Jan. 31, 2023

The Spotlight Series: Kara Lynne of Limited Run Games (SS 5)

Earlier this year, a small production company called Limited Run Games came under the spotlight for firing their community manager over her personal beliefs and private social media use due to the outcry of a very small minority. 

Today, that former employee, Kara Lynne, joins us on our Spotlight Series, where we’ll get that chance to learn more about how this experience has influenced her and who the person behind the controversy really is.  


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Kara LynneProfile Photo

Kara Lynne

Media Personality

Hello! I’m Kara Lynne, an avid gamer that has been in the industry for the last 2 years.
In early 2023, I was thrown into the spotlight for my work as a Community Manager for Limited Run Games, a company that produces physical games. The controversy reshaped a lot of my beliefs and perspectives, but in equal ways has helped me grow.
Outside of my work, I’ve been making online content for the last seven years and am a telltale for anything and everything pop-culture related.