck up.


I wouldn't necessarily call myself Sao Sao Track, but I respect that that is a very common opinion that people have. It's just not for me. I actually like Sao. I like all seasons of Sao, including Alzheime. I feel like if people were to give Alicization or even Gungale a bigger chance, they would like Sao more than they think.


Too many people to just stop at Alpha. I'm online. GGO is the best season. Have you seen the latest e rev of Alicization? Because I would agree before I saw Alicization, second half of Alicization to be specific.


Considering it's their longest arc so far, I'm hoping Unit or Ring will be just as long because that should be pretty dumb. Talking about the new anime, the good stuff. What's coming out? What have we seen? What's happening?


I'm going to con winter. First off, I don't have to talk about this little thing because it's been bugging me. Okay? Some websites are calling this winter 2023. Some websites are called this winter 2022.


The ones with common sense are calling it 22 23 because the anime will cannot decide whether this is 22 or 23. And it's really freaking annoying when you're typing in Google. Winter 2022. And some websites are giving you the start of this year's anime and some are giving you the updated anime for coming out. I was just going to say winter typically is sort of from December to February time, so it does cover both years.


So really they should say Winter 2022. 2023. Yeah, that's that makes sense, right? Yeah. You think so?


Yeah. As if we got good stuff coming. Honestly. I've I've already coined this season, the season of Isaac I. We've literally don't you mean Weebly?


Weebly. Literally Weebly. If it's not an ease Kai related anime, then it's one that's based off of a game is what I've noticed. We've got at least two heavy hitters based off of games. Like I remember off the top of my head, we've got a ton of Easter Sky.


I think we've got a couple of romance as well. Slice of Life, but not many big names, obviously. We're carrying some into Winter 22 2023 continued symbol cast, which will just be covering as we normally do, being Maya here at academia. And blue lock. They will be coming with us.


They won't be leaving us because they're a double course anime. But yeah, we've got a ton of really interestingly named esekai, but most of them I haven't read the manga of. And two big ones based off of games. So we've got Nerotomata, which we'll be touching on more later, as well as the Legend of Heroes. So, yeah, we've got a lot to look forward to, man.


It's going to be absolutely. I really actually want to get into talking about that stuff. So let's get through what we got to get through first so we can get to the good stuff, the juicy stuff for next season. The meat of it. Yeah.


Right? Let's pop open and open up to my hero academia. Yes, honey. Give me a second. I'm being summoned.


So I'm going to dive entertain you guys for a second and I will be back. Oh, okay. This is going to be fun. I have not watched this, so let me hang on. One of my screens has died.


There we go. Okay, I'm back. So my hero. So we have wow, that was a great episode. We see sugaraki possessed again.


It doesn't sound very good. Midor. Using these names, midoria attain new levels of power. Compress face reveal and his father OG Harima. Robin hood type character.


Seems some villains are doing this as Vigilantes not true evil. And my hero academia announcement for the second half of the season. I don't know what the announcement is because he hasn't put it down. That's my terrible reading of what I just read. Your MH my hero academia.


So it sounds like it was well, it was a great episode and he wrote great in Capital. So it was a great episode. He really wanted to shout that out. I don't know who sheragaki is, but they've been possessed again. Sounds like they don't have a very strong willpower to be able to deal with that issue.


Like I said, Midoriya or I don't even know what that is. Attains new levels of power. I don't know what these powers are, but they are on brand new levels. Probably, I'm going to guess level two. Mr.


Compress. He reveals his face by compressing his face. It's a clever little trick. I don't even know if that's what happens. And his father is Robin Hood, called Oji Harima, which is actually Japanese for Robin Hood.


It's totally not. I made that up. Is Mike back yet? Mike? Mike's, just come back now and I'm pushing myself for your little review.


I had no idea what any of those things meant. I just read them and made it up. That's brilliant. I love that. So your actual review of this episode, guys, that was brilliant.


I love that. Thank you, though. This episode was actually phenomenal. So this is the last episode of the first core of this season. I believe it split into two, maybe three.


Now, this episode was amazing. Now this time we see Shigaraki get possessed again, this time by All For One, and we go completely in depth with it this time. So what happens is you actually see his face out to a transform. And we learn that the hands that he has all over his face are actually catalysts for all for One to be able to control him a lot easier. He's conditioned him into when he is scratching himself a lot, he needs the hands, and the hands are a way for Orthodont power to seep into him easier.


Now, Midoria being deku. Yeah. He attains completely new levels of power. He breaks through his limits. He gets basically like a spidey scent from the fourth wielder of One For All.


And honestly, when he does this, they literally depict it like a spidey sense I can't even begin to describe to you. He's literally just turns and he's like, oh, I can now sense what danger is. I can sense bloodlust.


Yeah, it's something else. Now, the Robin Hood stuff, that was hilarious because David actually hit the nail on the head. Wait, is that actually Japanese for Robin Hood? You hit the nail on the head. You hit the nail on the head.


I was just talking about my ass. No, you hit the nail on the head. He is a Robin Hood character. Sorry, guys. Apologies for the background noise, the trials and tribulations of being a dad.


Hold you for that, guys? Yes. No, we're okay. We're all good. We're all good.


If you need to go again, I can just read the next review and just talk about my ass again. No, it's okay.


To give you guys some context there, I'm not murdering our child or anything. He has an attachment to pikachu. Teddy. And we put it in his bedroom after his bath and he couldn't find it. And we're like, oh, crap.


Because he's in our room getting dry after a bath. It's weird because it's a green pikachu. Yeah, but no, we're all good now. We're all good. I'm just double checking before Karen.


So, yeah, he is a Robin Hood. The name literally transfers to it being like Robin Hood. He himself comes across as a Robin Hood character. And we start to learn more about the League of Villains. How they a lot of their members aren't just obsessed over destruction.


They actually want reform. They're more like Robin Hood kind of characters. They're more like vigilantes. And a lot of them don't actually realize how evil some of their allies are. They think this is actually an organization who wants reform, and it's actually an organization who wants destruction of everything.


So it's going to be interesting to see how they change as the series progresses. And yes, one of the biggest things was seeing Mr. Compressor's face reveal a character. I never even thought we'd get a face reveal full. That was hella interesting because he was actually quite fit.


I can't even lie to you. It was really weird because he just cuts across such a goofy character. You're like, this guy has no right to have such a good looking face. No right at all. Yeah, that was just a little Tilly's Tidbit there.


But he goes out in a fashion. And unfortunately, we've lost another one of our League of Villains. That's two villains dead in this arc. The big news is for this, though, guys. We'll talk more about this at the end of the show on our news, part of it.


But our second half of this is going to be animating midoriadeku's vigilante arc where we see Dark deck. If you watch it on Spotify, you would have seen the thumbnail. You'll see the thumbnail for Twitch after the podcast, guys. Wow, he looks something else. Yeah, I'll show you guys later.


But it's it's impressive, the character growth. We're about to see how this dude does look like a tree. What do you mean does he look like a tree? Does he look like a tree? No, it's a different sort of deck.


Who is it?


Fuck me. I am. That's what you hire me for. Not that I'm getting paid, but that's what are you hired for, really? Shit jokes.


That's what I'm here for. I'm here all week, guys. Yes, I'm here one day a week. But appointed.


So moving on, guys. We will be going on to Beast, Hamer, and God damn. This season deserves and this season this series deserves another season. This season deserves another season. This season deserves another season.


Give me season 1.1.2 point. I don't know. Yeah, give me all of the season. One season. So RMC finally tames the demigods, the little nine Tail Girl, which just increasing his harem, that he didn't mean to create a harem, but just ends up having a harem.


They buy a house, so now they're kind of granted into the city, find out the house is haunted, and then we realize, as touched earlier on the series, I don't think dad actually knows this yet. Each person in this world is only meant to have one job role. Beast tamers are meant to be the strong. Now, we already found out previously he has two job roles. He's a beast tamer and an insect tamer.


They don't count as one. We also found out he also knows Spirit Taming, so he has three jobs. And he tames this ghost who is also quite a busty female and adds it to the haram. So now we've got two characters added on to our sex. To the what?


To the harem. Harem haram. Not the haram. Yeah, that's pretty cool. It sounds like more his job is simply tamer.


Yes, it should be. Well, people call him a beast tamer just because they don't realize that he's just a tamer. He's a full timer. He can tame everything. Well, yeah, that that will be the interesting thing.


And I'm definitely going to be reading the mangrove on this to to try and see where it goes, because I'm not sure if we're going to get a season two. I really hope we do. It definitely deserves one, much like Black Summoner did last season. And now everyone calling this White Summoner being very similar, but in the opposite power sense.


It deserves it so much. The animation has been the character growth has been awesome. Like I mentioned last week, as far as niche anime goes, and when I say niche, I'm cutting out big names. It is up there in the top three for sure. I am so happy with this series so much, and I'm very sad to see it go.


I am very sad. That's why I really hope for another season of it, because it really got you in the field sometimes as well. So, yeah, I recommend everyone gives this a watch. I will be rewatching it in dub like I usually do for anime that I really love. So you may hear me touching it again to judge the English voices.


Moving on. We've got love flops. And I tell you one thing about this series. Its name is Wright. It's a flop.


Yeah, I'm sorry for the cruel dad joke there, but the action was great. Okay. And I kind of like the VR part now, but we've lost it already. They can't come back from this. They've done such a 180 to the point of now.


We're like, well, it's confusing. It's got no what's the word I'm looking for here? It's just direction. Yeah, it's a mess. We spoke about before, how David was saying you can have mindless action without having this story you know what?


I can see that point. Some people enjoy that and some people fear to have a big story. But there's one thing that I feel like both sides can agree on and is if you're going to do one, you've got to stick to your lane. You can't just do two thirds of a series going in one direction and think, oh, no, we're just going to go to action now and just say fuck you to the story. Like, no, you've given us story now you need to carry on with your lane.


You can't just switch lanes halfway through. You have to have like one tie in each lane for the entire show.


By episode two, you should know as a viewer that this show will flip through. My head tipped. Who cares about it? Let me put this in.


You should really know that this show is going to be a flip flop between whatever genre A is and whatever genre B is so that you're prepared for that. You know it's coming rather than just halfway through. You're settling into this nice anime halfway through, and I can hear you all through flip. And then it's just something else. I don't think that is how they should do it.


And Mike, just to quickly repeat, I was saying that by episode two, you should know that it should flip flop between two genres. You should know that every other episode might have two different genres mixed in. It shouldn't just be a hard switch halfway through. Yeah, I completely agree. And that's my problem with this.


I love the animation quality for this animal. I'll say that, guys, but the story's lost on me. And I don't often say a series doesn't deserve another season, but I would rather see a producer's funds go into another anime more deserving than waste it on another season. Personally, that's just my take for it. If you enjoyed it, I'm happy that you did.


But not many Anne may have said this for on the show, but I feel like it's a piece of hot trash. Just my honest opinion. It's a harsh critique for this show. I'm sorry. Yeah, that is definitely quite harsh.


I was not expecting it to have dropped that badly. It's a real shame for an animator. From the start of the season, you had really high hopes for him, really into it really was. And we came in as a replacement as well. We dropped an anime that we really didn't like from the get go.


It started off really strong. We enjoyed this show and it just no, I'm sorry. It just didn't live up to it. It's a shame. It's a shame, but it happens.


Moving on, though, on a happier note to the Eminence in Shadow. And you know what? I'm glad we still got a few more episodes to go for this because it's brilliant. We're setting up for the next episode here, so there wasn't much to discuss in today's episode, but we did have the usual combat, check. Beauty?


Check. Clueless MC, check. Thinking that it's all his ego and everyone's doing this for his premise when they're not recurring characters. We finally saw Beta come back in and Alpha, which was nice to see them again. And yeah, I just can't go over this.


I cannot wait to see this one in dub. I really can't. I hope that some of the scenes that they've managed to pull off in English in the Japanese version will still hold the same gravity in the English version themselves.


Yeah. Such as the Iron atomic line. Yeah. If they don't get that right, I'm going to hit on them so hard, because that's just, like, what made the show that broke the Internet for this series. But guys, it's not an episode that I could run and river and say, oh, my God, it was amazing.


But it's not an episode that I can show on either. It's a set up for the next couple of episodes. We're heading into the finale. We're heading into the last of the season. What I will say already is we need another season.


I started reading the manga for this one already started going ahead. I know some of what's coming, and if they leave it where I think they're going to leave it, it sets up really nicely for a season, too, and I really just hope it gets picked up on. I haven't looked into how well this anime is done yet because that nerve racks me a little bit, because when I get attached to an anime, I don't want to see that it's done poorly. But I will end up inevitably looking after the season it has concluded. But in the meantime, we will look forward to some more eminents in shadow.


I think we've got about two or three episodes left. Well, I hope it ends strong and doesn't flop like love flops. Well, love always seems to flop. It certainly does in the real world. This is true.


Now, what was a Fire episode was a blue lock. Heck, I need to stop saying it was a Fire episode. It was a fire season. We're only halfway through. Technically, we finished call one.


So, as I mentioned last time, guys, we will be going into what is the second selection now, part 1 second selection was done in the first half of this episode. They have to score 100 goals within the time limit. I think was an hour and a half, maybe 2 hours against an AI. The ball has receptors, so the AI is actually able to the AI hologram is actually able to touch the ball. And there's three levels.


As you score a certain amount of goals, this level will increase and it will add things to make it difficult. So the first level was just facing the goalie. The second level was facing the goalie with no obstacle it was facing the goalie with still obstacles. And the third level was facing the goalie with moving obstacles with the ball having spin on it. And they had to surpass the limits to be able to learn how to control the power of their shots, their angle, et cetera.


You couldn't use your powers here. You couldn't use teamwork. It was a one on one scenario. Once Her MC move through this, we go into a room with loads of characters. Here you have to put together a three man squad.


Now Battery comes in straight after him. So already we've got our MC and Battery. Our two best boys come together and make a two man squad. They're looking to either wait for the ginger guy who has to get the name of Ochigary to make up a three man squad. However, plot twist.


The last team that they faced with, the white haired boy who was like their star player, who had never been beaten before or anything, along with his rich friend who kind of got him into soccer, kind of it's kind of like manipulating, like puppeteering game because the whitehead boy just doesn't give a crap. He'll just do whatever he really wants to learn more about why he was beaten and play with these people. So he turns swami, first off, and says, come join my team. Team where? Me and the paperhead boy?


And McGo is like, no, I've already said I'm playing with Bachelor. I'm not going to do it. So the paperhead boy is like, oh well, we're just going to have to move away. Come on, let's go. And he doesn't leave.


He just turns and says, well, in that case, let me join your team. And everyone's just like, what the fuck, nanny? So we have what is seemingly the strongest team in blue lock by one team. And they progressed through the hallway about to face their first team. And it happens to be the best team because remember, you've got rankings on your arm and the team they're facing has three players on it.


Ranked one, two, and three. I was like, oh shit. Even with this team, you might not win here, but the rules are quite simple. If you win, you can steal a player off of the enemy's team. You go forward to the four v four game.


If you lose, you go back, you play a two V two. If you win, you take one of their players. Whichever player doesn't get picked from the loser of the two v two is disqualified, moving forward and so on and so forth until you beat the final stage, until you have a five five match. And yeah, this, this if I thought the first half of this core was fired, this half is so much more because they've this isn't just football now. This is tactics.


This is playing with your skills ball. And this is character growth. And some might say this is war. This is war. See?


Bring it on, Davy. Come on, January. We can't wait. I'm very excited. Blue Locker has definitely come by surprise this season.


Yeah, it sounds really good for an anime, in my opinion, centered on something that is incredibly, well, slow and quite boring to watch. It sounds very good. So if they've been able to pull that off, especially for someone who is not a football fan, to be able to say it's awesome, they've got something special on their hands upon 100%. Yeah, I'm not a football fan in the slightest. If they did that with a rugby, you mean, I would have been on it from the start.


Now onto a bit of sweet moment, guys with more than a married couple, but not others. Oh, man. I'm upset that this is finished. Genuinely, I am upset. I hope we get a season, too.


I'm not confident that we will, but I really hope that we do. I'm going to go straight and read this manga. I put notes everywhere to remind myself to go and read this manga. Yeah. So I got to be honest, first half of the season finale didn't get me because it revolved around our Emcee and his crush.


And I was like, I'm not interested in seeing her. And I know a lot of people agreed me all over, crunchyroll all over the forms because she's such a plain and bland character. We know why she's there. She's there for character development, for him. She's there to give him a difficult choice between two girls, et cetera.


A difficult choice all men wish they had. Yes. And then he's got Akari, the guillaru, the beautiful, the sensational, the one with the most character development that is basically like if you play Stardew Valley and that's Haley, who is an absolute bitch on the surface, but when you get to know she's amazing. Yeah, you've got that. She's like every popular girl, basically.


You don't know the popular girl from her friendship groups kind of perspective. You only know her from her outside and she comes across as quite an ass kind of person. We all know who that person is. I'm sure you've all got an image of someone you knew in school at this point, and then you get to know them and they have all sorts of intricacies about them inside. Yeah.


Intricacies that you never thought this person would have. You didn't think they'd have this kind of depth. You automatically assume that they're quite a shallow person. So already she's won us with her character development, let alone her character design, which is phenomenal. So we get to see a nice little date between RMC and her in the second half of it, and it's beautiful.


She becomes late. He's worried she wasn't going to appear. He thought it was all for the rankings, et cetera. She's obviously not interested now in swapping partners. Her crush was never interested in swapping.


Partners anyway, it's just him and his crush now. So it seems that even if they get a high ranking, because she might not agree or her crush might not agree, they won't get his partner swap, so his decision is already going to be more severe to alternate. Added on to that, then we get to like the last five minutes of it and it's quite a quaint moment because we get to see all three of them and ends with us going to a shrine. I love shrine, to make an offering. And the two girls give all their bags to the MC and they go, right, we're going to start the ball and there's loads of hills and massive stairs and we're going to race.


Kind of symbolizing the race to get his heart, to make him fall in love with one of them. And it's just a really picturesque moment filled with deeper meaning and metaphors showing different levels of love. First you see someone not just holding hands, being shy on a bench. Then you go up further and you see someone dating, eating cake together, feeding each other. You see a married middle aged couple off to work.


At the top, you see someone about to get married. And the last couple you see is an old couple sitting outside the house on their porch before they reach the shrine. And then as they reach the top, they meet someone who has the same name as MCA Shiro, an older couple. And it's kind of insinuated. One of two things that's either his parents or that's like a metaphor saying, oh, this is what you guys could be like when he's older.


Or it could be both. It could be both. And then we obviously end with them throwing in their offerings and cut credits. But wait, there's an after credit scene and it's simply a cut to the rankings board where their couple has ranked at number three and their crushes have ranked it number four, meaning if they wanted to swap, they could. And it seems that no one has noticed season cut and hopefully we get season two.


And man, I just want more. I'm sad. I want akarikari is like for character design. She won it this season easily, which, I mean, obviously with her type of character, she kind of had to she is obsessed with fashion, so it's not hard to see that she was going to be a high contender. But yeah.


Do we know who couples one and two are? No, we don't. Who know who couples one or two are? Which would be interesting to find out, but no, we do not. There's a plot for season two fear.


That would be nice. That would be the number one couple. Now we have moving on. Bleach 1000 year blood War disclaimer. Please ignore people on Twitter bitching about the fact that we've got to wait for a few months for Bleach's second core.


This has been split into four cores, which means four sets of 13 episodes. They need breaks in between. Animators need breaks to you know, obviously they put the subtitles on this. They make sure everything's fitted together. Just be patient with them.


If you've waited ten years to watch this and you are bitching about the fact that we've got to wait a couple of months to go into the second part of the season, I don't know what to tell you. Just being ungrateful. That's my little run for today. Because, I mean, to put it into perspective, it's like, have you ever been like have you ever needed time off work because you're burnt out? Yes.


Have you ever taken a holiday just to switch off and relax or even just to go somewhere and do something that isn't your job? Everybody needs that, including anime writers, animators, subtitlers, all of that. So don't hate on people for being human and needing a break. Exactly. You're hitting the nail on the head there.


It's exactly what it's so frustrating. So frustrating. Anyway, we got a double episode season finale, which was brilliant. Episode eleven and twelve sorry, episode twelve and 13. Excuse me.


And yeah, guys, this was emotional. So episode twelve was going through more of the backstory between the father and the mother. And we learn a lot. We learn how Kiskey, our Mcergo sensei, met them. We learn how he was the one to save his mother's life, and to save his mother's life, his father had to give up his Soul Reaper powers.


As a Soul Reaper is the opposite of a Quintancy, as is a Hollow, the opposite of a human. Now, bearing in mind the fact that to counteract this, the wife had a Hollow inside her, and she's a Quincy and a Hollow, so she needed two things to counteract it. First, she needed the essence of a sore Reaper. So we had to give up the Soul Reaper powers to be able to counteract that side, and then to counteract her other side, he had to become a human and stay around her all times. So they become married as well.


But they did love each other anyway. He was kind of love at first sight, so that was the lucky thing. It wasn't a force kind of thing there. As he goes on, we learn that, look, he didn't have his powers, but he was still insanely strong, and he become a doctor, learning all his knowledge that he learned of medical techniques up in the Soul Society. She did still have her Quincy powers, but she didn't use them, and only when she needed to.


Now, when at the beginning of the Bleach series, way back when, we found out that she was killed by Grand Fisher, the big Hollow, we learned that she was actually ready to fight him. She should have been able to kill him in one shot. She is powerful. Unfortunately, the Quincy King rebirthed at the exact same time. And when he did, the first thing that his power was able to do was if you were not a pure Quincy or deemed dirty by him, you will just lose it.


He will take your powers off you. He could do that. He has that power. He is basically Quincy god. And it's just as she was about to fight Grand Fisher, she lost her powers because obviously she was tainted by a Hollow.


She has had no Hollow in her once upon a time. When this happened, she died and as a result, the Hollow inside her was passed down, moved to a different host, which was Ichigo. However, it stayed with endowment in him because his silver powers hadn't been activated until he got stabbed through the chest by rookie. As we found out again, when this happened, it broke all kinds of seals. And every time we fought, every time we let in a Hollow out a bit more to help him.


If he needed to save, and if he was in a tricky situation, if he needed a power up, we learned that the seal got weaker a week until it broke. When it broke, that is what enabled his father to get his powers back again because he no longer needed to counteract anything. So once we finally know all the backstory, he's finally aware of what happened. Who is Quincy is the fact that he has Quincy blood, soul Reaper blood, Hollow blood, human blood, full bringer blood all inside him. He's basically got every single bloodline in this anime inside of him.


He realizes, okay, so my sword to be reformed, what I needed to do was not harness my Soul Reaper energy. I needed to split apart the Quincy and the Soul Reaper energy and harness them both separately. So he goes back up to Squad Zero and they start reforging his blade. He holds hands with what basically looks like the dummy, the dolphin to activate it basically and takes the form of the Holified soul inside of him. And we learn that that is actually the Hollow.


Each of actually his soul Rapa powers is not just a bad guy lying dormant inside him. It's not just Hollow inside of him. It's an amalgamation of his Hollow and his sorrow powers into one. And then we learn one of the biggest things, which is old man Zonketsu. Now, those of you who watch Bleach know that Zongezu is the black robe figure who's helped him through the whole anime and has always been by his side, always helped him, is basically his right hand, right hand guy.


We learned that he's actually been suppressing Ichigo's Soul Reaper powers from the start. He didn't want Ichigo to be a Soul Reaper because in fact, old man Zengatsu is Huawei. HUAW is the leader of the Quincy's living inside Ichigo is 1000 years younger. Version of you are unbeknownst to the current version of you are he lived inside of him. So whenever Ichigo needed saving, whenever Ichigo needed to use powers that weren't his, whenever Ichigo needed to level up, he never borrowed Quincy powers.


He was borrowing the Hollows powers. And that was, like, the biggest plot twist, because then once he found out this younger vision, he walked. Didn't try killing him or anything. He was sad. In fact, he just gave him his full powers.


And we finally got to see Ichigo's true zombieteau. And man, there's only two other characters had this so far. One of them is the new captain. The other one is supremely strong, to the point where he's got an illness. He's that strong.


Etigo pulls out two swords from the fire, not one, and everyone just goes wild. He's got one massive sword and one kind of, like, digress. Short set, short sword and season cuts, leaving us on a cliffhanger of him standing there, arm spread out like an eagle, holding both swords clutch in his hands. And he just simply goes, I'm ready. And Flash steps out and the music starts playing.


Everyone gets good response, and we now got to wait. And they animated it perfectly. I've got no complaints. No complaints at all. It was done to the T.


It's what we've been waiting for, for ten years. Roll on. Part Two coming in March.


I don't know. I'm so fucking lost. I haven't watched Fleet, so I I've completely lost it. No, that's completely fair. I have no idea what you're talking about.


But it sounds cool.


That's the thing. If you haven't watched it, it's not something you can keep up with. And using the terminology that's bleedingly, basically, if you haven't seen it, you're not going to get it, which is understandable. Yeah, I imagine there's, like, Hollow knights and there's, like, what are they, Mayor Quimby's? I don't know what's going on.


Dad's Eyes is like he scored the ad icon underscore another ad icon right now. Just like, what the fuck did he just say?


I mean, yeah, you said, like, Maya Quinb from The Simpsons.


She said something else to that. I don't know. I just sat there trying to think of dumb jokes. Well, I'll tell you what I've got to say now, guys. Moving on to the last anime review, chainsaw Man's season finale didn't hold a catapult of Bleaches, in my opinion.


But while safer is Chainsaws got burr, chainsaws go beer. It was good. It was a good season finale, don't get me wrong, but I feel like I should have watched it before watching Bleach, because it was kind of anticlimactic. I did expect more, considering these two have been compared to each other so much throughout the whole freaking show. I did expect more, but it was still good.


So it's called Katana versus Chainsaw, and it's exactly that. We had the Katana devil versus the Chainsaw devil. Meanwhile, we had Akey versus the woman who was using his dead friend's spirit thing against him. I love the spirit things. I forget what's called the soul, whatever.


Demon. That's the word I was looking for. Couldn't remember.


Yeah, it was brilliant. I mean, my favorite part from it is when Stencils got so pissed off to the fact he made the chainsaw, which we haven't seen him do, grow out of his whole freaking leg. We've seen it in his head and arms we haven't seen in his leg. And he grows it from his foot all the way up to his knee and he kicks it. Could it be okay?


But yeah, he kicks the katana devil from his groin straight up to his brain, straight in half. James Doors, Wen Brewer. And yeah, we sliced and diced him, man. We sliced and diced him.


Whether we'll get a season two, I mean, there's Pablo, so it's likely, but I hope they do something better with it because it is a little bit disconjointed. It could have been a bit more coherent, at least. For the love of God, pick a Bear opening theme. I've seen lots of people saying it. Just pick.


I love the little what we're going to call here. You did something different by doing a different ending theme for each episode. I like that. But your opening theme was ass one complaint. Okay.


Sorry, Doug. You were saying? Yeah. So speaking of chainsaws going bird, do you want to hear a racist chainsaw?


Well, if you do, go somewhere else because this is not the place for those sort of jokes.


I panicked a little bit. Don't worry about that.


It's all good. I'm not going to get us canceled. Don't worry, Davis. Third, we got the job, guys. We're already getting cancelled.


I love it. So, guys, that was the episode reviews for this week. Next week we are going to be down by four anime. So we've literally only got like three or four animated review next week, which will be interesting.


And not only will that be next year, that will be essentially the next season of the anime recap. Yeah. I hope you all enjoyed it. We will officially be starting a new season, which I will be at from the beginning to the end and to the future. Yeah, boy, that's what we love.


I can recon myself into the old episodes. Retcon him, guys. Let's do it. We'll get it done. Really shitty editing.


Just turning my image into the old episodes. No, that'd be brilliant. So, guys, now onto the meat of the episode. You know, the good stuff. We thought of a lot of we're going to go into characteristic characteristics.


You guys could see that on the screen, obviously, but we've thought of quite a few trial segments there that we're going to trial for you in this episode today because we've got a lot of room. I'd like to put a disclaimer out first that when we do these as future episodes go on we will not be doing as many of these in one episode as they go on. This is the kind of gauge your guys'reactions to kind of see what content you guys like and what content you're not a fan of. So we know how often to do certain ones and how much to decrease others buy. Yeah.


And after we've done all of these trial segments being a full circle, my friend will be putting up a poll of kind of sorts in our discord to see which ones come out on top of you guys are in the discord. You can vote on that. And then whichever ones get the most votes, we will do them more regularly starting in the new season, which starts next week. He got it. But before we get into that, guys, we've got to do I got here in my mouth.


What the fuck? Sorry. Before we do that, we've got to go on to give me the hacker.


Can I shave off the man? Let's do that. If we do charity, I'm going to shave you bold, man. No.


So today's you take it. Take it from here.


He's too paranoid about losing his beautiful man boat. Right? Yeah. We're doing carried risk of character. The criteria this week was suggested by the loving Mikey.


He said pink haired characters, so I didn't know what the criteria for who would be better off, so I just picked my favorite pink haired character. That being, of course, Natsu Dragneil from Fairy Tale, also known as End. But we'll just stick with the normal that's through for this. It is a cool character. It's got a really cool character design.


I've specifically chosen the one where he has come on in the flames, because that is from the Grand Magic Games arc, when he's got the one full sleeve of his top and then the one with his fairytale emblem is exposed. It's done up in the middle. I think that's his coolest look. He's got really subtle designs as well, such as the scarf, which was a gift to him from his father, who was a dragon. Obviously, if you've seen the show, you know there's more to it than that.


But, yeah, it was a gift to him and it essentially has a dragon scale pattern on it. So it's a really nice sort of subtle character design like that. He's a real free loving character. He is a proper Damas, like both me and Mikey. But they do say for someone who's so empty headed, when he fights, his mind moves at lightning speed.


He is a master compassion. He controls the powers of a dragon. Both me and Mike are well, so there's a dragon on our flag. So, you know, dragons means something to us and he's just a really fun loving character and come towards the end of what was officially the end of Fairy Tale until it wasn't. They sent him away for a year, which was like it wasn't a filmed year.


It was an off screen year where he actually trained seriously for a year because he's never trained seriously a day in his life. He trained seriously for a year and he came back and single handedly wiped out the entire team and melted the Stadium of the Grandmaja games that are happening a year in the future. Badass return, badass character, funny character, and a character who is absolutely quintessential hero, loyal to his friends, willing to take on the entire army just because they humiliated someone. And that someone was, in fact, that's his enemy. So he even stands up for his enemies.


Just a truly fantastic character and a character that I love so much, I actually have his emblem tattooed on my body. That is my defense or my case for Nazi drag Deal being the best pink head character, at least my favorite in all of anime. Yeah, and it's a hard one to be. I myself love Natsu, I love Fairy Tale, but I picked an obscure option. A lot of you will not know who this character is.


This is cruel teppas from the anime Surf of the End. You can watch this on Netflix. First off, character design is a major thing for me. We judge this on a lot of different aspects. When we do in a generalized format, we do their story, we do their combat, we do their design.


And Cruel design is one of my favorites in all of anime, not just painted. Mike loves that miniskirt. I love that miniskirt. But no, I personally love her design, but Cruel tempest. Anyway, so she's the third progenitor, which is kind of like a leader.


If you watch Narrator Think cocagay, if you watch Fairy Tale think the leader of the guild, et cetera. She's a leader among the vampires, and in vampire reign, she's actually the secondary major character. She reigned as the queen of Japan, and she's responsible for turning Michaela into a vampire. Now, for those of you who do not know the Seraph of the End story, a quick format for you is vampires have taken over the world. Humans are slaves, and it's basically a human versus vampire war.


There are some good vampires, there are some evil humans. As per usual.


She is also in a prequel story called Catastrophe of 16, which I haven't read, but I do know a bit about. Now, as one of the highest members of the progenic Council, she did promise that she would destroy human organizations involved with experimentation. We learned more that she is doing this as a good person, unlike other vampires who are evil. She's doing this not because she wants to hurt humans, but because she wants to stop her kind being tortured and experimented on and being used. She actually decides to spare the lives of various human orphans because she does not decide to kill them.


And she brought the surviving humans underground into Sanguineym to keep them alive from other vampires. Even though a lot of humans, such as our main character, did see this as punishment and as torture, she was seeing it as the sense of I'm saving your life, at least be somewhat grateful, I'm doing the best I can. So she does have a very kind spot for a vampire. Now she is 1200 years home and home old. Why did I say home?


That's an old home. Yeah, that's an old home. She's from the Dark Ages in Greece, and she was nobility, and as such, obviously she did used to be human once upon time. She wasn't a born vampire, so she's not pure blooded either. Which even goes to show even further how much greatness she has, how much power she has to become someone of such a high standing when she's not off pure blood.


So that's a little bit about her history now, as power goes. Now, being a vampire suit, she is immoral. She has eternal youth, immense strength, et cetera. All the typical vampire stuff.


Interesting thing about the series of the end, though, is where does the humans use demons to have special weapons? Vampires use their blood and they have holy relics. Ironic, considering vampires better be like devils and they're using holy items. Don't ask me how it works, but anyway, she is strong, extremely strong, to the point where she can take on the whole progenitor council by herself and still win. It's insane, as always.


Much like other vampires, she has sharp and enhanced senses, so she's able to disconcert events happening in Shibuya without even actually being in Shibuya, which is quite an interesting trade. However, interestingly enough, while she does have a holy weapon, she does not have a first class vampire weapon like a lot of vampires, and a lot of times she doesn't even use a holy weapon, just using her raw strength. We've seen her swing her arm and level an entire room with just the shockwave from her arm. I actually haven't touched anything. The sun and fire and heat does not affect her.


We have seen that she is able to withstand weeks in the sun and like a lot of vampires who cannot stand more than a couple of hours, if I remember, Mikayla was only able to survive two, maybe 3. Hours out in the sun before he started to burn and start to grumble for the fact that when she first became a vampire, she wasn't always respected. She was tortured to the point where she would frequently be burnt and burnt and burnt, but not enough to kill her, only enough to the point where her body could just about regenerate herself. And eventually she adapted and became she was able to harness it and be able to survive in it. It doesn't mean that fire or sunlight can't kill her.


It can indeed. Any vampire is weak to fire and sunlight, but she has a much higher tolerance than any other vampire in the show due to her torture. But this also leads to the fact as to why she wants to save humans instead of killing as well because it was a human who saved her from that torture. We don't know too much about that human, but all we know is it was indeed a human. So that's Cruel Tapas for you guys.


And also, if you haven't seen the anime, please do because it's amazing.


I haven't seen Cruel Tappers, but I have seen Sarah at the end and it's a really interesting certainly start to an anime where you're kind of viewing it essentially from the bad guys perspective because humanity is the bad guy because they're the ones who are experimenting on the vampires. And I really like that sort of juxtaposition where it becomes more about the fact that the vampires are actually just trying to help the other vampires. So I really like that whole concept and I do think they are good anime. It's definitely worth watching. You've picked a strong contender there.


I will be interested to see who wins this week for sure. There's a lot more to it as well, guys. The anime itself unfortunately hasn't had a third season. The manga, though, if any of you are interested in after you watch it, please do. Like I say, there's a lot more that we don't know.


Same with fairytale. I can't wait for the new arc for it to come out to you just like that. Let us know in Discord on Twitter who you think would win this bout. Last week I took one of my first LS of the series since we started the weekly anime recap. Now you've got real competition now I've got real competition in our racing.


So let's see if we can bring it back with Cruel. Yeah, I'm interested to see who will win. Me too. I think this is going to be a much more even week compared to last week, so it'll be good indeed. So moving on guys, we are going to tackle one of our trial segments.


We have a few of them to go through this week, but the first one we're going to attack is let's have a trial segment. More of a what are we looking forward to? We've obviously went through a lot of trailers last week. We touched on a lot of different anime, but what were the ones that really highlighted it for us? So have you got any to kick us off, Dev?


So, to be honest, no, I don't really have anything that really sort of highlighted anime from this season. Being that I've only just joined. Oh, sorry. I mean upcoming anime.


I've got six that I'm interested in. Cool. Yeah. Also, Lambency wants you to show Revenant the thing that he's just put in discord. And it's pretty in the chat and it's pretty insane actually.


If you just open that to be honest, that actually works really well with an upcoming segment. So keep that open. Let me have a gander over into the Lambency and see show no, sorry, it's in the chat. It's in the chat. Might be might be OBS.


Yeah, I will keep that to work. Aside from that, pop that open in a different tab and then we'll come back to that in a moment, which is pretty awesome.


There are six that I will personally be actually reviewing in the next season. Unfortunately, as I did mention in a previous episode, I do have Dyslexia, so I can't keep up with the subs. So the ones I will be watching will be the dubbed versions, which will mean that with some of them, the dubbed versions will be coming out a few weeks after the subdivision. Some my reviews might seem a little bit later than others, but they're still going to be the same as Mike's. They're just going to be slightly later than when the subs come out.


We will be reviewing those ones together because I'm not going to go ahead and watch a sub once guys, and start reviewing them and ruin the story for dub. So once the English dub comes out for them, we will do the review together for those animes. It'll stagger our content. Nicer. Yeah.


So there's actually only sorry, there's five that I will be reviewing and then there's one that I might be reviewing. So we don't know if it's going to get dubbed yet. So we'll have to wait and see the first one being neurotometer. I'm excited for this. Obviously, it could go very wrong.


Absolutely it could. And to be honest, it could be hated by people who love the games. And I could think it's really good.


I love the world of Nerotarmeter. I think it's really cool. Sort of dystopian. I love it. So I'm excited for this.


Even if compared to the games, it's not great. Or compared to what people's expectations are with the canon. Because the game has several endings of which ending is canon. Now show all of that, I'm going to be looking at the irrelevant of the greater universe and just focusing on it as an anime or as an enclosed story. The only thing that I will mention in terms of the previous stuff is obviously if there's reference to stuff that's happened, the character development, then that's fine.


But I'm just going to focus on it as a show itself. I'm excited for it. It's got a lot of potential, lots of action, really cool world. It's got good story goodwill, building room games and everything. So I'm looking forward to doing that one.


That's probably, I think, the one I'm looking forward to most. It's going to be interesting, for sure. I'm looking forward to reviewing this one with you from different perspectives because whereas you're able to take yourself out of that, it's going to be a lot. Difficult for me. Having played Dragon Guard near Replicant, near Automata, I'm very much along the same lines as a few people wears the Canon which direction we're going to go because this is going to be major.


This is going to confirm which outcome is Canon. We still do not know to this day which outcome is the Canon ending. Because we haven't had another game coming after Neurotometer to tell us, well, this is what actually happened to the world. Obviously, this is 1000 years later. So they could still fit in something between the two.


But the fact that they are still alive 1000 years later into the future, it signifies that will we maybe get a Neurotic two game or they're going to follow along a different line with the game? Who knows? As for the anime itself, I can say for sure. That quality of it already looks phenomenal. We know Square are very good for producing high quality anime.


My worry is going off of Legend of Manor this season and how beautiful it looked for how trashed this story was. Please, can they pull it out the bag with near this coming season?


They just need to they need to it'll bring them back. Because they took an L this season, hopefully they can get a W next season with anime studios. I know that you say like Square took an L. The thing that I've always got to consider is the source material and the relationship that the creators of the source material have with the studio as well. So if the writers of all of the source material are involved in the writing and the story of this, it should be fine.


Square do fantastic animation, so it's good on both fronts. I don't think a studio alone can be blamed for something like poor writing animation. Absolutely. But writing, I do think if the original creators have input, it also helps keep it so what I'm looking for, it keeps it more close to the feel of the original. Like the writing style will be similar, the feeling will be similar.


It won't necessarily feel like something that is different from what it's based on. It feels like it's an extension of what it's based on. So hopefully, and especially in my opinion with the creators of Neurotarmeter being people who are invested in this sort of stuff, I feel like they will step to the company and be like look, you know, here's some ideas, here's some writing character development stuff which gives me more hope for for other stuff. But the other thing that you mentioned, like it happens a thousand years in the future. We might not actually even know which ending is canon.


Even with the show. The only thing that we know is that it wasn't one of the endings where one of them dies. Yes, it rules out some endings we know are not canon. We might not find out which one is actually canon because it might be or not necessarily vague enough, but it might not cover the specifics of the outcome of the endings. So it could actually, in that regard, satisfy a lot of people because it keeps whichever ending they want open to them.


So I'm looking forward to it a lot. I hope it's good. Even if it's like mediocre in terms of writing and stuff, I think I'll still really enjoy it because of the animation. And the world itself is a brilliant world. So I'm very excited and I've got some hopes for it.


I'm excited to I just finished replaying about a month ago near Replica. So I'm excited to jump back into the world. And I do love for watching and playing the games. Absolutely. I'll just quickly name the other four that I will be reviewing fifth Potential, and then we can go on to Yard.


So the other four that I will be reviewing will be the Ice Guy in his cool female colony. It will be tom Ochan is a girl. Ningen fuchin adventurers who don't believe in humanity will save the world. The Ice Blade sorcerer shall rule the world. So those are the four that's including Neurotometer, the five that I will be revealing.


And then the other one, potentially, if it gets a dub, will be Sugar Apple Fairytail. Yes. So that is the total of what? The five or six dub, depending on what I personally will be reviewing this season. There's a mix there which I'm looking forward to getting a nice variety in my course.


There's a couple that I didn't expect, or at least maybe I've got like the ice skating, his cool field, my colleague. And Tommy Shannon is a girl. That's going to be interesting. I actually got Tommy chan back here. I personally wasn't interested in seeing this one.


So it's nice to see you have one that didn't pique my interest. Yeah. So as you can probably tell me, mike didn't pre discuss essentially what I was interested in. The only ones that I ran by him were any Esakai ones because he's the Esakai, he's got a rock on Freezer Kai. So I let him basically I was like, Are you interested in these?


And he went, yes. And I was like, okay, I won't remove them. But these ones, I thought either he won't have any interest in them or the interest in them. He'd be okay with letting me take the lead with the reviews, which he is just good. But yeah, we have different tastes as well, which I think really helps because you generally, I think, go for the more traditional anime, which I do as well.


But I also like to throw in some just really weird random ones. Like Tommyn is a girl. It's probably not going to be a big anime or a well known popular anime, but I think it has potential to be an interesting story and I'm looking forward to it. Yeah, that's the main thing. Yeah.


So there's a couple of there that I'm thinking along the similar lines. Isolate sorcerer, shall rule the world is one that has come up in both of our lists especially. I really like the visual for this one. It looks really good. It comes across as being an ESI without being an Ecigarette.


What I mean by that is, guys, as we mentioned previously in other seasons, is that it has the same kind of vibe. The harem, the kind of combat, the kind of strong character, et cetera. The kind of world setting as an Easter guy without having our MC actually be reborn into this world. So it comes across as that way. An Escalator.


That's an ease, sky. Essentially the best description. Yeah. And it looks really well done. Graphically.


The graphics look really good. We have a nice pinkaid character, which I have a rock for pinkaid characters as well. Yeah, that should explain a lot to you. And, of course, I love the most anime and academy setting, which we have here. It piqued my interest from the start.


The character designs are already very good. MC doesn't look too bland, but doesn't look too awesome. There's his side characters that kind of make it up for the design kind of purposes. He seems quite strong himself. And of course, I love his freaking sword.


His sword looks awesome. It's not the stereotypical photo of an anime classroom. Guess which one is the MC. Yeah, exactly. He looks like a normal kid.


Also, I want to point out all of my decisions were actually based off the blurb, which is the text, not the trailers. So I actually haven't watched the trailers for the shows. I specifically just did it off the text, and I just saw the one for the Ice Blade sorcerer. And, yeah, it looks interesting. Good animation style.


I like the red haired girl. I like the red. He's pink, I'm red. It looks very nice. So I'm looking forward to that one a lot as well.


Hell, yeah. Another one I'm really looking forward to, guys, is the reincarnation of the strongest Exorcist in another world. This is an easier guy, as the name suggests.


The animation world in this one, again, looks top tier. I love the design of the Chinese dragon, especially from the star. That looked very strong. Very well done. Now, again, it's a very interesting premise.


We finally start seeing the last couple of seasons of anime. Isaac, I've been taken in a different direction. They're not just focusing on, oh, you've been reborn into another world. You have a living up system, you have a sword. Go do your thing.


Defeat the Demon King. No. We're now exploring magic. We've explored pharmacies, we've explored farming, we've explored alchemy. Now we're exploring Exorcism, which we've seen magic.


Exorcism is different, and I'm very much excited to see the direction we're going to go with this. Again, we've got a nice supporting cast. RMC is a little bit more bland than the Ice Blade Sorcerer, in my opinion, but he's also on the young side, so we'll see how we go with that one.


Sorry, go on. I was about to jump into a different thing. Go on. Okay, cool. So I wanted to actually bring up what Lovett said then, which is I love all the visuals.


So many anime these days just look absolutely gorgeous. And I totally get why some people can't go back and watch some older ones, because the animation can look it can look bad considering how good it looks today. But there are some shows that are some older shows which are definitely worth a watch even with the animation. But so many animes these days look absolutely gorgeous, and it's probably my favorite art style for any animated show. Is the anime art style?


Yes, absolutely. They know how to present their stuff, they know what they're doing, and it is absolutely gorgeous. I agree completely. I do have a couple more that I'm really looking forward to, but going through the mal list, we've got a couple of sequels. Miss Demon King Academy, season two.


Don't toy with Miss Naga. Nagatoura second attack took your Avengers Christmas showdown. Obviously, continuing seasons of anime that we've reviewed before will be getting reviewed. I'm not just going to leave you guys high and dry when we've already started reviewing them before. I'm interested if I have the time in watching season one off Bourie to be able to review for you guys season two, but I don't want to make any promises for that because the fact remains that I might not even like season one, so I'm not going to make promises for that one.


I'm glad I said David's reviewing Tomo Chan. That visual gets me. The blib doesn't. So I'm interested to see where he goes for that. Well, I'll say this.


If you rewatch or if you watch season one of the one you just mentioned and you don't enjoy it, I may pick that up from you. If people want that one reviewed, I may pick that up from you. Yeah, that would be nice. That would be nice. We'll see where that one goes.


Obviously, there goes without a question, guys, we will be reviewing is it Wrong to Pick up Guilds in a Dungeon, season four, part two. I don't think there has been a season since we started the show where I have not reviewed this anime. It is a very good anime. If you haven't seen it before, you should go and watch it. One of the featured ones here for me personally was Spy Classroom.


I'm kind of disappointed this wasn't coming out in dub yet. I really wish it was, personally, because I could name quite a few good voice actors that I think would fit quite well into this. Obviously, we saw the trailer last week when we went through it. Everyone saw that hard. Guys, for the pink head girl again, what is it with the pink head girl with the eyeball?


Do you prefer pink with eye patch or pink with eye? I think it's a combination between the fact that she has an eye patch, the pink head girl, and the way she's got her hair stylize as well, and her personality. I think it's all conveyed. If all pink girls, would you rather all pink girls have eye patches or all pink girls don't have eye patches? Which do you prefer?


Give me an eye patch. I think iPads already. If you take a character and you draw a character right, and you add an eyepatch that adds so much fucking intrigue, like, okay, what are they hiding under there? Is it a hole? Have they got a secret eye?


Have they got a power? Are they a pirates? Do you spin a hope it doesn't fall off in the bedroom? Because that could really kill the mood. Yeah, that could really oh, well, you've got rid of fucking eye.


But no, keep it on. I said if it fell off.


Another one that we will be going for is my life as Iukai sans dog. Because we love a good SAS anime. That one definitely comes across as one of the most SAS. I'm leaving that one to you. See the fruit of evolution.


I wanted to, but I haven't watched season one. And honestly, the graphic for season one put me off. And there's so many anime that I can tell you of a graphic putting me off. And I haven't watched it for ages. And I still have no desire to go back and watch it.


Reborn. To master the blade. It's an Easter guy. Hello. Farming guy from another world.


It's an easier guy. Hello. Do you need an explanation? I don't think you do.


This is one of the ones I'm not sure about. It's going to sound completely stupid. So we've got one here living life as the latest sundrave villain. We've just had an anime based on a similar kind of thing that had a great first half and abysmal second half. And it looks so similar that it's putting me off.


And I really wish it wouldn't. I really wish I wouldn't because it does look good. So we'll see for that one. We've got another Isaac. I here.


No, wait. No, it's not that's not Easter guy. Sorry. Is this the one that you said you were going to review? Adventurous who don't believe in human, blah, blah, blah.


Yes, I read the blurb for that. That sounds kind of funky. I will be watching that one with you when it releases in dub. That one looks good. I like that one because it sounds like it's more of a real take on the way the world is where you can be a hero all you want, but humanity is an asshole.


So they just lose faith in humanity, but they're still going to save the world. So I really am interested to see how they cover such potentially divisive topics. Yeah, I'm interested to watch that one with you. We've got another Easter Kaiba yup. Which I think I missed last time.


The magical revolution of the reincarnated princess. Sorry, it's got a longer tile. The magical revolution of a reincarnated princess. And the genius young lady that is an Easter Kilo. Season Two, part Two, chapter Four.


Spread everything in there. Make it as long as yeah, make it a lot. That's a meme, isn't it? That's such a meme we've got. Obviously.


Like I said, exodus one. The Icecraft sorcerer handyman in another world again. Didn't you mention Icashi Triangle? Was that not in dub? No, that was one that I didn't mention previously, which it looked like something I'd be interested in, but it wasn't coming out dubbed, or at least not now.


So I won't be doing that one. Maybe if it comes out and dubbed, we'll review that at a later date. Guys, that one doesn't really take me sharing in my 30s after getting fired from the Demon Kings party. I want to say that one's called because it's got a long title, demon King's Army looks like it has a similar name to another one that I can't remember the premise of. So we might go for that one.


I'm going to watch. I'm not sure if I'm going to review buddy daddy's. I have a good friend called Elliot who I know, IRL, who said that to me. And we're both dads, and we were like, we just need to watch this one together. We just need to see how much it holds true.


Not interested in those two campfire cooking in another world now. I'm actually interested in watching this one, but not because this is an Easter Ki, surprisingly, or I guess that's half the reason. More so because it's mapper's first isakai and I'm interested to see how they do because they haven't tackled that before. As Dave pointed out to me earlier, he went, mike. So it was along the lines of wasn't it?


You were reviewing the Saving 80,000 golden other world for my retirement one just before yeah, that's a Mi anime. But there I won't be doing that one. That's fine. I want to just say, bring him back to the long title. I think this might be coming out soon, actually.


Or either. It's just come out. But it's called the Misfits of Demon King Academy. I haven't finished yet. Sorry.


Strongest Demon King reincarnates and goes to school with his descendants. That's the name of the anime. Wait, that's the full title. That's the it's so long. I just looked up some of the longest anime.


Daves so long. It's really funny. Also, that title, though, actually makes me really want to watch it this. Season one is out. Season two is what is coming out.


And yeah, you should definitely get on it. But it's a really good anime. It's like, let's just put the description in the title. Yeah, we've got Revenge, which is about a master assassin, which I'm kind of interested in. This sugar apple fairy tale one that DAV will be reviewing again, that looks like one that I wouldn't be interested in.


So I'm happy that we've got one that Dave is going to take the reins with there. That is hopefully if it gets it done. That is hopefully if he gets it dubbed. Yes.


The Legend of Heroes senna Kasakai northern Wall The Legend of Heroes tresa Colsteel northern Wall I'm so excited for this one. Completely based off my favorite game series. I'm so happy that we again an anime for that. It's going to be super good.


I think that is most ones that I'm really looking forward to again, like last week. Guys, we've still got more to be announced. I think Crunchyroll still got four or five slots. We've still got a few more on high dive to be announced. Disney plus hasn't announced if they're doing any.


So yeah, stay tuned. There may be more. Disney is just taking over the world at this point. I wonder if they will actually properly move into the anime territory as well. That would be interesting.


So this is the interesting thing about Disney on this topic. The fact is that they have moved into the anime world, but not in the west. Okay. The concerning thing is about Disney is the fact that they like to lock their anime to the east. So a good example with this was Summertime Rendering.


This was an anime that everyone was super excited for, but we haven't reviewed here for this very reason that Disney ended up getting the rights for and they locked it to Japan, started coming up over here, and that's why everyone was panicking as well when Bleacher's Rights got bought out by Disney.


So, yeah, whilst I'm happy that Crunch Rolls not getting as much monopoly, it means that prices stay lower. It means that we've got more competition to make good content. It's at the same time worrying if they're going to be locking it because if they lock it to one country, then that monopoly just doesn't get affected. Country Roll will still have the monopoly over the rest of the world. That's true, but it also just restricts what people can watch.


I'm not going to get into this, but I'm just going to put the mention. There are so many situations in the world at the moment where information specifically is restricted in regions compared to other regions. And it's one of the things that is part of the world, just this freedom of medium or media through social media, digital media, whatever it is. I don't really think things should be locked in regions. And certainly something that's just basic as anime.


It's just pretty pictures and occasionally a nice bit of fan service and some boobs. That's not something which should be restricted. Just censor it fine, but don't restrict it.


Oh darling, I fucking love you.


That was brilliant. But yeah guys, those are the ones that we're looking forward to that we know of so far. We're probably going to have more anime that we're going to be reviewing next season than we did this season. This season was a lot. Obviously, like I mentioned as well, we are carrying other anime into the next season as as well.


They're not included on here because they don't count as winter similar casts. They don't usually include the ones that are being carried over on Miami list for someone, but known some reason, but there is others.


The reason we're doing more as well is now I'll also be removing some. So it takes some pressure off Mike, but also allows us to sort of take out some more that only we would want to watch so we can cover some more as well. So there's plenty to come. Yeah. Let's have a look at this link that I've sent.


Life size sorta online anime girl figure with real stress. Sorry. I thought I said Lambency. Rav, if you're there, Lambencys had to show this to you. Sort of anime girl figure with real custom made wedding dress.


What? So we can bring this into the cosplay showcase. That's a cosplay. Okay. Yeah, that counts as a cosplay.


This is kind of like a reverse cosplay. It's a figure wearing human clothes. That's interesting. It's being shown in Shibuya Parker as a London crafted one to one scale figure of one of anime's most popular characters wearing a wedding dress. Damn.


Why can't we go to go to Shibuya right now? Dammit. Harbor. That's where I want to go. Oh yeah, 100%.


That is so cool when they do stuff like that. And I mean, realistically, I don't know, it's hard to tell from just the image. But if that's a real wedding dress, that display is so expensive. Oh yeah, 100%. It's just so cool that stuff like that exists.


And that is so mainstream. Just having a figure on the street you look at in the UK, which is where we live, we love a spiderman or like a halk or something, which is super common media. Whereas anime really it wasn't like mainstream. It was always sort of go back ten years. It's the guy who's the fat sweaty guy in his mum's basement who watches anime now.


It's becoming more mainstream. It's awesome to see stuff like that and like love it said having that really nice dress. It's so cool to see that. And also the fact that Mike has got his own little action figure as well. One of my three figure Christmas presents, I got spoiled this year.


But one of the three figures I got this year was actually Asina and possibly my favorite of the three. So yeah, this is nice. Little round up there for the ASEAN side. I'm an asina stand here. We do love our Asinor.


And yeah, that dress is beautiful. It is. What were the other two that you got? I got this Ichigo right over here, which, you know, he's kind of in his action form with his zombuck toe, aka his sword, which is very well designed. All the creases in his shoehot show, aka Aki, if you if you're a UK based and you don't sorry, English.


I couldn't really see the ghee just because of the lighting and everything. The sword really showed up and it was really nice. But for design purposes now, I love AstonA because she's big. She was a bitch put together, though. Sasky.


Sasky from the original narrative series. I'm going to put this up closer. We've got his door back here with all the lightning kind of coming off of it. But they give you this massive fuck off shuriken to put on his back from one of the scenes in the anime. And it keeps falling off.


But the action pose they did for this, you've got like a little Kuni in his in his mouth. Yeah, I was in love. I cried a little when Laurie pulled these out. I was like, oh my God. What's the sugar can made out of?


It's all plastic. I wish it was real. Obviously recreational purposes. Recreational purpose. Sugar, of course.


No, it's fine. I've got a prescription from my doctor for this.


But yes, my figure collection is growing nice and nicely. We moved the ones away here originally. It's not my PC, so you can't see those ones now. We've got a new look for you. But yeah, I have only one figure and it's not animal related.


If people want to know what it is, I may reveal it at some point, but for now, it will be a mystery. Oh, do we do do cut to the X Files team. So we're moving on to another trial segment. Now. I've thrown these on Daft today.


I've thrown them on him. I've said, look, we're trialing these. We're going to see how they go. We're doing, JRPGs. Now.


Now, we've touched on JRPGs in the past. We've touched on releases, news, announcements, et cetera. This is an anime podcast, so anything anime related, be it games, manga, web tunes, anime. We overview and I wanted to start touching on JRPGs. I'm a very big JRPG stand.


I own multiple. Multiple is not a big enough word, mate. Yeah, not multiple is not a big enough word. It would it's probably the genre I own the most games for. Yeah, if there's someone qualified to review JRPGs is this man right here.


Yes. I own most of the file fantasy games on many different consoles on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. I think I have like nine different versions of five fantasy seven alone. Yeah, I have a problem. Okay.


But what I wanted to start this review off with this week, guys, is when I got for Christmas. But I'm only like an hour and a half into called Crystal. This is fucked up. The first line, they start talking about depression and other kind of triggering thoughts that I don't want to say because obviously we want to protect our viewers. If you have a faint of heart or if you have anything that is any triggering kind of scenarios for you in your life, then there's a massive trigger warning on this game.


I advise you stay away from it. First and foremost, it is deep, it is dark, and as the name suggests, it involves a lot of tears. It's called Crystal and the story follows our main character who for some reason is in Purgatory and she's just woken up there all of a sudden in the form of a butterfly. For anyone who doesn't know, by the way, my partner is terrified of butterfly. So when she woke up in the middle of the night and saw me playing this on TV, she was like, what the fuck?


She's terrified. How did any scale of a butterfly what's wrong with it? I don't know, but it's made by Spike Chunsoft. Now, for those of you who do not know Spike Chunsoft, they made the AI games, AI. Somium Files AI Nirvana initiative, which are very popular JRPG games.


Now, I have already cried at this game. I'm not afraid to admit that I put my hands up in the air and say like, look, I cried at this. This is deep, it is painful. Within the first ten minutes, you lose your freaking sister, meaning you literally killed her yourself. You're filled with depression, anguish.


You kill these monsters and some of them will. They're all basically humans who have had corrupted souls who are trying to get reborn. And when you kill them, you absorb their emotions and their feelings and it overtakes your mind. And it basically puts you in a bad state of mind. The art style for this mirrors this.


A good example for the art style is kind of reminiscent of an anime version of Tim Burton the way it's done, and it's dark. So the gloves of it is guys, a girl named Ray and Mirai, her little sister, are dragged into the afterworld of Purgatory by an unknown entity. Scared and confused, Ray tries to lead them home. When they are attacked by a terrible monster. To protect her little sister, Rey unlocks the strength hidden within her.


With it, she fights against the dead souls of Purgatory. However, this power turns against her. Ray accidentally kills Mirai with her very own hands, thinking she is an enemy. Devastated, Ray weeps hopelessly at what she has done. Sensing an opportunity, two demons appear and whisper in her ear.


If you hunt the wandering souls in this world and gift us with your tears of your suffering, we will bring Mirai. Back to life. Ray takes the offer and signs a contract with the demons. Now an executor of Purgatory, she sets out on a story that shall again and again plunge her into lifethreatening battle, all to save the sister she loves. Ow is what I say.


Ow. My emotions like, ow. Yeah, that sounds really intense. As stories go there, it says, Fight through your tears in this action RPG.


It sounds really heavy. Really just very heavy on the story. My hope for a game like that is always that with such a sensitive topic, it's not dramatized, it's not glamorized, and it's not mocked. They do it well, they do it sincere.


If you're someone who goes through it, you can relate to it, and you can watch someone else survive something like this. But also, because you're controlling them, it can give you more strength to feel like you can achieve that as well. And for people who don't deal with this, to help them understand more what people like that go through. And I say people like that, myself included, who suffer with depression. So whenever I see something as sensitive like that, I'm always very nervous because it's so easy to do it wrong and some people don't even care if they do it right.


So I do hope it's good. Do you know how much you've played of it so far? Not a lot. We haven't even got to the first chapter yet. I did play a little bit earlier today, so it's been about 2 hours worth of gameplay so far.




It's dark and emotional and taxing. It's not something I can play a lot of them and go because it is really hard. No gameplay wise, just story wise. It's a lot, it's deep, a lot to deal with. Yeah.


I would be interested in, after you've gotten much deeper into the story, to hear your opinions on how they deal with such a sensitive topic and whether or not they deal with it well, whether or not they deal with it badly, or whether or not it's just part of it and it's just kind of there. It's not really dealt with either way. So I'd be interested to see how that goes. I'm interested to see that look look like it's on par with AAA. Yeah.


So the interesting thing about this game is I'm surprised it went off my radar. Came out in 2019. I've looked up reviews for it. I believe it had, like, four point nine s. A lot of it was like, nine out of ten s.


It was highly rated, but it just flew straight on my radar. I think my partner picked up for, like, 20 quid, and it's apparently really well done, really popular. It did a very good job of highlighting the stresses of life in the first, like, ten minutes. I can say that for sure. As you're in your butterfly form, before you've got your human form, you speak to other butterflies who are the souls who have not been corrupted, who have died but aren't interested in getting reborn.


They'd rather progress onto the wire for the next stages. But you can hear their monologue and someone like stressing about money, some of them are stressing about family, some of them are stressed about getting bullied, some of them are talking about s, some of them are talking about depression. And they do a good job already highlighting the different struggles that the human race goes through. Yeah, I look forward to hearing more about that because it's a very serious topic. And before we move on, I just want to say, for anyone who's in the chat, who suffers with anything like that, it's not just a case of saying there's help out there, speak to someone, all of that, it's just to know that you're not alone.


You're not the only person who deals with this stuff. There are so many people who deal with it, so you're not alone. And a lot of people talk about therapy. Personally, I get therapy is good and it shouldn't be discounted, but I would always advise talk to someone who has been through it, someone who knows what it's like. And even then, you don't have to talk about the issues you deal with or how you feel, even if it's just talking absolute bollocks, just to get your mind off whatever it is.


Just know that you're not alone and there are people out there who understand and will do what they can to help you. Very well said. So, moving on to our next segment, guys, we're going to talk about studios. This is one I kind of want to be for a little while. I've wanted to talk about not frequently, because there's not like many, many major studios out there, but it is one I want to talk about periodically and highlights you guys, some studios who do some outstanding work.


We're going to start this segment off with a very well known, very beloved studio, mainly known for its animation quality, called Studio Mapper. Studio Mapper are, as I mentioned, very well known for how well their animation quality is. They always give us beautiful, high quality looking shows, and I've always been interested in learning more about them. Now, they do have their own website. Interestingly enough, it is a JP website, which is a Japan website.


So it does take a little bit of time to load if you are ever interested in going over to this. But unlike a lot of JP websites, they have already translated us, translated it for all of us. Thankfully, some of us are stupid and can't speak Japanese, basically. So they have five anime announced already for 2023. We've got a hell of paradise campfire cooking in another world.


With my absolute skill, I think that's Attack on Titan Jujitsuka is in season two. So those of you who have not seen Jujitsukaizen hello. This is their animation studio. I'm Vin LAN saga season two. Now, those of you who may be interested in their previous works, they've done Again, attack and Titan.


They've done chainsaw, man. Why did it take me so long to get there? Kakaguri. Those who have not seen Kakaguri on Netflix, please give that a watch. That's a map and square enix partnership.


And it is definitely my top ten of niche anime. Again, more dujutica's. And they tacked off destiny. Again, a theme that I've, Bonnie, just picked up on. This was also a square.


EMIX team up with Mapa. I'd be interested to see if Mapa are at all involved in the Neurotominant publishing. That would be interesting to know because it seems they team up with Square quite a bit. God of High School, for those of you who don't know, is also an amazing web tune that they worked on. One that I have actually yet to get around to reading, which I will plan to read and then watch.


That's my plan. It is very good. CS. Please do. Grand blue fantasy.


Amazing anime there that they've worked on. And then we get into a kind of older anime that you may not be aware of, you may not know. Rage of Bahamas is one I've always intended on watching. Sorry. Go back up.


Who doesn't know about banana fish? You know, I've never actually seen it. I know lots of people know it, but I've never seen it. Everybody's seen banana fish? No, I haven't.


Best animated. I have no idea what it is. I'm talking to my ass. But it is you are right, everyone's. Pop.


No, it is very popular. I've never heard of it before. I just saw Banana Fish and thought, that sounds like an anime I want to watch. Divine Flame. Sounds interesting.


They did in 2016. Yuri on ice. I mean, we've all at least heard of it. Princess Connect, that is a very big anime on Crunchy Country actually made a game of that one as well. So, yeah, as companies go, they are a very big and well known company.


Started off with smaller niche anime, worked their way up to some of the bigger titles. But one thing all of this shows have in common is the insane graphical levels. I'm so sorry to interrupt you. No, you okay. Go back down to 2015.


Yeah, give me a second. Page 23, 22, 21. You're good. 2015. There we go.


Okay, telling me the one at the bottom left doesn't look like just a knock off arsenal. I can see it. I can see it. I saw that. I thought wait, is that Arsenal?


Yeah, I've seen that anime. It's very good, actually. But, yeah, it does look like a knock off arsenal, if you want to find that out. I just spotted that if you've never seen a Studio Map anime, I do recommend you go and watch one. Again, their animation quality is high tier.


Top tier. Yeah, exactly. I'm interested in seeing House Paradise. There's not one that came up on our watch list but I'm not sure what publishing it's going to be on but it looks quite interesting there. But as a company goes, I think they have a little blurb on the front as well.


The Coil says what gives characteristics and vigor to a work is the passion to create which originates from one's love and desire to express something deeply. Under this principle, we have been producing numerous works while respecting the originality of each creator. We wish to create an environment in which the energy to cherish things that inspire and strongly derive one's emotions can be exerted to the fullest extent. In order to realize such an environment we are putting our best efforts into not only strengthening in house production and establishing education system for each department, but also into enhancing both the quality and efficiency of our works. We hope that many talents will gather here and with their creative vitality to consistently produce new works.


We aim to become a production studio with global competence. As production studios go, these guys are still relatively young yet they've already made ripples. So I can say that that statement it holds weight, it holds gravitas. I mean, a good example is God of High School a web tune. Web tunes haven't often been animated and yet they did indeed do what they stick there respecting the originality of each creator and they did that.


So yeah. Please guys, if you haven't seen a studio map of production, please give them a chance. Maybe you'll enjoy more of their works. Absolutely. I feel like they are the only person who's in contention for them for the top spot of animation would be the studio madhouse.


Yes. And obviously Mike, you know who they are.


We'll probably reveal them again.


I'll just send the start to the intro of who they are. They are wapanch. Yeah, I would say those are the top two companies but the fact that mapper is on par with what I generally hear to be considered the best animating studio shows just how good they are. And the fact that they show vapor effort into keeping with the originality of each artist for each individual anime shows that they also care about the medium, which I think goes a long way in the modern day. You're not just really good at it, you care about it as well.


Yeah, and I completely agree. I completely agree. There. My food is here. I'll be a second before we carry on so I can grab my munch and I'm going to leave you guys with Daft for a minute to entertain you.


Well, we're about to talk about Bryce Pappenbrook who is the voice actor for Kirito. So enjoy. Okay, so Bryce pappenbrook. Yeah. He voices.


Kirito from the show sawdot online. The English Dub. Let me also just pull him up online so that I know what else he has been in. Because Mike is the guy who normally does this, has the stuff on screen, but he hasn't today. So he has been in a lot of things actually going let me just check that.


Yes. So interestingly. Love it. He was actually a voice in Trigon. He voices the Young Vash the Stampede.


So look at that. That's come in full full circle. Yep. So dot online. He plays Kirito.


He plays let me see what else he plays that we know. Oh, he plays Red in Pokemon Origins from 2013. But I blew out here a lot about let's see oh, actually, Mike like this. He's actually also an assassination classroom. He was ricotto Ikida in episode 13, which that was back in 2016.


Yeah, I know, right? Look at that lover. We've come full circle. How awesome is that? He was also in one punch, actually being Margaret.


He was in Mobile Suit Gundam. I have a friend who's very fond of Gundam. Oh, no. He's actually melees in the seven deadly sins as well. He's in JoJo's.


He's in what else is he being in that we recognize? Pokemon Generations. He was buck in that. Wow. He's in a lot of stuff in 2016.


Let's see. He was yoshino in my hero academia in 2018. He plays Kaguri Kakarachi in Borato. But Boroto doesn't exist, so it's fine.


He was in B Stars, which was one that I watched on Netflix with my partner. We enjoyed that a lot. That was two years ago. That's crazy. He is in Godzilla.


Singular point. That sounds pretty cool. And also, the most recent thing it says that he was in was this year. He was Julio in Cyberpunk edge runners. So he's basically been in absolutely fucking everything.


Yeah. Brighter is a very popular voice actor who has been just for you, Mike. I don't know if you noticed this, but a little while ago, Lovett said that their favorite anime was triggered hands down. And that was his first ever role. He was in Trigon back in 2000.


Was he? Well, that's interesting. Yeah. So I'm like, wow, that's pretty much full circle. We couldn't have picked a better one for Lovett today.


So that's pretty awesome. He's been in so much stuff. He's been in Pokemon. Oh, he's in blue exercise to Mitch, that one. Yeah.


Bryce is in if you can think of an anime he's seen in it in some shape or form. He is one of the leading top voice actors for English dubbing of any generation.


Sorry, I just want to say this. I find it really interesting that he's the main character in Sao and Seven Deadly since yes. The funny thing is, if you go onto his website, which is quite bland, the only thing he likes to promote is Sao. He only promotes Sao. It's just funny, though, because they have such different voices.


That's what I find. Cool. Because I wouldn't have thought they were the same. Oh, yeah, I agree with you there. I agree with you there.


Well, he's a really talented guy. 100%. His voice, he's very what's the word? He can change his voice up very easily is what I notice. But when he does that, you can always still tell his price.


Like with Meleodas and Kirito, they sound different, but you can still tell it's him. That's a sign of a good voice. Action. If you're interested, he also plays Dennis and Menace. What?


Yes. Dennis and Nasher unleashed. He's the main role in the US. Dub only. You're joking.


I'm not. He's also been in. Be cool. Scooby do. That's hilarious.


I love that.


But no, we picked Price for this one, guys, because we're both SEO stands. We're curious, and I thought, what a better way to start this? Davis sent me an image. We'll come back to that. That's for something else.


Don't worry. That's for something else. Okay. That's not for this episode. Okay.


Also, he plays Theodore in Persona. Oh. He's also in Final fantasy type zero HD. Man, this guy has been in a Ton and Mobius, final Fantasy. Oh, he was in Neurotometer.


And that's basically everything that I think that Michael recognized. Oh, and he was in Pokemon Masters as well. I'm Sonic the Hedgehog. This guy has been in a lot of shit. I would love to meet him.


Oh, my God. He played inky and papman. I love it. That's brilliant. I would love to meet him.


I met Kobe. Voice actors never had a chance to meet Bryce. They'd be cool. Yeah. Something that I would love to do would be if we ever got the ability to be able to interview, like, some voice actors, I would love to interview this guy because he's been in basically everything.


That is one hell of a back catalog. I don't think he's going to have any issues ever getting work. So you definitely picked a good one there to start with. Bryce Pepperbrook. What an absolute catalog of voices he's done.


And he's fairly young as well. I think he was born in 86. Wait, no, sorry. Oh, yeah, he was born in 86. So he's about ten years older than me.


Yeah, fairly young. Mid 30s. Wow. We got all Bryce content still coming. Age 36, according to Wikipedia.


Oh, yeah. Lovely life.


Also, he's married to Samantha and he has three children. Ella, Griffin, Margot. Those are some interesting names. Margo was born August last year. It's lovely.


Wait, hang on. Good Lord. Sorry. Rip for a second. I need to read this.


Oh, he's reading this? Yes. So, like I said, Bryce is a very renowned voice actor. I know him most recently for no ski, but yeah, I've heard his voice in multiple things. He's he's brilliant.


Would would you like to mention the other stuff that he has done in his life? Such such as being semi professional in Esports. What? Focusing on golden eye. O.


Seven on the N 64. He's also where was the number? He is a three time kickboxing champion with over 60 fights to his name. He also received his fourth degree black belt in Tang Sudo. And for those who don't know, Tang Sudo is the martial art created by Chuck fucking Norris.


This man is a legend. What stud. I know.


He also works sometimes as a kickboxing instructor in California. He must be loaded. What a legend, man. I want to meet this guy. I want to be like, dude, you're awesome.


Dude, come kick me in the face. I want to feel how hard you can kick. He also gradually graduated with a bachelor's degree in political science. Oh, yeah. A degree that he doesn't use.


Even dad fears. Chuck Norris. That's right. You got that. There was actually a state in America that was going to name a street after Chuck Norris, but they didn't when they realized nobody can cross Chuck Norris and live.


What a guy, man. This guy's done. It's not one of those things like knowing someone's like, oh, they've done it all. This guy's done so much shit in his life. This is awesome.


Yeah, this is true. Like, what a legend. That is one of those stories where it's just like this guy is like proof that you really can you don't just need to be shoved into one thing. You can do whatever the fuck you want to do as a prop guy. What a legend.


He's definitely one of my favorite voice actors and I love his work. He's always one of my favorite characters in Tales of Her Eyes as well. Yeah, man's. Done it all. Like you say, he he's freaking awesome, man.


And he's kirito to booth. I love Kirito, man. And as I'll give you a teaser of what might be coming in a future episode, the photo that I sent Mike, which isn't going to come up on screen, is a photo from a few years ago when I went to a Comic Con and I actually cosplayed as Kirito, one of the two cosplays that I've done. And funnily enough, I bumped into some other Kirito's there. So we have a photo of multiple Kirito's.


I'm one of them. Feel free to try and speculate which one you think is me, but if we ever do to bring it now to our next segment, which we're going to do is like a character spotlight or insight. When we do one on Kirito, you'll get to see that image of me and a few of the Kirito's cosplay. We love to hear that. Absolutely.


I'm such a tease. And I such a tease. Speaking of teases, Mike, who have you picked for the character insight this week? Best girl? One of them.


Anyway, we picked a Riyasaguramori from high school, DXT. Be warned, there shouldn't be any lewd content here. I mean, there's lewd there's risk, there's no nips. So we're good. No, but that's lewd.


Liskay is lewd. Come on. It's not NSFW, but it's lewd. It's very suggestive. Okay, fair suggestive.


But we wanted to hire some character designs today, guys. And what move did they give off? How well designed are they? Anything they could have done better. This is Rius original concept design with one wing, obviously a much smaller stature.


Kind of looked younger as well. Absolutely. I want to say before we go into this, we're not planning on going into the whole she's from high school DxD thing. We're just going to focus on her as a character. Yeah.


Rather than where she comes from. Because we all know we like where she comes from.


This is true. Her original concept design is, like I said, it's similar, but it's different enough. She definitely looks significantly younger in there. Yeah, significantly younger. A lot teeter.


The one wing instead of the two wings design doesn't seem to have changed that much. Also, I imagine it's the one wing rather than the two just because it's showing what the wings would look like. I'd imagine they'd be like yeah. This would now be replicated on the other side. I think they did the right thing.


Considering the media that she ended up in, I think they did the right thing to make her look older. Yes. It would have been a bad choice to keep her that young. So they definitely made the right choice to age her up. I absolutely agree.


From the original concept art, though, you can see that they've kept her very similar, very close to what was original. The only thing they've really changed is aging her up. Yeah, I agree with her personality. Aging her up is definitely needed, that's for sure. But her character design is still one of the most flawless and one of the most well known, I think, throughout the world.


If you ask someone who name a redheaded character, I feel like she's one that instantly come to mind. Yes, absolutely. And I think she's a fantastic character. She very much fits into the stereotypical good guy role where she's more than happy to sacrifice herself for her loved ones. Yes.


But also to discuss her relationship with her comrades in the show. She's a devil, and obviously devils are typically very selfish in everything, but she manages to treat all of her subjugates, which is tendency, what they are. They're forced essentially into servitude for her, but she treats them as equals, not as slaves, at the very least as humans, but as living creatures with feelings. She doesn't treat them like slaves, which throughout the show, you actually see many other high ranking devils do. And the fact that they take, oh, she's a devil, but she's actually a good guy.


It's kind of cliche at this point, but I don't mind it because I like that cliche. And it's done well. Her personality is very much of a typical good guy. And it's really nice to see her bond with the comrades around her and also how she changes the way she acts depending on who she's with. What's the word I'm looking for?


To be able to adapt how she speaks to them to make them feel more comfortable. For example, with Arkano, she's much more she talks more like she's talking to an adult and she discusses harder topics and talks quite bluntly. Whereas when she talks to someone like Arsea, it's much more of like a Mothering Nature trying to reduce the negativity of something she's saying to make it sound less bad. To protect Arsea from potentially the larger evils at work. So her characterization within the show is something that I think a lot of companies try to do and don't necessarily do fantastically at it.


And they've nailed it with Reals. They've nailed it on the head. I agree completely. I don't have much else to say. I love her as a character.


I love her character design, I love her interactions. She's not my favorite character from the series, that's for sure. But as characters go and design, purpose, etc. Okay, we're not going to scroll into that foot down any further. She ticks all the boxes and I think is your favorite from high school?


TXT akano. Akana. That's a lot of people not mine, but a lot of people say Akina. Mine, hands down, is Konico for the first two seasons at least. Third season it is less interesting because she actually highly falls for Kirito Jesus for a sake.


But I love how he's got this harm around him and she just keeps calling him perfect. I think that's so funny. I do like Akino, as obscure characters go. I think if I wasn't sorry, if I wasn't to go for Kodako, I mean, oh my God, I got my name is confused. I do like Kodako.


If I wanted to go for Akino and I was to go for a more obscure character, I think I'd go for arena. I like arena. Is that the blue hood girl's friend? Yeah, that's the angel. Yeah.


I can never remember what the bluehead girl is called. Life of me, I cannot. I don't care enough to remember. But no, she is and she's like the leader of the group. She's really she's really strongly written and designed, in my opinion.


I'm a big fan of everything that they've done to create character. Rios I agree. So I hope you guys liked the character spotlight. It is what I very much enjoy doing. I hope we have some more concept art is the one thing I hope some characters can review in the future as more concept out.


This is the only thing I could find in Riyas. I do like seeing in original designs and how they've changed. Yeah. So those are our trial segments for the week. I like all them.


I think they're quite good. We did touch on the Cosplayer showcase. Now I got to be honest. See you later. Have a good one.


See you later. Love it. For the cosplayer showcase. It's one that I'm still trying to work on a bit more. Are we going to do characters and find cosplayers for them or are we going to do cosplayers and find characters that they've done?


I'm not sure. I definitely think as the world goes back to normal, we should just interview Cosplayers at Coles that we go to. Yeah, that'd be cool. This is suggesting we're learning even during the show. Look at that.


We are indeed. I'd be 100% down for that. Now, moving on, we have the anime highlight. Now I'm going to bang on the trail of you guys as usual, and then I will speak about it. Now, the anime highlight is an anime that has been featured within the last couple of years, within recent seasons.


I am cheating a little bit. This one is a little bit older than a couple of years, but the dub isn't. So the dub is new enough to be considered. This is domestic girlfriend. I've mentioned it before.


Never done a review on it. So here's the trailer for you guys. You guys can let me know what you think when I realized that the sound isn't playing because that's a mean thing to do, apparently. Professionally unprofessional, guys. Professionally unprofessional.


That is normal. It is. Let me just grab firefox. There we go. Before we get into it, the trailer may come across as being a lewd anime.


It's not. There is no uncensored vision. Before any of you guys start heading over to nine anime to try and research, it's not okay. Damn. Know this, some of you.


Domestic girlfriend tells the story of domestic girlfriends. Our MC has just lost his virginity to a girl that ends up eventually the next day or within that same day even becoming his stepsister, as does his teacher. They are sisters and he lost his virginity to one and he's madly in love with another. And yeah, it tells a rollercoaster story of emotions of those two falling in love with him and him fighting over his emotions for each of them and the rights, the wrongs, the corruptness of it. Yeah.


The incest, though. It be an incest kind of nature of it. At first I just kind of go, oh, what the fuck? But then I went on. I was like, oh, God.


This story is actually deep, and it has one of the best, if not the best opening of all time, in my opinion. I absolutely love and adore this show. I'm gutted we haven't had a season two yet. Maybe one day. But I have read the manga and it's got some massive twists and tunes that I highly recommend you all watch because it's intricate and it's deep and it's really interesting to see them battle with their emotions.


And their morals and yeah, it's a great show and you should all go and give it a watch. It is on Crunchyroll, it is on High Dive if you want to watch it in English. And it is 100% worth the watch. So, season two, from what I can quickly see, being confirmed. Oh, was it?


When was that? I don't know. It just seems that people are like, speculating when it may release. They think it's been delayed due to COVID They know that it's in production, but it just hasn't been officially announced when it's releasing yet. Interesting.


Okay, from what I can see, season two is coming. Yeah, we love that. Yeah, I'm excited for that then. Now, for the lamin, supra recommends Guys, as you guys know, this is one that is from all time. And I have picked one that follows the trend of girlfriends.


And with this, this is one that was actually used to be on Funimation. I believe it is now on Crunchy Row after they have bought them out. This is my first girlfriend as a gal. And this is what started my train onto the girlfriend genre. Being my first girlfriend as a gal, domestic girlfriend, girlfriend, girlfriend, rent a girlfriend, et cetera.


So this is where my journey all began, as the suggestion goes.


As you guys can tell, this guy is part of the Nerdy friendship group and he is all about he wanted to live a quiet life, he wanted to stand on the radar, and he's nice to everyone, including the popular people. And his first girlfriend ends up being the gal with all the gals speak, so whatever, et cetera. All that Bay trash, basically, like his friend was imitating at the start with that clip that we were watching, and I didn't realize it was a clip. And it is very funny. It is so funny.


And he actually gets the girl, et cetera. And I can't even begin to explain how hilarious is it. So here we go. So these are our girls here. Here's the nice shy one who you would expect him to be with.


Here's his actual girl by here the guillaru. We already know what that means from our recent anime. I wasn't really interested in her. And she's the one who likes to mess with him and try and steal him off of our main girl here. And it's all very interesting because it starts off hilarious.


It starts off her playing with him. It starts off as a day, and then she actually starts to fall in love with him. She actually starts to gain feelings for him. And that's where things get really interesting. And as the blurb says, for you.


So a new school term begins, as does the season of New Encounters. As he surveys his class four of couples hashuba Jungchi. His mind is filled with distress as he asks himself, why am I still a virgin? Having heard from his friends that the easiest way to fulfill his long standing desires to graduate from the Fellowship of Virgins is to co toe to a gal. Kuinki does exactly that and asks his classmate Yukana out and unbelievably, she actually agrees to date him.


What will be coming between she from now on? I've been known as to him. He was also dead by this friend here. But, yeah, it's a love story that has strong elements of hilarity to it and it's brilliant and I loved it. And I think you guys should all give it a watch, or at least a go.


I'll give it a go and I'll give you a review after I finished it. Fair enough. DAB's going on to nine Animate to try and find the unsensification.


I'm not typing at the moment, Giggy, so on to take it away to DAV whilst we go on to the web tune recommendation. Yeah, so I can't read web tune that fast. So I'm going to start rolling back the web tune recommendations and each week I'm going to recommend sorry. Each month I'm going to recommend one anime to give these guys a chance to read it and let me know what you guys think about each recommendation. So the two that I recommended so far were always human and the advanced player of the tutorial Tower.


If anybody in Chat has read either of those, I'd love to know what your opinions were, but those are the ones that I recommend. I'll be recommending a new one next month as it's the start of January, so then you guys will have a whole month to make. Just tell me what you guys think. Yeah, it sounds good. It's hard to get through a web.


Two guys on the bin read it. You all can't be like me and read at the speed of light. What took me, like, two weeks to read Michael Ride in like, a day. He's not wrong. I think I've caught up on two or three of his recommendations.


One of them, I think I've actually gone ahead with Kirk because I've got the fast pass.


If any of you have read that, please let us know. Guys, I know I'm very much enjoying the advanced player of the tutorial, Tara specially. Sorry, my headset temporarily broke. Yeah, I enjoyed the advanced player of the tutorial, Terra especially. Still ongoing.


I'm up to date. Can't lie.


Now, I will say, guys, I do recommend getting the app. If you're impatient like me, you can get newer episodes on the app. So, like I said with this one, read 15 more new episodes on the app. Those are app exclusive. Unfortunately, we don't have that method on the website to be able to read the extra chapters, which I find kind of weird.


Yeah. So just to give you guys a quick update, in the most recent episode that came out since I last spoke about this, we have finally found out what his answer to what his type is when it comes to girls. And let's just say people don't necessarily take it how you'd expect them to take it, or they might actually take it exactly how you expect them to take it. But yeah, I didn't expect for that to happen. But I'm glad that I now know what his type is, or at least what he showed them because they left us in such a cliffhanger.


And I'm like, Man, I got to know what is your type for the accidental harm? I now know. Yeah, it's hilarious.


I've got no complaints. Like Dave, when he was recommending these ones to me once he has recommended to me, has hit my genre on the head quite a few times and it's quite interesting and quite worrisome at the same time. I think that's one of my favorites is the Advanced Player. It's definitely my top three that I have read. Yeah, I've loved all the ones that you have recommended me so far and it's it's not my favorite one of the three that you've recommended to me so far, but I know what is and we will eventually be bringing that one up.


I don't think you do. I don't. I don't think you do. I think the one you're thinking of isn't my favorite. So that'll be interesting to see which one you're thinking of.


Okay, we shall see. You guys can see here I've got a lot more to go through. I'm thinking of going to the Lone Necromancer next. Or I'm the Max level newbie. This is my kind of shit, but yeah, there's some good shit on you guys.


If you haven't joined Web Tune, I recommend you do it's very good and very people have a lot of outstanding ideas, which I have. Something as small as like always human. It's so unknown in the grand scheme of things. It's nice to be on a website and you can just look at something that a small creator has done because it might be your favorite thing. Some of the smaller creators stuff is absolutely phenomenal, but it just doesn't get the push which other shows do.


So it's nice to get that mix, especially on Web Tunes because they really do throw a mix at you. They push the smaller creators very hard, which a lot of other companies don't. So that's why I have a lot of like for Web tunes. Yeah, I completely agree. So that's the end of most of our content, guys.


Now we do have the news. There's not a lot of news to go through today. We have got a confirmation of reincarnated as a sword season two. Now I'm probably going to leave this one to Dab when it eventually comes out. If he wants to watch season one and decides to review season two when that eventually rolls around, he's more than welcome to I won't be touching it.


I feel like I wasted my time with that one a little bit sadly, I do like the little visual they gave considered they made by the same people as that time has reincarnated as a slime. They did just like a little visual celebrating season two's announcement of the two conjoined together, which was nice. We have Dante limis Nagatora. Season two new trailer has been released. You can find that on YouTube.


And as well as a visual for toilent bound Hanukkah kun. And lastly, we have Dark Deku. The final act for my hero academia. Season six has been announced. That's the last thing I want to show you guys is Dark Deku's kind of character design for where he goes here.


He looks ragged. He looks kind of evil. Not villain, more like what's the word? Vigilante. We're kind of looking here.


It will all be explained. I'm not going to spoil for you guys why this happens or anything like that. We're watching the anime. We'll find out in due course. But expect to see this new, more demonic, villainous kind of looking deku than your normal happy go lucky, goofy kind of kid.


And I'm excited for it. As always, guys. This is brought to you by The Lambencyancy Show. Please don't forget to check out the website at the You can join the discord.


You can listen to us on various outlets. You can rewatch our content here on Twitch. As always. As well, follow us on Twitter. Give us a vote for who won today's.


Character versus character. Was it cruel, Teppers? Or was it Natsu Dragneal? We will find out and let us know what parts of the content you like tonight so we know which ones to continue doing and which ones to lower the frequency of any closing statements from you duff. The only thing I can say is thanks to everyone who watched.


Appreciate all of you and we'll see you next week for a new year and a new season filled with lovely, juicy content for all of you lovely people. I thought it was going to say lovely juicy people. Then I was kind of worried. I changed it the last second. I bottled it.


But yeah, guys, mirroring what David said. Happy New Year in advance. We will see you next year with more content and new content. Until then, enjoy the rest of your year. Take care.


Don't drink too much and stay healthy. Happy. Pretty good. TSL. But mostly yourself.