Feb. 5, 2023

The Spotlight Series: LeftEyeEgo on the Comic & Movie Industry (SS 6)

The Spotlight Series: LeftEyeEgo on the Comic & Movie Industry (SS 6)

Today we're joined by LeftEyeEgo, who will talk about the comic and movie industries in general, who he prefers between Marvel and DC, and who we'd pick to draft into the comic universe.


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You've reached LeftEye E.G.O. (Extraordinarily Gifted One) ! I am an action figure and comic book collector that REALLY enjoys the 2nd amendment. Join me and my NETWORK as we discuss news, comics, politics and so much more! I also co-host the "Heroes no Capes" podcast on Saturdays with my man @AbominationAJ ; feel free to check us out :)