Sept. 19, 2022

"This Week in Gaming" with Vex Electronica (TWIG 5)

“This Week in Gaming” (ep. 5) [Triple Gameshow & Insanity Edition]

The past week saw an incredible slew of game reveals and teasers with Sony’s surprise State of Play, Nintendo Direct, and Tokyo Game Show 2022. On this week’s episode, we’ll be covering the biggest announcements from all three showcases, as well as the demise of G4TV, the insanity happening at 343 Industries, and the GTA6 leaks that took Twitter by storm.

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And welcome back to The Lambency Show. I am Lambency, joined here by Vex Electronica, our this week in gaming co host. If I sound a little off, it's because I felt like shit And I do not do good when I'm under stress and stuff. And unfortunately, both things are happening.

I do believe that I may need to start delegating some tasks and given some more, shall I say, more responsibilities to others or finding some people to help me along with other things and stuff. I believe I'm working myself to the bone between work and here. These things happen, though I will delegate as needed. That being said, though, we got an action packed this week in gaming, according to Vex Electronica.

Vex , I would say, don't get me started.

The work is a lot busier than we had anticipated. And that's why a lot of even my own responsibilities with the podcast slid behind. Like the script for tonight's show. Usually I work on it bit by bit throughout the week, and I didn't even have a chance to do that. I did all in one go.

Attempted to do it in one go today. Excuse me. But I wouldn't say our show is action packed because it's not like we're moving. It's just saying there's a lot that happened this week in gaming. And I'm not like, usually not.

I think it's just usually what we do this is I just kind of make general sections like business and announcements, and then we just kind of go through everything that came up in gaming related to those things. But this week, that type of news was kind of slow. And instead we got really big chunks of news in just specific games or areas. And of course, on top of that, we had three game shows happen this past week. We had Tokyo game show happened.

We had Nintendo Direct, and then we had a very surprised last minute state of play from Sony as well. And then you had me over here for the hell at work. Not supposed to be doing this at work, but because they were trying to update the form and I wasn't allowed to actually touch said platform, I may have been writing articles while I was at work for the podcast.

Speaking of which, I called you out on that. I'm like, I see all these. I was like, dude, aren't you supposed to be fucking working? She did.

Okay, so the last article we posted before today was this one right here. Golden. I double seven remaster confirmed Nintendo and Xbox. And today alone, we have posted the Xbox exclusive line up beginning in 2023. The final fantasy 14 for Xbox war zone news.

A little bit of the Japan game awards. The PlayStation console receiving exclusive content for Hogwarts legacy. And Mikey's got a brand new article up, which is his first ever anime review that is written. He's done reviews through the podcast in the weekly anime recap, but this is the first time he's done his own written article, which mikey, I'm going to talk to you before tomorrow's podcast to show you how to input it into our system and just save it as a draft and we'll review it later and stuff. Because what I had to do is copy, paste, find new images that are similar to the ones that you put just to get that article up there.

So I will show you how to properly input it into the website tomorrow, just like we always do. We try to have someone proofread it unless we're just trying to get things just fed out. Even then, there was a couple of hours without fact check. Yeah, I go through them afterwards and I will edit most of those, to be honest. Because no offense, lamency, I don't hate you.

It's just the English teacher and me comes out when I read your stuff, that's all. Which is a good thing, though. That's an asset for our enterprise, to be fair.

I'll be honest, I like it a lot better when she does it and doesn't tell me. Because when she told me earlier, she's like, by the way, I edited some things literally five minutes after I read it, I just go, you edited what?

Like, what did you possibly edit? And I don't even want to know. All you do is update the titles because put everything in Caps Lock, I haven't had a chance to read each one in depth. Because then you also did say you were going to add stuff, right? I would have a couple of those before we started this podcast.

Fuck, man. You could have told me that when I was talking to about it. Anyways, not really, considering I finished at like 840. Okay, that's fair. That's fair.

Mike, he just redeemed guide the raid. Show me. Suggest who we raid at the end of the show. We'll see who's online at the end of the show. To be honest, I don't want to make plans now because someone did.

I redeem it. I didn't. Okay. I don't know. Oh, fuck.

I'm having a day, man. Okay. It's just I hit 25,000 channel points. Yeah, I hit 25,000 channel points and it's just stowing for me. So ignore, ignore.

But yes. Okay, let's jump into it. We had some fresh, fresh news, literally happened today. I think all the information I'm about to give you, I've been cultivating throughout today, starting at 02:00 A.m..

And then I stopped kind of adding stuff to this just a couple of hours ago because I noticed there weren't some huge updates. So for those of you who are unaware, last night at about one or two in the morning, there was a slew of GTA Six leaks. And I know whenever we see these, it's generally go another leak, right? Because when it comes to Rockstar products specifically, it's just you get someone claiming there's a leak basically every week. But these ones were actually in fact, whole careers on YouTube about Rockstar has given me access to the real GTA Six and made a whole career out of that.

I was actually going to get to that.

So these were all credible leaks. These start showing up on some GT specific forums at first, and they were quickly just all over Twitter like wildfire. So I don't know the exact size of all of the footage that was leaked. There was one source that said it was 3GB. And then multiple sources did confirm that over 90 clips of early development footage from 2018, 2019, and 2021 were all leaked onto the Internet by a hacker last night.

This came just a couple, or actually after the nine year anniversary of GTA Five. So when I first saw this, I thought, oh, that was kind of interesting timing. But no, it wasn't in fact a hack. Some people are saying that this is the same guy that supposedly hacked Uber's servers last week. And there was a huge data breach that was reported in the news over that, which resulted in a lot of sensitive information making its way onto the Internet.

But back to GTA six. So in these 90 clips of early footage, we got a couple of things which we kind of already knew. There was a lot of clips of our two protagonists, one female and one male, which was already confirmed last month by Rockstar themselves. Some of the clips include them just kind of walking around, interacting with NPCs, driving a car. There's even one where there is, I think, Lucia female, she's visiting a strip club.

The most notable video featured the supposed, like the Bonnie and Clyde style couple robbing a diner, which was Pulp Fiction inspired and doing crowd control before the cops arrive. There's also another video that shows a character walking with a pistol in their hand and a rifle on their back. And a lot of people are now thinking that they are kind of adapting a lot of the Red Dead Redemption too. Oh, did my cam freeze? No, your cam didn't freeze.

It's just the way this whole thing is set up. Just continue. Okay.

So a lot of people are inferring from this that Rockstar did kind of learn from the successful mechanics in Red Dead Redemption Two and are integrating those into GTA Six. Right. Again, these are all early development models. So this is in no way a reflection of the absolute current state of the game. This is just old footage to give us an idea.

Right? We're not going to show it on the podcast because for the first few hours, it was kind of free rain. But as of this morning, around 10:00 A.m., there were reports that Take Two had already started issuing legal notices to a lot of YouTube channels and Twitter accounts that were posting and reposting all of the leaked footage. There was also a subreddit that popped up called Rgta Six leaks and that was quickly taken down around five or 06:00 P.m. Just earlier today, citing legal issues.

So Take Two definitely have hopped in this pretty quickly, especially given it to Sunday. They haven't put out an official statement yet. I imagine that will come probably first thing tomorrow. What I would also expect now as well is now that all this footage is out there and enough people have seen it because let's face it, GTA always generates a lot of buzz and a lot of attraction for the gaming community. We'll probably get just like a statement about how it's very sad that all of this got leaked and then we will probably get maybe a little trailer or something as we're kind of expecting that anyways, given October will be 25 years of GTA.

And then also within that statement will probably just be a little blurb about how we're not ready to show off the game yet. Right? In terms of other Red Dead Redemption Two mechanics though, it seems that there are dynamic NPCs now in GTA. So that's something that wasn't fully integrated in GTA Five from what I recall personally. And in Red Dead Redemption Two, for those of you that haven't played it, whenever you did interact with NPCs, depending on what your actions were, it's like there was kind of preset things that would make them react a certain way.

So it seems that they've integrated that with the weapons thing. So in Red Dead Redemption Two, you're able to carry more than two weapons on your character and you use a weapon wheel to kind of select all of that. I see editing stuff in the stream there to figure out the cam issues, so it seems like they're integrating that as well now on top of all of the footage that came out. So this supposed leaker, he did start kind of a Telegram account over this and he was selling the footage for $100,000. Apparently one confirmed sale of this actually was a swindle.

So some dude unfortunately just got swindled out of 100K because the hacker did in fact come up and admit, yeah, that wasn't me. He was also allegedly blackmailing Rockstar. There are some screenshots online of conversations like that that is asking of the hacker asking Rockstar to hey, reach out to me and I can take down the footage or if you give me this amount, I will take it down. That kind of deal, right? As of 06:00 p.m.

This evening, that Telegram account has been deactivated. For those of you who aren't aware, Telegram is just an alternative to WhatsApp it's a messaging app, I'm trying to think. There was also gosh, there was a lot in this. This was a huge leak. We had GTA Six source code leaked as well, so what this will inevitably mean is that GTA Six will probably get pushed back now as a result.

I know that we already didn't have a firm release year in general, right? Everyone's just been speculating up until this point. But if whole source code has been leaked, that means now devs are just going to have to do a lot of rewriting, right? And that's going to push things back quite a bit more. Mike, you said also, sorry, $100,000.

Yeah, he was offering some stuff for $100,000. Someone tried to piggyback off of this and leak Red Dead Redemption One remaster footage that was confirmed to be a hoax. It was just someone who ported it over to PC and then put a shader on that's it, that was quickly debunked. There was actually another credible part of this leak where there was bully to footage. So recall a couple of months ago, Take Two Interactive did have an investment call in which they had announced that there were several remasters of older rock star IPS in the works and then those were immediately scrapped kind of last month in favor of putting, you know, full steam ahead on GTA Six.

So part of this leak as well, we did get some bully to images which a lot of people were understandably upset to see because it looked pretty good. The hacker was also supposedly selling some of that source code for $50,000. These are all in US dollars, these prices. So this guy was trying to make a really pretty penny off of this whole thing. So yeah, as I previously stated, we will probably get a statement from Rockstar tomorrow I think.

Just keep an eye out on Twitter for that or Reddit, the GTA Reddit has been pretty up to date with all of this stuff as well. I do recommend though, if you are reposting or retweeting any of this stuff, avoid reposting any of the leaked footage or images because as we have seen in the past already, and as I explained earlier, take Two is not to issue DMCA strikes and get legal representatives involved. And since that's already happening with a lot of YouTubers that have made quite a few videos off of it and probably made a pretty penny off the views that they get off that, it would be quite unfavorable should things progress just past a warning. Right? So just be careful with where you're spreading all this stuff.

But yeah, if you do want to find it, I know as of 2 hours ago there still was a video up on YouTube that had just kind of compiled a lot of the clips that had leaked. I know that you can still find quite a bit of it on Twitter as well if you are so interested in just taking a look at everything. A lot of the fan base surprisingly was pretty sympathetic to all of this and it still is. So for me it's just every time I've encountered the GTA or just Rock star fan base in general, it's just there's more unhappy people than there are happy people. And especially with GTA, it seems that every time I go on Twitter and they post something, it's just, where is GTA Six?

Why haven't we gotten GTA six? But a lot of people were actually really sympathetic because as much as we harp on Rockstar a lot on this podcast I know we do, but we also acknowledge that a lot of the faults of Rockstar lies just specifically on the management and the CEOs. And we don't really place any blame on the developers. Right. Because they're doing their job the best they can and they have to follow orders from up above.

Right. So a lot of people have been very sympathetic towards developers because this is years of hard work that they will, in many instances, have to basically start from scratch now, which is it's unfortunate when something you worked so hard on is just kind of thrown to the wind like that. Right. And on top of the amount of privacy, a lot of these Rockstar employees have to stay under when they have big projects and development. You can't exactly come and defend yourself on social media due to the contracts they sign.

Right. So it's good to see that the community understands that Rockstar is not all bad. They understand that it's Rockstar management that is bad. And that's something we acknowledge, too. So let's just keep an eye on this because as minutes go, there's something new happening with this.

Right. Keep an eye out on Twitter for an announcement from Rockstar about this as well. But, yeah, this is just unfortunate. And I feel bad for a lot of the hardcore GTA fans because this means they're going to have to wait a bit longer for the game they've already been waiting the better part of a decade for. Right.

Are we all good over here with the webcam stuff? Yeah, because I had to take it off of Mikey's shitty pop up window thingy he told me about that can make it easier for me to do things. It was a lie. The whole cake was a lie. Every time I tried to go back to the podcast script, it would freeze.

So then I would disable it. Then Mikey would complain about a black screen. Yeah, I just disabled and I'm trying to refresh it and bring it back up. I'd bring it back up, I'd go back to my script and it would pause. So I went back to the old way.

I did my webcam. Mikey, your pullout thing sucks. Yes. While I was doing this whole spiel, I just see the camera on the street just like, disappearing, appearing, moving about. Okay, but we're all good.

Mikey's mean VIX.

Mikey set me up for failure. Are you going to do something about this? No, I'm not a mom. I don't dole out punishments like that. At least not yet.

According to Sharper, literally, I just take away food from Sharper. That's really all I do. I'm not going to make you this, then. All right, there's the deal.

But no. So basically what it boils down to is Mikey had me do this pop out window for the stream room, which would have allowed me more opportunities to do certain things. But normally when I do a window capture, even if I go on a different window, that window will still be there on the stream with no problem. But for some reason on the webcam, it just wouldn't do that as soon as I would pop anything else up on the screen. Now, if I had a third screen, it wouldn't be that big of a deal, but I'm working off of two screens.

One is taken up by the podcast script and one is taken up by what you see playing for them. I was hoping that would work, but it didn't work at all. Okay, no worries. So in a related rock star story, though, there's some a little bit of an L taken by former rock star employee Dan Hauser. Oh, crap, I closed that too soon.

Keep going. You did close out too soon. The former creative lead behind the GTA and Reddit Redemption Two franchise has joined the advisory board of a blockchain games firm called Revolving Games after participating in a $13.2 million funding round.

It's amazing how you go from developing amazing Triple A stories to supporting blockchain, but Dan Hauser's just taking that L with pride, I guess, because he put out a statement about it and everything. I'm not going to delve much more into this because there wasn't a whole lot more other than that. But yeah, he's blockchain Ireland. Yeah, I know, Mikey. I'm the same way.

So it's interesting where he's gone because he's got a whole studio set up. Now, we haven't heard any word from that since it opened, right? Which is sad, but it is what it is. Right. So, moving along, GTA leak L aside, we have a second L.

So there's some pretty big news out of Three Four Three Industries earlier this week. So for those of you who are unaware, three Four Three Industries has just been in a fucking mess this past year. They've been hemorrhaging developers, they've been hemorrhaging staff, they've even become hemorrhaging players on Halo Infinite. This week alone. Both Cyberpunk 2077, which also originally was disastrous, but to be fair, CD Projekt is doing a great job of bouncing back from that and they are putting in the legwork.

So I respect them and am proud of them just for that. But even Battlefield 2042 now has more online players than Halo Infinite does, which is pretty sad. But earlier this week, Three Four Three Industries developing lead Bonnie Ross announced that she is resigning. She said, quote, in a statement earlier this week. While I had hoped to stay with Halo until we released the Winter update, I'm letting you know that I'll be leaving Three Four, Three and attending to a family medical issue.

I'm incredibly proud of the work everyone at Three, Four, Three Industries is done with Halo Infinite, the Master Chief Collection, the Halo television series, and so much more. The television series is nothing to be proud of, Bonnie, but given the history I'm about to go into, I can see why you think that's something to be proud of. So as you guys recall, last week we did cover that Three, Four, Three Industries have recently delayed the next multiplayer season of Halo Infinite into March 23 and spread it out over about ten months. And this caused a lot of uproar in the Halo fan base and community as this has just been a disastrous management of the game post launch, what could have been a very significant milestone in the series has just instead become an absolute mess, right? So Bonnie Roth has been part of the Microsoft Company since 1994 and she was actually one of the original founders of Three Four, Three Industries back in 2007.

In the past, she has had experiences working on franchises like years before Allen Wake, and has even helped out with third party publishing deals for other titles like Jade Empire and Mass Effect. So in her place, the studio veteran and production lead Pierre Hints forgive me if I pronounced that wrong, will become the studio head of Three Four, Three, effective immediately, and leading the studio's ongoing development of Halo Infinite and the Master Chief Collection, as well as future games in terms of senior leadership. There will now be two more people added in to kind of help delegate everything that Ross is doing. And that will be Brian Kosky, who will become the GM of franchise, and Elizabeth Van Wick, who will oversee business and operations. Now, I would like to point out first that here Hints is a great option to replace Bonnie Ross.

He was the guy that they brought in pretty. He is a newer addition to the Three Four, Three family and he is kind of the driving force behind all of the fixes that happened for the Master Chief Collection. For those of you that don't have the Master Chief Collection or don't own an Xbox or just aren't aware when that collection launched, I think it was back in 2016 or 2017, it was disastrous. It was buggy as hell. It didn't work.

People couldn't connect to each other, they couldn't connect to online, they couldn't even load up the game without their whole system crashing. So it was a really buggy launch and it took about four years for it to finally become stable enough to play on a regular basis. So you can think basically that whole remanagement of that and relaunch of that game or that collection just to peer Hints alone, right so I think he's a great choice. I'm not too sure about the other two, Brian Koski and Elizabeth Van Wick, but I think it's good that given how many tasks that Bonnie Ross did have under her, that it's now split between three people. I think we'll now see a bit of better management for this entire studio moving into the next, I would say probably six to twelve months.

Right? Hopefully. Now when I was looking into all of this, I did find out some interesting things about Bonnie Ross's personal philosophy will say and why the mainstream, or we'll say the canonical entries into the Halo franchise have been so disastrous. When Three, Four Three was put in charge of the Halo franchise after Bungie had left Microsoft, they put Bonnie at the head of things and Bonnie had gone like, we've seen this guy for the last six, seven, eight years, it's just this one dude in space that we get. We need to see more diversity and we need more with it.

So you can put the entire Halo Four and Halo Five thing on Bonnie Ross as a result because under her leadership, a lot of the studio culture had changed to become more inclusive in those two regards. And as we can see, that didn't pan out very well as both Halo Four and Halo Five were pretty critically panned by a lot of critics and Halo fans alike. I think the biggest thing people had with it is that it just doesn't tie in very well to the Halo that we have known the first three games. And not only that, but we kind of saw a bit of a Butchering of Master Chiefs character throughout that. And then Halo Five was just an absolute disaster that was just completely mismarketed and a lot of people caught on to that as soon as the game actually came out.

I will say, though, that Halo Five and Halo for praise for their multiplayer aspects, I think Four was a little bit more successful because it didn't focus on the it didn't cater to the Call of Duty fan base as much will say, which you can definitely see in Halo Five multiplayer. Though again, I personally will even admit that I really enjoyed the Halo Five multiplayer. I thought it was polished, it was nice, it didn't feel very Haloy, but it was still very solid, I think. And not only that, but we just saw the loss of some really iconic figures and or races, most notably the Flood. People have been begging to see the Flood in a Halo vein for a decade now, and even with Halo Infinite, we didn't get any of that.

So I think this is a good thing that Bonnie Ross has gone. Personally, I don't think it's a family issue at all. Now, if I'm wrong, I fully take on us for that, but I think this was more they sat down with her and they were like, Bonnie, what the fuck are you doing? We put you at the head of the studio. Nothing good is happening.

People hate us, girl, what's going on with your life? And instead of just firing her, they gave her an option and she took the easy way out to try and save some face. In this way she can at least return to the industry because Microsoft does have something where you can just take a leave of absence and come back. That is within the Microsoft agreements that every employee signs. So for her to quit makes not only myself, but a lot of other people think that they were ready to can her and they gave her the easy way out or gave her the option at least to take the easy way out.

So I think it's good. I'm hoping we'll see better things now that hints is at the front of just his work on Master Chief collection alone gives me a lot of hope because he has definitely proved that he can take a shit show and turn it into something amazing given enough time. Right, lamb and Sea, are you there? Have you passed out?

You sound like you're about to pass out.

It has been a rough one for you. I know, man, I know. So, Lamb, is he's taking a bit of a backseat today just because he is not feeling the greatest? Understandably so that's kind of where we're at. We have one more L to cover later in this show.

I'm just saving it for last, basically. But, yeah, we had three game shows happen this week, two of which we expected already. But then Sony's State of Play just kind of came out of left wing, literally on September 12. And then on September 13, we got a 20 minutes showcase of just straight trailers. So let's jump into those.

I have the State of Play thing playing in the background. So what I'm talking about is not necessarily going to line up with the footage you see on the screen for those that are watching the stream. Right, so God of War Ragnarok was still planned for November 9 release on the PlayStation Four and PlayStation Five. Thankfully, I haven't seen any news of the game going gold yet though. So I think once we see that for sure, fans will be able to rest easy.

We got just a new gameplay trailer and a cinematic trailer. It was about three, four minutes long. It actually was quite pretty. A lot of people were really excited about that. Along with this new trailer, there was an announcement that a special edition God of War Ragnarok controller would be coming out with the game, which you can purchase separately, of course.

And it looks pretty nice. It's blue and gray and it's got like a little God of War logo on the dual Sense pad. Is that what it's called? Yes. Yes.

Okay. I don't own. A PlayStation. That's pretty exciting. I don't know if it's dual sense.

It might be dual shock. I don't remember. Okay, I know the controller is called Dual Shock, but I just don't know what that pad is called. It's like a sensor pad. Right?

Yeah. So people were pretty excited to see that. I'm personally just like to be honest, it might be just that then. Yeah, I thought maybe they gave it a fancy name, but I think we've got enough God of War footage. Personally.

You'll be going too hard with God of War. We want new footage, we want new trailers, brother. The game comes out in less than two months. You can wait. The Hype will still be there for it, especially when it comes to a franchise like God of War.

Right. But hey, this should tide you over at least till then. In other game announcements, we got the first official teaser trailer for Tekken Eight. Now, this was officially announced. Yes.

Now this game actually was announced earlier this year at the Evo 2022 Championship. So we already were where this game was coming out, but now we actually have a bit of a trailer. There wasn't a whole lot in it. We get some character designs, we get a little bit action, but nothing too amazing. Right?

Excuse me. I think we'll probably get some gameplay footage probably next year, just because now we're kind of delving into the holiday season. So generally around then, we don't get a lot of reveals. It's just more footage about soon to be released games. Right.

We don't have any release window for this. Just people are speculating it'll probably be in the spring or summer of next year. Again, I think probably beginning of this year, maybe we'll get something more on that. And this will just be a follow up to the last game, which came out in 2016. So, pretty good news there for tech and fans.

We got a little bit more information about Hogwarts legacy as well during this showcase. So despite all the drama surrounding JK. Rowling and people trying to tie that into Hogwarts legacy, despite the two having nothing to do with each other, PlayStation users can now get an exclusive creepy mission that takes place at the Haunted Hogsmeade shop in our wonderful wizardry world. As I said, this will be exclusive only for PlayStation users and for pre order specifically. I don't know if it'll be added in later on as a DLC.

We'll probably get news about that once the launch actually happens. Now, do recall, though, this game was supposed to come out this holiday, but has now been pushed back officially to February 10 of 2023. And this is specifically to give the developers a little bit more time to kind of create the best game possible. Right? A lot of people are really excited about this.

I know Lamb and Sea has pre ordered. Mikey is preordered as well. I'm just not a Hogwarts fan. It looks good, don't get me wrong, but I'm just not a Hogwarts fan, so I'm not on that boat at all. Right, so great news though for Hogwarts pre orders on the PlayStation.

We also got an official announcement of a brand new game from ex Ninja Guide and developers called The Rise of Ronin. So on the PlayStation blog, the game is described as, quote here in this time of mayhem, you embody a Ronin character, a warrior bound to no master and free to make choices of its own. Rise of Ronan is a new Team Ninja experience that will immerse you in a historically inspired world while bringing together its renowned combat action with katanas and the likes with new firearm weaponry that depicts the unique personality of its time. Since games already actually been seven years in the making, it's just we haven't really seen anything about it until a couple of days ago. Right.

We don't know when exactly this is coming out. We have now just a loose 2024 release at the very least. And same thing here. I think we'll probably get more on this next year as we have more showcases happening again. Right?

This actually looks great, though. I'm very much liking that the industry is leaning towards kind of the ancient Asian cultures for a lot of inspiration for some of the games that we've seen not only in just recent years, but upcoming. There's another game that I'll touch on later that both Lamb and See and I are pretty excited about. We also got the announcement of a new game called Sinduality, which is being developed by Bandai Namco and is aiming for a 2023 launch. Visually, this looks great.

This looks a lot like Near Autonoma, which also had a fantastic art style in my opinion. The description for this game from the PlayStation blog reads in the game, you and an AI mech named Maggas Maggus Magas explore Dystopia landscape. In the year 2222, a catastrophic rain event known as Tears of the New Moon nearly eradicated the human race, and survivors fled to the underground city of Amaysia. To survive, the player character known as a Drifter must sell AO crystals which can only be harvested from polluted outside worlds. To travel, you'll drive around in a vehicle called the Cradle Coffin, which is a great name which you can customize.

The game will also have unique player versus player options where in playing online will support encounters with other players on their own missions. So just to elaborate on that, very similar to how in Destiny One, at least I haven't played enough of Destiny Two to be accurate on it, but Destiny One, you could do missions and because it was all online, you could encounter players that were in the mid submissions while you are also online. So I would imagine it's a similar element as what they're talking about. Welcome back, Liam. I didn't even know that you left.

Oh, yes, I should add, sorry. Lamb and See did write an article about the Hogwarts expansion. So if you guys are so interested, you can visit the Lamincy to read Insert Shameless plug. Is it a Shameless plug if it's our own website?

No. Okay. A question to ponder, sir. Right. But yeah, this game looks great.

I'm pretty excited to see a little bit more on this because this was not official gameplay that we got for this. It was just teaser trailer. So I'm excited to see more gameplay for this. We also got an update on what was formerly known as Project Eve, now called Stellar Blade. So developer Shift Up showcased a better look at its upcoming game Stellarblade during the presentation earlier this week.

The last time we saw anything about this game was out of state of play back in 2021. So it's good we've got something this year to go on. For those of you who are unaware, the game description for this reads as Eve and her comrades land on the surface to reclaim the extinct Earth and cross path with a survivor named Adam. Eve is led by Adam to the last surviving city, Xeon, where she meets the elder of the town Oracle and is told many stories in order to serve her mission to save Earth. Eve delves close relationships with key members of Zion and contributes to rebuilding the city.

I can see the Adam Eve Zion save Earth from the negative, which is like n a colon and then tiv. Eve is also faced with helping out citizens of Zion. Whether you will help survivors or not depends purely on your decision as a player. So, yes, a lot of religious inspired naming or nomenclature, I should say, but I actually didn't watch the trailer for this one. I'm going to be honest, I haven't had a chance to watch a lot of the stuff that we're going to discuss today.

I've just kind of picked and choose as much as I can or just falling asleep watching what I can. So this is one that I'm not I'm not too familiar with, but I do know just for Project Evil alone, there's been a lot of hype around this project, so I know people are excited for this. This is a PlayStation Five exclusive, unlike some of the other games we just discussed, and they're aiming for a release date of sometime next year. Now, we also got official announcement on a new game called Pacific Drive. So this will be the first game from Ironwood Studios, which launched in Seattle back in 2019 and is comprised of a lot of major talent from the industries that has worked on previous franchises like Call of Duty, Halo, and Mortal Kombat.

So this new title title puts players behind the driver's seat of a car in what looks like a post apocalyptic version of the Pacific Northwest. So developers called their title a run based first person driving survival game. It's just an interesting matchup of genres right there. According to Ireland Studios, players can explore something called The Zone with the car as their lifeline. You search for resources, improve your car, and keep the power to continue exploring and evading danger.

In a brief description on the PlayStation blog about this game, it said, quote, the Pacific Northwest became an irrigated wasteland after it was claimed by the United States government. The Olympic Exclusion Zone is the result of technological research gone horribly awry. Players will make trips from their garage into The Zone, and during this time, discover the secrets and horrors hidden within the area. I did watch the trailer announcement for this one, and this looks great. I don't know if this is an exclusive, though, or not.

I probably should have double check that. So that's my bad, guys. So I guess I'll give you an update on that next week, baby. Or you can look it up yourself. But I think this game looks great.

I like the idea of driving in a post apocalyptic wasteland because we get just a lot of the post apocalypse or zombie shooter survival things. Right. So this is just an interesting twist, which I like the idea of this is also just aiming for a general launch of next year. We don't have an exact date. I just want to know if the gas is going to be, like biden presidency expensive or if the gas is going to be affordable that you're trying to use for your vehicle because you're siphoning it off.

Or maybe you have an electric vehicle and you have to find new batteries. Yeah, but in order to find said new batteries, you have to use hundreds upon millions of barrows of oil to dig for the ores needed to make said batteries. I was just saying you just find abandoned electric vehicles and just pop battery out, not make.

Electricity is run by electricity is generated with gas. Yeah, a lot of people fail to realize that. We also got the announcement of APS, a very popular Sega game in the Japanese and Asian market called like a Dragon. I actually have never heard of this game before. It's apparently a spin off of Yakuza, which are you familiar with this franchise at all?

Familiar with the yakuza? Okay, I didn't know that there was a spin off of this, but it'll be actually coming to the west finally on February 21, 2023, for all consoles and PC. Wait, she hasn't heard of this? I've heard of the Yakuza franchise, but I haven't heard of like a Dragon. I think what we've discussed, at least I briefly alluded to in the past, Mike, is that I don't really play the JRPGs a lot.

That's more of you guys'thing.

So this spin off is something I never heard of.

What do you mean by you guys? You and Mikey. You guys, your guys, right?

It's 2022. Are you assuming my gender? Yes, I am assuming your gender. I identify as an Apache helicopter. Well, you talk like a man and you look like a man, and we've had brief conversations about your sexual conquest as a man, so I'm going to assume you're a guy.

Mikey, she's dangerous. She knows too much.

So this game is described or is led by a character called Isha. Sorry, isha actually, I don't even know what this means. Is. Shawn brings familiar and new character to 1860s Kyo, a fictional version of Kyoto that explores the end of the Samurai era. Yakuza protagonist Kazumi Kiru takes on the role of Sakamota Rioma, a man proficient with swords, guns, and summoning a tired to attack enemies.

That sounds awesome. As with other games in the franchise, like a dragonishin. It's like a dragon issue. We'll also feature minigames and heat actions for combat. This will also be remastered on Real Engine Five before it releases here.

So it will have a pretty big graphical and frame rate update as well before it hits western markets. But yeah, like a Dragon equals me. Okay, I'm sorry about that, Mike. You'll have to forgive me. There again, JRPGs are not my thing.

That's why whenever we talk about anything Final Fantasy related, I just said lamincy take over.

So that was kind of it for major game updates. I know we got some trailers for some other stuff that we already know coming out when you mixed up three games and advertisements as the same game and I'm just like, yeah, no, those are three separate games. There you go. Right, but even just trying to read about Final Fantasy, I get confused. I can't do it.

It's like quantum physics to me. I can't understand it.

We did get updates on the new PlayStation VR Two. More specifically, we got updates that it will not be backwards compatible with the VR One library. No, the VR Two is from the people who have tested it so far. It's much more advanced than the original VR one and they could see why it wouldn't be backwards compatible. But people are hoping that some of the games that were made for the VR one would be remade for the VR Two.

Yes, there's going to be a lot more realism with the VR Two. How true that is, I have no idea because I'm not a virtual reality guy. Yeah, me neither. I've tried the VR stuff once and once is enough for me. I just have this weird fear that I'll get too into it and then it'll basically become ready player one where I just live in it for one Christmas season.

My mall decided to get one of those machines that they put in malls and stuff where they got the kitty rides, where they can ride on the kitty rides, but then they made one similar in those kind of style but like VR sets yes. One Christmas season, somebody decided to rent an area in our mall and do the VR sets. They lasted a week because they did a roller coaster game, and they received so many noise complaints because all you would hear throughout the mall is people screaming at the top of their lungs. Yeah, that sounds just like I don't know how no one caught that before. They thought to make that demo.

That's a roller coaster. Even I know that's a bad idea. You can stream all you want, but when you're in a shopping mall in the Christmas season, we're trying to hear it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. It's beginning to sound like somebody's being murdered, right? Not Halloween noises, let's say.

Speaking of Halloween, somebody walked by me today with a box that was a jacko lantern, but I didn't read Jacko Lantern. Oh, no, I read Jackson Lantern. And talk about getting into the season. Yeah, we can see where your mind is at, though.

Yes. As Lamency had mentioned, yes, this is far more advanced. And when they did announce that this wasn't going to be backwards compatible, there was quite a bit of backlash from the online community just because, from my understanding as well, PlayStation VR, one library wasn't even very big to begin with. So it's pretty disappointing that people will have to shell out so much money for a new one and not even play the few games I got for the first one. So I know now, since that backlash, Sony has responded and they said that they're looking into it now.

Even then, it's like when they first announced it, it seemed like one of those things where it's like, eventually they'll have to do it right. Otherwise, what are people going to are they going to buy a new VR headset for just one or two games? You know what I mean? It's not worth the investment with how expensive those things are, right? What was your favorite thing from the Sony state of play?

Lamb. And see, honestly, I wasn't really paying that much attention to the Sony state of Play. I was more looking at that Japanese event.

Yeah, that's fair. For me. Pacific Drive was just the thing that really stood out here. So I'm pretty excited to see more of that, to see how it turns out. You guys are more into RPGs and JRPGs.

JRPG. Specifically JRPGs. Yeah. So of course I'd be more interested in the Japanese show. Right.

Speaking of Japanese shows, we did have another our second game show that happened this week on the same day as Sony stayed to play, we had Nintendo Direct take place, which was also, like I said, same day on September 13. And speaking of JRPG, we have an official release date for Final Fantasy Crisis Corps. This remake will finally be launching on all consoles on December 13 of this year. Now, this game was first announced back in june during the 25th anniversary celebration of Final Fantasy Seven. In July, producer Yoshinori Kitace forgive me if I mispronounce that there you file fantasy nerd jumping in.

San Joseph decided to remake Crisis Corps while they were working on the Final Fantasy Seven remake, which had three versions that launched in 2000 and 22,021. He also said that fans should consider Crisis core Final Fantasy Seven reunion as part of the larger Final Fantasy Seven remake effort. In addition to the new English language voice cast, reunion will also get updates to its combat systems that make it more approachable for Final Fantasy Seven remake players. Do you mean maybe? Yes.

It is the most anticipated gigabytes. I don't know.

The biggest. He doesn't know. I don't know. Do not get me started on the fucking voice cast. Oh, no.

What's wrong with it? What's wrong with it? Did they get like Sheila Buff or someone or something?

Are you going to cover this on the anime podcast actually at all? Because I know you guys are both just huge Final Fantasy fans, right? So they changed the voice actors from well, yeah, that's what I would a lot of remakes do do that. I mean, I don't like it. I don't necessarily agree with it.

And the voices for a lot of the big characters are trash. That's unfortunate. I'm sorry to hear that. It is quite a let down when remasters of beloved franchises happen. Would you like me to make a mod where I voice Eric for you?

Because I'll do it. I think that'd be a great idea. I'll be your flower girl. It gets worse. They recorded the voices.

They recorded the voices. Oh, had them working and fired them. I don't get what you mean by that. So basically, they had already gotten the voices recorded for the game. This is the gist I'm getting from him.

They had recorded the voices for the game, only for them to then fire the voice actors before the game was even finished. So they just pumped and dumped kind of deal. All right. That's unfortunate. That's also really shady for business practices.

That is unfortunate. Dang. So all those old voice actors, they record them. All the voices from the people who had voice these characters for years. Actually, speaking of people that had voice characters for years, I do follow one guy who's really big with at least the Japanese and English voiceovers.

He's also a stunt artist, Reuben Langdon, but he unfortunately is no longer going to be Voicing. I forgot what the character's name is. But he's been doing one of the characters for Street Fighter Six for a decade and they suddenly just didn't hire him back at all. And he can do both the Japanese and the English voices too, because he's lived in Japan. So I saw that pop up in his Twitter feed and I was like, oh, I'm sorry, Mr.

Langdon. That's unfortunate. And they brought in celebrities, some of which had no voice acting experience, and some of them are fucking trash. Also, there's a guy who works for Square who left Blizzard who joined just before this happened. Ironically, he did this the exact same thing with Blizzard game in the past.

Oh, dang.

It's like that saying, once a cheater, always a cheater. I think that applies to a wide variety of character flaws. I always get nervous when you take a beloved franchise and you get rid of something that you know, works in favor of from what he's saying, celebrities, because now I'm looking at it like, do they have so little faith in their product that they now have to resort on the big names of celebrities to try to sell said game? Well, I can't remember which one it was, but there was a guy who I think we covered this on one of the podcasts, too. I remember I can't remember Yoshido or Yoshida something, but he's worked on the Final Fantasy series for quite some time.

And even he admitted, like, it's very hard to get new people into Final Fantasy Seven because a lot of the people that still play it are people that started playing it 2030 years ago when the franchise first started. Right. So in that respect, I can understand why they're bringing on celebrity voices. Because they want to sell their game, right? And they know if they pop some popular nitwit in there, it'll sell just for that reason the wrong way to do it.

Because here's the thing. If you're just going to replace popular characters with voice actors, you're done. You're already changing the story to begin with. So adding a new character if you want to add a celebrity, adding a new character, that adds to the game. Right.

And here's the thing with the amount that you're changing the story anyways, who's really going to complain about that? What we are going to complain about is if you take away the voice actors we've known to come and love because they've been voice acting for that long, in favor of these unproven new voice actors that are celebrities that most of the time they're not good at all. All right? They can't all be a Robin Williams. All right?

Let's not forget there was controversy when Robin Williams went to go play the Genie in Aladdin before they actually saw the actual film. And then once the film was out, he did splendid. Everybody loved his adaptation of the genie. As a matter of fact, they actually tailored it to him because he brought so much life to the character. Not everyone could be a Robin Williams, though.

No, that's some unfortunate news. That guy is an absolute legend. Gave me so many memories. Oh, yeah, mikey as the kicker is they had them record the whole game, then fired them. If they did the new voice actors from the start, it would have been so bad.

The voices would still be shit, but it wouldn't be this disrespectful. That is really unfortunate. I'm deeply sorry for you both. I'm sympathetic to the situation here, but we have more games to cover. Unfortunately.

We can't more in Final Fantasy Seven forever. Honestly, this is the only thing that got me excited at the Nintendo Direct reveal. And I would buy a Nintendo Switch just for this. But Story of Season, A Wonderful Light, which was a 2003 game for the PlayStation Two and GameCube is possibly coming to the Nintendo Switch next summer. For those of you who are not aware, Story of Seasons, also called Harvest Moon.

This was the first of many Harvest Moon games and the series first launched back in 1996. The most recent new game is Story of Seasons Pioneers of all of Town, which was released back in February 2021 for the switch, PlayStation Four and Windows PC. Now, this is going to be a very faithful remake of A Wonderful Life. All we know so far is that some of the graphics are going to have a bit of an update and the frame rate will be improved as well. But other than that, we don't know a whole lot.

All we got was the one trailer that kind of dropped and that's it. For those of you that are not aware, in this game, basically, players will take over an area where their father wished to start a farm called the Forgotten Valley, where they start a new life. You make friends, you go crops. There's some dating and family elements in there to make things a little more interesting.

This was one of those iconic games for my childhood. Personally. I loved this game. I seriously will hands down buy a Switch just for this. I love it so much.

So that for me was the highlight of Nintendo Direct personally. But for others, maybe it will be the four Resident Evil games that are going to be coming to Switch online. So Capcom announced Tuesday during the same Nintendo Direct show that four recent Resident Evil games will be coming to Nintendo's Switches Online store all four of these games, which is perfect right now. Sorry, the timing of your timing. Yeah.

So these will all be cloud versions, meaning that they will require you to have an online all the time presence in order to play them through the Switch Store. Now the four Resident Evil Games that will be coming are resident Evil Village Resident Evil Seven Biohazard, the 2019 Resident Evil Two Remake and the 2020 Resident Evil Three remake. So all four of those actually did phenomenally well. And I know Village is still getting new DLC, which is actually launching next month, called the winters expansion. Sorry, no.

The cloud version of Resident Eagle will launch on October 28 and then the winters expansion DLC comes out December 2. My bad there. So I know that's very exciting because just last year we got all the other Resident Evil remakes on the Switch. So great news for Switch fans that also love Resident Evil. We also are getting a modern update to Kirby's Return to Dreamland.

So this remake will be called Kirby's Return to Dreamland Deluxe, and it will have updated graphics and features. Now, this is a co op side scroller that lets up to four players take control of Kirby, his allies, and even his usual enemies to save an alien traveler who's been stranded on the planet of pop star. The game was originally released back in 2011 for the Nintendo Wii. Along with the regular four player campaign, there's also a collection of mini games. This will be coming out on February 24 of 2023, and this will actually be the third Kirby game to come out in less than a year.

We had Kirby in the front and Land come out in March of this year. And then just last month, we also got Kirby's Dream Buffet through the eshop, which we covered on this podcast as well when it was announced. So good news for Kirby. I thought this was a great showcase, in all honesty. There was a lot of stuff that came out here.

Kirby is the most overrated hero of any game ever, and I'm going to tell you why. If you really think about it, what does Kirby do all day? He literally sits there and eats all his so called enemies, all right? He gives the suck, all right? He literally eats everybody.

Who's the real villain here? That's true. He is committing one of the seven sins, just existing, basically.

He's cute, though, and he's pink. He looks like bubblegum. He's really cute until he eats you.

Depression and anxiety.

No, don't go down that road, please. You're okay. You're not depressed. You'll be all right, man. We're all happy.

We just have our ups and downs, that's all.

I think the one of two biggest announcements, actually, that came out of this Nintendo direct showcase was the sequel to Breath of the Wild, which is titled The Legend of Tears of the Kingdom. Now, this was first announced back at E Three 2019 and has just stayed highly anticipated ever since. Now, the first game, Breath of the While, was initially released back in 2017 on the Nintendo Switch and Wii U, and that was insanely successful and has sold almost 26 million copies to date now. So people just rave about this game. I know people still stream it regularly.

It's a very popular game.

The sequel will launch on May 12, 2023. So now we finally have not only an official title, but also an official release date for this highly anticipated sequel. We also got an announcement for a sequel to 20 oh, my God. For 2013. Pikmin three, which came out on the Wii U.

It doesn't feel like the Wii U is that old, in all honesty. But here we are, right? So Pikmin. Four will be launching sometime next year. Now, during the Nintendo Direct show, we actually didn't even get a proper teaser trailer for this.

All we got was just one still frame with no gameplay at all. So this was a big tease, essentially. So the video that we did get just shows pickman far from Pickman's ground level perspective and that's about it. Maybe we'll get more in the wintertime, but we know that now. This game is in production and it's coming now.

I would say the biggest news for game releases this year out of every showcase we got was the announcement that the golden eye Seven remaster was finally happening. For those of you who are too young to know this or just have had the unfortunate non pleasure of playing this, nothing. If you never play this game, this is probably the most iconic shooter of all shooters to ever exist. It is a 1997 n 64 game and for, I would say, the better part of a decade, there have been rumors that there has been a remaster or remake of this game in the works. Now, a little bit oddly though, when this was announced, there's actually two versions dropping of this remake.

One will be just a straight port of the N 64 version for the switch with online multiplayer as well, which will be available via the Nintendo Switch store. And the second version will be Xbox exclusive. So that one instead will have updated graphics, frame rate, 4K resolution, and localized co op. And people will be able to get this either on game pass if you are a subscriber or if you own the rare Replay, which was a collection of rare limited classic games from way back when that launched about six, seven years ago. Now you'll get it as a free update on that land on the Nintendo Switch.

There will be an online multiplier. Yes, I would imagine there will still be an online for the Xbox version. I don't know if maybe that was from what I'm there in the gist of nintendo did not want to give the rights over to the game itself, but they owned the rights to the Seven franchise. But that just ran out, which is why it's going to the Xbox to begin with. But being the fact that it's still in a Nintendo game, from what I'm hearing, they're holding back from allowing Xbox to go online.

So they're allowing them to still do like localized co op and the missions and everything else like that with updated graphics. But as far as the gist I'm getting is that they could do everything but online multiplier. Yeah. So I don't know if maybe it will come later, but it seems kind of weird because Xbox is the console that's more out of the two of these that's known for online multiplayer options, right? So maybe it'll be added in down the line, who knows?

But there is an article detailing all the details of that tumultuous past in terms of licensing on our, which was originally published by Lamenessy and then edited by myself to include a little bit more. But yeah, it's an interesting licensing issue going on there because last year and the year before and even the year before that, we got leaked gameplay footage of a stellar, like, top to bottom remaster. And because of the licensing, it never came out. But then neither of these remasters are reflective of what we got leaked all those years ago. Either way, everyone I know who has played this game is happy that this is coming back.

There's no firm release date. Both versions have just announced it's coming soon. So I imagine for that reason alone, we'll probably see it before the end of this year and not in 2023. Now, the last all I'm going to say is stop screen hopping. Stop screen hopping.

Yes. The last major announcement from Nintendo Direct. There is now a new Fire Emblem game joining the franchise called Fire Emblem Engage. This will be a brand new story and is set for release on January 2023. The brief previews show the protagonist summoning various Fire Emblem characters such as the legendary Mars to aid in battle.

The main character, who sports strange blue and red hair, wakes up after a thousand years with amnesia. Apparently they're a divine dragon and they need to team up with allies to destroy a big bad dragon that threatens the realm.

The last totally new Fire Emblem that fans got was Fire Emblem three houses, which came out back in 2019 and featured four different storyline paths to take. I'm actually not a modern Fire Emblem fan just because I don't own a system for it, but I was an old school Fire Emblem fan, so I didn't even know they were still making Fire Emblem games. I thought it was just one of those niche things that just carried into the modern era, but I'm happy to see the franchise still going strong. So that's it for Nintendo direct. Now, the last game show which was the longest of all three is the Tokyo Game Show, which took place from the 15th to 18th to today in Japan.

I got an article or two from it. There's another plug. You can check those out at the Lamincy If you are so interested. Under our blog section, you can filter out the game news.

It will be there. Now, there were a lot of game announcements from this, so I'm going to warn our listeners and viewers now that I'm just going to cover kind of the most notable announcements out of these. And if you are interested, you can watch segments of all the announcements on YouTube still. And there are various websites that list all the exact announcements for everything from each developer. So we'll jump right in.

I think the biggest, most notable one that I saw the most coverage on was the Xbox Showcase at Tokyo game show, which I know caught a lot of people by surprise just because Xbox, especially during the last console generation, has not had a hold on the Asian market. But now with the CRAs S, they are seeing a lot more Xbox popularity over there. So despite what everyone might be saying to me, this was less of a, hey, we're making new games, and here they are for you guys, of you, more of, hey, we're going to try and attract the Japanese and Asian market because now we have a presence there. Right? So to me, this was more of just building a relationship kind of thing for Xbox.

So they confirmed 14 titles for Game Pass this month at their show. Some of them we already knew, but the vast majority we didn't know or didn't have exact dates for it. So we will be getting Death Loop, which was previously a PlayStation exclusive, if I remember correctly. That will be coming to the Xbox series X and S on September 20 of this month. So all the games I'm about to list are going to be on Game Pass.

By the way. We'll also be getting Assassin's Creed, Odyssey. Dangaronpa. Do I pronounce that right?

Yes. Okay. Oh, my God. Don't say that word. We could get plagued.

Man Fuga ability to steal and need no clue. Wrath of the White Witch Remastered. Those all went live on Xbox Game Pass on the 15th, actually. So those four titles you can actually play right now, I think it's Dangan, Ron, Puff. Okay.

The Nina Kuni Wrath of the White Witch remaster actually is a pretty big deal because that is a franchise that has never been on Xbox before. So this will be the first time that title is on a Microsoft console. So that's pretty notable. In the future, we also will be having Blaze Blue Cross Tag Battle special edition and GILTI Gear Strive on Xbox game. Pass.

I know GILTI Gear alone is a pretty huge deal, so I'm actually very surprised that that's coming to Game Pass at all. We also finally got some gameplay for Wolong, which was first announced earlier this summer at the Xbox with showcase. This was something both Laymancy and I were very excited about when we first saw it, just because the premise was amazing to us alone. Unfortunately, though, the footage did get some pretty mixed feedback and there was like a demo that you could play as well there. I know for PlayStation Five and Xbox X and S users, there is a downloadable demo that you can try out right now.

So I hope Lamincy will try it just so from his perspective, I could kind of see what it's like. I think I messaged you about it too. Wait, which camera is this again? Wolong. Chinese samurai warrior.

Yeah. There you go. Sorry, samurai, because I know there's a demo and it also says that if you finish the demo when the game comes out, you get like a special helmet that's only available. It's like an exclusive to those who beat the demo. Yeah, so there's incentive for those of you that are next gen console players.

There you go. You get a cool helmet if you finish it. This footage was met with a lot of mixed reaction or so. The gameplay, I should say a lot of people felt it was quite clunky and plays much like a watered down neo, which a lot of people say is where Will Long took a lot of inspiration from. I haven't had a chance to watch any of the gameplay yet, so that's on my marks for later.

Right now, on my YouTube playlist, the brief clips I did see, though, looked pretty good. It's also just a demo version, so I wouldn't count that necessarily as the final version. Now, the one thing I did find inconsistent is apparently this is coming to Game Pass at the end of the month and this was listed on a couple of sites that it was coming this month, but then I don't see any updates on the Woolong website or the Wikipedia pages, so I think that might be a mistake. I think that's supposed to be the demos coming out this month. We also got a new teaser image for Kojima's new project, which was teased earlier this year at the Xbox that says the showcase back in June.

Honestly, all we got was an image, and then Kojima and Phil Spencer had a nice photo op as well as a Tokyo game show, and that's about it. The image, which you can find on both Phil Spencer and Kojima's Twitter accounts, is just a silhouette of a girl, and it looks probably like Margaret quality of the upcoming untitled Kojima project we got teased earlier this year. So nothing fantastically new, in all honesty, but a lot of stuff for those that like the Japanese games and have an Xbox like, you guys are getting a fuck ton of games coming just this month alone right now. Capcom also had a presence at Tokyo game show this year, unsurprisingly. So we got uses of a new Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection, which will be a compilation of ten classic games from the franchise, which will be coming to the Switch, PlayStation Four and Steam on the PC sometime next year.

We also got news on Street Fighter Six, which I briefly alluded to earlier, that will be coming out officially on June 2, 2022. And this is a follow up to the gameplay trailer that we got at PlayStation's last state of play earlier this year. Now, in this announcement as well, we got news that there is a Beta running for Street Fire Six for the PC series X and S, and the PlayStation Five from October 7 to 10th, and it will be cross play across all three of those. So if you are still interested, you can sign up on the Street Fighter website for that beta. The game will feature a world tour fighting ground and battle hub bodes.

And Street Fighter is very popular. That's really all I have.

I lost my train of thought and just my mouth kept going though. Give me a moment.

Oh, we got our first story trailer for Exoprimal, which Laminate and I also discussed when that first got teased earlier this year. It was revealed back in March. It's set to be released for all consoles and PC sometime next year. And this was a really cool Dinosaur Mech Warrior mashup game that was a bit of an open world fighter. So if you guys are interested, that story trailer is up on YouTube.

I know previously we've just seen rough gameplay, so this is pretty sweet for those of you that are interested. And we also got more news on Resident Evil Village, which at this point I feel like we're just is it just me or does it feel like they're just milking Village for all they can? It seems like they're milking it for all they can. It seems like they took a page out of Rockstar's book and just milked it for as long as the fans will allow. Right?

Because it just seems like every time Capcom shows up somewhere, all I get is news about Resident Evil Village. And I'm going to be straight honest with you, this is probably going to be the most unpopular opinion I will ever have on this podcast. I bought Resident Evil Village and I couldn't finish it. It was dull to me.

Don't get me wrong. There were elements that I really did enjoy about it. And there was a like, I loved the setting and all that stuff, but I could not like for the life of me, I really struggled to finish it because I was bored. Not even Bigtitty Lady D could keep me interested in that. I loved her seven too, so I was pretty excited for this.

I didn't think it was that great. I think it's overhyped. But there was a gold edition that was announced that will be launching on October 28 of this year. And there's also more details on the upcoming Winters expansion, which will have three massive features. So we'll have Shadows of the Rose, which is a new side story exploring Ethan's daughter mercenaries additional orders.

Excuse me. A mode featuring new content and characters like Lady Elsina. I'm not going to pronounce that. And finally, a third person mode which allow players to enjoy the game from an over the shoulder perspective, which means you'll be able to look over the shoulders and see those melons in your face. Now that's all I really have.

San. Resident Evil Village. Right. Konami had a presence as well. They did announce during their showcase, and they have four Yugioh games in the works.

I do. Yugioh was having a revival, but I didn't think it was this big of a revival. So two of these are already available on iOS. And Android. That is yugioh cross dual and yugioh duelings.

And then we also have Yugioh. Rise, duel. The dawn of Battle Royale. Let's go. Go, rush.

A very long title. And there's also four explanation marks on it that just arrived earlier this week on the Nintendo Switch. And then we have Yugioh Master Duo, which is on the PlayStation Four, five Xbox Series XS, Xbox One and Switch, which will be coming soon. So, Yugioh fans, you have a lot to look forward to. There you go.

Or lots of already play already. We also did get news that there are going to be remasters of and I'm going to butcher this sukiden. Did I get that? Anyone? You don't know either?

That's fine. Okay. We are getting remasters of the first and second game in the franchise, which will be coming sometime in 2023. These will be top to bottom remasters. They will just be HD remasters, so you can expect better frame rates.

Better frame rates and probably 4K resolution as well. Square Enix was there, and they had finally announced a much anticipated sequel to Octopath Traveler, which is Octopath Traveler Two, and that will arrive next year on February 23. It'll be available on the PlayStation Four Five switch and via steam on the PC. Just as usual, is very creative with their title.

Of course, I know this, knowing that every final fantasy that comes out as a very next number.

You have a point there. Right. And then I think this was the most interesting one that we got there. But we also got a new trailer for the game wanted Dead from 110 Industries. Show me this ad for game subs 50% off clearance items.

All right. It was because of that, I kid you. Now, have you ever heard of Fig Pins?

What pins? Fig Pins. No, what are those? All right, so have you heard of Funko Pops? Yes.

Okay, so Fig Pins are basically pins that are similar to Funko and the fact that they're collectible. But these pins have codes in the back and they have an app that you can actually input your thing, like electric score and everything. Well, seeing this 50% off, maybe going to my local GameStop, I bought 15 Fig Pins because they're on sale now. They're usually about $15 a pop, but they're on sale anywhere from like ten dollars to twelve dollars and half off of that price. I dropped $81 on Fig Pins the other day.

Of course, retail price, it would have been like 180, but I'm just like geese, man. What the heck?

Oh, God. All right, anyway, somebody stopped me. Want to dead. You are your own person, man. You make your own decisions.

But I'm just giving you a firm, just disappointed headshake, that's all. So, want a dead is a new hybrid slasher shooter from the makers of Ninja Gaden and Dead or Alive, the game follows a week in the life of a zombie unit, an elite Hong Kong police squad on a mission to uncover a major corporate conspiracy. This is basically like cyberpunk meets shooters meets zombies meets Ninja Guided, and it looks awesome to me. This is the best thing that Tokyo Game Show revealed out of everything. But that is to say, they're almost like I feel like there were 50 games that were announced or remasters announced, and I'm just kind of touching the surface with what we're talking about here tonight.

Just because if we went in depth with everything, we would be here well past midnight. We started at nine. So Mikey says, I'm with Dex. Yeah, I'm sorry. Just firm disappointed.

Head shake. Hey, it's all right. I'll be fine for you. On the bright side, every two weeks I'm dropping $100 into the Lamb and Sea Shows bank account. Okay.

Okay, that is true. And the other thing, too, is you don't own a car, so you don't pay car insurance or pay for gas. So you save so much money right there. Yeah. Unfortunately, that's going to have to change soon because my whole business, the mall we work, is going to be tomorrow soon.

We're looking at these new spots and looking like we're going to be all online. And this dude, he doesn't get it. I want to work from home, but he just won't let me. He wants you to be working online in a non home setting? Yeah.

Essentially what you're telling me. Yes, I understand. I can get it when we have inventory, but it's like on the rest of it, fuck off, let me work from home. So in terms of game shows, that's kind of all the big stuff, from State to Play, Nintendo Direct and Tokyo Game Show. Like I said, you can find all of the clips and updates for those shows on YouTube if you want to see the full trailers for everything.

Like I said, these are just like a fraction of what was announced at all three of those that we're covering here as well.

Let us know what your favorite feel was from each of those. Send us an email to what was your email? It's Let us know what your favorite was.

That's literally just there for business purposes. People go in and email me. I'm going to be pissed. If you need to contact us, reach us through our contact us form through the lab or you could tweet at us too at labithv or Please don't ever get my email out like that.

Okay? All right. But for real, though, let us know what your favorite reveal was from the three game shows this week, and let's have a conversation about it on Twitter. Then our final little news segment for today. I know we covered some of this last week.

We even played it last week. And I remember Lambda I'm going to replay it with the volume on. Okay. I know Lambda C was just like, I've never seen this. And this woman is insufferable.

Yes, pretty much. Frost made her way back into the news this week, and not just for her doing her usual stupid narcissistic things. And then we'll talk about that. Okay? Yes.

For those of you that have a seat. So let's take a peek at the so they began the downfall of G Four. So here we go. And while this is playing, I'm going to go make a drink.

This is not where I thought we were going. I'm listening. Yeah. In joining G Four, I was ecstatic to be part of something that I grew up watching as a child. But every time G Four is brought up in various channels, even in this YouTube channel, we have the chat in front of us.

I can see you. Without a doubt, there will be backlash because I'm not as bangable as the previous host.

It has somehow been expected that you can talk about how much you jerked off to women as a compliment. That's weird. It's dehumanizing and it's weird. Women do not exist to be nice on the eyes for you. Morgan Webb, olivia Mund did not exist to be nice on the eyes for you.

She's cooking y'all. And that's just obvious sexism. You don't need to explicitly objectify women or declare that you hate women to be sexist. Just go ahead and check out Thorn's latest melt on Twitter for some spark notes. Now, here at X Play, our reviews are written and produced by a team of people.

There are too many games for one person to shoulder the burden, so we divide and conquer. And when we use language like we or I, that's the reviewer. That's coming from the mouth and experience of the reviewer reading that review. And that's not to say that Gerard, Tbh, Adam or myself don't contribute to the reviews. We absolutely do.

I should have asked him to put the subtitles on before he went to go make that drink team behind us. That's why we're ex play and not Adam play. We have done the experiment and controlled for the variables. Adam will read a script written by the same writer that I will read the other half of the script for, but I'll be the one flamed. And, yeah, it also happens to Gerard and Tbh, but that doesn't discount the sexism of how it happens to me.

When it does, both things can be true, that there is a general hatred of any change that isn't Adam and that all receives special flame just for being a woman. And I wish I could turn the camera around so that you could see the incredible team that make X Play. Half of our producers and writers are women. Emily, Abby, Megan, Joe, Jake, zipper, Gabby. It goes on and on and on.

Former writers that are now on atos like Vanessa when you're in our DMs or on those YouTube comments or in Twitch chat right now. Those reactionary threads. Thinking that I'm somehow ruining your current Xplay experience because you can't objectify me how you previously did Morgan. Or that I'm somehow less qualified to speak on something but you can't quite put your finger on why. Even though I'm reading the exact same script as Adam.

But you have no problem with he's part of it. You're letting your unconscious biases ruin my day and your gatekeeping. The gaming space. So maybe for 2022 we'd be a bit nicer, a bit more self reflective, and we enjoy the fact that people are working hard to make free content for you. If you don't like it, don't watch it.


Alright, it's now done. I'm actually glad that this time we watched it with the Voice, and I'm going to tell you exactly why. Are you ready for this one? I'm ready. Okay.

So do you remember last time we watched it when it was just subtitles and I had specifically said from our body posture alone. I could tell that she's condescending. She talks down on people. She thinks she's better than everybody. She thinks she's all higher money.

But it's the same type of person where if she's got red handed. Would never admit to any wrongdoing and stuff because it's always somebody else's fault. But her kind of person. And now I've listened to her actual voice and guess what? She sounds exactly what I thought she would sound like.

All right? Honestly, she looks and behaves like a typical twoyearold who doesn't get her away. She acts like she never had a father who cared about her or any parents who gave her any discipline and told her no at any point in her life. Therefore, she acts like whenever something doesn't go her way or someone has anything negative to say about her, they must be sexist. When in reality, from everything I've seen, from the way she acts to what you guys have been saying about how little she seems to know about it, screams the complete opposite.

It screams that she's there because they were trying to put a female in there and that's all there was to it. Not because she has any knowledge of what it was, not because she was particularly knowledgeable in anything that they're doing, but because they needed a female person in there. And the fact that the people in the background were screaming and cheering after she just called the entire fan base who called her up for her lack of knowledge, a bunch of sexist pigs. Goes to show how far G Four has fallen. All right?

They have fallen so hard that they allowed that to happen. And not only did they allow that to happen, they cheered at Belittling, their fan base, who was simply trying to get them back to decent content. That is despicable. And I know you were going to cover this, but now I have to say it. Earlier this week, there was a bunch of layoffs, and she had the goal to say to post a tweet in a condescending way because she's a condescending bitch about how she survived when in reality, that whole company started crumbling because of that statement that she just made that we just watched.

For us. You were an embarrassment. And quite frankly, if I knew your mother, I would slap her and tell her to never make that mistake again. Oh, okay. So let me just fact check you a little bit there.

Yes, she was hired because they needed a female on G Four TV. And as is shown in the footage of the second video that I've been waiting for you to press play on in the background, this is a classic G Four footage back from the early 2000s with the one male and one female host that they usually had. That's Morgan Webb on the screen. For those of you who are unaware, the other female co host was Olivia Mun, who we all know is now a famous actress who had some nudes leak and has a precarious romantic life. But anyways, so she actually does have a history in gaming.

Prior to this, she used to do announcements for the League of Legends kind of championships and stuff. And then she did also work for oh, gosh, not work for. She also did some announcements and commentating for official gaming, like esports stuff. Right. So she does have a gaming background.

She has quite an extensive one, actually, I would say. But a lot of people did kind of point out to her that when she was talking about different video games outside of her realm of expertise, it's like you can kind of see that there are some gaps there. Right? So a bit of a rundown. So, as Lamency had mentioned, unexpectedly on September 14, there was a tweet that came out on the official G Four TV Twitter account saying that they were settling canceling all programming for the remainder of that day.

So when G Four TV did have its revival and was bought out by parent company Comcast, they switched to basically an online and stream only format through YouTube and Twitch. So shortly after this tweet, it was confirmed that Gford TV had actually just suddenly fired 20 to 30 of their staff members. The timing and severity of the cuts took a lot of people by surprise with talent showing up on set the same day as all these firings, ready to film, only to find out that, A, they were fired, and B, that programming was canceled anyways. So that Twitter announcement may have come, like, before these people even knew what was going on. Right.

So it's 20 to 30 now. One source says that it's not clear. The extent of the layout. So there could be more. There could be less.

I haven't seen any updates since regarding the exact number, but a source that spoke to Kotaku about this said that some of those affected will receive between 16 weeks and six months of severance pay based on their tenure. With Comcast Now, G Four host Fiona Nova and Case Blackwell went live at 02:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Twitch this past Thursday for the latest episode of the Feedback and Address the layoffs, reassuring viewers that while close colleagues had been laid off, there were no plans to scale back the channel's programming. Now, there's a lot of things behind the background. Yes, Frost is in part to blame for the state of G Four TV.

I would say she's the whole reason, but she's a pretty big reason. So three sources have spoken to Kotaku earlier this week when all of this broke and had told them that GeForce finances have been in bad shape for some time now. The rant that we played on the screen prior, that happened back in December 2021 or January, and we've just been seeing the ramifications of that ever since, all throughout 2022. So a couple of months ago, we got news that then G Four president, Russell Arons, he discussed there were troubles going on with the revenue and with the business side of things, and then he soon left the company. After that, we also had just a slew of other executives and leads leave the company ever since this whole ranch came out.

Hold on, let me just look through my notes here.

We also talked about how the president also was unexpectedly leaving, I think two weeks ago on the podcast. And now the viewership is just at such an all time low that they basically scaled back all of their operations in an effort to save money. Now it just seems the goal in general. So upon news of all of these layoffs and firings, there were some G Four former employees, I should say now that went to Twitter and said that they were very sad about things, but they were looking forward to the future. Actually, something that a lot of people didn't mention when they were covering this is that Frost could actually retweeted some of these.

And then a couple of hours after that, she decides to go live on Twitch. And on her Twitter, she posts Lizard, a picture of a lizard wearing sunglasses and has a Jane's mouth, and the caption for it is I survived.

It was very tasteless. It was not at all empathetic to the situations that she had alluded to being empathetic to for retweeting that. And she has since not claimed any responsibility for her actions. Even now, we're four or five days later and she still hasn't said anything about this. Adam Sessler, which is one of the co hosts that you saw in that clip, did come to her rescue, saying that she is a very talented woman and we should all be so lucky and that we are all misogynist for harping on her so much.

Unsurprisingly. Now, the reason I say that Frost is not solely the reason for this is I think the company culture at Gforce TV was already off to a bad start before the relaunch happened late last year. And I say that because a lot of kind of the old host, which Adam says actually a long time, hosted G four TV, they have all adapted to this modern culture where it is very let's be diverse and let's be inclusive. And I think we've all learned at this point that whenever people say that they don't really care about diversity and inclusivity in terms of thoughts or beliefs, it's more they just care about your PP or your weebly and what color your skin is, which is really unfortunate. Well, that goes back to what I said, because remember, one of the things I said was at the end, the fact that they cheered shows that not only do they agree with her and stuff and that it was important taste, but there's something else behind the scenes.

Exactly. Clearly there's some sort of culture going on around there, which exactly we all know what happens when a company goes to woke eventually. There's a reason there's a term go woke, go broke. Now, here's the thing. We're perfectly fine.

All right? I want to bring up a tweet that I saw that you liked, but I laughed and chuckled when I saw it. Okay? The year I don't remember the exact year, but the suite basically said we'll say it's 97. All right?

But basically the year is 1997. And this banger of a movie with Jackie Chan, and there we go with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker come out, rough shower. And it wasn't marked as being woke or anything else like that, but everybody loved it. We had a fun time. Nobody cared about what the race was and all that other stuff, which is true.

Unfortunately, these companies are feeding right into exactly what our government overlords want, which is to separate people based on race, gender, and all that other stuff. Because if you separate yourself by doing that, you're too blind as to what is actually going down. Because if you're fighting against each other, you're not going to look at what they're doing. And that's what this really goes down to. I just like to point out, Frost said she wasn't as bangable as everyone.

And I'd like to point out that Morgan Webb was just wearing full jeans and a long sleeve shirt on the show. So just pointing that out. Okay, she's pretty, but they weren't oversexing her or anything. You know, here's the thing. Like I said in the last time we covered Frost, you should be hiring people based on their skill set and what they bring to the table.

I didn't bring you into be my co host simply because you were a woman or because I thought you were Bangible, or that I thought you should be Bangnable. I brought you in because I thought you would do a good job with this Week in Gaming, which is exactly what you're doing. She received some criticism, but there's a difference. When I try to constructively criticize you, you're willing to listen, and vice versa. When she gets constructively criticized, it's immediately sexist.

You're just mad because I'm not as bangable as Olivia Munn. You all don't know what you're talking about. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. There are two different ways you can go about it and stuff the way Vex does, which is the right way. You take the criticism the right way, you learn from it and you become better.

Or you take it the Broadway and destroy your company from within, or help destroy your company from within by creating a culture that caters to the weakness. And that's why I say yes. She is in part a lot to blame, because in that same thing, it's just like, if you don't like it, don't watch it. And people did just that. They stopped watching.

Right. And viewership hemorrhaged after that. Same with subscribers. Right. But the company culture, I think, is what led to this.

And whether or not Frost decided to have that outburst or not, I think it was going to be inevitable because people are going to tune out either way. I think the company culture was already there and Frost was just the epitome of what the culture became. That's what I mean, right? So it was going to happen regardless of whether she blew up or not. It's just how fast it was going to happen.

And her outburst, unfortunately, just was the catalyst to make it drop that much further. So I'm just expecting that they'll probably stay afloat for the next couple of months, but I think probably by spring of next year we'll get some sort of announcement where it's just like due to unforeseen circumstances or some shit, g, four TV will be closing down and that'll be it, because the viewership is not coming back. Since also, none of these people have apologized for their rants or for calling their viewers misogynistic or sexist or racist. And as box office numbers show and TV show numbers show, it's just people don't like to tune into things where the creators or the artists involved are just accusing them of being things just for not liking their product.

That's what's happening here. I would like to add on a side note that this I was actually pretty upset with this broke out on Twitter earlier this week, but not for the reason I think a lot of people would expect. I think culture in general is having a crisis or an identity crisis when it comes to what is acceptable female representation. I personally don't care about female representation. To me, representation is just are you a decent person?

Do you have good values? That's all the representation I really need. I don't care what's between your legs or what you wear or how you identify, but people seem to think that in order to be an ideal candidate for female representation, you need to check all these boxes, but you're just not a solid person at the core. And I feel like this is the problem, is we keep putting women like Frost in these positions and they're aggressive, they're self centered, they have basically no insight into themselves or their actions. They don't feel any repercussions for the things they do, and they're absolutely stubborn.

And to me, I don't feel comfortable with that being the female representation for female gamers. Other females can tune in or chime in and let me know, but I'm distraught over what is acceptable female representation. I don't care what you wear. Just be a decent person and accept when you make mistakes. Mistakes are part of life.

You can either ignore them and be headstrong and be adult about it like she is, or you can recognize them and learn from them, which is what I try to do as much as I can. And that's not to say I'm not a perfect person at all. I have so many flaws, but I try to learn and grow from them and I feel we've abandoned that when it comes to representation. I feel like the whole representation battle has gone too far. People want candidates based on their gender, their race, everything, so on and so forth, and then they wonder why these companies aren't doing as well as I used to.

And it really boils down to the fact that companies should be hiring the best candidate possible. Man or woman, doesn't matter the ethnicity. And when they do that, they tend to do better as a company, because the bottom line is money and G Four. I'm pretty sure, like I said, I wasn't a G Four fan growing up. I didn't even know who they were until you brought it up.

But I'm pretty sure they are raking in the money. I'm pretty sure they're not doing that anymore. And that is a solid example of why you don't hire people based on whether or not they click certain boxes and instead should be hiring people based on the skill sets they provide and the personality that they have. I don't care what your skill set is. If your personality is shit, I'm not interested.

Exactly. So, yeah, that's my take on it. I'm not going to go any further because I don't want any of our listeners or viewers to feel like I'm attacking them. That was just my take on it. I would rather have female representation that just embodies awareness and empathy and good heartedness without having to show tips or be aggressive.

If they're not aggressive like this, then they're 100% just women that show everybody part they can and then claim, oh, you're objectifying me.

You give me an example of one person. But it's a very common thing. I know it's a common thing, but you know why I use that example? I know I'm still laughing at when I sent you that direct. I'm like, well, if it isn't the consequences for my own accidents.

Right? So I'm just saying I noticed it a lot on Twitch when I was streaming on Twitch with a lot of other female streamers. I'm not going to lie. I took advantage of it because I am a large chested woman, naturally, and I am sometimes not afraid to take advantage of it as much as I disagree with the idea of it.

That's what it takes for views. I'll gladly pop them out, but which would not like it because I am a man and they are sexist against men's chests. Okay, there you go. So if anything, maybe I'll just put the nipple tape on and we can do it that way. Bring in some viewers.

No, we'll do a hot tub screen. But really it's just a kiddie pool with balloons in it. There you go. It's just a hot tub. It's a tub that's hot.

That's it. Yeah.

That's all I really have for the news today. Yes, very interesting week. Extremely interesting week. There was another article that I left out. I put it in the discord, but it was about the God of War director just going insanely nuts and also calling everyone misogynist and sexist and racist for no reason at all.

We're doing the same. I wish they would all just seriously just stop, because it's funny because every company that does this, they lose sales every time and yet they don't learn. It's like they only have foot and mouth disease. You know what's actually interesting is there's one movie that just premiered or debut this week. It's called the woman King.

I don't know if you've seen me liking tweets about it on Twitter, but it starts Viola Davis, who is a black female actress. She's a very good actress from what I've seen her in previously, so I do enjoy her work. But this film basically revisionist history of the most. Are we talking talking about the African drive with the slave market and stuff? How they're talking about how they're trying to change history by saying that they bravely fought against Western slavery while at the same time taking away from the movie about how they were the most violent slavers that enslaved their own people and that their whole wealth came from the slave trade?

Yes, it was aware about that. I'm well aware about this.

It actually debuted with $19 million at the US box office this past weekend. So actually it's generating money now. Who knows the exact details of all of that? Maybe people will see that. But yeah, people called out the director and writer of this movie for?

Why are you trying to make this violent tribe look so amazing when they were absolutely I read some of the things, they would go and they would just chop the heads off of elderly people that they couldn't trade into slavery. And then some of the children that were too young, they just go in and break their jaws and just let them starve to death because they had no use for them or couldn't trade them. So a lot of people called them out on this. And then Viola Davis decided to take the interviews and just call and say that, oh, you just can't handle having a strong, powerful black woman as a lead. That's not the case at all.

Because here's the thing at all. We're perfectly fine with having a strong black woman air quotes here. What we're not fine with is you have to change the history in order to do it. Yes. So that is the one rare instance I've seen recently where the exact opposite has happened, is where these people are spewing all this shit in interviews.

A lot of that has to do with a lot of the people who are watching it don't give a shit about that as long as it's someone who's in that kind of role. And a lot of people watching this, I also think, don't realize how much has been taken out because they've marketed it as a historical kind of movie. But the thing is, historical movies have always, ironically, historically omitted things in the past to make it more box office worthy. But I don't recall the last time they have omitted such a huge part of what they were and how vile and vicious that group of people were. You know what?

I was actually excited to see this movie when I heard what it was about. And then I saw the revisionist stuff and I was like, oh, that's disappointing, because I would have actually liked to see a movie about how violent they were. I would have liked to see that history, because that's something people really just purposely omit when it comes to the slave trade, is that it wasn't just Europeans doing it. There were many, many, many African tribes that were willingly trading their own to Europeans or within their own tribes for that instance.

That's why I was kind of excited about this movie. And then to see this, it's like, that's a gosh darn shame. Can we please just go back to the 90s where it's not about anyone's color, skin tone, it's not about anyone's skin tone, it's not about anyone's gender, and it's about just if you make a good movie, you make a good movie. If you make good content, you make good content. If you're a good person, you're a good person.

People take accountability for their own actions. Can we go back to that time, please? I'm tired of living in the present. It would be nice. It would be nice.

So, yeah, on that note, we'll leave it there for tonight, I think. Fantastic show. So much covered. For those of you, mikey is going off on Twitter about JK. Rowling at Hogwarts List at Legacy.

Our anime co host and he's just that bad. Is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to that topic. But yes, for those of you who are interested on tonight's show and then tomorrow, it should be up on your preferred streaming host spotify. Google, podcast. Apple, podcast.

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So let's go find somebody to read, refresh the browser real quick.

You got anyone on? I mean, we've rated some of the people that are already on one of the Apex legends. That's kind of what I'm doing. Kind of what I got going on here, too.

We rated Chuck last week, so I don't want to rate him two weeks in a row. Screw it. Let's go rate games of Shaggy. All right? He's my apex, though.

Whatever. Nobody wants to watch Apex. No? Let's write snow. Old it looks right.

A big street.

Swollen. Why are you disappointed, Mikey? Because you're using Internet Explorer. Mikey, I fully explained this to you before, and you were perfectly understandable before about why I have to use Internet Explorer for the podcast. So don't sit here and act all hi mighty now just because Vex just finally found out swollen playing Modern Red Dead Redemption Two, for those of you interested.

Very funny guy. He's got great content, so I hope you guys enjoy his stuff. All right? That's going to be in this podcast at the end of this podcast. I hope you guys enjoyed it, and until next time, enjoy yourself.