The Cannoli Sasquatch (a legendary creature) joins Lambency on The Lambency Show to discuss a wide range of topics, but technical difficulties prevent viewers from seeing what the Cannoli Sasquatch looks like.

"I'm a firm believer in having an alternate viewpoint."

Cannoli Sasquatch is a content creator who got their start in the business by watching and being inspired by the Geeks and Gamers crew. They have since started their own podcast and have been slowly but steadily growing their subscriber base.

This is Cannoli Sasquatch's story...

Cannoli Sasquatch is a content creator who was inspired by the Geeks and Gamers crew to start making his own content. He started with podcasts and has been doing well with subscriber growth in the last month. He talks about how he got into the content creation game and how he stays inspired. He also talks about how he wants to bring back honest journalism and how he thinks it's important to have an alternate viewpoint.

In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. Why are violets blue?
2. What inspired Lambency's return to content creation after a nine-month break?
3. What is CanoliSasquatch's opinion on the current state of the media landscape?

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