Dec. 5, 2022

The Battle for Black Friday: Xbox Series X vs Playstation 5 (TWIG 15)

The Battle for Black Friday: Xbox Series X vs Playstation 5 (TWIG 15)

 It’s that time of the year where we get lots of glances into what to expect in the upcoming year. This means deets on several games including the Witcher remake, Starship Troopers: Extermination, and a much-anticipated update on the long-awaited Beyond Good & Evil sequel, announced back in 2008. As well, we got some interesting Black Friday sales stats, The Callisto Protocol’s subpar launch, and 343 (unsurprisingly) loses another major creative dev. And as the cherry on top, we got an itty bitty review on the recently released monster-Western, Evil West. Prepare yourselves folks, cause you’re in for a wealth of info tonight. 

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Welcome back to the cluster fuck. That is the Lambency show and the Lambency shows life. I am Lambency, joined here by our this Week in gaming host, Vex Electronica. Vex, how you doing today? Good morrow, good fellows.

I'm doing okay. How about you? I'm doing okay. Hope everyone is enjoying the microphone that we are currently using. This is the new sure MV seven podcast microphone.

Trying to make things as crystal clear as possible. But yeah, this is definitely going to be an interesting thing because Comcast still hasn't shown up for their first appointment. They have missed their second appointment, and now we have a scheduled third appointment for tomorrow. So currently my speeds are under 1 MB download and like ten upload. So I have just enough to stream, but not enough really to play many videos except for what I have buffered.

So fun. But why don't you tell us what we have in store for us today?

We have a bit of an all over the place show today, I would say. For those of you that have been listening, you probably know that I kind of have it segmented off where there are some very specific areas that we discuss. I think most recently, the most notable one is there's always been a section for the Activision Blizzard acquisition thing, right? There's actually another section on that day. There was an article that came out today, so we'll go over that.

But we've also got a ton of updates on upcoming games now that it's December and we're kind of at the very tail end now of the major release season. Now it's just the time of year where gaming news is a little bit slim, but we get a lot of insight into what's coming up. We've got some updates on actually several TV show adaptations for a lot of games. We got some news on Callisto Protocol, which launched just this past Friday, December 2 as well. And to start off the show, I actually figure we'll go over Evil West, which I posted a review on our website for earlier this week.

And I actually just finished a couple of days ago as well. So hold on to your bottoms, everyone. So this is the long review that you did. It's a very good review, I will say. I did have a good read on it.

So I know that Cannoli Sasquatch was looking forward to it. So hopefully he did enjoy it. We're going to review it live again. Speaking of Cannoli Sasquatch, we have him live on Tuesday, 08:00 P.m. Eastern.

Sorry, I can't think of anything right now. My whole schedule is all messed up and everything. But we have him live. We got the legendary Sasquatch monster. So if you guys have any questions you would like to ask him as we talk about him, his content, that he likes to create life in general and how things are going, among many other things, we're going to talk about a whole bunch of different things and maybe have a surprise appearance by the one, the only, of X Electronica herself.

When I get off work. Yes, because I work till 08:00 p.m. And then it takes me an hour to get home.

I'll show up when I show up. All right, so what we're going to do is we're going to crack open a beer and we are going to go over and start with this Evil West review. So vex. Alright, take us away.

Sorry. Okay, okay. Evil west, the highly anticipated monster Western mashup from developer Flying Wild Hogs, released on November 22 for PC and all consoles. That means that it was a current and last gen release so set before the turn of the 20th century. You play as Jesse Rentier, an agent for the Rentier Institute who is tasked with hunting down and eliminating anything supernatural.

The story starts with Jesse and his fellow hunter and retired agent Edgar Gravener hunting down a vampire named Peter Debano. Debano seeks to start an allout war with the humans in an attempt to subdue them before their monster hunting techniques develop to a point of no return for the vampire race. While we encounter Enslay Dubano near the beginning of the game, we come to learn that he had Nays up his sleeve felicity, his daughter and the main antagonist for the game as Jesse. You shoot, punch and carry away through various monstrosities, meaning you folks along the way, all in an effort to put a stop to this vampire uprising. Now, for anyone who read my review, you probably saw that I went pretty in depth with this in tearing it apart.

My biggest issue with this game was as much as I wanted to like it, there was nothing that seemed unique to it. The developers were very transparent in admitting that the third person style was inspired by 2000 and Eighteen's God of War, and the combat was heavily inspired by Devil May Cry. In fact, for the latter game, I found that Evil West played almost exactly like 2013 DMC Devil May Cry reboot, which was a very critically panned and fan panned adaptation, which it got more hate than it deserved, in my opinion. The combo cues on screen, the linear mission layouts, even Jesse's personality was much like Dante's, who is the protagonist in the Devil May Cry franchise. I would even go as far to say that Evil West was almost a simplified version of that game, which is not a bad thing since that was a good game, but as mentioned previously, didn't feel like I was exploring any uncharted territory.

I think Flying Wild Hog missed a bit of an opportunity in trying to make this game their own by exploring a greater variety in final kills, meaning you have the same type of final blow for basically each monster type, no matter what your combo was. More diverse monster designs. Many of the monsters had a similar base design that was built upon and a better cultivated combat system that combines, moves and provides a kill streak system while also creating better depth to their world building that wasn't dependent on collectibles. Now, regardless of these critiques and all that said, it was a very fun Rockham stockham game. And for those that enjoy that general genre of monster fighting, you'll enjoy it just if you want some simple glory entertainment, if you want to get the full review, like I said, you can visit and read it in full.

There I go. A little bit more in depth in some of those things that I have a problem with. Overall, I give the game a 6.5 out of ten, a tinkle on the golden shower scale, unfortunately. Fair enough. At least you did enjoy it a little bit.

At least it wasn't a complete dumpster fire. You know, it looked great and it felt like a throwback to like, early 2010s, late 2000s gaming, right? You had those really choppy mechanics, really simple mechanics. Just everything about it was reminiscent of early 2000s gaming. So for that reason, I liked it.

I think anyone who's new to that genre in general of that kind of like, combo based fighting game, I think they'll enjoy probably a lot more than me. But I've done that so many times, especially with the Devil May Cry franchise, which is one of my favorites, that it just like it felt really lackluster playing this game. I really struggled to just see anything really unique in it and it didn't even feel particularly western is the worst part. It's called Evil West, and I barely felt the Western part of it. Not even the music was Western like.

By the way, sorry for everyone who's in the comments. I'm trying to load the rumble so I can't see if anyone is typing anything. But yeah, that was my I think they're just enjoying the banter as of right now. And the reviews, you know how our chat is. Sometimes they're quiet as they enjoy what we were talking about, and other times they're quite chatty and we get to interact with them more.

But the thing is, we love them the same regardless. Exactly. So yeah, I guess we'll jump right into it though. So we've had quite a few updates for not quite a few, I should say. We just one big update on the Activision Blizzard requirement and we had a little bit of Xbox news in addition to that.

So via routers back on November 28. I know we're in December now, but the week overlap. It seems like Microsoft is likely to offer some remedies to the EU antitrust regulators in the coming weeks to stave off some of those formal objections that we went over in last week's episode in a bid to kind of get the deal approved over there. The deadline for the European Commission, which is investigating the deal, set up a formal list of complaints and concerns, or is planning to set out the list sorry, in January, where we went over Stoney's concerns last week my mistake. And offering remedies before the document is officially released could actually also shorten the regulatory process for Microsoft.

The remedy allegedly will mainly consist of offering a ten year licensing deal to PlayStation for Call of Duty is what some people with direct knowledge know. Now at the time this article was published, at the beginning of the week activity, stock actually went up 2% afterwards, which is, I mean, that looks pretty good, in all honesty. Now today there was actually a bigger article that got posted actually just a couple of hours ago. So this is a last minute addition to the script tonight, a rift apparently has emerged at the FTC here in the United States, or I guess I'm in Canada, so there in the United States over Microsoft's acquisition, which actually potentially paves the way for this mega merger to get approved in North America. So on the FTC there are four main panel members.

One of them is a registered Republican, the other three are Democrats. So one of those Democrats on that panel recently took a sympathetic view of the merger, according to a source close to the situation. This could in turn create a difficult path for FTC Chair Lina Khan, who, according to insiders, as I'd Microsoft deal as a major target to try and boost her credentials as a trustbuster of big tech. Now Khan has also been very vocal about her displeasure towards this deal and also allegedly has plans to sue to block the merger from getting approval over here in the west. Now last month, Political reported that an FTC lawsuit deal was likely, noting that the agency's staff are, quote, skeptical of the company's argument.

Company meaning Microsoft. Now, the FTC sole Republican commissioner, Christine Wilson is her name has signaled support for the deal, the sources say, at least. Like I said, one of those three Democratic commissioners recently appeared to lean towards Microsoft camp. While the identity of that individual is unknown, apparently DC sources say that it's likely pointed to Slaughter. I forgot to put her last name in here.

Can't have laughter without slaughter, I guess. Who was acting as FTC chair until last year when President Biden installed 33 year old Khan at the helm of the regulatory agency. Now a Democrat defection would leave Khan with a two to tie in any votes to clamp down on the merger. As a result, that would not only effectively okay the deal automatically, but also throw cons authority over the agency into question. Now that is a vote that Khan isn't likely to risk, according to insiders as well.

Now looking into this, I was actually quite surprised. I know you guys are probably aware of that chart that came out. I think it was during the last election showing how much social media or internet companies and all that stuff donate to political parties in the United States and how most of the vast majority of them were overwhelmingly Democrat in donations. So Microsoft was actually on this list, which I didn't realize at all. So in the 2020 election cycle, microsoft donated $13.8 million to Democrats and 1.72 to Republicans.

And in 2022 they gave four, one to Dems and 1 million to Republicans, according to sources Now the FTC is expected to make a recommendation in mid December, so I imagine if it does happen before the holidays, will report it here. But as well, Microsoft tends to have a habit of leaning more towards whatever the Democratic side of things votes for. So we'll see what happens. Regardless of this though, a lot of people close to this deal in the west at least say that it's likely to get approved, like there's a 70% chance it's going to get approved and I think people are expecting that as well with the way that the stock has been trending upwards for Activision as well.

But all is not good, unfortunately, at Activision specifically. So just this past Friday, before we get into this article and stuff, I will mention it simply amazes me how much all these companies tend to donate to the Democrats as opposed to Republicans. I'm not saying it's okay to donate to one or the other. What I'm saying is if you look at it, it seems like they're almost overwhelmingly giving the money to the Democrats. But I also think that has a lot to do with political movements and how the Democratic left has particularly sided with the absolutely insane demands of left minded people.

And now these companies are afraid to actually go against it, I think at this point and stuff, because they don't want to be canceled.

It's insane. It's unfortunate because they're essentially two sides of the same coin. At the end of the day, I'm fine whichever way you decide to lean, but ultimately you're buying the same coin. You're just seeing heads or tails, right?

It is what it is what it is. Right? Yes. So sorry. As I was saying.

So despite delays, legal appeals and threats to workers that organizing would lead to lower pay raises, quality assurance developers at Blizzard Studios in Albany voted 14 to zero to unionize on December 2. The Game Workers Alliance Albany are now the second group inside Activision Blizzard to form a union, and the latest is a testament to the growing labor movement within the larger gaming industry. Among the 18 staff eligible to vote, 14 voted in favor, with one vote disqualified and three more challenged by the employer. Both sides have five days to file any objections to that December 2 result. If neither objects, the group will go on to be represented by the Communications Workers of America, also known as the CWA and they will begin a tough process of bargaining with Activision Blizzard on its first contract over issues like pay, overtime and health benefits.

To be honest, this is no surprise. Activision Blizzard has had a lot of issues when it comes to just worker health in general. And I think Microsoft is probably going to inherit a lot of this, unfortunately. But I think Microsoft or not, Microsoft, Activision is fine with this because they get to take their 69 billion and be done with it. Right, so now to just Xbox.

That's really all I have on the Activision Blizzard acquirements, thankfully, today. I know it's kind of been a lot, but there was some notable Xbox news as well in there. So the Black Friday stats came out for North America. The UK actually had the most exact stats I noticed, surprisingly. I know you guys probably saw all the Series S deals everywhere.

I know that even in our Black Friday article round up, it was the same thing. We had deals for the Xbox series S on there. The Xbox Series X, though, which had no sale on it, which has no bundles, sold the best, the best of Xbox consoles, but behind Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch absolutely killed it this year on Black Friday. So in the UK alone, out of all console sales, 42% were of Nintendo Switches, 40% were Xbox consoles, and only 18% for PlayStation Five, which honestly was quite surprising because everywhere I went, at least here, there was good availability for the PlayStation Five.

I know that Sony also released a PlayStation Four bundle with Modern Warfare Two, which my opinion is that one didn't make any sense to me, in all honesty. But it is what it is, I guess. So, surprisingly as well, modern Warfare Two sold best on the Xbox series consoles as well during Black Friday, and that was here in the west, actually, in the USA. Ragnarok actually almost completely dropped off sales. I know it wasn't on sale, but it's only been out for a couple of weeks.

I think a lot of people were expecting it to continue to sell well, given that PlayStation Five were back in stock as well, but it kind of dropped off the radar. I imagine this has a lot to do as well with the fact and now more people are playing it there's, more accurate reviews. Sony, we know that you're paying people for reviews. Just a heads up, we're well aware Sony is not the only company who buys reviews, let's be real. But Sony is the most notorious for it.

Exactly. I guess that's what I more what to say. But yeah, I figured Ragnarok would do much better. But it charted third on, I think, a Thanksgiving sales, and then for Black Friday, it didn't charge at all for sales. Now, Xbox also has a habit of doing random partnerships.

Like, we went over the IHOP one that they had earlier this year, I remember that. That had me laughing. The honest partnership I could think of. They actually released pre orders for something which I thought were dog sweaters at first. But no, they're little hoodies for your Xbox control.

Yeah, I remember seeing them and I was just like, what the hell? Yeah, that's what I thought, too. I'm dead serious. If you look at a picture of them, they look like little animal hoodies. They really do.

They come in black and white, and they both have like a little Xbox logo on the back. And then it says Xbox on the front. And it's basically just a cover for your Xbox controllers. I mean, if you're willing to drop $35 on it, sure, it's a nice little novelty item. I think it's great for those controllers that end up just sitting around.

But I mean, I just put mine in a bag and leave it there. But going back to the whole sales and stuff over Xbox and stuff, analytics speaking from an analytical mind, because you got to keep in mind it's not just that I'm a retail manager. I told you before, I do SEO. I do a lot of analytics at work, so on and so forth. I'm very particular in analytics.

But I also like to keep an eye on what led to such analytics, if that makes sense. Okay. Because if you look at just the analytics alone on anything, it doesn't tell the whole story and you can actually read it wrong because of that. You got to look at everything around it. So when I look at, for example, the Switch Lib with 42% of all console sales, that one doesn't really shock me so much because I feel like most people already had one or the other or they're content with their Xbox One or the PS Four or whatever the case is.

Nintendo is kind of a niche market. It's like the little brother almost now. It used to be a big player. Now I feel it's like the little brother. It's falling into third place, if that makes sense.

But at $300 now, it's a very affordable console. I've been contemplating for a while whether or not to get one, but the whole reason I haven't yet is because, well, I have two of the next gen consoles, and I have a hard enough time just trying to play either of them. So having a third makes no sense. But then you go on to the Xbox Series X 40% of all consoles alone. I'm going to combine that stat with the Modern Warfare Duo Two doing extremely well on Xbox.

All right. You remember the whole argument PlayStation has. They're talking about if they get Activision Blizzard. We've gone back and forth on this over and over again. When things are constantly going one company's way and stuff, people are going to want to jump on board before it all happens because they want to be ahead of the curve.

So if they're trying to get the thing that's going to compete the best against the PSI, they're going to go for the better version of a console. Regardless how affordable the Series S is, whether or not I agree with what they're doing, I understand what they are doing. But analytically speaking, with all the news coming out about them about to purchase Activision Blizzard King, it makes zero sense for this stat not to be true. It makes complete sense to me for them to have these kind of sales and to go against what you said about the PS Five. However, you had said that it seemed like there is good availability, not out where I live, anywhere where I live, not within like three states could you find a PS Five?

Really? There are still issues in the northeast of the United States of America. So I do feel that has a small part to play in it. But I think the bigger factor has to be all the news going in Xbox's favor as of late. That's fair.

No? Where I am, there was actually quite a bit of good stock for the PlayStation Five. I would say the biggest thing for Black Friday, at least up here in Canada, was the price difference. So if I wanted to get no, these are Canadian dollars, right? Because I know the price is different in US dollars.

Why don't you tell people what you paid for the collisional protocol?

Okay, I realized that everything went up in price because of inflation, but I didn't realize that the game prices for new releases have gone up again because it was only like, I think it was like right before COVID started, that's when it went up to 79 and 99 here for a new release. So I assumed that was still the price. No, a brand new release in Canada. In Canada is 89 and 99. Now, depending on which province you're in, there's also taxes, right?

So in my province in Ontario, they tax 15%. There's a federal and a provincial tax. Okay. After taxes, my gain came to almost $110 for the callisto protocol. So I have told Vax, I don't know if you read that particular message, send me the money and I will mail it out and it will still be cheaper.

This is honestly why I was telling this to my husband a couple of months ago, too. Even with the difference in the Canadian US dollar, when I was down there, like, paying for groceries and paying for gas and everything, I was like, fucking fucking cheese. I'm sorry, I'm trying to exclude saying Go D when I swear in my language now for nonreligious reasons, more for respect reasons to others. But even after the conversion, it was still cheaper for me to feed myself and put gas in my truck down there than here, which blows my mind, but we also have these stupid fucking carbon taxes on everything, which do absolutely nothing. So it is what it is.

Yeah. So from now on, if you were looking for a game, we'll do the math between us and figure out what's more affordable. If it's more affordable for you to send me the money and for me to mail it out, then we'll do it that way. Because you paid like $110 for a game. I'm like, yeah, no, I'm good, but I made $110 for a game and you should keep the rough draft of the review.

That's fine.

Did you notice my comments in the file today before you started putting everything in? Not today, but late last night, yes, I did notice. Riveting content, there is nothing.

It is what it is, right? But yes, no, it is insanely expensive to buy new release games here, which I think has been the main reason why I haven't been buying a lot of games this year. Just because it doesn't like, that's a tank of gas for me. That's my gas for a week, buying a new release game. Crazy.

But anyway, sorry, we got a little bit off track there, so you're probably wondering why there's Halo Infinite footage playing in the background. I mean, yes, I try to match it up to whatever we're talking about, but there was some big news that came out yesterday. Sorry, not yesterday, friday. Or at three, four, three industries. So Tom French, who is the multiplayer creative director on Halo Infinite, stepped down from his position at Three Four, Three Industries just a couple days ago.

While the studio the studio has yet to announce who will become the new head of the multiplayer experiences. French held a role, actually for over eleven years at Microsoft. The Valverde said it was an honor for him to work for the Halo series for so long, but he wants to move on to new adventures elsewhere. The exact reasons behind his departure still remain a mystery, as well as the identity of the new head of multiplayer experiences for Halo Infinite. For those who are unaware, Tomfrench joined Three Four, Three Industries back in April 2011 as a senior mission designer responsible for designing and implementing various objects for the campaign and Spartanops in Halo Four.

After almost two years in that position, he became the usergenerated content lead for Halo Five, implementing new ways for players to create their own levels in the game. And in December 2016, French was promoted to multiplayer creative directive with the responsibility of establishing the creative vision for the free to play multiplayer for Halo Infinite at the time. Now, French's departure is the latest in a long series of key developers leaving Three Four, Three industries just in the last couple of months alone. Halo Infinite revealed its roadmap for the winter update just a couple of months ago, and season three last September, several since. Last September, several employees of Three Four, Three Industries parted ways with the company bonnie Ross, most notably the head of Three Four Three Industries and co founder of the studio, stepped down from her position two weeks after the reveal of this roadmap, followed by David Burger, the Burger Berger.

Forgive me if I mispronounced that. David, the lead developer for Halo's Infinite slip space engine three days later. There's also been a slew of other people that have left the company over the last few years. So three, four, three industries is really slim piggings right now. So while the studio hasn't commented on French's departure yet, Head of Xbox Game Studios Matt Booty recently commented on the struggles Halo Infinite face since its launch back in November 2021, admitting that the development fell short to provide, quote, regular continuing engagement to players, leading to the loss of a large portion of the game's initial player base.

As someone who has played Halo Infinite fuck it. You know what I said. I know that I didn't include this in the script, but I have to include this now because we discussed this earlier today. Is it the L that we were talking about? Yes.

Here's the thing. I'm going to put a disclaimer, okay? We're not going to target her. We don't want anyone targeting this person. Don't post the picture of it.

How about that? Don't show that. Because I don't want for these reasons, I don't want anyone going and attacking or anything. But it's just I feel like game reviewers and oh fuck, I just did something. Hold on, I fucked up for a second here.

So there are people who just fell out. Absolute nonsense. She shared a tweet with me earlier about everything going on with Halo and why it's failing. All right? So there are two different things to get out of it.

And Dex noticed the other thing before what I did. And then I brought up the other thing. Like, you notice how afterwards I brought up my own thing and you're like, yeah, you're kind of right about that, you know?

So I'm going to actually copy and paste into our chat soon as I find it, her exact tweet, because I don't want to actually show her name. Okay? I can actually read it out loud. I got it in the chat, but I'll read it out loud, no worries and stuff. We'll dissect this.

All right, so this person who shall not be named, because we don't want anyone being targeted. Infinite had four and a half million players on launch, reaching 20 million in the following weeks. Then the numbers began to drop. Why? The game launched with enough content to keep players interested for crap.

Of course I'm going to actually read from the tweet. The game launched with enough content to keep players interested for longer. So what was it? It wasn't lack of content, it was lack of Halo's identity. That was her tweet.

Now, what was the thing you mentioned that you found first on this. Chick being a dumb bitch, no offense, person who closes it. Okay? What I notice is the big thing she says about it is that, oh, Halo Infinite is lacking identity. That classic Halo identity.

To a certain extent, yes, it is. Right. That being said, though, it does feel that Halo Infinite did kind of come back to the Halo roots a little bit compared to the previous two entries or mainline entries. Right, but she says that is the main reason. But right before she says that's the main reason, the longest paragraph of the statement is about a lack of content, which he also states is not the reason why it went down.

And I feel like there's game reviewers frustrate me, okay? People that have game review takes or game takes really frustrate me because I feel like they don't take into account the full scope of what influences not only game development, but what influences what keeps a game strong and popular post launch. So this woman completely disregards all of that. Halo Infinite launched at the end of November last year. Okay?

It was meant with very lukewarm response for the reasons I had aforementioned. Right. The problem with it now was it gained a lot of traction for that said player base 20 million people because it came out right before a holiday season. And you also had Halo Infinite being bundled with Xbox consoles for the holiday when they were being sold. And on top of that, it was on game pass day one, which meant a lot of people had a chance to play it, especially if you did that one dollars game pass trial thing for 30 days.

The player counts. If you look at the history of the game and basically most articles that came out after it launched, all of the player numbers dipped in January. Does that surprise anyone? After the Christmas holidays, everyone's back to work, no one's on vacation anymore. Why would people keep playing it?

Yes, there was also a very obvious lack of content. And people were pointing this out the week it came out. Where the fuck is all the content? But the other thing is, and you remember I pointed this out to you too. She makes no sense.

This sentence alone had me doing a double take. Like, did she really just say this? Because this sentence literally makes no sense where it goes, the game launched with enough content to keep players interested for longer. So what was it? Ignore the so what was it?

The game launched with enough content to keep players interested for longer. Now, this followed her saying that it had four and a half million players on launch, reaching 20 million in the following weeks. And then the numbers began to drop.

Four and a half million players reached 20 and then started to drop. But then you say that it was dropping because the game launched with enough content to keep players interested for longer. That literally contradicts the entire paragraph. So which is it? Whether enough content to keep people interested or people dropping I don't understand what she's trying to say.

Like, this is just bad journalism all around. It really is. Not only was it inconsistent with how she reported the numbers, but also with what Vex said about her fudging up the numbers and not putting everything into the equation. Of course it's going to drop in January after everyone had a chance to play it and everybody starts returning the work. What did they think was going to happen?

There was going to be all sunshine and rainbow and people didn't have to work? No, people still have lives, you know? And then on top of that, it's not just that. What if it was kids? They have to go back to school now.

Christmas vacation is over.

I hate bad reporting.

Like, this is why it really frustrates me to even just read gaming news sites as well, because they have the same poor takes on a lot of things. They just fail on multiple levels. Well, who's that Ko Taku article I showed you and stuff that was supposed to be completely unbiased, and then it was just absolute political nonsense. The Xbox article, what was it about? Xbox article?

It was how it was on sale for a great deal. I said that's an article from Kotaku, and I had specifically said, hey, Kotaku may have actually reported something decent for once. I haven't read it yet, but based on this headline, it should be something decent. And then before she had a chance to read it, I'm like, never mind, it's complete political garbage because it just got into complete political nonsense. It was terrible.

It's like, dude, all you have to say is, hey, the Xbox is on sale. That's all you have to say. You can do a little bit of fluffing if you want to, but no, they went into, like, left versus right, all that other stuff. Like, bro, nobody cares, and then also went on to just say, capitalism is terrible, but we love our games, too. Yeah, come on.

This is just another disclaimer, in case you already weren't aware. We try to be unbiased and sensible in our game reporting here at the lamb and sea show. That is a vex Electronica guarantee. Or your money back. They ain't paying any money, though, so that's really all I have for actually listen, they're not paying us.

I had to start working at a strip club for spare money. Nobody wants to pay for that. Nobody wants to buy my $5. Only fan? No.

You sure? I only put fans on their high quality Dyson fans. That dyson really sucks.

Okay. Yes. That's all I have.

I have lots of game development news, though, for you guys today. So to start it off, this is a game I didn't even know was in development, but if anyone who is a fan of the Starship Troopers movie is in the chat. We got some great news for you. So the same studio behind the beloved Tactical Firstperson Shooter squad is now creating a new game based on Starship Troopers Offworld Industries and Sony Pictures. Consumer Products announced this past Monday that Starship Troopers extermination a twelve player squadbased shooter that pits Troopers against swarms of giant bugs, is headed to the Windows PC in 2023, where it will launch in Steam's early access program.

Starship Troopers exterminations announcement is timed with the original film's 25th Anniversary paul Verhoen. I'm sorry. If I butchered that SCIFiRE, I wouldn't be able to read it either. For anyone who wants to know, the spelling is Paul. B-E-R-H-O-E-V-E-N rohobean.

Side by side, his theater is back. On November 7, 97. Extermination appears to lean heavy on the guns and guts action of the Starship Troopers fiction, with players taking the role of a soldier in the deep space Vanguard on a mission to squash bugs on the alien planet of Velaca. So according to Offworld Industries, players will work together in squads of four to complete objectives, acquire resources, build up and defend a base, and fight to extract from the planet in one piece. Roles are split into three classes assault, Support, and Defense.

But it appears all players can contribute to base defense by building walls, century towers, and ammo stations. Using gathered resources, players will also be able to communicate using a ping system to call out points of interest and incoming threats. They will also phase at least five bug types when Starship Trooper externation launches, implying that there might be more to come for the game. So yeah, like I said, it'll be coming out sometime next year. We have no exact date, but I imagine we'll probably get one pretty soon if they're feeling this confident to release this amount of information about gameplay specifics.

Have you watched Starship Troopers at all? No. Okay. Got you. In a slight bit of L news.

There's no L section this week, but there's still L news, just in different areas. Okay. Remember that game? Beyond good and evil too. Welcome in lovely.

Love, Teolytical. Maybe love at Lytical. I probably punched you. That so bad. You did.


Okay. We love you. It's nothing but loved. We finally have a bit of information on Beyond Good and Evil Two, which was first announced or revealed, I should say in spring sorry, fall of 2008. Right.

So several sources have reported that Beyond Good and Evil Two is still in a blocking phase for the most part, meaning that they are still building the world. Insider gaming, which is a pretty good gaming news source. I recommend their website to anyone interested understands that both external and internal play testing has continued throughout this past summer, with some sources stating that Ubisoft has been expressing that the game is in, quote, early development. Those fortunate of enough to get their hands on the game as well as internally amongst colleagues of new people coming into the project. Images and video provided to insider gaming under an anonymous source and name and under the condition the images don't go public, suggest that the game has probably been rebooted since the prealpha demo walkthrough shown back in 2018, as nothing seen shows the same level of detail according to them.

As for Ubisoft, it's unclear how fast the game can go from its current state into a fully fledged title. To be honest, this looks like we have another skull and bone situation here, but probably even worse because from the sounds of it, it seems like they built it and then they started all over again. And with new people coming in, that means that it's not a dedicated team that's staying consistent to this. So I think this is just going to be a shit show, in all honesty. Now, given this entire this very long cycle, guess what Beyond Good and Evil Two has the pleasure of taking the trophy for?

Take a wild guess. Lamb and see. I'm actually lost on the whole freaking document right now. Okay, you're good. I'll take you there, man.

Just look at the highlights. Okay, so what is the award, you're saying trophy. So Beyond Good and Evil Two has now taken the place for longest title in development ever? Or a video game like Duke Nukem too. Oh God.

After waiting for 15 years, it was absolutely terrible. That's what I'm saying. If there's new people coming onto this project and it looks completely different, I'm almost confident that this will be a guaranteed mess when it eventually does come out, because we still don't even have a general release window for it. Aside from that Alpha demo, we haven't had any news on this either. And that Alpha demo even was the first news we got in ten years when it did come out.

This game has been in development for just shy of 15 years now. In the spring, it'll be 15 years officially. Just crazy. Absolutely crazy. In other gaming news though, we got some good news for PlayStation users.

Have a good one Copa, we'll see you later. Thank you for dropping by Copa. I appreciate it. So when asked by GT planet of a PC version of Gran Turismo Seven would be something he consider Yamuchi, the director of the Gran Turismo series, said, yes, I do think so. The Paula Phony CEO went on to claim that the process of bringing the title, which was released on the PlayStation Four and Five back in March of this year to the PC would not be an easy process.

He said, quote, gran Turismo is a finely tuned title. There are not many platforms which could run the game in four K sixty P natively. So one way we make that possible is to narrow down the platform. It's not a very easy subject, but of course we're looking into it and considering it now. In a corporate report published back in 2020, sony first said that it would explore bringing PlayStation exclusives to PC following Horizons Iron's release on the PlayStation Four platform.

Then early last year, SI's president confirmed that PlayStation would bring a whole slate quote of games to PC. Then earlier this year, speaking to GQ, Jim Ryan, said that the opportunity to bling ring PlayStation's IPS to a wider audience, as well as an easier port process, meant that making more games for PC was now, quote, a fairly straightforward decision for the company. PlayStation acquired Nix's Software, which is best known for its work on the PC versions of Square enix properties, including Tomb Raider, Deusx and Hitman to help bring us games to the platform. The PC version, of course, launched just a couple of months ago with pretty good response, but I still just don't think people are open to paying that PlayStation price tag on top of the fact that some of the games that they added were a little bit questionable. For example, the uncharted I think it was uncharted four.

They added only that uncharted, but they didn't add the other three before it. So people were like, why would you launch the first three? So we know what's going on, right? But that's good news if you're interested in Gran Turismo. I know that that game just literally dropped off the face of the planet until it was announced as a contender for racing game at this year's game awards.

And you have PlayStation users were like, didn't expect that one coming, right? But in Saturday Sony news, unfortunately. So I know that a lot of people have been pretty hyped up for the upcoming slate of games that they have, specifically the superhero ones, and even more specifically the Wolverine title that will be exclusive to the PlayStation Five. So a new report on this upcoming game from Insomniac Games, which is also the developer behind those Marvel Spiderman games, by the way, had some disappointing news for Marvel fans earlier this week. Since this announcement on September 9, 2021, there's been basically no information given about this Wolverine game.

According to a prominent industry insider and leaker Tom Henderson, we've used him before for pretty reliable leaks, so I would trust him. Not only is the game not releasing this coming year, but it won't be releasing until at least 2024 at the very earliest. Many other insiders have suspected that it will probably be in the 2025 2026 launch window. There have been no comments from Sony or Insomniac on this, honestly, probably cause most of their attention is focused on that Spiderman Two sequel, which despite not being given a release date, people think it's going to come out next year. You played the Spiderman for the PlayStation Four, right?

Yes, I did. And you said it was great. It really was, though. I actually have no problem, no matter how long it takes to they get it done right. My issue with a lot of the superhero games is I feel it's rush development.

Just like a whole bunch of other games are rust development. And then you just get a shell of what you probably should have gotten or what you expect to have paid for. So the way the PS Four Spiderman went, it was a pleasant surprise because I usually stay away from superhero games for that purpose alone, is that they're usually trash it's, rust development. They're just literally coming out, just capitalizing on the name of a popular superhero and expecting fans to be okay with that, when in reality, it's not. We've had countless releases over the years where that has been the case, and then Spiderman came along and actually gave us a good Spiderman game.

So for me, I don't mind if a game we were expecting I've said this before, it's not just superhero games, but I've said before, I don't mind if a game takes a couple of years as long as it's done the right way. I mind when you release something, knowing it's not a good game, knowing you didn't put your all into that project and expecting just the name brand itself and the name recognition for people to just forgive you for the crap that you developed. So if they want to take a couple of years to get a good Wolverine, because I love Wolverine, but I will tell you one thing I know. Even though I'm not, like, a huge Wolverine fan, if I buy the Wolverine game and that thing isn't up to par, I'm going to be pissed, let alone the millions of Wolverine fans that are way more avid fans than I am. Would you say that you'd be so upset that you would fly all the way to Insomniac Studios to give them a piece of your mind?

I mean, I don't have much of a mind looking to give, so I'm just poking fun at you by the fact that you went to Comcast a couple or yesterday and they still fucked you over.

I know it's frustrating. No, because they know if they don't come, I already told them. I gave them an ultimatum. You guys are going to come on Monday, no excuses. Or we're cutting off our cable.

We're cutting off our Internet. We will go with somebody else. We left Horizon for the same issues that Comcast has given us. Really? Wow.

Okay. All right. And we told him that too. I literally told him that, too. I'm like, I left for Rising because of the issues you're currently giving me.

You think I won't leave you? Like, I'll deal with 5G WiFi if I have to. I don't care. I will leave you. You know what?

I got some news, though, to cheer you up. I don't know if you saw this earlier this week, but I know you're a Final Fantasy nerd, so hopefully this will keep you in bitter spirits. But Final Fantasy 16, which still doesn't have an official release date, what you're about to talk about, and let me just say, you know what? I'll let you report on it, and then I'm going to bring back a conversation we've had before about Cyberpunk. Okay?

Got you. So Final Fantasy 16 will have much darker themes than previously thought, with hate crimes, drugs and prostitution all listed among the content that has caused the games rating in Brazil. That clarifies it will not be suitable for children under the age of 16. The latest Final Fantasy game will have, quote, sex scenes not fully shown and quote, violent content attenuated by scenes direction according to the full game's description on the Brazilian Ministero Just Ministry of justice. These are the main factors behind the 16 plus age rating in Brazil, although there are plenty of aggravating circumstances, too.

The latter includes, quote, violence with weapons, blood, intentional deaths, torture and victims suffering, drugs, prostitution, sexual content both shown and talked about, and hate crimes. The rating does not go into further detail, so, I mean, that's probably just to protect any possible story spoilers, but because what's his face? The Final Fantasy creative Director Naioki Yeshida. Yashida Yoshida. I can't remember his exact name.

Yoshida. There you go. He's going to be having an appearance at the Game Awards on December 8, so I think we're expecting a release date then. I mean, Final Fantasy 16 sounds lit. Well, that's the thing.

Do you remember? So I had told Vex that, all right, I have finally started playing a video game on Cyber Monday. Ironically, Cyberpunks 2077 was available for sale at half off. So I got it and I haven't hooked. And one of the things I brought up, I'm like, it has nudity, it has all this.

And one of the things I also told her is, and I'll say it with Final Fantasy as well, if you're going to aim a game towards adults, allow there to be that kind of content. Now, does it have to be all over the place? No, but as a grown adult, if you're going to talk about all this other stuff and imply things like give us the option of seeing it if we want to, you know, I don't see the harmony. You know, Cyberpunk 2077, I think, did it actually really well. It's not like it's overly rampant around the city.

I mean, yes, you can go out of your way and buy a prostitute, spend a night with said prostitute, but it's not like you absolutely have to. And there are going to be certain scenes, like there's a scene in Cyberpunk where someone was close to death in the bathtub, but, like, naked. So obviously the body is going to be naked with blood on it. I don't see any harm in that because these are things that could actually happen. Now, as far as them saying hate crimes and stuff, let's be real.

Everything is considered a hate crime nowadays. In other words, we'll see if it's an actual hate crime or not because we don't need no more jussie. Smoulets. Okay. Smollett.

No, it's smooth. Like small brain. Oh, my God, that sounds even worse. Oh, yeah. So I've been hooked on Cyberpunk 2077 this whole week.

Every spare chance I've had, I've gotten. And I'm so mad that Judy Alvarez was not a romantic option for male characters. I still haven't played Cyberpunk at Full because I bought it on my Xbox One and it was too buggy to play. And it's just been I was laughing when you asked me if there was bugs, and I'm like, no, I haven't run across one. And as I'm in the party with Becks, I experienced my first and only crash Cyberpunk.

And I was just like, Are you shitting me? I just talk good about you. I'm the lucky charm for that kind of shit. There you go. We did try out grounded, though, earlier this week, too.

We did. We do. Got to get back on that because that was funny. Especially the screams as spiders come out of nowhere.

Honestly, I understand the hype around that game, I really do, because it's gotten nothing but stellar reviews. It's an Xbox exclusive for those of our listings. Especially fun if you play with people that you get along with, too. Exactly. But even when we're playing, you're just like, oh, my God, this is farther than I got with those other people.

And all I'm just thinking is, like, because you're with someone, I play with these other people, right? And they have invited me to the lobby, so I went to go play with them. Party chat. So I'm in their lobby for like two or 3 hours trying to figure out what the hell I'm doing. They know what they're doing because I joined their lobby.

I'm messaging them like, hey, I need a party invite and all this other stuff. Nothing. I bet you I just up and quit. Then I got a text from one of them. Hey, where'd you go, bitch?

I've been texting you. Why are you now responding and saying, where did I go when I leave? You guys were in a party chat and I couldn't talk to you. Crowded. It's definitely one of those games that it's meant to be multiplayer and it's meant to have voice communication.

It's definitely ourselves, one of the bases that you're supposed to find. And we made that homebase. I don't think we're supposed to, but we did anyways. It worked out for how early in the game we were, but yeah, grounded is a solid amount of fun. I recommend it.

Like, Lamency has had a party game. If you guys haven't tried it, it is available on the game pass as well since it's Xbox exclusive. So you can try it out, like, no extra charge on top of your subscription fee, right? But I'm looking forward to jumping back into that when you're past this whole holiday rush period, you know? But back on track, though.

Speaking of games, though, you'd mentioned previously games releasing unpolished. There's some really surprising news that happened last week, which I didn't want to report on it until Nintendo put out a statement and they kind of did this past week on Wednesday. So Pokemon Scarlett and Violet released for the Nintendo Switch last week, and despite being the best selling Pokemon game of all time, like both of them, it had an insanely bad launch. Like, there were video footage of people that couldn't load things. It was buggy as heck.

You couldn't get any Pokemon on Pokeballs. Got to the point where people were exploiting some of these glitches for their furry fantasies cringe. But on Wednesday, the company detailed that the next update was coming to the game, which actually launched on Friday. Right? I haven't seen any negative response on that on social media, so I'm assuming that this version one one update fixed a lot of the issues in their official statement.

That said, quote, we are aware that players may encounter issues that affect games performance. Our goal is always to give players a positive experience with our games, and we apologize for the inconvenience. We take the feedback from players seriously and are working to improve on improvements to the game. Now, the only reason I'm including this in here is because this is really, really odd for a Nintendo game. Anytime Nintendo launches a game, there's basically never any issues with it.

Like, even when they switch to the online era with the three DS and then the Switch after that, they still did incredibly well in making sure that they released a polished game in that release week. So for me, it was shocking to see that not only was it a Nintendo game, but it was a Pokemon game, of all things, that finally were like the Achilles heel. And it makes me wonder, is Nintendo unfortunately falling to the same style of let's just get it out and we can patch it when it's out, kind of thinking that like a lot of console games do. What do you think? I mean, it's very possible, but it's also possible and stuff that just right before launch decided to do like a last second tweak or something and it just kind of messed things up.

I know you said that with them offering full refunds in some regions and it's surprising on Nintendo usually has an amazing track record for releasing polished games. The bigger thing for me is the fact that they're given refunds because Nintendo is notorious for all sales are final.

Too bad.

I was just blown to see that these were Nintendo headlines, so that's why I figured I'd include it because the industry can still shock you, I guess. But back to some good news. Now I got a wealth of good news for you guys. So anyone who's a Street Fighter fan you can actually look forward to a second closed beta coming actually later this month from December 16 to 19th. Tweaks to the game since its first round of testing.

Include a fresh option I think that should say refresh. Not a fresh option. Oh no, a fresh option on PlayStation Five and the Series Xx to reduce input delay as a setting in the game's graphics menu which will shorten the gap between your inputs and the action happening on screen. Alternatively on the PC you can toggle your Vsync setting off the tradeoff here is that it may increase the likelihood of screen tearing capcom warnings. So Street Fighter still does not have a Street Fighter Six, sorry, does not have a firm release date yet, but it is expected sometime in 2023.

If you do want to sign up for that second beta, you can actually go to Capcom's website and sign up there. And like I said, it will be on the next gen consoles and PC. Now, arguably the biggest news of the week, or one of the biggest news pieces of the week just because of how much information we got was CD Projekt Red released its third quarter financials report on Monday after an investor call and whatnot. So a couple of the key takeaway things right, you can find a whole report online if you want to dig through it and look at the exact numbers. I am just kind of picking out the big notable things I think anyone who doesn't look at financials might be interested in.

So net revenue is up almost a tenfold since their last review back in June, which you can thank primarily to Edge Runners which came out in September, if I remember. I can't remember end of August or September, I don't know. I'd have to ask Mikey. Mikey's the anime guy. There you go.

And there was also that lineup of their future planned releases that they came out with two over like in late summer, right? So I think both of those definitely helped with their earnings. Stock value has also been on a steady trend upwards since that roadmap announcement. Development and outsourcing costs are actually up significantly in this quarter, which could be good news if you think about the fact that they are actively working or probably actively working on those upcoming projects as well as that Witcher Three next gen update which will be dropping on December 14 as well. CDPR did open that new studio in Boston which will be essentially dedicated to the upcoming Witcher game like not the Remaster but Witcher Four.

So I imagine that also drove up outsourcing costs. Now we got a little bit of information on that Witcher One remake as well. It's confirmed to be built on Unreal Engine Five and will be. Open World. So the first game was not Open World.

I think that was more just kind of a restriction on the mechanics of the time because that came out almost 20 years ago now. So this indicates that it will kind of be more or less similar to Witcher Three in its Open World aspects. I think this is one of those franchises that benefits from Open World and one of those genres that also benefits from Open World, so I got no issues with that. On top of that, we did get a Cyberpunk sequel that was potentially teased for either 2027 or 2028. But this is more of just the wording of one of the CEOs in the call.

So take it with a grain of salt as well. There allegedly might be a Game of the Year edition of Cyberpunk coming sometime in the next year. To me, this doesn't make any sense because Cyberpunk did launch on Current and last year it's been patched to hell. So to me, they're probably on the same they're probably planning to launch this addition to recoup some of that sale that was lost with how historically bad the launch was on top of the fact that they were offering full refunds for it for two to three weeks after launch. To me, this feels just like a cash grab.

But in all honesty, I have a little bias there because I feel like all remasters or remakes are cash grabs because come on, let's see. It also could be a more honestly, I could go either way with this. It could be a cash grab, but it also could be, hey, we actually were able to fix our shit. In case you forgot, we exist. We're going to make this a Game of the Year edition.

And now you guys know that we're actually a playable game.

No, because there's a lot of people that still never return because they were so hyped about it. And then when it was so broken, they just never went back to it and just forgot about it, you know? So honestly, I completely forgot Cyberpunk even existed until Edge Runners came out.

This is what I'm saying though. Edge Runners came out not too long ago, it still is generating a lot of good hype. On top of that, with all the witcher news, like both for the TV show and the remaster and all that stuff, and Witcher Three, there's a lot of positive CDPR hype going around. I really don't think people have completely forgotten about Cyberpunk. I really don't.

There's also been honestly, since those patches started coming out, like if you pay attention to any gaming related news at all, you know that it's like they've been working their ass off to try and fix that game for the people that did pay for it. I'm going to respectfully disagree with you. I don't disregard it. You could be right. But from my point of view, I think it's pretty hard to forget.

Just think about the launch alone. It's hard to forget about that game. In all honesty, if you followed what happened when it was yeah, but I'm more getting it because don't get me wrong, a lot of players did go back and play after Edgewriters came out, but a lot of others, I'm sure, were also like, okay, cool. The anime is great and all, but I remember how much of a debacle the actual game was. So it might actually be a statement that, hey, it's not just our anime.

I'm not saying it's not a cash grab, but I'm also saying it could be just like, hey, it's not just our anime that's on complete fire. Like, we actually fixed our actual game, and that game is fire too. So here's a reminder for all we know, it could be a combination of both and stuff, but just because one's good doesn't mean the other is good. So that could be their reasoning. I'm not saying that they're right in their reasoning, but from their standpoint, that's what they could be looking at.

Like, hey, we can get more people if they know that it's not just the anime that's good for sure. You make a valid point. You make a valid point. So we got a lot of transmedia project news that came out in the news too. Part of this q three release two, we got some updates on the cyberpunk Edge Runners enemy, actually.

So when asked if CDPR was planning for a second season, michael Nowakowski, who is CD Projekt's SVP of business development, said quote, we are not confirming any specific plans for a second season of Edge Runners or anything super specifically. Super specifically. We have had an appetite to do more in the transmedia space, so in linear visual animation or live action, and those plans have not changed. So when we are ready, you may expect to see more announcements in that regard coming from us. Now, according to CDPR chief financial officer Peter Mulaboix, I butchered that Edge runners.

Apparently it was a hit in Netflix's top ten list in 19 different countries, and the popularity of the anime series, along with positive reception of the update, visibly affected unit sales of the cyberpunk game. CD Projekt Red japan country manager Satarohonma recently said there were no plans to continue the story of cyberpunk Edge runners, which was codeveloped by the game studio and Japanese animation outfit studio trigger. In an interview with fematsu, he said, quote, I personally would like to continue to work with Japanese studios to produce more anime in the future, partially because we've received very good feedback in relation to cyberpunk Edge runners. So it looks like it's up in the air if we get a second season, but it looks like we definitely will get some other cyberpunk media. Now, there was also some news on that amazon fallout TV show, which I totally forgot was happening.

So I saw this article.

I don't know. You can take this as you will. I got a mixed reaction reading this. So apparently this Fallout TV show will tell a fresh story completely separate from the games, though still in the same world as the games. Speaking to Lex Friedman on the latest episode of his podcast just this past weekend, Bethesda director and executive producer of the Fallout series, Todd Howard, said he'd been turned off by previous adaptation offers that only wanted to transfer the story of Fallout Three or Four into a film.

When the idea was proposed to tell a new story adjacent to the events of the games, Howard got on board. Quote, when people wanted to make a movie, they wanted to tell the story of Fallout Three or tell the story of Fallout Four. And it was meh for this. It was, hey, let's do something that exists within the world of Fallout. It's not retelling a game story.

It's basically an area of the map. Let's tell a story here that fits in the world that we've built, doesn't break any of the rules, can reference things in the games, but isn't retelling of the games. It exists in the same world, but is its own unique thing. So it adds to it, while also people who haven't played the games, who can't experience how crazy cool fall it is, can watch the series. Now, despite this, Amazon has been pretty tight lip still about the plot.

So we have no idea what this alternate storyline is going to be. And we did get that brief teaser trailer released back in October suggesting the story will revolve around both 33, but other than that, we don't really know much. The show was also officially announced back in July 2020 with Westworld cocreator Jonathan Nolan directing at least a few episodes. See, I'm not a fallout guy. This would have excited me.

This would have excited because it sounds like it could be really cool. It has a novel concept until you brought up that it's Amazon that's going to be doing this series or this movie. And the reason I say that is because, all right, we saw what they did with The Lord of the Rings. We saw how they went with Lord of the Rings and how they manipulated the ratings to make it sound so much better than it actually was. And it was just hot garbage.

Amazon has a tendency to just make everything bad. As soon as you said Amazon, I was like, no, I'm good. I might have been interested before, even though I'm not a Fallout guy, I might have been interested before because I like that kind of storyline. But if Amazon is going to be involved, I already know it's going to be a hot mess.

That's why I'm a mixed bag Amazon. Are you serious? On the other hand, though, I mean, it kind of sounds like they're on a good track record here. I like that they're not rewriting an entire story like they did with that Halo series from Paramount. They're trying to make it fit in with the world that already exists.

So I have some good hope there.

But then it's Amazon, so that retelling of that area could quickly become some woke nonsense. No, it's not even that. It's Westworld co creator Jonathan Nolan. I'm assuming you didn't watch Westworld at all. No.

Okay. And by your reaction, I don't want to. Okay. Westworld season one is some of the best television you will ever watch. It explores a lot of philosophical ideas in ways that I have never seen before in other TV shows or movies that have explored similar ideas.

So for that reason, West World season one is like essential TV watching. In my opinion. Everything that comes after that is subject, unfortunately, to the woke disease. Sounds about right. Yeah, they took the popularity that they had with that first one and then I guess HBO really got their hands into it and then it just turned into garbage after that.

And they just announced a couple of weeks ago that the current fourth season that's coming up or just release will be the last one. It's really a shame because it started off so well. This is why I'm a little bit hesitant. But at the same time, I don't know how much of that was on the hands of the West World creators and how much of that was on the hands of HBO, you know, higher ups. Right.

But either way, Amazon and Westworld cocreator, those are two things. We'll leave it at that. Right. But in some good news, I got some good news and I got some bad news again about some so you're giving us the shit sandwich? I'm trying to give you a roller coaster because I don't want you to continuously feel down or continuously feel good.

So I'm just going to play with your emotions. Why can't you just give me a Rick Ashley? Treat me like Rick ashley Never give me up, never let me down, never run around and desert me. I'm not deserting. I'm still here even though I'm on the podcasts.

I know. Why do you think I brought up the ripper to go over to Cannoli's podcast? I'm still laughing at the way I reacted. I hope could nobody realize I was just completely messing with it from the get go. I'm like, I see how it is.

Steal my co host. I see now. I'm happy for you guys, though. I know she will provide you some great commentary on the movie aspects.

Thank you. Kennedy says in the chat here, jonathan Nylan gave creative control to his wife after season one, so it got woke because she ran the show and wrote those episodes. I'm not going to say it because I don't want us to get striked, but I understand why there are certain stereotypes about women. That's all I'm going to say.

In good news, though, remember that game Seafood that came out on? It was out primarily in Asia. It got a couple of nominations and game awards this year. But according to Deadline, apparently the developer Slowclap has teamed up with the media company Story Kitchen for an adaptation of the game. The script is being written by Derek Colstad, the dude behind John Wick.

He seems to have his hands on a lot of video game adaptations right now, which signifies it's probably in good hands. And he's helped create some of the best character driven action movies of the last decade, which I think we all can agree. He's also been tapped to write movies for Just Cause, Splinter Cell, and even a TV show for Hitman. So this dude is just on track for this kind of stuff. We don't have any idea as to what the plot will be like, who it will start, any sort of release date.

We just know that this is just going to happen. So it's something to look forward to if you are a Seafood fan. Now, since we're on the track of woke garbage or we're on that track, we're going to get right back. So back on November 30, HBO posted pictures of all the characters in their upcoming The Last of US TV adaptation, which launches early next year. Now, I mean, these are just pictures, OK, but I'd like to point out something that was very notable amongst fans and critics of this current woke trend in Western media.

Joel's daughter, right? Joel is one of the main protagonists in The Last of US. His daughter Sarah, who is kind of a minor character in the game, allegedly, like I've just watched, cut scenes will be race swapped or has been race swapped.

The daughter, Joel and the woman whose identity has yet to be revealed within the canon. Sarah, as one of the first characters to be introduced in The Last of US, costarring alongside her father in the first chapter of the original game before falling victim to a stray gun shot during the chaos that explodes in the week before the chord decept, brain infections, initial outbreak. I think the fact that she has a character poster in the first place, as well as the fact that she has been raised off, probably indicates that she will have a much larger role than what she did in the game. Because let's face it, the trend is they don't race swap it for the small characters, they race swap it for the big ones.

It's funny to me how if this has to be done the opposite way around, people would be up in arms, but it's okay because they're race whopping, white people. And this happens over and over and over and over again.

Let's be real. This is just racism. They're doing this just to go woke. But the thing is, like, I said, if something can be done the opposite way and it's viewed as racist, then I hate to break it to you. No matter how you try to slice it, what you are doing is also racist.

I just don't I don't understand like, I can understand the trend if it's like, oh, she is the best actress for the role. Okay. But I highly doubt that was the case. That's what I'm saying. That's never the case when they do this, right?

So I'm just like even I was watching Spiderman no way home yesterday. I was rewatching it when you messaged me. I'd fallen asleep watching it. Well, that gives me a lot of hope for that. Spiderman.

No way. Home. Fucking falls asleep while watching it. I mean, this is probably a hot take here or a spicy take, but Spiderman No Way Home is not a good movie. Even by Marvel standards, it is not a good movie.

The pacing is all over the place. I don't understand why I should give a flying fuck about Aunt May dying in that movie. On top of that, I don't understand the reason for why Peter decides to save people. Because it seems that his desire to save the people that are transported to his universe are all based on what his aunt has taught him. Like, it seems like he has no internal or singular desire to want to be good.

On top of that, who played Mary Jane in this one? It's Zendaya. Oh, yeah. See, I think I've watched it, but I only watch it because it was Zendaya. Of course.

I don't care about anything else. But then even, like, Zendaya's rendition of Mary Jane Watson, she was also, you know, race swap because Mary Jane is a redhead. Right. A lot of people didn't have issue with it because, A, it's Zendaya, and B, it was like, oh, she's like quirky teen. She's so much like me.

Oh, my God. Right? I don't like Zendaya's. MJ I'm going to be honest with you guys. I find her really awkward on screen.

I don't see the great. The chemistry just seems really off for me as well. Now Tom Holland and Sundia are engaged, right. And then it's like, on top of that, I don't buy this version of MJ as of romantic interest is the other thing. I think Tom Holland is a great pick.

I think he blends together like the equal parts of Nerdy and fun, like, classic Peter Park Parker pretty well. But it also makes me feel sad that we never got more ngarfield Spiderman. There is only one role that Tom Holland has ever played really well. I'm going to let you continue this article, but I'm going to pull up the one role that he's played well. All right.

Is it going to be that movie where he was in the tsunami thing? Is that it? No, but it's Elliot. No, I got you. Hold on.

Okay. Let's see here. So Canoli says that Zendaya isn't a good actress either.

Yeah, I know most guys have a hard on for Zendaya. That's fine. Very beautiful. Okay, so you want to see the only role that I think Tom Holland sacrilege tom Holland, I think has ever been good in? Okay.

And I'm going to have to edit this out later.

What is this I'm looking at on the screen? You'll see hold on, I got to skip through the first bit here. The umbrella thing, honestly, this is just a traffic. It really was.

But no, this new era of Spiderman is not fantastic. And I think the fact that Marvel has set the standard so low is why it's so hyped. Cannoli says call me controversial or sorry, love it. IGL says, call me controversial. There's only one MJ, my book.

Who might that be? Cannoli says Garfield is the best actor of the three Spiderman, but Holland does play Parker and Spiderman. Well. Yeah, I agree with you there. It just makes it really sad we didn't get to see more Andrew Garfield Spiderman, because even though The Amazing Spiderman movies weren't great, I thought he was a fantastic Peter Parker.

I really would have loved to see more of him. And even the fan response with no Way Home was clearly much of the same. It's like, fuck, we missed out on more Garfield Spiderman, right? But yeah. No way.

Home is trash. I'm sorry. I'm just going to put it out there. Take it as you will. You can come at me on Twitter if you want.

I will give you a full essay in Tweets about why I think it's not a good movie, even by Marvel standards. But back on track. Yeah, I thought Kirsten Duncan was a good Mary Jane as well. Levitico, I agree with you there. Back on track with this whole Woke thing.

It's unnecessary. It's really unnecessary. You don't need it at all. I don't understand why they thought this was a big deal for a Last of US series. I don't understand why they feel the need to race while for people to feel like they relate to things.

I grew up in a predominantly Caucasian neighborhood, and I think I turned out just fine. I was able to relate to cartoon characters totally fine despite them not being the same color as me because I was taught to admire people for who they are. It's funny because here's the thing. I remember growing up and there were characters who were not white that I related with more in certain movies because it was good characters. Now, instead of actually making good characters, they care more about the race of said characters, not about the content of said characters.

It's a complete opposite of what MLK wanted. He specifically stated about how to judge people on the content of the character, not the color of their skin. Now we're judging people by the color of their skin, not the concept of their character. Ironic, isn't it? Now to continue this lt trend.

This isn't TV show. Really? This is back to being more gaming related. You all know my deep, deep love for the Red Dead Redemption Series. Despite this game, despite Red Dead Redemption Two being on the Steam top ten sellers list literally week after week for like six months now, discovered by your gamer back on November 27, it looks like Red Dead Redemption Two hit its highest ever peak player count just this past week.

66,492 concurrent Players on Red Dead. Redemption two on steam. Just steam alone. The prior record had been almost 55,000 back in 2019. The fuck's wrong with you, Rockstar?

Fucking crap. I hope they don't make a Red Dead redemption. Three. I know this is also going to be a spicy take. I guess it's just spicy take vex today.

But I don't want Rockstar games as they are right now. Today, December 4, 2022. I don't want this version of Rockstar making another Red Dead Redemption game at all. I mean, I can kind of deal if it's a remaster. Not a remake, a remaster, a graphical remaster.

But in terms of the third game, I don't like the direction Rockstar has gone. Most of the creative team behind the Red Dead Redemption franchise are gone. Dan Hauser is gone as well. We can't really trust what Sam Hauser is going to do given where Rockstar has been going. And I can guarantee that if Rockstar makes a third Red Dead Redemption game, it'll be like it'll probably be slightly woke in the sense that they will focus it predominantly on either color or female protagonist.

I would be fine with it if I knew that Rock star weren't already going down that track, but I know they're going down that track, so I know that will be the reason why they do it. Please don't make another Red Dead redemption rockstar. Just don't do it. Just give the since you don't give a fuck about this franchise anyways, just give the right spec Dan Hauser and let him do what he does best with it and make it Red Dead Redemption Three. Otherwise, don't fucking touch that beautiful IP.

Vex out. Sorry. Onto the next subject. Onto the next subject. All right, I'm going to be right back while you talk about the callisto protocol, okay?

Yeah. As I mentioned earlier, callisto protocol launched on Friday, December 2. I'm actually in the midst of playing through it right now. There's a couple of things I've seen on social media which I find a little concerning, which I feel like I should probably address for people that are interested in this because it's bound to be one of those things. You see on a review on Metacritic or Open Critic if you use those as reliable sources to dictate whether you get a game or not.

So while we already know that Sony contributed to the development of the Callisto Protocol simply for its visual capture, like it's physical capturing that's it. The extent of its support may surprise you. Image credits posted by Reset era revealed around 150 employees from Sony's Visual Arts Services Group and Malaysian team aided developer striking distance studios on the Callisto Protocol. PlayStation often offers support to the creation of third party titles by loaning out its StateoftheART motion capture studios and assisting on things like audio mixing and cinematics. But this looks like one of the biggest assignments on a non first party game to date, with the aforementioned 150 employees credited as contributing to the title.

Now, cinematically. Yes, this game looks great. Yes, I'm playing it on Xbox. But yes, I can also very willingly and openly admit that Sony is fantastic when it comes to their motion capture techniques and technology. So you can definitely see their touch there in that respect.

It is absolutely stunning in that respect. Now unfortunately, though, because there's a bunch of idiots who decide that it's good to fight over which console is better, you can like whatever you want as long as you're having fun playing the games you're playing. Many have used this trying to tag Sony for the issues the game had on launch for the Xbox consoles as well as a PC. But it seems like people are like, this is motion capture. It's not that they help develop actual mechanics for the game.

So in that respect, unless there's receipts that say otherwise, sony really had no hand in why the launch was so poor on the Xbox and PC. I mean, I'm sure there's a viable or valid reason for it on the PC. It had the most notable issues with a historically low approval of just on Steam because it had a really bad stuttering issue that made the game almost inoperable and unplayable. Now allegedly, this is due to just a developer releasing the wrong patch on the day of release. And Glenn Showfield, the creator, he cleared this up and the patch was delivered the same day.

So it should be a lot better now. But I'm not playing on PC, so I can't guarantee that. Now, the game was met with three subpar response as well. Apparently subpar response is like below a 90, I guess. Now, to me, if a game gets over a 70, I would consider that's still good, right?

Like how on a test you really just need a 70 or higher, right? A lot of people, we know how much people just review bomb everything and stuff. So I agree. Anything so many or higher usually is pretty decent. Exactly.

Now, because of this kind of subpar response from both critical and just everyday gamers alike, crafton Stock, who is the publisher, they actually took a dip down eight 4% on the Friday, down to the lowest price since November 11.

It is what it is. I mean, there's many games that professional reviewers had said were pretty bad when they released. And then years later, people come back to it and we're like, hey, this game is pretty good. I think Alien Isolation is the one that comes to mind that was met with the same kind of critical response as this one, minus all of the bugs. And like, today, you ask anyone about Alien Isolation, they're like, yeah, that game was fucking amazing.

I would love to see a sequel to that. Or another alien game. Christ, movies like that and everything, too. Exactly. This is a common thing.

This is why it's okay. For example, there's actually a Christmas movie, too.

Actually, no, I know exactly which one it is. I can't remember the name of it and stuff, but you'll shoot your eye out. Red Rider BB gun. You'll shoot your eye out. I think it's called A Christmas Story.

It was not critically acclaimed. Not a lot of people liked it. And then I got picked up a couple of years later, and then everybody started watching it.

I have no idea what you're talking about. No, wait. No, it wasn't that movie. There was another Christmas movie. Well known crap canoli help me out here.

What's the one where at the end of the movie, they talk about every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings?

Crap. I can't remember the name of it. There's one Christmas movie in particular that's become a cult classic that was not popular at all until it went into public domain. And then once it went into public domain, it became an instant classic. I just can't remember the name of it.

Okay, if it comes to you, let us know. But my point is that there are a lot of movies and games that, when they release, are not released to a lot of fanfare. And like you said, they come back and they're like, oh, wait, this is actually pretty good. It's a Wonderful Life. Thank you.

Kudollie. That's exactly the one I was thinking of.

Oh, I haven't actually seen that. You got to watch it. It did not come out to good. A claim basically went untouched for about, like, 1520 years, went into public domain, and then all of a sudden, every department store, every everything, like in the Christmas season started playing it, which got it to be a Coke classic. And now everybody loves that movie.

Got you. I'm not one for Christmas movies, really, so that's the main reason I haven't seen it. Yeah, she's a grinch. I liked the Grinch, though. I just find them irritating, that's all.

I find Christmas movies very irritating. But I will just how ironic that Jim Carrey, who played the Grinch, ends up being the Grinch as far as leaving Twitter. You know why Jim Carrey is a grinch? Because he's Canadian. There you go.

There's your fun fact for today.

Jim Carrey actually went to the same elementary school I did. There's your. Fun fact for the day.

Take it as you will, but yes, callisto protocol. As I was saying, fuck, you interrupted me, and now I don't remember what my point was. But I'm going into this game open minded. My review for it will be coming later on the website. I can guarantee you that, guys, but I'm playing through it right now, keeping an open mind.

I didn't read any reviews. I stopped reading reviews for anything I wanted to watch or play years ago, because if they don't spoil it, they just put an unconscious bias in your mind. So when you do come to it, you're like, oh, God, I know the comedy is going to be like this, or I know the characters are going to be like this, and then you don't actually enjoy it for how you would truly perceive it, right back when it was just like gaming. Do you remember the game Walkthrough? Like journals, the magazines that you would get with the games?

Like, you'd buy it, it would give you some Walkthroughs, but nothing too serious. Exactly. Like hints, almost. It would just be hints. Yeah, right now you got whole fucking books published for that shit.

So I got a couple of tech stories for you guys to wrap up tonight's episode. For those of you who are interested in potentially getting graphics cards, this month may be the month to do it. The prices of the best graphics cards may get higher in early 2023 in the US. As the exemption on tariffs imposed several years ago under the Trump administration will expire on December 31, the office of the United States Trade Representative may renew the exclusion, or graphics card manufacturers could try to find a way to work around the high tariffs. Hardware industry veteran Kyle Bennett said in a Twitter post.

Quote, Two sources told me that AMD Radon, Intel Graphics, and Nvidia GeForce graphic cards are going to be subject to new import tariffs in January. Anyone smarter than me know how to look at that up and get some linkage? If so, December might be a better time to buy. Now, the 25% tariffs were imposed by the previous administration several years ago to essentially penalize Chinese based hardware manufacturers, which included not only graphics cards, but also laptops, motherboards, and other devices. The Trump administration then agreed to temporarily lift the tariffs, and then the Biden administration granted 352 exclusions to these tariff rules.

Exclusions are set to expire on December 31 of this year. Now, some manufacturers initially tried to import almost finished products to the US. To avoid paying punitive duties, but the list of items subject to the tariff now includes things like printed circuit assemblies, constituent unfinished logic, and constituting constituent I can't say this word unfinished logic boards, which largely kills the practice. If the USTR, which is the trade representative, does not reinstate the inclusion, that importers will have to pay a 25% duty on graphics card starting on January 1 of the new year. Meanwhile, graphic card prices have every reason to increase compared to 2019, even without the terrace.

The development of GPUs made using the TSMCs N five and four N mean the five nanometrelass fabrication technologies is extremely expensive. The physical implementation of the GPU with software costs north of $500 million USD manufacturing on one of TMC's N five nodes is also costlier almost twice expensive as making GPUs on their N seven or Samsung's eight LP. Production costs are also higher now higher now than they were several years ago due to rising salaries in China as well as inflation. And finally, even transportation is now more expensive than it used to be in 2019. When you also add in that price of gas in there I hate how people do not take that into the equation.

Whenever gas goes up, and it's something that everybody should be paying attention to. Gas prices are increasing and they are significantly higher than they used to be. Everything else will follow suit because almost the entire world is run on gasoline, whether it's directly or indirectly. Because even if you think you're 100% electric, I hate to break it to you. Everything that brought over your materials to be electric was driven by a gas powered vehicle.

So if gasoline costs more money, so do your supplies.

Not even just the transport part, too. Like, think about food production and food grows. Everything that uses gas. It affects every industry, whether you think about it or not. Even if you're in an electric industry, things that get delivered to you, chances are, are not being delivered to you from electric vehicles.

You guys don't necessarily have it. But in Canada, with the carbon tax and everything, when that was implemented, you immediately saw an increase in food prices. Even back then. This was several years ago now. Just because now the manufacturers had to pay to produce certain amounts of carbon.

And those costs were offset by increasing the consumer prices. And for those who want to speak out against what I just said, here's the funny thing. This is the thing that a lot of people don't realize. Those precious electric vehicles that charge on electricity, you do realize that the electric power plants are powered by gasoline.

Yeah, they're manufactured using gasoline as well. As gas goes up, so does everything else. Whether indirectly or indirectly. Indirectly or directly, your industry will be affected. Right.

It's actually funny you mentioned the electric vehicles. I was reading an article earlier today up here in Canada. I don't know if you guys have noticed it where you live in the United States or Europe or wherever you're listening, but I've noticed in the last few months especially, there's been an increase of people driving electric cars on the road. Specifically more Teslas. But there was a story that came out of British Columbia.

Essentially, two people with electric vehicles had gone to charge their vehicle at this one port, and something was wrong with the port and it effectively killed the engines in both of their cars. And now they're just $60,000 plus lumps of metal and battery that they can't use at all. Let's see, other thing about electronics, case in point, I had these headphones that normally when they charge there's a light, but for some reason that light wasn't going on. Now, me not thinking anything of it, I still want to go charge it. Well, all of a sudden I went to go take it off the charger, and I'm glad I went to go take it off the charger when I did, because do you know what happened to the cord?

Why it was completely melted? So something went bad in the headphones that melted the wire that charged the headphones. And that's the problem with electric vehicles, is all it takes is something either in the panel itself or in the vehicle itself to completely mess up the other thing. And here's the thing, let's say from your car, and you put it in an outlet. Well, now that outlet, it's basically like a disease.

Now that outlet has it, so every vehicle that comes after is going to get affected.

Wild. Extremely wild. So, in our file store for tonight, remember a couple of months ago how we had talked about how the Google Stadia was shutting down finally permanently? Which was funny, because I forgot that Google Stadia had even existed. Showed you how much effort they actually put into their console, I guess.

Yeah, but when we had touched on that story, when it first broke, I think it was back in September, in all honesty, at that time, Google had not announced when it would start issuing refunds and reimbursements to those that had purchased Stadia consoles and additional accessories.

The Stadia Twitter account officially confirmed on November 30 that those who made hardware purchases via its Google Store should start seeing their refunds come in. And it also requests that anyone expecting a refund keep an eye on their emails for more details. Keep in mind that now that we're in December, the Google Stadia will shut down basically all of its services on January 18 of 2023. So if you do own one of those consoles, make sure you try and get in touch with Google to get your money back. There are several major developers that have said that they will port over user profiles for a lot of games.


Ubisoft. We know that Rockstar wasn't one of them, but I do believe they caved over that one guy who put over like 4000 hours on Red Dead Online. Yes. So they changed their mind. Ubisoft was fine with the reason they changed their mind was the amount of backslash they received.

Because they're like, this is a Die Hard fan. Like this isn't just a regular fan or an avid fan. Like this is Die Hard. This dude put 4000 hours on the Google stadia to your game, which by the way, he put it on that time into that game. And it only ported to the stadium like 2020 or 2021, like years after release.

Yes, he put all those hours in like a year and a half, which is insane. So for them to be like, oh, we're not doing that. Of course you're going to receive backlash because you're just further solidifying the point that you couldn't be further out of touch with your clientele and your fans.

Exactly right. Yeah. That's all I have for news this evening, I think. What upcoming announcements do you have for us? Well, we know at 02:00 p.m.

Eastern on Tuesday, we have the weekly anime recap. And after a short break after that's done at 08:00 P.m. Eastern, we have the one, the only, the Sasquatch that loves Canola cannoli Sasquatch, live and on air for his personal interview for the beginning of our Creator Spotlight series. So we got those to look forward to. We are making some improvements to the site.

Everything else. I've been putting in some work. You can't see it on this, but we're definitely putting in some work on the background. So we got a few things coming up in the near future. So this is going to be quite interesting.

I know you have a poll going up, right? No, I decided not to put that up based on our conversation prior to this. Fair enough. So that's just false advertisement. A newer lying to me, but I just didn't realize to what extent actually, tomorrow, Monday, December 5, I'm now part of the Mischief Mayhem movie podcast over at Canal Sasquatches channel on YouTube.

So we'll be going over some culture news from the past week, elon Musk news from the last week. And we'll also be doing a review of the first Lethal Weapon movie. So if you guys are interested in any of that, it's slash Cannolisasquatch if you're interested. But other than that, yeah, that callisto protocol review will be up Wednesday on the website. So you can follow me on Twitter for updates on it.

I also do post when it goes live if you want kind of messages in your inbox. Because you don't have Twitter, you can actually subscribe to our newsletter, which gives you updates as well on our website. They just want to pull this up and stuff. Congratulations to Cannoli Sasquatch. Apparently he's received 400 Twitter followers, officially hit the 400 mark.

And we're going to go take a look at that 401. The only reason it says follow is because I'm not technically logged in right now. So we do follow them. So congrats to Cannon Sasquatch, which I don't think you're that far off. Didn't you just hit 300 yourself today?

Yes, today I hit I'm over 300 now. And here I am. I think I have 20.

You know, it's all about the engagement. I rather do it's just with everything I got going on, it's almost impossible for me to constantly stay in touch. It would also help if I adore our fellow Lamb and Sea show co host. But Mikey, stop commenting on useless Twitch drama. Oh, God.

Nothing else, too. Sorry to throw you under there, Mikey, but I'm going to be honest. Nobody gives a flag fuck about Twitch drama. They're all like a narcissist anyway. Honestly, I'll be honest and stuff.

If he's watching and stuff. I'm sorry, bro, but I muted you like a month ago.

I'm trying to stay away from the drama. If I wanted to listen to drama and stuff. There's plenty of people who made their entire personality based on drama. Yes, they make other content, but what they're most known for is drama. And the thing is, there's plenty of people who do this and then they get consumed by it to the point where their current viewpoint contradicts their viewpoints they had when they first started.

They contradict themselves over and over again because they got sucked into it. Cover some drama. I did cover some drama at the beginning of the Lamp and See Show, but that was only because that was drama that we were directly a part of, unfortunately, with the whole guy who should not be named for the team that should not be named.

Just like on your point about how they end up contradicting themselves more, I think there's just twitch is a disease. I'm just going to say it like anyone who gets sucked into that platform and becomes a regular using it, like to stream, not necessarily to comment and stuff, they all seem to fall victim to the same hive bind mentality of just narcissism and toxicity. Honestly, 90% of the time when I see someone has twitch streamer in their Twitter bio, I immediately just kind of like, stop looking at your profile because there's a 90% chance I already know exactly what kind of person you are.

That's not to say I haven't met some great people I'm or there aren't good people there, but just overwhelmingly, it is a very toxic site full of toxic people, just disconnected. All right, we are now reconnected. We are reconnected. We're good. So Twitch is filled with a bunch of people who are great at deflecting all blame.

Their whole life they've been told that anything bad that ever happens to them is the direct result of the man or somebody else. It's never anything that they did. So you see it all over, all over the place. Someone will objectify themselves and then get mad when they get objectified by someone else. I have a perfect example, but I'm not throwing the person on their bus.

But you know exactly who I'm talking about, vex when I say a perfect example.

There are many people that are like that. They'll do things and then get mad when they face consequences for their own actions. It's kind of pathetic, if you ask me. I see you got one of your kiddies out. Yes, he's getting hungry.

Fair enough. All right. So again, this has been brought to you by the Feel free to check us out. Don't forget to join us on Discord, and please follow me on Twitter.

I'm dying over here.

I got 20 followers. That's it. The lamb with the show.

Thank you, everyone who tuned in tonight. I appreciate you guys. The replay, I guess, will be up tomorrow, possibly. I don't know. We'll see.

It depends on how long it takes to download. Remember, my download speed is half a megabyte right now. That's fair. That's fair. So there'll be an announcement when the replay is up.

Of course, the video will be up on Rumble as well, after a couple of minutes, once it uploads. But yeah. Thank you, everyone, for tuning in and we'll see you next Sunday. Same time, same place. Alright, I tell everyone to have a good day, but I don't want to tell people what to do.

Whatever kind of day you guys want.